Did Anyone Ever Tell You..™ When People Lash Out at You

did anyone ever tell you

Did Anyone Ever Tell You..
When people lash out at you
They have also been lashing out on themselves?
Did anyone ever tell you..
That other people’s reactions
Are not your responsibility?
Did anyone ever tell you..
When someone truly desires to understand you
They approach you with love?
There will be as many opinions as there are people.
The people who belong in your life
Are those who reach out to you with love
The people who do not belong in your life
Are the people who attack.
Simply detach from them while you
View them with loving compassion.
As you live out your life mission,
If naysayers or critics pop up
Allow them their valuable opinions
And at the same time always remember
Your role is to follow through with the truth in your deepest heart.

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