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October 2018 Message from God through Barbara Rose, PhD


My Dearest Children,

So many of you are torn up inside, not sure which way is best to turn, which road is the best one to take, which promise to fulfill and which one would cause your demise. I can let you know that there are many forces of darkness trying to confuse you. This is temporary and the ONLY thing you need to do is remain steadfast in your prayers to God/Creator/Source in the name of Jesus. I will fight your battles for you. I will open the storehouse of blessings upon you and show you that there is NO POWER greater than Almighty GOD.

Allow the evil ones their wicked games for their very own destruction is now coming upon them. Waging war on my children is waging war on God. No man, no entity, no force in the universe is mightier than God.

As you remain steadfast in prayer with gratitude, you will become a beacon of hope even for your very own self. You will feel calmer, clearer, the path ahead will appear more doable – because it really is when you have God backing you all the way.

Allow the naysayers their criticism while you walk away. Let me fight your battles for you and never engage in negativity. They love that because it pulls your energy down. No, I let you know that the safest and smartest thing you can do is turn the other way and pay zero attention to them. Allow ONLY love and positive joy into your life. Surround yourself even with just one person who is pure at heart. I am bringing this message through to let you know that greatness is ahead for you who are pure at heart. You have earned this, you deserve it, and it is my JOY to give it to you. Be well, pray every day and be a source of love, peace and light in the world.

© Copyright 2018 Barbara Rose, PhD All right reserved. You may share this message with anyone to brighten their life. 


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It’s For Real. Receiving Higher Answers that are Life Changing

By Barbara Rose, PhD

In 1994 a highly evolved spiritual man told me that I would be bringing through answers from my “Higher Self” to uplift the spiritual consciousness of humanity.

I bluntly asked, “What’s a Higher Self?” He replied, it’s the one you call God. I looked at him like he had three heads from Pluto and burst out laughing at what I thought was the impossibility of it all and asked, “Why would God want to speak to ME? I’m not the Dalai Lama or Mother Teresa!” He told me that even though I could not relate to what he was saying, I would find that I would be bringing through words in writing and speech to uplift the spiritual consciousness of humanity.

Huh?!|? I didn’t even know what that meant. And I definitely could not relate to what he said at all. I thought the whole thing was insane. Like, receive answers from God, yeah, right.

Then my life, being and entire world was shattered by my ex-husband, and I deeply wanted answers! So I tried what the spiritual man told me I would do, and I wrote down a question to God. Then words started flowing into my mind in the form of an answer that I wrote down. WOW! A-HA! Oh My God, God is right! My whole paradigm shifted, I went from praying to die to having a new lease on life! I went from existing life a breathing corpse to feeling like a lit Christmas tree! I RECEIVED REAL ANSWERS!

Then I started sharing this process with people online, and THEY started to receive answers as well! Not just any answer – answers that changed their lives. This process, whether you call it Higher Self Communication, or Receiving Answers from God/Source/Holy Spirit/Creator/All That Is/I Am That I Am/Higher Consciousness – by whatever name you feel comfortable with – is for real.

In a nutshell, it is your sixth sense. There is nothing religious about it at all. It is the same source as that “still small voice within that guides you.” Did you ever receive inner guidance? Did you ever NOT follow it? Did you then regret not following it? Yes, me, too! Did you ever follow your inner guidance and was glad you did? Wow, yes, me, too!

So the source within that guides you within your mind is not Aunt Edna. It’s the highest Source of love, wisdom and truth in the universe! And it is your birthright to receive Higher Answers 24/7 to anything that is weighing on your heart and mind.

When you are living your life utilizing all six senses, you are doing far better than only using five. Your sixth sense is the strongest one of all! It carries the energy that cannot fool anyone! Humanity becomes transparent. People’s motives become crystal clear. And you receive answers and guidance on a conscious level that make life so much easier, and simple at the same time.

I share this process in my book If God Hears Me, I Want an Answer! For anyone who is not spiritual the same process is shared in my book Wisdom on the Other Side of Knowledge.

