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How to Transform Your Life by Creating High Self Esteem

Self esteem is the foundation from which a life can be fully lived. Belief in yourself is paramount when it comes to realizing your goals and making the profound difference you came into this life to make. Self truth is the core foundation of self esteem.

If you are complaining about your life, immediately stop. Complaints will get you nowhere. In one moment, you can make the decision to create the life you really want to live. All it takes is a decision, backed by inspired action and the commitment to follow through. Remember that in the seeds of our deepest despair lies the keys to creating the transformation we want to see. Use your adverse circumstances as a springboard from which you summon the determination to turn it all around completely. No one else can do this for you. This is why you are in this life—to grow, evolve, transform, and make a difference. Start with making that difference for yourself. Then, you will feel inspired to help others who are in the shoes you were once in. Start by making that decision now.

00-0-arose  If you wish to better your life, then you must release all belief that by doing so you will be a better person. The key is in knowing that you are a supreme being just as you are and that “bettering your life” is just a means of self-expression. It is your divine expression to live according to your grandest preferences—not because it will make you better, but because you are serving as a result of discovering and expressing the best you have within you.

You are here to experience yourself, not “fix” yourself. You are not broken and you do not need to be fixed! Whoever put you down during your life lied to you.

Your outer achievements or failures never constitute your real worth as a human being. All you are comes from your heart. All you will ever be you were already born to be. It’s all inside of you, now. Take a good look into your heart and when you find the goodness that’s already there, you will know that all you need to do to feel better is to bring it out.

The people who laugh at you, the ones who ridicule you, are the precise people who do not have the courage to live up to their highest potential. View them with loving compassion while you simultaneously stop telling them your business. If there is someone in your life who is not fully supportive of you, you certainly do not need that person in your life. Start being your own greatest support system by removing yourself from unsupportive people.

011_petals_340x191 Build your self worth

Here are a few guidelines you can take from within to build your self worth, esteem, and help you bring out all your desire to be and express in your life. They are phrased in the first person to help you integrate them until you are living your truth on all levels, in all areas of your life, and genuinely feeling pure love and acceptance for yourself.

  • I remember that whether or not someone is in my life is never a reflection of me; it is merely a reflection of their preference, and I honor their preference without taking it personally and allowing it to hurt me.
  • I remember that whether I believe I can or I believe I can’t, I’m right!
  • I know that what I create in my life is an expression of what fills my heart with joy. It is never a validation of who I am, it is pure expression.
  • I know that outward status does not constitute a person’s worth. All people are equally worthy during pleasant times and unpleasant times.
  • I realize that my greatest challenges have been my greatest teachers. I have learned much from the difficulties I have been through, and I help others, even if only by sharing.
  • I create every circumstance in my life, and I do so in cooperation with others, all with pure motives.

Manifest the life you came here to live

Use the following guidelines to manifest the life you came here to live, beginning with how you view yourself.

  1. Decide. Decide how you want to feel, how you prefer to live, and how you prefer to create your life.
  2. Commit. You must commit fully to the process.
  3. Be Willing. You need to be willing to do whatever it takes with honesty, dignity, integrity, and pure motives.
  4. Let Go. This means to let go of the expectations of others, along with doubts and all negative self-talk so your passion backs your every move.
  5. Follow. Follow your truth every moment, and follow through in your actions with everything that represents your highest and deepest truth.
  6. Wait. Have patience with an ever-unfolding process and remember to enjoy the process rather than just live for an outcome.
  7. Experience. This is the last step when you actually live out and experience all you first decided upon. Remember to live completely in the now, enjoying this journey called your life.

Your creative expression is too important to stifle out of fear of what others think. Bring your creative expression out from your heart because you care that it makes a difference to your joy during the process.

Remember to listen to your body and rest when you feel tired. You can also go out for a walk in nature if you are able. Rest is so important, plus you’ll look a lot better when you’re energized and refreshed rather than run down.

While you are transforming your life, take it moment by moment so you are not just living for one goal, because that moment will come and go. Passion for all you are doing must fuel your purpose.

