How to Finally Live Your Life with Passion


Your Life

By Barbara Rose, PhD

You know you’re living your life with passion if you can say, “If someone offered me two hundred million dollars per week to give up what I’m doing, I would say, No, thank you!”

That’s all fine, well and good, but you may be wondering, “how do I get there?”

The key to living this way is to first eliminate those tasks, adult people, obligations and associations that you are not deeply enjoying.

Second, it is imperative that you take some time out of your schedule and really ask yourself what has been some of the most difficult periods of your life? You may wonder what this has to do with living a life with passion, so I will share this with you, now.

Living a life with deep passion means living a life with deep meaning. It may very well be those precise areas of your life where you have endured great hardship, and became determined to turn it around, that you find you can share the same with others.

Then you are a beacon of hope. First for yourself, and for others by way of your example. You will share from your heart just to make a difference, because it feels good, and not for any ulterior motive or reason.


You will feel validated from within because you will be living from your heart, rather than the fears in your head. This requires courage, and many times it is not easy. If I were to tell you it is easy all of the time, I would be lying to you.

It is scary to move into unfamiliar territory, but it is even scarier to wither away and watch your lifetime slide by without ever taking a pure and positive risk.

Furthermore, you do not ever need another person’s permission, stamp of approval, understanding, or validation to be and express who you are. The only person’s stamp of approval you need is your own.

When you begin to worry about what others think, immediately turn your attention to how you feel, and what you prefer. Then, follow through in your actions one moment at a time.

So many people worry about how it’s all going to turn out, at leas I used to. But what I have found to be so empowering is to follow through in the moment because it feels true and good to me, and I know my motives are pure. They are not attached to an outcome. It is the process of living out what you love from your heart, because that aspect of you carries deep meaning to you, that it will naturally touch the lives of others who need what you are sharing.

Perhaps they need a role model who has “been there” and who can relate. Perhaps you will attract other people with whom you collaborate and work together to spread the word about what you are sharing with the world.

There is one thing that passion can never be; it can never be bought. It’s something you feel in your heart, and you feel a great deal of joy during your process. Does this mean you’ll never have a difficult or sad day? No, it means that when you do, you know it will pass, and you have a great deal of purpose and meaning backing you, which adds to the joy you experience in your day to day life.

Here are some suggested guidelines that you can follow.

Only follow through with what feels true to you, as long as it does not bring harm to anyone or anything.

Make sure your motive is pure, without being tied to an agenda or an outcome.

Be certain that what you are sharing truly matters to you in your heart.

Keep putting it out there on a consistent basis because people will resonate with and relate to what you are sharing.

Honor what makes you unique, every part of you, and cease all negative criticism.

Tell the naysayers in your life nothing! When they ask how you are, simply reply, “Good, no complaints!”

Seek out a trusting and supportive support system of people who are on a similar path and who share a lot in common with what you believe.

Dare to take a risk every time you want to create or express something, do it.

Never take insults into your being and allow them to hurt you. They are the perceptions of others, and other people are entitled to their beliefs and preferences. At the same time, continue with what you are doing.

Make your passion your “from-the-heart-mission” in life, and allow it to bloom, expand and unfold one moment at a time. Instead of worrying about how it’s all going to turn out, live it out in the moment.

Remember you are here to live, not stagnate. You are here to share the best of times and the worst of times, knowing that they all contribute greatly to your growth, and your mission.

Remember that many people who create enormous contributions in our world have experienced great adversity. That adversity strengthens us, and it teaches us a lot.

What have you learned from the adversity you have experienced?

What do you love doing?

What are your natural talents?

Start right where you are, now, this moment, and express what inspires you. Then, follow through just one moment at a time. That is really all it takes. But, it takes your deepest heart and the meaning behind what you are doing, expressing and creating that carries the most weight to living a life passionately.

If you don’t feel passionate about it, toss it.

If you feel inspired, go for it.

When you feel scared, just know that everyone feels scared moving out of their comfort zone.