Life is so much easier when you have unfailing guidance. You are never truly alone. And as crazy as I thought this was when I was originally told about it twenty three years ago, it is the most loving, pure resource we ALL have access to at any time we need it.

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VIDEO: Higher Consciousness Awakening for Profound Spiritual Growth

Barbara's Videos Spiritual Growth Videos

VIDEO: Receiving Answers from God: How it All Happened

© Copyright 2014 by Barbara Sherry Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved.

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How to Receive Higher Answers from Source


  • Would you like to transform worry, upset, fear, grief, or uncertainty within minutes?
  • Dr. Barbara Sherry Rose has released this FOUR session deep intensive she recorded LIVE so YOU can learn EXACTLY HOW to receive the Higher perspective about ANY DEEP CONCERN YOU HAVE WITHIN MINUTES for the rest of your life.
    • Once you utilize this pure process that is your birthright with zero special ability required you will come to know true inner peace any time you need it.
    • You cannot transform a lack of inner peace from the same level of consciousness that is currently viewing the situation and still experiencing the same lack of inner peace. YOU NEED THE HIGHER PERSPECTIVE via YOUR HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS directly from God/Source by whatever name you personally use.
  • This 4 session audio intensive takes you step by step so you learn EXACTLY HOW to receive the Higher perspective.
  • This pure process has deterred many suicides, including Barbara’s.
  • You can listen to the sessions anytime and anywhere as often as you need.

This pure process transforms countless thousands of lives globally every day. LET IT TRANSFORM YOURS.

Read what people from all over the world share about this process. All letters are pure and authentic.

The full four session audio intensive is $97 US. You receive immediate access to all sessions upon checkout from fully secure Pay Pal.

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The Virgin Experiment I NEVER Thought I Would Make Public


The Virgin Experiment I NEVER Thought I Would Make Public
By Barbara Rose, PhD

The following information is deeply personal. It was a “virgin experiment” that took place between January 14, 2001 and January 17, 2001.

At that time, I desperately wanted to know if the answers I was receiving from God were actual truth, or not.

I asked my boyfriend at the time to ask me questions that he knew I had absolutely no prior knowledge about. I wrote down the questions, slept for three solid days, and woke up bringing through the answers in forty three hand written pages.

What I am about to share with you are only the answers that I believe can be for anyone’s eyes, however the more personal questions that were asked and answered, I shall not disclose, because they are personal and would not serve any purpose for you whatsoever.

For confidentiality purposes, I have changed the name to “Al” when a name was mentioned. I must note that I failed high school algebra, and the only science class I ever took in my life was high school biology. I did not have a scientific background or education at any time in my life, including now. I still don’t know what all of this means, but that is okay. If it serves you in any positive manner, or brings you enjoyment in reading this, that is all I care about.

Here are the five questions and the answers that follow transcribed verbatim.

The Questions asked on 1-14-2001

How close is the next highly intelligent life from outside our solar system?

When will we discover extraterrestrial intelligence?

Why does a photon act like a particle and a wave?

What are atomic particles made of?

Is space-time quantized – made up of specific pieces – or one continuous thing?

The answers received in writing via Higher Self Communication on 1-17-2001

“Well, you have quite a list! First and foremost, know that you are a being of light, and you are commended and congratulated at taking this evolutionary leap into the multitude of awareness and information you shall receive through Barbara, until you are absolutely positive that a higher non-physical intelligence exists – and then you shall ask her, “How do I do this so I can get this information for my research myself?”

So you too will come to learn that as space is one continuous, ever evolving, particle into matter, intelligence into chemical, one wave, continuously moving the sub-atomic particles into the next – it is always connected – and then it is absorbed. So you will see, in your own research, that a particle is contained within a wave – not acting like two separate things – but appearing as if they do – as the instruments have not yet been discovered to measure the particles so tiny – as sub-sub-sub particles – so they appear as if they are separate, however they truly are not.

