Just a Little?

Life TransformationDid you ever experience the power of “just a little”?

Did you ever feel a little love but it changed your life?

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Did you ever whisper a little secret to someone but it changed their life?

Did you ever say, “I Love You” in just a little voice – but it meant your whole heart & soul to you?

We think there is so much power in a LOT, but NO, that’s not true! There is even more power in “JUST A LITTLE”!

Fourteen thousand people can give one single dollar – and a life is saved.

Then, that person (her name is Barbara) gives a little free time on the phone to help someone, and secrets that were hidden are fully revealed through her by God – wow – the TRUTH is finally made clear! Your life Your Life then Changes for the best forever.

Give a little.
What’s a buck?
What’s 50 cents?
It really adds up.

Give just a little, and you’ll soon see how much of a difference you really make, and then something wonderful happens… it is returned to you multiplied. THAT is the power of “Just a Little.”