Make that a positive sign of your personal growth.

Most of all live it all out from your heart, because it brings joy to your heart. That is what matters most, and that is the only way you can live a life with passion. Just start, now. You have a clean slate ahead of you.

© Copyright 2006, 2011 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved.

Inspiring Insight to Transform Yourself, Your Relationship, and Your Life

Inspiring Insight to Transform Yourself, Your Relationship, and Your Life
By Barbara Rose PhD

“The beginning of personal growth is the idea of who, exactly, in fine detail, you wish to become.”

“Your highest and most exciting vision of self is paramount to your success, to finding the joy completely from within and not from any other person, place, or thing.”

“The moment you decide exactly where you are going, that is the precise moment your entire life changes course.”

“Passion with another cannot sustain a relationship. Passion exists in the moment, and this moment passes into a memory. In order to sustain a relationship, you must be passionately alive. As a result, you will continue to bring your passion to the one you love. You will not need it to come from another, because you will be sharing your abounding supply from within you.”

“Through the darkness of tragedy, you reach the dawn, which is the moment you decide it will never be this way again. This is the moment when you change the entire direction of the rest of your life because you refuse to go back to where you have just been.”


“Individual growth is a conscious choice. You must take what you have, and begin exactly where you are at this very moment to move solely in the direction of the life you want to have and the you you want to become.”

“Your personal power begins with the dawn of your realization of your personal worth.”

“We can dream and see ourselves where we will one day be, if only we decide it is to be so. The moment that decision is made, your entire life does an about face, a forward march, and you are flying toward your goals. Yet your goals are themselves the process during the journey, and not the end result. It is the love of the work that brings you pleasure,not the moment the workday is over.”

“If you truly want a better life, take your life into your own hands and create it for your very own self.”

“What others have does not matter. What matters is who you are. Once you decide who you are, you will become that person eventually. One moment at a time, your life will be renewed.”

“Remember that the only “lack” exists within the erroneous thoughts of the ego. There is zero lack in this universe – it is all consciousness, which produces energy which draws to you like a magnet exactly what you hold in your consciousness.”

“If you wish to better your life, then you must release all belief that by so doing you will be a better person. The key is in knowing that you are a supreme being just as you are and that “bettering your life” is just a means of self-expression. It is your divine expression to live according to your grandest preferences–not because it will make you better but because you are serving as a result of discovering and expressing the best you have within you.”

“You are here to experience yourself, not ‘fix’ yourself. You are not broken and you do not need to be fixed!”

“Whoever put you down during your life lied to you.

Your outer achievements or failures never constitute your REAL worth as a human being.

All you are comes from your heart.

All you will ever be you were already born to be.

It’s all inside of you, NOW.

Take a good look into your heart and when you find the goodness that’s already there you will know that all you need to do to feel better is to bring out all of that goodness already within you.”

“Here is how you will know if you are living your life purpose: just ask yourself one simple question: ‘Would you do what you are doing now for FREE for the rest of your life, if money was not an issue?’ When your answer is YES, then you are living the life you came into this life to live.”

“No matter what difficulty you are facing, it is coming from Divine Light to bring you to a higher place within. Write down every conceivable reason that this situation can contribute towards your growth. Write down every way this experience can possibly set the stage for serving to uplift others. When you are complete, and have come to the other side of this experience, you will then know “why” it happened.”

“Even the most daring and accomplished people have undergone tremendous difficulty. In fact, the more successful they became, the more they attributed their success to the lessons learned during their most difficult times. Adversity is our teacher. When we view adversity as a guide towards grater inner growth, we will then learn to accept the wisdom our soul came into this life to learn.”

All Content © Copyright 2003, 2011 By Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved. Quotes re-printed with permission from the book Individual Power: Reclaiming Your Core, Your Truth and Your Life Published by The Rose Group (April 2003) ISBN-13: 978-0-9741457-0-9. DOWNLOAD