For People Who Cannot Afford Medicine RX Outreach is the Answer


If either you or someone you know has a low income and cannot afford to pay for direly needed medicine a non-profit charity called RX Outreach provides critical medicine for people who can’t afford it.

They offer more than 500 medications through their mail order pharmacy delivered to all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Enrollment into their program is simple, and not degrading. To get into their program simply call toll free 1-800-769-3880. Once you are enrolled your Doctor can fax your prescription to them at 1-800-875-6591.

In doing research for a loved one the cost of the medicine through RX Outreach was only $35 dollars for a ninety day supply! This turned out to be a life saver which is why I am sharing this with you with the hope that you share it with anyone you know why may have to choose between buying food or medicine. With RX Outreach this choice can now be history!

Payment for the prescription can be done over the phone and they mail the medicine via USPS to the address you give them.

Their website is

Please share this crucial information. You will wind up saving lives.