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Compelled to Share Tempted by Death Excerpt to Save Important Lives

Tempted By Death

Somehow I clicked on the file of my book Tempted by Death. The following is an exclusive brief excerpt that I felt strong inner guidance to share to save the lives of a few people who are thinking of taking their life. Please share this if you know anyone who may be contemplating suicide.

The Shocking Communication

As I touched on in the previous chapter the words; “You will not go to heaven” suddenly flowed into my mind. I knew this was pure Divine communication…

The Warning Verbatim

I want you to know the exact information I was given as to what would happen if I did break my promise and take my life, even by seeming “natural” means.

The words were crystal clear. “You will not go to heaven if you take your life.”

Well that certainly got my attention but paled in comparison from the words that were revealed to me that followed:

“Why don’t you give life a chance?! If you take your life when you go to the other side you will be filled with the most devastating agony and heartbreaking regret, more than anything you have ever experienced when you look back and see all of the good, all of the joy that that would have been if you only gave life a chance.”

The guidance continued as if a dear friend was trying to get me to understand from the heart with the following;

“Give life a chance. You will see how things change as life takes its natural course. Situations change, life works out, let it all unfold and you will see and be so grateful beyond description how everything really did turn around.
But once you take your life, then you are dead. Then there is no chance at all to make things better and for all to turn around because dead means over permanently for this life. There is not anything you can do in this life once you are dead. But as you give life a chance, you will see how everything works out! It always has in the past and it always will. Give life a chance!”

Immediate Reversal

That did it. Those simple words of pure truth, clarity and even common sense resulted in the immediate reversal of my previous decision (to die) and to follow this guidance to “give life a chance” because the thought of bearing even more emotional agony and regret at seeing what would have happened if I didn’t take my life was the major clincher that totally transformed my whole view of death—erroneously believing some myth that we will have pure peace. Not so with suicide!

Exclusive excerpt from the book Tempted By Death published by The Rose Group (November 11, 2011) ISBN-13: 978-0978895556 © Copyright 2011 by Barbara Sherry Rose, PhD. All Rights Reserved.

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Living from the Penthouse to My Car: The Lessons I Learned from Being Homeless

Humiliation does not even being to express the experience of being homeless. So I am going to share the lessons I learned that hopefully can spare you from such a degrading downfall.

The beginning of my downfall happened while I was living in an exclusive Country Club Penthouse. I had the entire floor to myself including an elevator that opened to my own private lobby.

money Life was carefree. However, I had a serious bad habit of spending money as fast as it was coming in. I was never taught how to save money while growing up. I was only taught how to spend. Guidance from God flowed into my mind countless times to save twenty percent of my earnings and put it aside and to stop all non-essential spending. I, of all people, didn’t listen to that inner guidance.

When times were easy, I never dreamed it would come to a sudden halt. First I slipped and fell and broke my foot. The pain was terrible and I was not able to work as usual. Then female bleeding 21 days out of every month left me so drained that I could do next to nothing – but spend.

My weaknesses were watches, hand bags, boots and jewelry. I thought I was savvy when I learned how to shop wholesale. Spending $19.99 instead of $500 on items I did not need, but had to have. My ego was running the show, certainly not the higher wisdom I was repeatedly given.

I had been to the hospital as a result of my bleeding only to return home to find an eviction notice on my door. I ran out of money completely and was evicted. Without a place to stay, my car was my only option.

I was alone and scared. I had never been in this situation before and it lasted for ten months. When some money flowed in from book royalties I was able to go to a motel and spend a few nights. Then when I had no money left to rent the motel room, I was back in my car.

One night I decided to park in the back parking lot of the motel. I felt safe there and literally slept behind the wheel. I heard a knocking on my driver side window and saw a bright flash light. It was a police officer along with the motel manager.

I opened my window and told them I had just fallen asleep. The Officer flashed his light inside my car. It was jam packed with as much of my belongings that I could fit inside. He looked at me and asked me one question. “Are you living out your car?” The deepest humiliation and degradation filled my entire being. I could not even look at him and I felt so ashamed that I could not even answer him. So he asked me again, “Are you living out your car?” I looked down consumed with shame and shook my head with a silent yes.

He was extremely kind to me when he explained that the motel did not want people to sleep in their parking lot, but I could drive somewhere else that was safe and park my car there. I said, “Okay” and then I started my car and drove off in the middle of the night to an old neighborhood I used to live in and parked my car there.

