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God’s View of the Death Penalty – Excerpt from IF GOD WAS LIKE MAN

And if there are individuals who are a danger to society, put them in a place where they can spend the rest of their lives in contemplation. In that way they may be able to correct, or learn, or grow, or heal. Then you will have created a situation where growth is achieved, and thus the cycle is complete. For to end people’s lives does not cause an ending at all. They are very much alive after this life.


Facebook’s Reach Plummets

If you want to know what’s happening now on Facebook this article give you the details and helpful suggestions.


Pamela Leano Labor Ready Branch Manager Treats Workers Like Cattle

Pamela Leano, Labor Ready Fort Myers Branch Manager, treated workers more like cattle than hard working human beings. Read about it.

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How to Have an Awakened and Enlightened Consciousness

Questions with Answers
1. How can I become awakened and enlightened?
2. What can I do when circumstances get the best of me?
3. What is the best practice I can do in order to achieve an enlightened state?
4. When I feel down and upset, how can I transform this into personal awakening?
5. What is the key to Christ Consciousness and pure enlightenment?
The Answers…

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One of the most difficult things to accept is that at times tragedy happens because it needs to be transformed in our world…