Anytime a photon is radiated out into the atmosphere – it moves – that is the wave – it is moving what appears to be a particle is due to the absorption of this photon. And so this seeming particle is absorbed, it appears as if there is no wave – but there is – for the sub squared 3 particle of the photon is far too small to still measure within that wave – so it appears that there is no wave – when in actuality – there really is – so do not ever simply judge by appearances. Einstein certainly did not – he “knew” that there was more than meets the eye – so you will come to learn perhaps even research and disseminate one day that if you take the word “string and replace it with the word “wave” what in actuality is going to be discovered is the “wave theory” not the string theory.

Now – this wave theory will come to show that all matter, all particles are connected. Yes, some absorbed, some appearing as though they are separate – however they do cause a reaction. Each wave – whether it is sent out by thought, light, electricity, radiation – atomic energy – is all causing a wave. That wave continues until it is absorbed – until its absorption serves its purpose of this wave.

Now this purpose may be bringing plant life their nutrition. It may be a thought or a true wish for something – like a library in one’s home – it is pictured mentally – this mental picture – this intention – causes its own wave, until it reaches, interacts, connects, and ultimately manifests what that wave was seeking – as a result of the intention, which was sent out as the original starting point of that wave.

So until each eave fulfills its designated purpose, it continues to interact and connect with other particles and waves. Once its purpose, its primary intended purpose is achieved – it is met with what will come to be known as the “absorption factor.”

Each wave is absorbed – when its original purpose is met. It is absorbed into matter. Some matter has a higher frequency of energy – and so at such a high frequency – it appears to simply disappear – but it does not disappear – it either connects and interacts, or it is absorbed into matter of some form.

Sometimes, as I have said, the form is of such high frequency, that your science has not yet discovered the instruments or even the theories to produce measuring data at this high frequency – for it exists in another dimension – the non-physical dimension – which begins in the fourth dimension and works its way up to the 11th dimension.

Now, as a scientist, how exactly do you suppose you are going to be able to measure a sub squared 3 particle of a photon in the non-physical dimension – on the physical third dimension of earth? You cannot – yet – there will be souls – who grow, who evolve – who will actually be able to simultaneously work on both the third and fourth dimension of, or rather between the physical and non-physical “worlds” so as to help speed up the evolution of the human species.

Now, you asked about the next higher level of intelligent life – it is in the 4th dimension – in this non-physical dimension – where life – where learning – where evolution continues, but not attached to the material realm. Here in the 4th dimension pure intention creates our reality – our “heaven” or our “hell.” Our intentions have consequences – both positive and negative. That is why you are still on the 3rd dimension – to see that as you think – so you shall have – when you think love – you have joy – when you think fear – you have pain – so you are learning – in each lifetime – how to create via your intentions and so when you graduate so to speak – you will no longer need a body – with aches and pains, or a car, you will travel through and with your intention.

Now you gave this name “extraterrestrial life.” There is much life, in each dimension of this universe. We – your higher selves – do communicate with you – all of the time – every instant – we do not look like aliens, we are pure spirit – pure soul energy, which can be read and recognized within the light spectrum of color. So just as you have a face – we have light and color – and that is our face. Sometimes we contemplate fear – so our colors change – sometimes we are filled with joyful energy – so our colors have much more white – just as some have a “bad hair day” or their face “glows” our energy is read much the same way – just no body – no tired feet – it’s not that it’s “better” it’s just that this was the next step up the evolutionary scale. Who needs a body and a car when we can travel with pure thought – think about it – travel with pure thought. So if you want to see how it feels up here – then do grow – do evolve – for Barbara is headed for this dimension after this life – and if you would like to join her – try listening to her more.

Sorry – but you are so connected and you truly can learn much – that is your choice Al. You choose your reality – your existence – your car – how, when, where and with whom you travel. So up here – there are no gas lines – no currency – the currency is in the form of an energy exchange. Positive begets positive. Same for negative.

Now – obviously space-time – as you call it is quantized – but within this quantum leap of theory – there are pieces – particles – as we have shared with you. It is all one continuous stream – wave – of light – energy, moving, connecting, absorbing – and being created.

So in answer to your question – it is both – one within the other.

