Higher Self Communication Yahoo Group Re-Ignited

Higher Self Communication Yahoo Group

Dr. Barbara Rose Created the first Higher Self Communication Yahoo Group on October 21, 2005. Because of the members it turned out to be one of the most loving, supportive groups on the internet.

When Barbara became extremely ill she lost all energy to post and moderate and was no longer active in the group.

Just before the writing of this post Barbara logged in to the group Higher Self Communication Yahoo Group and her heart swelled up with the most loving memories of the deep connection group members shared and the unconditional loving support the members gave both to each other and to Barbara.

Barbara merged International Institute of Higher Self Communication with Global Higher Consciousness Life Transformation Institute because Higher Self Communication is all about the pinnacle of Higher life guidance and astounding transformation.

If you are looking for an in-depth archive about Higher Self Communication (Receiving answers from God as you personally understand that name to be) this is one of the most treasured archives that serves to bring YOU help on just about every topic members from all over the world have addressed.

What is Surrender Really All About ?


When you surrender you are not leaping into a void of no return. You are leaping into the highest version of YOU that you have always wanted to become. Continue reading