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soundcloud-logoI’m really happy to share with you that there are now really helpful audio seminars both short and long in time length now on Soundcloud. You can share them and pick up from where you left off at any time.  Best of all they are all completely free!

I’ve also shared them on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. The categories are Self Love, Worth & High Self Esteem, Relationships, and Spiritual/Higher Consciousness Awakening – also called Higher Self Communication.

I love being of the highest service to you and truly making a real difference in your life and hope with all of my heart that you are doing well and soaring!

Click, listen, enjoy and bloom into your highest self.

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Risk Being Real in a Relationship Brings a Certain Reward

Individual PowerExclusive excerpt from the book Individual Power: Reclaiming Your Core, Your Truth, and Your Life By Barbara Rose, PhD

To be there, to love, what is the price? What will it cost you to receive all you are entitled to? To be in a relationship, there is a payment that must be made if you wish to receive all you desire from the other.

If your payment is fear, withholding your true feelings, holding back, allowing fear to block the flow of truth, then you receive loneliness and validate your own lack of self-worth. This validation only breeds further feelings of alienation;

you do not experience all the rich joy you can receive when your payment is genuine truth.

To share your truth is perhaps one of the scariest feelings that exists between lovers and romantic friends today.

When you take the risk to bear your soul, expose the real you, and reveal your genuine feelings, you become vulnerable; you may be afraid that your open heart will be pierced by another.

But there is another dynamic you may wish to consider and experiment with, a tiny bit at a time.

Risk exposing your feelings.

Take a tiny risk, just as a baby takes a tiny risk with his first steps. Yes, your fears may cause you to stumble, to close your heart again. But if you are with a person you truly love, and you take a baby step to expose your truth, then you can see the reaction. Then you can see how you will be treated as you risk sharing the genuine feelings you hold inside.

If you are with a person you truly love, and you do take tiny steps to share your genuine feelings, you will find that you are rewarded with love, acceptance, and appreciation in return. Then take another step, take an action, do something special together, and watch, feel, and be amazed at the new joy you will discover.

As you take tiny steps, first with vision and will, then with action, you will find the rewards are akin to those of a baby learning to walk: “Wow, I can do it!” The baby thinks, “I will do this again!”

After many attempts of risking to share genuine love and true feelings, you will find that you stumble back into old patterns far less than you did before.

And you walk beside the one you love more easily. And soon you may want to run together – to dare to go all the way, to run, and laugh, and experience the true freedom and joy of sharing your true self, your true and honest feelings with the one person who has truly been there for you through all your past stumblings.

When you find this with another, you have found real love. You have found one with whom you can share your deepest fears, your greatest insecurities, your biggest mistakes, and still be loved and appreciated for all of who you are.

When you find such a person in your life, you must know there is a reason for this to have happened to you. You may choose to take a deeper look beyond the simple romantic or friendly attraction and realize that perhaps there are greater reasons, higher reasons for your finding one another.

Perhaps you are to do something together. Perhaps you are to truly be there by each other’s side, a hand to hold, arms to hug, love to feel, fun to share, friendship to grow, trust to bloom, and memories to create that you can treasure together for your life.

There have been many people who have turned their backs to the love they have found, and in each case, those people have never forgotten, nor have they ever been able to replace their true match with another. They live with regret. They live with a heart longing for the joy and beauty they once had but were too afraid to embrace fully; they turned their backs on the one they truly loved, and never found such a true love again.

Love, pure love, honest and

genuine love, does not die.

You can travel to every corner of the globe. You can watch the seasons pass. But no matter how far you travel or how many years have gone by since you held the one you love in your arms, your heart, your soul will never forget this one person.

You may also find that the one who brings out your greatest growth, who makes you see all of the areas that need healing is precisely the person you may find yourself wanting to run away from. Who wants to face all of that hurt? If that happens, be wise enough to ask yourself, “Isn’t that why we have true relationships, to genuinely become the best we can be?” And how can we become our best when we ignore or run away from those areas we need to heal? We cannot.

So the one who causes you great frustration is also the one who ultimately brings you the greatest joy: the discovery of the genuine you.

Once you do grow through the challenges, the rewards of such a deep and genuine understanding between two people could never be replaced by a shallow, superficial relationship. Love is a gift, and appreciation for this gift must be shown.

There is the saying, “Hurt me once, shame on you; hurt me twice, shame on me.” This universe will send you a gift of love, a true match, once. If you choose to throw this gift away, if you do not show appreciation for it, you can be certain this universe will not be foolish enough to give you a gift so rare and so special again in this life.