Sub atomic particles are made up of the molecular derivatives of radioactive energy – which are split three times, and it is the energy contained within those particles that cause the atomic – or sub-atomic reaction. The energy is absorbed within the sub-atomic particle – again the wave theory in motion so as it is absorbed – you cannot yet measure it.

All energy is active – always – it does not stop – it either connects with another energy, or it moves until it either connects or is absorbed. It may be contacted by a different energy, which causes a whole new set of chain reactions, and this all kinds of “new waves” are produced.

That is why atomic energy which moves reacts at such high speed and frequency. Its sub atomic particles are contacted by the molecular derivatives of other energy components which are absorbed – into the sub-atomic particles – until they react as a result of this energy contact – and then you have atomic energy – which causes a whole new set of chain reactions – and so it goes on forever – until it is absorbed – and once it is absorbed – as we have said – it remains – still moving – but moving within this absorption – until it is contacted by another energy particle – or simply by another energy of an extremely high frequency – which causes a whole new wave to start all over again – in new directions each time – as each time one energy absorbs another – its energy has to be accounted for when a new wave is created as a result of being contacted by a different energy.

Do you understand? Good.”

© Copyright 2001, 2007, 2014 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved.

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Barbara’s Mission


By Dr. Barbara Sherry Rose

I have a mission to see every person who is crying have their tears transformed into a smile within minutes.

I believe based on suicides that were deterred as a result of receiving the higher perspective from God/Higher Consciousness that more people will have a new lease on life just as I did.

I care that the suffering of the human condition transforms into new ideas, direction, higher guidance, clarity as new hope arises so that suffering is no more.

I have a mission to spread the pure process of Higher Consciousness Awakening – receiving answers from God – to every culture on earth.

My mission is not about me, it is about uplifting all of humanity, not only now but for every generation long after I am gone.

To witness the depths of despair completely transform within minutes both in my own life and in the lives of countless thousands of people from all over the world shows that this mission is direly needed for the entire human race.

I desire with all of my heart, and will carry forward until my last breath, to bring this process to all who feel stuck in worry, fear, grief, despair, and feel they have nothing left to live for that they experience awakening and their sorrow is no more as a result of this process.


I know humanity is crying. Maybe you cry at times, too. With this process of receiving higher answers utilizing your sixth sense, you will have an awakened consciousness that uplifts swiftly, so that your tears, worry and fears are instantaneously transformed.

I believe that the cures for diseases are revealed to each person researching for a cure.

I know that it is time for humanity to fully awaken and experience true joy.

This process of receiving higher answers requires no special ability. It is already built into every single human being within the sixth sense.

My mission is to make this process available to all on earth. Can you imagine internal discord transformed within minutes? Can you imagine the rippling effect of every person experiencing new inner peace where inner turmoil previously prevailed? THIS PROCESS WILL TRANSFORM THE ENTIRE HUMAN RACE.

If you care about yourself and your loved ones I ask that you help me to spread this mission across the globe reaching billions of people in any and every technology, language, media, collaboration, and exposure available to us all.

I cannot do this alone. Interview me about this process. Allow me to train your organization, group, listeners and viewers about this simple process that once awakened, it is like riding a bicycle, your higher consciousness is eternally awakened and you will ALWAYS receive higher answers about any concern weighing on your heart and mind.

CONTACT ME so that together we can awaken and transform the entire human race, eradicate human suffering and despair, and experience the profound joy of the real difference this pure process makes.

VIEW the authentic letters people across the globe have shared from the bottom of their hearts about this process and how it transformed their life.

My mission comes from God and YOU are reading this not by chance, but by divine synchronicity, so that together we can move into ACTION and witness the results as humanity’s cry is finally answered.

I hope you will share in this mission with me. Please contact me to let me know how we can collaborate to uplift the masses. Time is of the essence. There are lives that will be saved. As a result of awakening the spiritual consciousness of humanity lives WILL be saved. YOU will make a profound difference..

Thank you for caring, reaching out and sharing. It not only means the world, it will transform the human race.

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Wisdom on the Other Side of Knowledge


By Barbara Rose, PhD

There may have been times when you sought to understand an event or situation in your life as you were trying to figure it all out, to no avail.

