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Sacred Relationships

As you awaken to this level, naturally the roles between men and women will transform to match your new awakening, and what a Joy that will be for you, and for all of humanity!

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Short Video May Save Your Life

Watch this short video – it is IMPORTANT for YOU!

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Your Eternal Path Excerpt

There is no end to your eternal path. Every word and deed has a rippling effect. Simplify your life. Remain calm when life starts to dismantle your reality. Embrace this! For it precedes a much grander path filled with gifts of every kind. Just please remember that the greatest gift on your eternal path is […]

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Your Eternal Path Details

Petals of wisdom contained within pure spiritual truth gently uplifts your heart ,broadens your consciousness, and inspires your soul about the eternal path you travel. Barbara shares this e-book with all of humanity as a pure gift from her heart. Enjoy!

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The 3 Most Common Questions & Answers I’m Asked about Receiving Answers from God

1. How do I know I’m not making it all up?
2. How do I know God really hears me?
3. Why would God want to answer me?
Now, I am going to give you the answers…

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How to Have an Awakened and Enlightened Consciousness

Questions with Answers
1. How can I become awakened and enlightened?
2. What can I do when circumstances get the best of me?
3. What is the best practice I can do in order to achieve an enlightened state?
4. When I feel down and upset, how can I transform this into personal awakening?
5. What is the key to Christ Consciousness and pure enlightenment?
The Answers…

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God’s Answers to Barbara Rose in a Personal Writing

I felt that this is important for me to share with you, from my own private journal for the many people who are either not yet aware that they can receive answers from God, or people who are not exactly sure how to go about this process.

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What Leading Spiritual Teachers Have in Common with You

A message for you with comfort and hope to continue moving forward despite overwhelming odds in your life.