You must know that when a person treasures you, when he or she sees through to the core of you and accepts you fully, with all of your faults, you have been blessed.

Now, if you love this person, if you truly do, deep inside, love this person, then give yourself this gift of love, cherish and treasure the gift you have received, for if you do not, you shall not ever know such a gift again in this life.

You will know deep down in your heart when all of the elements are there. You will feel so at peace and, at the same time, so challenged – challenged to grow, challenged to evolve and lift yourself above and beyond your fears of intimacy.

This work on self is required in order to continue experiencing the gift of this love in your life.

Debilitating fears of closeness or of opening one’s heart are also patterns that must be recognized and worked through. So ask yourself, “How can I notice when those old feelings come up?”

Become conscious of them. If you remain on automatic pilot, you will automatically sabotage the relationship.

Fear of being hurt or vulnerable is understandable and quite common. When left unnoticed, unchecked, and unattended to, however, it is also the source of pain. How do you attend to your fears? You simply acknowledge their existence.

You say, “Oh look, this is what I have been feeling, this is what happens to me. Do I want this feeling or pattern to take charge, or do I prefer something different?”

It comes down to a preference, an individual choice not to react but to consciously decide how you are going to respond when you notice your fears coming to the surface. Once you become fully conscious of them, their paralyzing effect dwindles;

instead of feeling smothered by an avalanche, you feel the slight sting of a pebble. Awareness of an old pattern greatly reduces its effects on you.

There is always a period of tremendous anxiety when old fears come to the surface. Realize, however, that this anxiety does, in fact, pass. It is a feeling. Feelings flow. One feeling, no matter how horrible or anxiety provoking, does not last forever.

So once you notice the anxiety coming to the surface, you become the one in charge. You are no longer run by old tapes that do not help you experience all you prefer to experience now.

Those old tapes may have served you in the past, protecting you from pain from a certain person. But now that you have found someone else, someone special, those old tapes can only be destructive.

If you become aware of your feelings and allow the anxiety to pass by sharing what you think and how you feel, then you no longer risk losing a person you may not ever be able to replace.

This is far better than allowing old, self-protective patterns that are in your comfort zone to destroy your opportunity for genuine love and genuine healing. Would you rather lose true love because it feels uncomfortable? Is that what you want?

Look around you. Think of all the people you have dated. Think of how many years you have gone without this one very special person. Do you want to lose this gift simply because it is scary for you to take personal responsibility and notice your feelings as they surface?

You do not have to be perfect. You cannot be perfect. But if you decide to take charge of an old pattern and act to heal your inner self, you will find that the one you love will not leave your side.

© Copyright 2001,2003,2014 by Barbara Rose, All Rights Reserved. Excerpt re-printed with permission from the book Individual Power: Reclaiming Your Core, Your Truth and Your Life Published by The Rose Group (2003) ISBN: 097414570X.

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A Message from God, Source – Why There is Upheaval in Your Life


Through Barbara Rose, PhD

This update comes through me from God, Source, Creator, Spirit, All That Is, by whatever name you personally give to bring clarity, understanding and resolution in your life.

Greetings, Hello, Shalom, Salam, Namaste’, Dear Souls,

Many of you are experiencing internal and external upheaval in your life. For those who are, this update is for you and anyone who needs this.

Just at the point when the fabric of your existence, your reality seems to be crumbling before your eyes, many have been feeling deep grief, sadness, a sense of personal failure, and nervousness as what was once in place in what you called your life, is shifting, and you may have felt inner panic.

Why does the structure of your life and your reality crumble? Many of you ask this question. The answer is simple. What you see as upheaval in front of your eyes is actually uprooting that which is keeping you from living the true life you are here to live.

The ways of old that felt so comfortable must be transformed in order for you to move forward in the manner in which your deepest heart and soul desires to.

This means that what you have been afraid to face, it is now directly in front of you, unable to be ignored, so you can finally transform your fears, overcome your false perceptions of self, and honor who you are, now.

For the growth that you came into this life to make to be experienced within, all that is hindering your deepest growth now must come up to the surface. Although this may feel unpleasant, I am offering you a different perspective now. It is actually a gift. Yes, the personality does not like to feel out of control. The ego desires to validate self from external circumstances.

Your soul, on the other hand, validates itself for being, and experiencing alone. There is not a chance of your failing in this lifetime. How can you fail at growth? Your circumstances may be going through a remodeling so to speak, even if it is one that you are resisting with all of your ego’s might.

