Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin – My Very First Follower on Google +


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When I discovered that THE Jimmy Page was my very first follower on Google + I felt so honored.  Continue reading

Mick Jones Live


Barbara was standing practically on the stage with Mick Jones about three feet away. He was jamming as great as ever. Barbara took this photo of Mick – the last founding member of Foreigner. He played extremely well and is a super cool, kind person. Barbara loves this photo and the memories of that night.

Mick Jones of Foreigner with Barbara Rose


Barbara was honored to hang out with Mick Jones who started the rock band FOREIGNER. Mick played incredibly well, and was extremely kind. It was a night Barbara will always remember fondly.

Barbara with Jason Bonham


Barbara was thrilled to meet Jason Bonham son of Led Zeppelin legendary drummer John Bonham backstage at a FOREIGNER concert. Jason was awesome on drums carrying the torch of his father with all heart, soul and amazing talent.

Mick Jones of Foreigner with Barbara Rose

Mick Jones of Foreigner with Barbara Rose

This was an awesome night. Mick played along with Jason Bonham supremely well. These guys are totally down to earth, kind, genuine and a gift to us all who love rock & roll.