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Compelled to Share Tempted by Death Excerpt to Save Important Lives

Tempted By Death

Somehow I clicked on the file of my book Tempted by Death. The following is an exclusive brief excerpt that I felt strong inner guidance to share to save the lives of a few people who are thinking of taking their life. Please share this if you know anyone who may be contemplating suicide.

The Shocking Communication

As I touched on in the previous chapter the words; “You will not go to heaven” suddenly flowed into my mind. I knew this was pure Divine communication…

The Warning Verbatim

I want you to know the exact information I was given as to what would happen if I did break my promise and take my life, even by seeming “natural” means.

The words were crystal clear. “You will not go to heaven if you take your life.”

Well that certainly got my attention but paled in comparison from the words that were revealed to me that followed:

“Why don’t you give life a chance?! If you take your life when you go to the other side you will be filled with the most devastating agony and heartbreaking regret, more than anything you have ever experienced when you look back and see all of the good, all of the joy that that would have been if you only gave life a chance.”

The guidance continued as if a dear friend was trying to get me to understand from the heart with the following;

“Give life a chance. You will see how things change as life takes its natural course. Situations change, life works out, let it all unfold and you will see and be so grateful beyond description how everything really did turn around.
But once you take your life, then you are dead. Then there is no chance at all to make things better and for all to turn around because dead means over permanently for this life. There is not anything you can do in this life once you are dead. But as you give life a chance, you will see how everything works out! It always has in the past and it always will. Give life a chance!”

Immediate Reversal

That did it. Those simple words of pure truth, clarity and even common sense resulted in the immediate reversal of my previous decision (to die) and to follow this guidance to “give life a chance” because the thought of bearing even more emotional agony and regret at seeing what would have happened if I didn’t take my life was the major clincher that totally transformed my whole view of death—erroneously believing some myth that we will have pure peace. Not so with suicide!

Exclusive excerpt from the book Tempted By Death published by The Rose Group (November 11, 2011) ISBN-13: 978-0978895556 © Copyright 2011 by Barbara Sherry Rose, PhD. All Rights Reserved.