Global Religious Peace Treaty

The Creation of the Global Humanitarian Religious Peace Treaty
By Barbara Rose, PhD

During my sleep I was literally instructed in a dream to create “Global Humanitarian Religious Peace Treaty” and spread this so nations who are members of the United Nations can finally agree to give all people religious peace to replace religious war, genocide and repression.

Then, while I was receiving guidance from God in a writing about my book publishing, I was literally given the wording of this Religious Peace Treaty. I felt this was important for all to see, so here is how this treaty is worded verbatim:

Official Wording of the Global Humanitarian Religious Peace Treaty

“Whereas I, as a citizen of the world being an equal member of the human race, am now an official member of the Global Humanitarian Religious Peace Treaty.

Whereas I sign and agree to honor all people with all religious preferences.

Whereas I promise to be tolerant of and compassionate towards any member of the human race who worships differently than I do.

Whereas I join forces with the rest of the human race to promote religious peace globally simply by speaking only peacefully about others and their religious preferences.

Whereas I understand that in order for the human race to survive, religious peace is mandatory.

Whereas on this day I promise to speak of religious peace when the subject arises to help others also come to view all of humanity’s rights to their own personal religious freedom.

Whereas as an Ambassador of Peace, I humbly allow tolerance to replace intolerance with respect to anyone’s religious preferences.

I am part of a far greater whole whose mission in part is to see to it that all people from all cultures and religions worldwide are entitled to live with religious peace and freedom.

I sign this Treaty with a pure heart on behalf of myself and the organization or area I represent.

This Global Humanitarian Religious Peace Treaty lays the foundation for world peace so there is never again killing in the name of any religion or deity.

I believe and support all people’s right to worship in their own way just as I ask all others to allow me to worship from my heart in my own way.

On this day, a new member of the human race is added to the peaceful works and efforts to ensure religious peace, freedom and tolerance exists for as long as life on earth exists.

Barbara Rose, Ph.D. March 30, 2007

Founder Global Humanitarian Religious Peace Treaty”

In my writings I was asked to get teachers involved with this to spark creativity and humane care among students globally. I was guided to create a global peace quilt made up of 8 X 8 inch patches from submissions by students of all ages and anyone on earth who would like to see religious peace.

Once this massive quilt is sewn together, I will present this to the United Nations on behalf of all the people around the world who are determined to have peace prevail and cease all wars and persecution over religion.

There is no accident that you are reading this article. If you find it in your heart to share this with anyone you know who can align and help with this cause, what a blessing and a gift that will be to the human race.

My heart is filled with joy at the possibility that religious peace can actually be a reality on earth. I’d say we’ve had enough wars over religion, and it is a zero sum game – nobody wins and everybody loses. This CAN be turned around. Just like how anything begins and spreads to make a difference, my deepest hope is that during this lifetime I can actually live to see this adopted and signed my heads of countries who are members of the United Nations.

Your support can make so much of a difference. People globally will be able to worship from their hearts – I believe this is the birthright of every human being.

© Copyright 2007, 2011 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved.

Realigning Religion – Exclusive Excerpt

Realigning Religion
Realigning Religion: Consciousness and the Survival of the Human Species
By Barbara Rose, PhD

The Alignment Process

“God is with us.” But who is us? When us means all of us-humanity as a whole-then the statement “God is with us” is a source of hope. No doubt, that is why the Christian scriptures ascribe to Jesus the name Emmanuel-a name that means “God with us.” In the conception of the Gospel writer, this man Jesus comes to be God’s presence in the human race. In other words, God is with us all.

But that’s not the only way this phrase is used, is it? Many will recognize “God is with us” as the phrase emblazoned on the belt buckles of Hitler’s Wehrmacht. There, it was not a source of hope, but of terror. Its meaning was not so universal, not so inclusive. For the Nazi soldiers who wore it, this phrase meant, “God is with us-and not with you.

Nor were Nazi soldiers the only ones who took such an exclusionary view of God.

Throughout human history, people have aligned with the doctrine, teaching, culture and religious practice that surrounded them, beginning at home. The never-ending search for God, for truth, for salvation, hope and fairness has driven those who have seen injustice, persecution, slavery, murder and genocide throughout each period of history-even since before the time of Moses.