The seasons passed from winter to spring to summer. I felt sub-human, left without any trace of dignity. When the temperature in my car read 103 degrees I almost died from the heat twice. I then spoke with a gentleman who worked at a 24 hour store and told him I was homeless. He said he knew someone who had a room to rent in his house. I felt like a lit Christmas tree inside. Hope at last! The next day I went to the house and rented the room. The house was horrible, but it was far better than my car.

I was still bleeding, and then months later the doctor who delivered my children gave me a procedure that stopped the female bleeding completely. He told me, “I am not charging you one penny for this – my number one patient.” Words cannot express the gratitude and love I have for this Doctor.

I was still quite shaken up inside from my living, or rather existing experience. Anxiety and fear consumed me. Yet in the following months, I started to slowly come back to myself.

During months of reflection on the whole experience I learned a lot that I am now going to share with you.

  • As money flows in, ONLY pay for your essential basic living expenses.
  • Take as much of your earnings as possible and put it aside. It does not matter where you put it, either in a shoe box or a cereal box, just put it aside and NEVER touch it!
  • When you go food shopping or to any store buy ONLY what you NEED. Now I literally look at every item and in my mind I think just one word, NON-ESSENTIAL. So I breeze by the isles and get only what is completely necessary and nothing else!
  • Stop eating in restaurants. Stop ordering food to be delivered. Do you have a stove or a hot plate? Cook old family recopies. Chances are the ingredients are low cost as far as food prices go.
  • For household items, go to a Dollar store and buy them there!
    For cosmetic items buy the lowest price ones. They work and look just as great, sans the high prices.

Now, I want to share with you about fancy expensive living.

When I lived in that exclusive penthouse condo, it was not all that it’s cracked up to be. The walls were paper thin, and I heard EVERY noise the couple who owned the condo that backed by bedroom wall made.

I heard them pee! I heard their telephone ring as if it was right next to my own bed. I heard their television.

Then at 4:00 AM, every single morning, I heard the loud noise of the machines that prepared the grounds of the golf course for the residents who played golf.

At the time of this writing I rent a room from another very nice home in an entirely different area. I know my life is back on the upswing and finances will increase again. My goal is to buy a nice but humble home for cash, so I have zero mortgage.

With the home foreclosure nightmare in the United States, there are literally millions of homes that are priced as they were twenty five years ago, which translates to LOW. Never again will I pay expensive rent.

The term “minimalist living” resonates with me now because I lost all I owned in my penthouse condo. I gave away my huge library of books, and donated thousands of books to charities because they were all in storage and the fees were extremely high. So I thought to donate to those in need before the storage company auctioned off almost the entire contents of my home, which they did.

What hurt the most was seeing my children’s toys being loaded onto the truck that was owned by the couple who paid at auction. However, my children were away in college, so that eased the blow. Storage companies are inhumane! My God, the least they can do is allow children’s items to remain. But they don’t give a damn about anything except money.

Although I lost nearly everything materially, I gained so much. What did I gain? I gained freedom from feeling the need to buy material things and acquiring possessions for no reason.

Life is much simpler now. With simplicity comes ease. No financial burden. I gained a higher perspective on spending with new wisdom that I will only spend on what is essential.

I have not used a credit card in twenty two years, so I have zero credit debt. I highly suggest if you have credit cards to cut them up and consolidate any debt while you learn how to live below the financial means you have.

I had to share this experience with you because I felt like it was a dark degrading secret I have been holding inside. I needed to let it out and I pray that it helped you in any way.

There are still positive rippling effects of my experience that I implemented to serve and help humanity. I lowered the prices of everything on my website, all book, live recorded seminars, and love offering buttons for live seminars for people who cannot afford the regular registration tuition.

It feels GOOD to care about humanity and do all I can to help to ease the financial burden for anyone who needs it.

My feelings of shame, humiliation and degradation are behind me. I feel much more humble – and this is a good thing. My life’s mission will continue as a soul who is one with humanity for humanity. This is what is most important in my life’s work and it does bring the greatest joy.

I wish YOU every joy life can offer. I am here to serve and help you. This is what ignites my heart and I hope what I have shared ignites something positive in yours.


Comments that were made to this post shared via newsletter reply. Comments are unedited and entirely authentic.

I knew you were gone for a while and was sick. I prayed for you hoping to ease some burdens that you were experiencing during that time. It was great to know you were back on line and going better…. surprising to find out today the whole story.

I am thankful for you blessing others with your story today for it will make a difference in many people’s lives that you may never know how much you have touch or many you have helped.

YOU ARE AMAIZING! GOD BLESS YOU!! I’m PROUD of YOU! Great job on your life lessons so far – you should recognize the achievement you have done. It could have gone 2 ways but you persevered and did the right choice no matter how hard it was for you




Simply amazing. I mean your transformation and growth.



