Podcast: How Do I Love Myself?


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Podcast: Accepting Yourself No Matter What


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What is Running Your Life? The Ego or Higher Integrated Wisdom


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Being Enough NOW Book Excerpt


New You

The “new you” I speak about is actually the real you
underneath all of the negative labels and barriers you
have set up in your mind.

It’s time you started to feel like the person you really
are. It’s time you made a simple decision based on
your choice as to how you would prefer to feel about
yourself and view yourself.

Anything that goes against your preference can
now be labeled a lie. Any statement you make to and
about yourself has to match your preference.

The Key

The key here is in first knowing what you prefer.
How do you prefer to feel about yourself? I’m sure
you can answer something along the lines of, “A lot
better than I do now!”

You’re not the only one. I was faced with this same
challenge, and I know if I was able to transform a lifetime
of not feeling good enough, then anyone with a
conscious mind can do so as well.

Take a moment and consider all of the things in
your life that are not how you would prefer them to

Now, create a mental picture of how you prefer
your life to be.

Go ahead, you can do this right now; imagine
how you would love to feel about yourself. Picture
how you would love to be in all areas of your life.
Picture how you would like to experience yourself as
the best version of you that you can imagine.

Do you know what? That positive picture is actually
the real you temporarily buried beneath a lot of
false beliefs. The only way you can transform the false
beliefs is by making a decision to focus on what you
would prefer to feel, think, and experience.
We cannot transform ourselves and bring out the
best we have inside of us if all we focus on is that
which we can see.

You have to make a choice. This choice will determine
your ability to feel good about yourself now
regardless of external circumstances or choices you’ve
made that have kept you in misery based on your
views and perceptions.

Excerpt © Copyright 2008, 2012 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved, Exclusive Book Excerpt re=published with permission from the book Being Enough NOW Published by The Rose Group (May 2008) ISBN-13: 9780978895525.


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Shopping for Self Esteem

did anyone ever tell you Did anyone ever tell you..
Something kind about you
Such as how you appear to them
Or a talent you have?
Did Anyone Ever Say Something Nice to You?
Did you ever think their compliment was a lie?
So if I tell you something wonderful
That I observe about you,
Do you think I would lie?
If you have ever received a compliment,
Or if you ever do,
The greatest thing to say is..
“Thank You.”
Then, set out to discover the good,
The genuine precious qualities you actually have.
They are there.
Did anyone ever tell you where to look for them?
In your heart. That’s where all of your worth And goodness exists –
And no one can ever take that away from you.
They don’t sell self esteem in Bloomingdale’s or Harrods’
Target and Wal-Mart don’t carry it either.
Did anyone ever tell you..
You can buy self esteem in the beauty salon?
They lied.
It’s all inside – no matter how nice the outside appears,
All of your worth will eternally exist in your heart.
© Copyright 2012 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved

How to Have the HIGHEST Self Esteem


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