People aligned with what they were taught as they grew from small children into adults who for the majority of the human race brought their beliefs regarding religion and other members of the human race into their daily lives.

Many people believed that one section of humanity-their section of the world, made up of those who aligned with their beliefs-were the right ones. They (and they alone) were the ones whom God was with. Many people who were taught a different doctrine or practice also aligned with their fellow humans, and most times, specific leaders declared war and persecution to come upon anyone whose religious beliefs as well as cultural differences should be eliminated.

The purpose of this book is to reach every member of the human race, not by might or right, but only by the compelling power of its simple and obvious truth.

It is my heartfelt belief that the insights of this book do not originate with me, but are inspired in me by God. You may conceive of this “God” as the Father of Jesus Christ. You may know Him as the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses. You may know God as Allah. Or you may acknowledge a Creator, or Mind, or Great Spirit, or the Depth Dimension of human existence, or the Infinite Horizon of being, or your own Higher Power, or Higher Self, or the Ultimate Concern of your life. These (and still other) names and images of God are all equally honored in this text, and any of these names may appropriately be given to the One whom I see as the source of the thoughts I seek to share with you in these pages.

In nearly all conceptions of God, it is agreed that the divine will is for humanity to be united. And one of the great ironies is that the various religions which share this belief are, themselves, so often responsible for the disunity-even the outright hatred and war-between human beings, all in the name of God and truth. The burning question that this book tackles, then, is why it should not be possible for people with various religious alignments to treat one another’s beliefs with respect and learn to live together in peace even amid their religious differences.

Religions often make reference to “the end times.” Ever wonder what, exactly, is ending? The physical world as we know it, for sure-even scientists must attest to that fact. But more. Consider this possibility: “The end times” bring the end of separation between people who have all been created “in the image and likeness” of God. “The end times,” then, are also the beginning. They are the beginning of the unity of all people. It stands to reason, then, that all our efforts toward human unification are efforts toward ushering in “the end times.” When we work toward realigning religion, we bring our world a giant step closer to the end of the world as we know it, and the beginning of what some call “the Kingdom of God.”

And prevail we will! I ask you to take the words of this text into your heart and mind as you decide for yourself if what I brought through rings true to you and for you.

Perhaps you may experience a paradigm shift. Perhaps you may understand more about divine will and every religion that exists on earth.

There is much that will be asked of you. Much that, in the deepest core of your heart and mind, will ignite with the kind of understanding that is as deep as it is crucial

The human race needs you. You come to this book with your own understanding of religion-perhaps with a skepticism or mistrust that is born from experience. Trust that experience: It is real. Use your experience as a measuring stick to judge the truth of what others tell you about religion. Use it to judge the truth of this book. If what I have to say about realigning religion is true, it will make sense in light of your experience. Then it will be up to you to decide what comes next.

There is no punishment at all if you choose to dismiss the messages given to you in this text. However, the result of that dismissal will only be heartache, alienation, broken lives and-in the most extreme examples-continued bloodshed among people, perhaps in your part of the world, perhaps in your own community. Prevention of unnecessary pain and bloodshed is what this book will achieve, but that can only be done when you decide to embrace and live the message.

It is the deepest hope of each member of the human race to have inner peace in his or her own personal life; to have outer peace in his or her home, neighborhood, village, town and schools where his or her children learn.

If you have been drawn to read this book, you are being asked two things: to lead and to understand. You are asked to lead by your own example of religious peace, tolerance and compassion for others. And you are asked to understand that others will need to extend this same compassion, peace and tolerance toward you.

The ground rule of every major religion is love. The foundation of love is truth. Let us now explore how we can realign religion so that it reflects the truth you know in your heart and inspires the love all true religion seeks.

Remember that the human race can only evolve as each human being evolves into his or her highest and purest truth. The truths revealed in this text can ultimately free humanity to live in peace-now and forevermore.

Excerpt © Copyright 2010 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved, Exclusive Book Excerpt re=published with permission from the book Realigning Religion: Consciousness and the Survival of the Human Species Published by The Rose Group (October 2009) ISBN-13: 978-0-9788955-7-0.