It’s super helpful to ask for support, such as a few tips and pointers from people who are where you would like to see yourself. While you are doing this, remember that people like when you show an interest in them. Let the person know that you would be happy to spread the word for them if they are doing something and would like to get the word out.

Being real, humble, and down to earth is a quality I’m sure you like to see in others. So remain humble, even when you do achieve success. Everyone goes through highs and lows in their life. Come from a place of, “I’ve been there and want to make a difference.” That will speak volumes to everyone. Think of the impact Princess Diana still has on the world. Her humble attitude was never cocky or status seeking. It was her heart that won the world over. There’s an old saying, “The people you meet on your way up are the same people you will meet on your way down.” This is not meant to scare or deter you, it’s just how life is—up and down, and back up again.

Whatever you are doing, never believe you have to win the approval of everyone. You do not have to explain your personal views or spiritual preferences to people who cannot relate. Simply share with people who can be supportive. If you feel negative energy from someone, move in the opposite direction. Block them on social media. Work in heart-centered cooperation with others for a win-win for all. This is so much more beneficial than so-called competition. Just do your best, and be your best, from the inside out.

A few extra pointers to help you during this process

  • Select your friends very carefully based on the goodness in their hearts, and for no other reason.
  • Admit your true feelings to yourself rather than fighting them and trying to make them go away. They are trying to tell you something you need to acknowledge and know.
  • Trust that any delay is a gift in disguise.
  • Set priorities for your daily activities according to what you feel most inspired to do.
  • Clear out any part of your life that you no longer feel excited about.
  • Remember that know you are the creator today of what your life will look like tomorrow.
  • Stay away from drama, gossip, negative people, and negative situations. Surround yourself only with people and situations that are positive, inspiring, supportive and life-giving.

Remember that no matter how successful a person may be, the truest form of success is a loving and pure heart. That is what makes the most difference. It is also priceless and eternal. Do it all with joy and you will become a true inspiration for many others.

© 2016 Barbara Rose, PhD

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By Barbara Sherry Rose, PhD

No matter what you are going through, no matter how crushing, unjust, betrayed, abused, feeling sub human, or just wanting to die – I ASSURE YOU that YOU CAN RISE AGAIN.

I’ve been through all of the above and almost took my life twice. Now looking back I’m so glad I did not die when I wanted to, and I’ll share with you why.

You see, Dear One, life has a way of working out that in the current moment when we feel like we just want to give up, as time goes by, we, both you and I learn so much, and grow so much, that on some level we needed that horrible experience to come into our greatest empowerment. You are no different from me.

We grow so much stronger from adversity, and if you’ve read any of my books they all were written from going through the deepest despair. But here’s the clincher. I did not write those books on my own (as in sitting down and trying to write a book) they were all written through me from God, by whatever name you use, to help me and you by bringing through the words as they flowed into my mind.

There is zero special ability about this process. Every person on earth has this built into them. And all you need to do is sit down, take out a paper and pen, and write for example, Dear God, please help me through this nightmare. Please give me the PERFECT words for this book (or song) so it really helps me transform this hell and can also help so many other people too. Then, say some form of thank you, and sign your name.

Then take seven deep breaths and exhale through your mouth. While you are breathing you are going to notice words flowing into your mind. START WRITING EVERY WORD and allow your handwriting to be messier than usual.

You are going to receive the Higher Perspective. You are going to receive the words that will transform how you are viewing the situation, and you, just like me, are going to have a new lease on life so you CAN RISE AGAIN!

Your tears and heartache will transform into new-found joy when you receive the Higher Perspective.


I promise you that as long as you hang in there, you will notice the difference this pure, free process makes in your life. But you have to pick up the pen and paper to do it. I know you can. and you must re-read the words you received twice so you will always be able to make out what you brought through. If for any reason you cannot hand write, you can record the words as they flow into your mind and speak them out loud into a recording device so you can then play back what you received.