The fight and resistance is what is causing the emotional pain. If you knew to remind yourself that in order for the remodeling of your life to take place, the life you truly desire in your deepest heart, then the old structures will have to be removed.

I shall give you an analogy of a kitchen. If you have broken appliances, leaks, rotted wood, and shredding electrical wiring, is this what you truly desire? No, of course it is not. So in order for you to have the “kitchen of your dreams” the old must be removed so your appliances can be replaced. Leaks can be fully repaired. Rotted wood is pulled out and beautiful new cabinets take their place. The shredded electrical wiring is literally pulled out completely, and your kitchen is given brand new, safe wiring that will last beyond your natural life.

Dear Soul, what you may have been focusing on is how the parts of your life are being ripped out, thus panicking, or feeling deeply saddened. What you have not looked at is all that the old is being replaced with.

This is what I want you to see.

If you feel like a failure, for any reason, please shift your perception to one of being a learner. You are learning, not failing.

When you are saying, “No, No” as the old ways are no more, I ask you to say, “Yes, Yes” to the new realizations, self love, higher purpose, your deepest truth and all you have been wanting to experience as your purest essence of Self for eons, this time is finally here. It is one to celebrate.

Behind every great transformation in life, there was change from the old. Transformation is the opposite of stagnation. Either you desire brand new cabinets, or out of fear, you ask to hold on to rotted wooden ones. Your soul is drawing these experiences into your life because it is actually paving the way for you to grow, as you go with the flow, into your pure, authentic self.

As the dust settles, after you have fought, cried, pleaded, bargained, and resisted, in a short while you will be able to look back and say, “Yes, I needed the old ways to be removed so I could move into the place I am now, both inside and outside in my moment by moment life.”

Focus on what you would love to experience when you feel afraid.

Ask yourself if the upheaval serves you well, although it feels temporarily uncomfortable.

Dare to shine a light onto the path you have always yearned to travel from the inside out, and as you see the light shining on glimmering gems that are new opportunities, experiences, friendships, and inner freedom from emotional suffering and tyranny, you will be glad for the temporary upheaval. You will know that it was the only way all you truly desire could replace what you knew deep inside needed to be transformed.

You will very soon feel inner peace if you have been feeling internal chaos. Remind yourself that when the old falls away, including how you are viewing yourself, if your ego feels temporarily bruised, know that this is creating room for greater growth that far exceeds where you are now. Move in the direction that your heart is pulling you towards. You path ahead is a glorious, sublime, exciting and blissful experience, because it is actually the real you that you are now growing into.

You are loved eternally. Be Well and Trust. All is in Divine order.

© Copyright 2007, 2014 by Barbara Rose, PhD.

Re-Print Rights for Websites and Print Publications. This information may be freely disseminated, in whole or in part, provided there is no charge for the information and this notice is attached. When using a partial version of this material, please state that it is an abridged version and refer the reader to the original, complete version at
Publications are encouraged to reprint this article, permission is not needed, but please notify us via our contact page when you have re-published this message. Thank You for helping to uplift the Spiritual Consciousness of Humanity.

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Top 22 Soul Mate Questions & Answers


WOW. If you have been searching for REAL ANSWERS about your soul mate relationship and if you want to know about any aspect of your situation I share it all in this live intensive recording.

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I am overjoyed to be able to be of the most positive service to you and to have the opportunity to bring you the real answers you have been searching for – exactly as I used to.

I have to say that this is one of my all time favorite recordings – and I sincerely mean this with all of my heart. I am sure you will learn, experience, realize, awaken and most of all become truly EMPOWERED by all of the answers I have shared.

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Relationship Insight “The Only Way”


If you think that outer conditions, wealth, looks, or material accumulation will keep a partner in your life, it will not.
The only thing that will keep a partner in your life is when you can be each other’s best friend, share, communicate, have passion in bed, and really connect on all levels authentically from the heart center.

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It’s Not a Soul Mate You Want to Attract


It’s not a “soul mate” that you want to attract.
It’s an incredible partner that adores you on all levels.
Take the myth that a soul mate is a perfect person out of your mind.
There is no “perfect person.”
However, there is an incredible match for you when you are ready to experience authenticity on all levels.

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Relationship Insight for THE ONE


Who said you’re not fantastic?
Who told you that you aren’t special?
Who said you have nothing to offer?
They lied!
It’s all within you, and when you allow yourself To be All that you Are – you will be recognized and Appreciated by a very special person a lot like you.

Based on the Amazon Bestseller Stop Being the String Along: A Relationship Guide to Being THE ONE