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VIDEO: Does (or She) He Deserve YOU?

Watch this short video so you can receive only the BEST in a relationship.

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Did Anyone Ever Tell You “Finding Hope When Life Feels Hopeless”

When a new day comes that you wish didn’t When what and who you cherished is out of your life The feelings of despair can reach a critical point Which may cause you to simply want to give up on life. My Dear One, I have been there many times When hopelessness was my only […]

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Soul Mates Grow or Stagnate

Some soul mate couples refuse to grow. They refuse to resolve each of their core issues, which are the true sources of their personal pain. As a result, those soul mates are lost to each other…

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Exclusive Excerpt Society’s Misconception of Soul Mates

Society’s current conception of the term “soul mate”
is completely contrary to what the term really means…

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What a Soul Mate Relationship is REALLY all about

…the expectations of the relationship, stemming from the ego or personality level, are going to trigger the ego responses of your soul mate, and this is where the resistance begins…