My hardest life lessons became my greatest triumphs. It all DOES work out. I just want to encourage you to believe that no matter how hard this time may be, it will pass. One day you will look back in hindsight and see that there was tremendous growth, realizations, and even success as a result of all of your tears.


I have been there and if I could come through and RISE again SO CAN YOU!

Try to receive the Higher Perspective that I shared with you above. You don’t have to use the name God if you don’t believe in God, you can use whatever name you like. It’s your deep heartfelt desire for a real answer, a solution, a whole new way to view the situation that you never thought of or never considered that you CAN RECEIVE when you write the words that flow into your mind because you are asking for HELP. That is your connection – it is in your heart. I want you to receive the higher perspective so you can ALWAYS receive it at ANY TIME in your life when you are feeling a lack of inner peace, and so you are never dependent upon anyone else to receive the answers and solutions that are completely life renewing.


This world needs you and it may be that what you are going through is the greatest catalyst for incredible transformation that WILL bring you through this experience FAR BETTER than you were before. Life has a way of doing that – it is all for positive transformation.

I send you much love, even if we never met. I believe you are reading this far because you needed SOMETHING, anything, that would give you hope. I do hope with all of my heart that you know you are cared about, loved, and are a rare and precious person – even if you hate yourself, exactly like I used to.


Hang in there! YOU WILL RISE. I believe in you. Please trust that it will all work out for your highest good after all!

Sending you a Whole Lotta Love,


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Transformation in Difficult Situations


It is no doubt that so many of you are going through deep challenges on many levels of your life. Some of you feel pain and confusion. Others feel torn, not sure of the “right” path to take. And many of you feel a sense of disillusionment as you face your challenges and wonder what is the best course of action to take.

So here is your answer.

The only course of action to take stems from the deepest truth within your heart. Your head will drive you in many directions as the ego loves drama, as well as creating scenarios within the mind that take you off into many different directions, except into your heart.

You see, life on Earth right now is forcing each and every soul to awaken to your complete Divine essence on all levels. Not just in career and relationships, but with your essence, your truth, what you really came into this life to be, feel, do and experience as your grandest Self – your Higher Self in physical form.

So the “challenges” are here to get you to honor your truth – to move you out of fear and uncertainty and into what your authentic alignment with Divine Source means – living it all out in every area of your life.

This requires tremendous courage. It requires you to reach deep within and ask yourself what feels so true to you? Ask yourself. Allow the head games to be washed away by connecting solely to the core of your heart center – for it is in that core where your Divine essence, and all of your answers dwell.

When you can be and express your truth, in all areas, on all levels, without fear of any kind, you will come to know an inner peace, a relief, a sudden burst of inspiration, because you have consciously connected to your Divine Source Energy, and this is the energy that will clear the way for you.

So many of you are beaming on all levels. Please continue to reach out and help those that have been living in fear, reach out and share more of your services, your heartfelt guidance and your messages – they are so deeply needed now.

Trust and know that every situation with which you are now faced is there to bring you into a Higher level of Spiritual growth, and into full alignment with your Divine Heritage.

You are all one. You are all Divine. You are all here to share, be and express every glorious facet of your Divine nature.

I strongly encourage you to take a bold step into your deepest truths – into your heart – and if you feel fear or uncertainty, look deeper into your heart. It is your heart essence – your pure spiritual alignment from the heart center that will lift you above any and every seeming obstacle.

There will be many opportunities to come for you to stand in your truth. I guide you to do so at all times.

Please keep one thing in mind at all times – always put out, or give, or do only that which you would like to receive in return. Another suggestion for you during your challenges and transitions is to give yourself the advice you would give to a dear friend who is in your shoes. This will help you much in clearing away the fears and uncertainties that have been keeping you stuck on any level.

You are so deeply rare and special. Every one of you. You are so vastly needed – even your smile makes such a difference. Trust that you are going through a few challenges because they will take you to a Higher place – and that is to your Highest Divine Essence while in physical form.

© Copyright 2005, 2014 by Barbara Sherry Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved