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Watch this video from my heart and learn how to have soaring high self esteem, where it comes from and how to truly love yourself from the inside out.

Creating High Self Esteem Will Transform Your Life


It is your divine expression to live according to your grandest preferences–not because it will make you better but because you are serving as a result of discovering and expressing the best you have within you. Learn More… Continue reading

Rose Center for Personal Advancement


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On May 23, 2019 at 5:55 AM Dr. Barbara Rose had a vivid dream to found Rose Center for Personal Advancement to uplift the lives of those who feel hopeless, who are down for any reason and to provide this pure service to humanity globally as she has always done in the past.  Continue reading

Podcasts: Ground Rules for High Self Esteem Parts 1 and 2


Podcasts: Ground Rules for High Self Esteem Parts 1 and 2. It is my honor to share these empowering FREE podcasts with you to make the most positive difference in your life. Continue reading

Podcast: Accepting Yourself No Matter What


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Accepting Yourself No Matter What Free Audio Podcast. You can listen now or pick up from where you left off at any time. Enjoy!! Continue reading



How can I be as confident as so many other people?

First, please stop comparing yourself to other people, because when we do that we are not valuing everyone’s inherent spiritual Divinity, as we are all equal. Second, when we compare ourselves to others, somehow we usually end up on the “lower” side of the spectrum.

If other people are radiating supreme confidence, they are usually following their own truth, and really don’t care about what other people think, how other people view them, or what other people say about them! They are living life according to what is true for them on the inside, and that is displayed in supreme confidence on the outside.

So live that way! Be the REAL you! Say and do what is true for you. Bring out your highest and best self at every opportunity. Follow what you really love in life, and live from your heart. There is nothing that can overcome a pure heart. When you are true to yourself, and you are true to others, sharing, expressing, and living your truth – you will feel a great deal of inner confidence, and then you can share “how” YOU are so confident with others!

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High Self Esteem Details

High_Self_Esteem_Rose The down to earth approach taken in this book gives you REAL answers based on HOW Barbara transformed a lifetime of low self esteem and self hate into the highest self esteem.

You will receive fast, straight to the point answers that are doable so you, too, can experience pure transformation and authentic High Self Esteem.


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How to Have the HIGHEST Self Esteem


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Barbara shares down-to-earth, clear, concise guidance to create the kind of self esteem that is unshakable exactly as she did to EMPOWER YOU with pure TRANSFORMATION! Continue reading