Facebook’s Reach Plummets


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If you want to know what’s happening now on Facebook this article give you the details and helpful suggestions. Continue reading

Society & Transformation

When a tragedy happens, most people do not simply accept that there was a higher reason for the event to happen. Additionally most people may not comprehend that the unthinkable is truly a catalyst for greatly needed positive transformation within society.

Exclusive Excerpt From If God Was Like Man


If I tell you that the more you give, the more you will receive; and if I tell you that you must be true to self and honor self while allowing others to love the life of their own choosing; and if I also tell you that when you love someone, there is a purpose to the relationship, would you believe me? Even if the purpose is to grow in a small area of your life or to flourish together, all has a purpose. And that purpose is love. Continue reading