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Turning Tragedy into Self-Empowerment

better world By Barbara Rose, PhD

How can tragedy be empowering? Because it brings you to the moment of truth, the real truth, the truth that ultimately sets you free. Through the darkness of tragedy, you reach the dawn, which is the moment you decide it will never be this way again.

This is the moment when you change the entire direction of the rest of your life because you refuse to go back to where you have just been.

The fact is that many people, most people, have to endure untold heartache and tragedy before they wake up, before they realize they have a choice. The direction of your life is in your hands alone. Blame for where you are in this life cannot be placed on any other. When we stop blaming and start creating the vision we want to see fulfilled, we then feel authentically empowered from within.

As I said earlier, I did have ample opportunity to take care of what I needed to, but I thought laziness and stagnation was so much easier. Obviously I thought wrong. Personal stagnation breeds self-hate. It feeds on negativity. It seeks injustice. It does not carry the exuberance, passion, and joy that accompany the search for new, better, and brighter paths and the striving toward fulfillment of your deepest dreams. Taking your life into your own hands and turning it around entirely, all of your own choosing, is an extraordinary adventure. Yes, it is scary. Change is always scary. But it is also thrilling. And after a while, you get used to the new, better way. And the old ways become as uncomfortable as shoes that are three sizes too small.

why So why do millions and millions of people suffer beneath the dictates of their own false views or the dictates of others who they wrongly perceive as holding their happiness or even their very survival in their hands? Why must you undergo any unpleasant circumstance that is not of your own choosing? Why, I ask you, are you holding on to something or someone, or some position in your career or in society that is not bringing you absolute joy? Who, besides your very own self, tells you that you don’t have a choice?

This is your biggest lie to yourself.
You do have a choice.

I tell you this boldly, straight to your face: Each day that you hold on to this person or situation that does not bring you joy, you choose it as your reality. If you let go, if you walk away, if you no longer allow that person or situation into your life – then you are free! And you know what part of your life this pertains to. Did you ever have a job you hated? Did you ever just hang in there because you needed the money to pay the bills? Did anyone ever suggest that you simply get another job? Were you afraid to let go, in spite of your misery? You held on to your unhappiness because you bought into the belief that you had to. You believed you didn’t have a choice, right? Well, suppose you got fired from that job. What then? Would you die? No, you’d get another job. Perhaps a better one! Perhaps one in which you made enough to buy a new pair of shoes after you paid your bills.

Here’s the point:

If you are not happy, then your situation is not in your best interest.

You can come up with every rationalization known to humankind, but the bottom line is that it starts with you.

Change can begin only when you decide it can.

Individual Power Excerpt re-printed with permission from the book Individual Power: Reclaiming Your Core, Your Truth and Your Life © Copyright 2001, 2003, 2013 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved. Published by The Rose Group (April, 2003) ISBN-10:09741457X.

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Barbara's Books Exclusive Book Excerpts

Tempted By Death Excerpt

Shocked by Divine communication, Barbara shares what resulted in an immediate reversal of suicide plan.

The plan that culminated in my own humiliating decision to end my life by “natural” means was shattered when I received direct shocking Divine communication letting me know exactly what would happen after the fact, and most importantly, gave me the information I am guided to share with you, to help you transform the illusion of death’s temptation in order to spare you from afterlife torture.

All information in this book is pure truth that can absolutely deter teen and adult suicide. This is for any person, from any culture, and every walk of life. It is written in a more scholarly manner to appeal to schools globally to catapult teen suicide awareness and prevention.

…We all need real, down to earth, genuine answers. We need them from someone who has been through this whole process. I bow my head saddened for all who are shocked reading these words. And at the same time, I raise my head and heart to make as much of a difference as possible… to awaken you to your “meltdown quotient”… By reading this book you are being given advance information that you do not have to experience in order to acquire it. Fortunately for you, I have been through the living hell of such a process and I am deeply grateful it is behind me.

I believe you will be deeply grateful as well for many reasons.

The most important truth is busting the illusion that “death” will release you from any emotional turmoil within your consciousness.

So let us begin this life giving journey by starting at the end – as I now share with you the information I was given that shocked me so, I immediately changed my mind, reversed my decision, and use the saying that was given to me within my mind to “Give Life a Chance.”