Perhaps being intellectual, as you are, you tried to view the perplexing situation from any angle you could think of. And yet, there may have been times when you were still left in a quandary- still unsure, still asking questions about the matter at hand.

This area of the intellect can actually receive answers from the Higher Consciousness within your mind, which transcends your logical intellect with the limited perspective that left you still searching for answers.

The purpose of this excerpt is to teach you how to access your own Higher Consciousness so that you can receive answers to any situation your intellect is having trouble figuring out. This is a process that is your birthright; it is your Higher Self Communication.

What This Means

The term Higher Self Communication simply refers to that part of your mind that has the ability to consciously receive answers that are beyond your own current intellectual knowledge. The answers might pertain to your love life, research, or trying to understand how to relate to a loved one, such as your teenager or parent or spouse.

There is an explanation that I believe will hit home with you and make sense out of this process. It is this: “The mind cannot transform its limited perspective at the same level of consciousness that is viewing a situation while questions, uncertainty, and lack of clarity and understanding prevail.”

After all, if we were able to transform our conscious views of a situation at the same level of conscious awareness that we currently have, all internal emotional pain, lack of understanding regarding any situation, as well as a complete positive paradigm shift, would occur instantaneously.

Your Paradigm Shifts

I would like to share an example from my own life so that you can understand in down-to-earth terms what this is all about. Following my example, I will share with you exactly how to access your own higher consciousness so that you, too, can engage in life-transforming paradigm shifts within minutes.

A Personal Example

Many years ago, when my children were very young, I went through unwarranted child custody litigation. That situation did not turn out the way I would have preferred, and I viewed it from my own limited perspective-as if “I lost my children.” I was given visitation rights; however, my ego and intellect could only perceive what I used to call “a deep and tragic loss.”

I was experiencing the deepest emotional despair because of how I was viewing the situation. I did not consciously realize that there was an alternate perspective that would transform suicidal sorrow into complete understanding within a few minutes.

In my deepest heart I wanted to understand why I “lost my children” (as that was how I viewed the situation at the time). And after all, it is natural for us to want to understand why when a situation is something other than what we would prefer it to be.

I wrote down on a piece of paper the words, “Dear God, why did you let me lose my children?” I immediately received words in the form of an answer that flowed into my mind. I wrote those words down verbatim: “You did not “lose” your children. You are merely sharing the physical care of them with their father. They are alive; they will always be in your life, and you will always be close to them. Please shift your view from loss to sharing.

Instantaneous Transformation

When I re-read the words that I had written down, my paradigm-my view of the situation-shifted completely. My perception was instantaneously transformed. As a result, I honestly went from wanting to die to having a new lease on life. The simple answers that I received completely transformed my consciousness, which then was the catalyst for my having the desire to re-build and transform my life from the bottom up.

No Special Ability Required

As a regular human being with a deep love of the intellectual process, I was awestruck at how I could receive such a clear new perspective. I was excited. At the same time, in my eternal search for truth beneath the surface of things in life, I wanted to know how this was possible.

The Desire for Answers

Having received the answer that brought me a complete paradigm shift, I found I wanted more answers. I wanted to understand the dynamics of a deep and emotionally difficult relationship. I wanted to understand how a regular human being could receive answers about any situation that the personality and ego-intellect could not come up with on its own.

I began to write down questions I had that mattered deeply to me in my heart. I had a lot of questions, and I truly needed answers. Answers would bring me clarity, insight, and the kind of new perspective that would transform emotional grief and intellectual confusion into emotional peace and intellectual understanding.

© Copyright 2010 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved.

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How to Transform Life & Relationship Difficulties

By Barbara Sherry Rose, PhD

A Sure Catalyst for Answers, Growth and Personal Transformation.

Let’s set the record straight and say that relationships are fraught with deep challenges, inner pain, turmoil and downright agony at times. I’ve lived through it myself, and have found a way that is beyond anything I can describe to get out of the pain, see the situation from the higher perspective as opposed to the personality perspective, and transform each and every challenge into profound personal growth and transformation.

