Facebook’s Reach Plummets


Many people who have an account on Facebook have noticed that the people they “Like” and the updates they would like to receive from those people in their news feed located on the “Home” tab have diminished significantly.

Many people wonder why this is happening. The reason is now that Facebook is publicly traded on the Stock Market the investors want money. In a word it is called greed. Facebook now asks people to pay money to have their posts “boost” to reach the very people who have “Liked” them to begin with.

This is perilous not only for Facebook, but for the millions of users who up until now have been utilizing Facebook to inform, entertain, and engage with the people who are interested in their information.

Facebook users feel angry. They do not want to have to pay to reach their friends, fans, and those who “Like” them. Those who are “Public Figures” are also disheartened. They work tirelessly to deliver high quality content to uplift, inform, and help the people they are here to serve in the most positive manner.

The sheer greed of Facebook has set a downward spiral for their own company as users turn to other social media to reach the same people they thought they were able to reach on Facebook’s news feed. In a scurry for dollars it is sad that Facebook will soon be referred to as “EraseBook”.

So what is the biggest social media platform right behind Facebook? It is Google +. With Google + anyone with a Gmail account can create their own news feed rich with video, pictures as well as articles and information. The smartest thing that Google + is doing is keeping it free.

So if you have noticed a dramatic decrease in your reach to the people who have “Liked” you, as well as not receiving info about the people you have “Liked” this is only because Facebook has traded its free service via the news feed for greed with the demand for dollars people just do not want to spend.

Facebook users who simply chat with close family and friends on a continuous basis are not as affected due to the “engagement” of their loved ones.

If you are in business or service to others, never put all of your eggs in one basket. Keep your newsletter service intact and deliver high quality content to the people who subscribe to your newsletter. Keep the content on your website or blog updated on a regular basis and copy it onto Google + where you can add your subscribers to a “Circle” and they, in turn, can add you to their Circle even if you do not know who they are. They might simply be interested in what you are sharing and this will always appear on Google + either privately, or publicly, or both.

As far as Facebook, you may want to reconsider how much time and effort you put into your posts, because the reach has dramatically diminished. Sadly Facebook’s user’s interest has diminished as well. Logically it is all too clear that Facebook’s days are numbered due to their intentional reduction in news feed reach, and their overwhelming greed by offering users the option to pay to reach the people who want to see what they like which was previously free.

00-2-facebook-shatteredIf you own stock in Facebook, the best word of advice would be sell.

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When a tragedy happens, most people do not simply accept that there was a higher reason for the event to happen. Additionally most people may not comprehend that the unthinkable is truly a catalyst for greatly needed positive transformation within society.

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Exclusive Excerpt From If God Was Like Man


Love: why is it eternal? Because it is the life force of the universe. It is the most powerful force there is, and it is only love that brings you the lessons, people, circumstances, triumphs, and tragedies to grow beyond where you are now to where you wish to be in this life.

If I said to you, my children, that all lessons come “from the light” or from love, can you realize that although you may have endured pain at some time in your life, the growth was worth it?

Of course you can say this.

So it is all about love.

Now, love for self is paramount so that you can live your joy, which I do hope by now you realize will be called your work.

It is love for self that lets you get so excited about becoming all you truly want to be, so excited that you picture in fine detail your grandest self and move in the direction of your dreams.

I can tell you that messages you send out to me, to this universe, to others, are heard only in terms of how deeply you believe them. If your head says, “I want one million dollars per year,” but you believe you deserve to earn only eighty thousand dollars, then guess what you will receive? Eighty thousand dollars. If you feel and believe and want all you ask for, then you will receive it, because you believe you deserve it.

If I tell you that the more you give, the more you will receive; and if I tell you that you must be true to self and honor self while allowing others to love the life of their own choosing; and if I also tell you that when you love someone, there is a purpose to the relationship, would you believe me? Even if the purpose is to grow in a small area of your life or to flourish together, all has a purpose. And that purpose is love.

If you wish to have happiness, but you are feeling inner turmoil, then justifications, avoidance, and cynicism are truly not the way out of your pain. Only enough love of self can heal your pain and dissolve its negative effect in your life.

Many of you are in deep inner pain and do not do anything about it until you hit bottom in one form or another.

Many of you suffer so needlessly because you don’t realize that taking personal responsibility to heal your issues would free you from those issues.

Many of you want so many things, and you deserve to have them.

Many of you do not even realize that it is your unconscious beliefs (those beliefs you are not aware of) that prevent all of the good you seek.

For example, many people want to love someone and to be loved in return, but they do not feel deserving of receiving the love, and so they unconsciously sabotage their happiness.