“You Will Not Go to Heaven”

I was driving my car fully waiting for a big storm to hit my area. I had decided I did not want to live another hour or day. And yet, I abhor violence. So I thought I was cleaver to reenact an incident I had been through when I was ten years old. Back then in 1972 I was walking home on a long road from the bus stop to my home after school. It was pouring rain and I was soaked. I became very ill with Scarlet Fever, going in and out of consciousness. I overheard my doctor tell my Mom outside my bedroom door that he was not sure I would make it.

I was petrified thinking I was going to die. But Dr. Flemming’s invention of penicillin saved my life. The only difference between just a few weeks before I wrote this book and 1972 is that this time I devised a plan to sit out in the pouring rain on a cold early February morning, throw away all ID, get sick, get Scarlet fever or any equivalent and simply die “by natural causes” from deliberately not seeking medical help.

Six Weeks Earlier – “Promise Me”

It was only six weeks earlier that the words of God flowed into my mind just as they do for every human being on earth. The words were; “Promise me you will not take your life“.

Being Prepared for Meltdown

As soon as those words flowed into my mind I knew it would have something to do with my immediate family.
Who or what makes no difference. Whether a parent or child pass on, move away is irrelevant.
The only thing that is relevant is to know your “Meltdown Quotient” (Read: “I can handle anything else but that“.)

Whatever “that” is, is different for each person and universal in emotional meltdown of some sort that precedes new knowledge, wisdom, realization and awakening that culminates in a new lease on life.

Making the Promise

With great respect for your personal beliefs as to the source of all knowing inner guidance, by whatever name you use shall suffice. Personally, I call this source God. I hesitated knowing a whopper was about to blast me and my life apart if I was being asked directly to “Promise me you do not take your life.”
It was heavy, but after debating for a few minutes I made the promise.


“It” happened. That most cherished, sacred part of my life, my immediate relative who shall forever remain anonymous was suddenly no longer “in” my life.
Bear in mind that during this time I was completely homeless. You would think a “bestselling author” of seventeen books could not possibly actually become homeless. But I did, and yet this was not my “Meltdown Quotient.” Yes I felt so ashamed, humiliated and degraded, but nowhere near the catastrophic emotional meltdown that blasted through my heart – leaving me with only one desire – death.

The Shocking Communication…

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About the Author

Barbara Sherry Rose, PhD is the bestselling author of twenty eight books, a world renowned life transformation specialist and spiritual teacher. Her personal growth and transformation shared with millions of people from every part of the world has endeared her to the masses as a pure, loving and caring soul who shares by living example. Her ability to take the most difficult personal topics and bring through the solutions for herself and all has made her one of today’s most loved and respected spiritual teachers. Dr. Rose is the founder of International Institute of Higher Self Communication merged with Global Life Transformation Institute. She shares with all of humanity the nondenominational process of receiving answers from God, as you personally understand that name to be. Her subscribers span over 190 countries and her work is widely sought after and published across the globe. You can view more of her work at her official website

Exclusive excerpt from the book Tempted By Death published by The Rose Group (November 11, 2011) ISBN-13: 978-0978895556 © Copyright 2011, 2012 Barbara Sherry Rose, PhD. All Rights Reserved.

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“Tempted by Death” Next Bestselling Book Release 11-11-11 by Barbara Rose

Tempted by Death

Book Description

If you have ever wondered why someone who seems to have everything to live for suddenly takes his or her life, or how someone with so much zest for life chooses to end this incarnation Tempted by Deathdelivers spellbinding answers from the deeply personal memoir of Dr. Barbara Sherry Rose.

She took down the walls of humiliation and shame to bear all for you and anyone who ever thinks “death” is an escape or the end of emotional agony.

Shocked by Divine communication, Barbara shares what she was told that resulted in an immediate reversal of her own decision to take her life. Whether you feel as if you no longer want to be here, or are interested in this topic you will receive authentic truth, awareness and fantastic realizations from a person who has been through this whole process firsthand resulting in this groundbreaking book. It is a must read.
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Barbara’s Back from Near Death Experience

Barbara Sherry Rose, PhD After a year and a half Barbara’s back, alive and well following a near death experience that she will share with all.

She’s created a whole new platform to uplift your life including renowned Divine Guidance Private Consultations – global via phone – open for limited registration a few times a year. With her final eight books being released you will be able to attend live, in person HEADLINE EVENTS to help you with the issues most important to you.

Check back daily for many updates, services, free help, now available for advanced placement new global positions to bring you income and so much more.

A very Special Ten Year Anniversary when Barbara became a “dot com” on June 20, 2001 – watch for special surprises and gifts!

Thank you for your love, patience, and prayers, we are always here for you.

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Dr. Barbara Sherry Rose
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