For some of you, what I am about to share might seem a bit “out there” and for others, this will be a welcome relief.

How did I transform it all? How did I receive the wisdom to do it when I was immersed in deep pain? I will tell you. I honestly and purely wrote letters to God asking for answers, and I received them.

I asked for the highest perspective. I asked how to transform it all. I asked for the view I could hold within my mind to help me transcend the pain my personality was experiencing so that I could discover my truth, and then have the inner strength to follow through in my actions.

believe to receive
Many people think that God does not answer us personally. I can attest to the countless people I teach about how to receive answers from God that God does answer, and not only with answers, but with life transforming insight.

The process is actually simple. Write your questions from your heart, and ask for Divine guidance. Ask how to overcome your challenges. Ask how to deal with the situation so that your words and actions support what is for your highest good, as opposed to just what your personality might be stuck on.

Sometimes what we think we want is not always for our highest good. Many times, we can look back on situations from our past and admit that the people and situations that did not work out, ultimately worked out for our best. It’s easy to see from hindsight, and I want you to learn how to see and receive the wisdom you can receive so that even during your most painful and emotionally challenging times, you can actually receive the guidance you need that will far outweigh your trying to figure it all out on your own on the personality level.

When I was experiencing deep emotional pain from a “string along” relationship, I had been doing writings to God for many years. While I had tears flowing down my cheeks, the words of God came into my mind, as I wrote my book Stop Being the String Along: A Relationship Guide to Being THE ONE. I definitely did not write that book on my own accord, or from my wisdom. I was in pain. It was all written through me, chapter by chapter, and the words and messages healed my pain, and then went on to help so many other people who are in pain in the area of romantic relationships.

Let’s face it, if anything can get a woman to write letters to God, it would be from experiencing relationship pain, and wanting answers. You can receive answers too!

Use the emotional pain you feel in your heart as a catalyst for receiving the higher perspective. From that vantage point, you will receive objective clarity, guidance, insight, direction and truth. You will be amazed at the higher perspective you receive and even more amazed at how this helps you to transform your difficulties into authentic opportunities for personal growth and transformation.

When you write you questions, ask from your heart, and then as words flow into your mind in the form of an answer, write every word you receive verbatim and then re-read what you received in your writing.

Don’t ask for predictions, ask for solutions. Don’t ask how everything is going to turn out. That is based on fear. Ask what you can do, and how you can view the situation so that you are coming into your highest truth, even if you feel afraid of loss.

The one person on earth that you can never lose is yourself. The one place where you can receive every answer to every question that is weighing on your heart and in your mind is your God-Self within. Your Higher Self. This has nothing to do with religion. Whether you call it God, All That Is, Source, Holy Spirit, no matter what name you give it, the source is the same. It is our life force. It is that “still small voice” within. It is your gut instincts – and you can receive it all in writing, so that you can always have a place to turn to any time you feel uncertain. You will become authentically empowered, and your life will begin to transform as you honor your truth.

Many times, it is a process, as opposed to a one time event. Many times we might not follow or listen to the higher guidance we receive, such as to leave a destructive and emotionally hurtful relationship out of fear of not being loved, or being alone. However, the truth will ultimately win in the end as you keep asking for the higher perspective, and as you keep persevering with the true desire to want to grow and evolve, rather than try to change another person.

If you want true changes in your life and in your relationship, you have to evolve and change, just like I did. We all have to.

Relationships are the most extraordinary catalysts to get us to honor our truth, and our painful feelings cause us to ask ourselves what we really want. The answers we receive will be what we ultimately want on a soul level, and what is for our highest good. You are entitled to live a life of inner peace, rather than in constant emotional drama and inner pain.

Ask the questions. Read your answers, and above everything else, follow what you know in your heart to be your deepest truth rather than lie to yourself. You’re all you’ve got. Start to become your own best friend. Set the intention to lift yourself up by asking how to in your writings. You will receive all of the answers you need. It is your divine birthright after all.

© Copyright 2014 by Barbara Sherry Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved.