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I Tried to Belong Because I Wanted to Fit In

We may have tried to get good grades in school, or to look a certain way. But no matter what we tried, that sense of belonging was based on something outside of us rather than on who we were within.

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Exclusive Excerpt Ultimate Guide to Self Love

By Barbara Rose, PhD Here are a few guidelines you can take from within to build your self worth, esteem, and help you bring out all you desire to be and express in your life. They are phrased in first person to help you integrate them, until you are living your truth on all levels, […]

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Did You Ever Say, “He Won’t Let Me”? Who Is Running Your Life?

If there is a person in your life who is not honoring you or who is telling you what to do as if you were a puppet on a tight string…

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Say “NO” Without Guilt, Relationship Answers and Overcoming Fears

Honoring your truth, rather than forsaking your truth just to please someone else in order to gain approval and acceptance, or to look good. This gets easier and easier each time you honor your real truth, based on how you really feel.