I say to you, if you notice an area of your life that you truly wish would improve, and yet you find that it never gets better, then my children, it is you who need to get better.

This can be done via therapy, via books, via talking to people who are knowledgeable about the area for which you seek professional help, or it can be done simply by looking in the mirror and asking yourself, “Is this how I really want my life to be?”

What do you really want?

That is the love.

If you truly want something, no matter what it is, then seek to heal that part of you which unconsciously destroys or blocks or sends away all you truly want.

You do not even realize you are pushing away all you are seeking, and thus you are in constant pain. If you have a repetitious pattern that causes you anguish with another person, your employment, your living arrangements, your career, or any other area of your life, the solution exists within you.

It is inside of you already. Every solution you seek is within. You will get it not from another but from within self.

It may take another to get you to reach the solution within self, someone such as a therapist or a professional career advisor or even me, in my writings or prayer for an answer. But no matter who you turn to for help with any problems that plague you from within, there too lie your solutions: within yourself.

It is not about who or what is on the outside. Once your view shifts to seeking the solution within yourself, you will notice your entire life can also shift to match your new attitudes and beliefs.

It is not magic or a miracle; it is simply cause and effect.

Every solution you seek is already within you.

The answer to your every question awaits your discovery. So if you truly want to heal or find a solution or improve an area of your life, look within; and if you feel confused, seek advice or help from another to clarify the inner conflicts that result in your inner or outer pain.

I can only tell you that as long as life exists, love is the force that will prevail.

I can only tell you that truth will always set you free.

Sometimes we may be free on the outside but feel as if we are imprisoned from within. Sometimes we may be free on the inside and yet the outside looks very confusing to us, with chaos, wars, fighting, all discord. All because of people who are not healed from within. People who try to control others – their beliefs, land, religion, practices, doctrines, eating habits, sexual preferences, even the very God to whom they pray.

No. Focus on self. Heal self. Leave others alone.

And trust that if you are seeking to be your highest self, your example will shine. You are a beacon of light. And no matter how quiet or well known your work, no matter how famous or unknown you may be, you do have a purpose on this earth, in this life, and that purpose is to love you and to be the real you. To shine with love for self. And it is from that love that you will naturally radiate to all around you.

I have tried to give you many practical ways to manifest your dreams and to seek to solve the issues that plague humanity during the dawn of this twenty first century.

All I can ever do is work through you. I am not physical as one being; I am physical inside of every being existing throughout the universe.

There is only one God, and yet one God is within every person throughout all of space and so-called time.

You have God within, and that is why every answer exists within.

When you feel pain, it is because your focus is on the issue rather than on the gift.

I do not usually bring up historical events in light of the many who have suffered, but I will say that on the morning of September 11, 2001, before the event of that day occurred, several people looked very upset when they were running late to work. They sought a solution; they did not trust that being late to work was a gift.

For those of you who lost loved ones during that event, I can only tell you that they are all at peace. They are not suffering; and they knew it was a part of life to depart physical life at some point. Their feelings for all their loved ones, however, remain eternal. Your feelings and prayers for your loved ones remain eternal.

Not one soul ever dies. A body may no longer be present in physical form but the soul, the essence of the person, is as alive and vibrant as when he or she did have a body on earth.

Life continues because love continues.

Love is the ingredient that causes each person to push harder, try one more time, seek a solution, care for another, become his or her best, help another to succeed, bring justice where injustice previously prevailed, fulfill a dream, enjoy a sunset.

These are all motivated by love.

If you are in pain, then love has been ignored and fear has taken its place.

If you are afraid, then you are wilting. When you feel love, excitement, and inner peace, you are expanding.

This universe is expanding because love is expanding. Sometimes it takes loss to realize how precious love is. Sometimes you are fortunate enough to have been loved by another person. I can tell you, however, that each and every one of you is loved by me.

The only solution to all that plagues humanity is love.

There must be love for the research to discover cures for diseases.

Barbara has asked for the cure for AIDS. I told her that the cure was contained in the Eucalyptus plant; there you will discover a compound that can help cure this disease.

It is the love of discovery that makes the search worthwhile.

If I gave you every answer, it would be the same as if I read you the ending of a story when you were only on page five.

Trust that you will find the answers when you are in love with the process of discovering them.

Trust that you have value far beyond what you were raised to believe by your family or your culture. Trust that your life is solely for the purpose of doing what you love to do – and to love every minute of doing it.

That is the purpose of life on earth.

© Copyright by Barbara Sherry Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved. Chapter excerpt  re-printed with permission from the book If God Was Like Man Published by The Rose Group (November 2003) ISBN: 0974145718. Second Edition published 2007.