The Power of Spiritual Endorsements

0-nice-yellow-flowers-HiResThere is a huge surge of the purest love in the universe when you collaborate with another person from the center of your heart.

It is never about “getting” it is about “sharing and helping each other.”

No matter WHAT you have created, ultimately it is people spreading by word of mouth with their friends, loved ones, colleagues and even strangers the great thing (your project) they have discovered and honestly recommend.


It is about creating honest relationships with those whom you genuinely admire.
It is so important that people know WHY you are contacting THEM to either give you an endorsement or help you spread the word about what you are doing.

In short, you are contacting them hopefully because you are sincerely taken aback, or truly admire their work, and when you let them know this – they will either feel your sincerity or feel your cold ulterior motives.

People who have been around in any industry for a long time get to know their colleagues. Other spiritual and relationship authors are NEVER my “competition” quite to the contrary, I endorse THEIR work – why? Because I honestly love it and it is worthy of an endorsement.

Meeting or connecting with the people who will support you with your efforts expect that you, in turn, will support them as well.

You are sharing support, not just selling your latest creation.

If you come across as only looking out for your own personal interest, the first thing the person reading your email, or hearing your message will be a prompt DELETE.

Many people have come to me, typically people I did not know at all, asking for MY endorsement. WHY? They never told me why, they were only too concerned with what they could GET rather than how they could SHARE.

If is all about HONESTLY sharing from the heart! It is about helping each other – SINCERELY. It is about making a genuine positive difference in this world, and when that is your motive, and the person you are approaching learns WHY you admire THEIR work, why you would even want their name associated with your venture, that must be spelled out FIRST.

This then opens the heart of the person you are contacting. Oh, he’s familiar with MY work. OK, I’ll continue reading this email. But it MUST be GENUINE.

People do have six senses. We all know truth when we come across it, additionally, we all know BS when we come across it as well. People who have devoted their lives to make a difference are more than happy (at least I am) to help someone whose motives are pure. I lend support, some advice, and even an endorsement without the person even asking for it.

If the number one thing people want to know is to get as much as they can out of you, you will feel their insincerity, and they will most likely receive next to nothing as a result.

Cooperating WITH your colleagues to make this world a better place is at the heart of Spiritual Endorsements. You respect each others work. You become happy to help the new kid on the block with a boost. Why? Because you were once the new kid on the block and needed some genuine support to launch what you are creating.

Personally, I love helping newbies rise. It brings my heart great joy. However, when I receive emails that are so ego-centered, only seeking to take and never seeking to share, then those emails quickly get deleted because the energy behind them is not pure or filled with loving intentions.

Here below are some endorsements from people whose work and contributions I honestly love. I approached them from my heart, AND I helped them spread the word about what they were doing as well. The most common way was adding something they were doing to my newsletter and sharing a link to THEIR project, just to reciprocate, and without them even knowing about it.

So now I am starting a global team of spiritual heart-centered people who are thrilled to share each others ventures, just for the sake of loving and sharing. In this way everyone benefits, and everyone who is involved is on the same wavelength. Our energy matches – and it is this energy, filled with love, that carries the most power behind long term spiritual success.


Spiritual Endorsements

“Barbara Rose is one of the best spiritual teachers I’ve ever heard in person or read in books.” — Gary Renard, best-selling author of The Disappearance of the Universe

“I was deeply moved when I read Barbara Rose’s beautiful and compassionate book. Her love and wisdom infuse every page.” — Stephen Simon, Film Director/Producer (Conversations with God, Somewhere in Time, What Dreams May Come) Co-founder

“This book is a must read for deepening your spiritual awareness regardless of where you are in your journey.” — Bob Gottfried, PhD, author of Shortcut to Spirituality: Mastering the Art of Inner Peace

Barbara Rose has tapped into profound truth, a direct expression of God with simplicity and eloquence. I recommend her book. — Barbara Marx Hubbard, President, Foundation for Conscious Evolution

If you wonder if God hears you, and if you have ever wondered how to receive direct answers, this book will show you how—in plain English.


0-three-sunflowers_HiResBuild your relationships authentically.
Create something that really makes a difference and not just a dollar. Because when you do make a difference the dollars naturally come your way via a return of your pure energy and motives. This is the universe’s way of giving you a wink, and shining success upon you because you cared enough to make a difference for others.

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Thoughts on Global Religion

By Barbara Rose, PhD

New thoughts on global religion is upon us. It is one that honors every person, race, creed, heritage, faith, and the core teachings that humanity has been fighting over, until now. The name is called Love. It has one “rule” – “Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You.”

This religion places all beings on equal footing. Wars and killing no longer exist in the name of any person that ever walked the Earth, sharing the messages that were given to them from on High.

The only purpose of attending any gathering of prayer is to enhance one’s spiritual connection to each person, to ask for Divine guidance, as well as to work together to help anyone in need.

Consider religion has no favorites, as all beings are considered equal to one another.

It is simple and pure.

It asks one thing of you, and that is to ask yourself if you would like the person to do or say to you what you are about to do or say to them. This creates a higher consciousness, where purity of heart ceases the discord among the human race.


It requires much of you. To only follow what is true in your deepest heart, so long as it brings no harm to another being.

The reward is global humanitarian peace.

The promise is that every person on Earth is good enough, simply by being. It asks that you place yourself in the other person’s shoes before you pass judgment. It also asks that you cease all judgment of yourself.

It requires you to love yourself unconditionally, and to give others understanding in place of condemnation.

Thoughts about this type of global religion are being asked of you to consider. If you are reading this – then it is being asked of you. Who do you pray to? The name by which you address your prayer is personal to you, so it is the same name to The One that you have always prayed to, however, you are a physical manifestation of the Divine to whom you are praying, so it asks you to BE the living example of pure unconditional love, patience, tolerance, truth, and for the courage to follow the deepest truth that is in your heart at all times, so that you feel all of the Divine connection within your being – which will bring you much inner peace.

Where do you go to pray? You go into your heart – for that is where your prayer is formed, and heard as well as immediately answered.

Whom do you follow? Look into your eyes, and follow the truth that is in your heart.

Who is your leader? Unconditional love, patience, acceptance, hope, strength, and purity of motives – this is your connection to God, to Christ – it is all within our heart.

It is time humanity co-creates and uplifts our selves and pray for all others who may be down.

Humanity has felt far too much bloodshed in the name of others. Now, it is time that love, truth and peace prevail for all on Earth.

To whom do you pay homage? To all that live on earth as well as in Heaven.

How are the rules made? They have been given to you above. They are the only rules you will ever need.

Do you abandon your current religion? No, however you may wish to add these thoughts into your daily homage to God, for the sake of all.

Be a living example of Love with every breath you take.

Could you ever go wrong? I am positive the answer is no as it is all based on love and truth – completely heart centered. Love is our eternal connection to each other. Love can never go wrong.

Let me ask you a question: Has Love ever hurt you or anyone else? No. Therefore, there is no way you can ever go wrong. Can you do it? It is why you are in this life – it begins inside, and extends outside. It is then that you will come to know pure inner peace, and pure peace will finally prevail on Earth. It is time.

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