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Originally founded by Barbara Rose, PhD in 2005 as International Institute of Higher Self Communication, Global Higher Self Communication Institute is a non-denominational spiritual service to help humanity with your birthright of receiving answers directly from God, as you personally understand Him or Her to be-Your Higher Self. Now merged with the Official Private Facebook Group Life Changing Answers from God.

Higher Self Communication is the purest resource humanity has for receiving Divine truth at all times that steers each soul out of the ego’s domain of darkness and fear and into the wellspring of Divine answers, direction, clarification and the most PURE guidance 24/7.

By integrating humanity’s birthright of Higher Self communication into your everyday life, the answers that have previously been hidden from operating strictly from five senses are taken to the next level where you can receive every answer you need that leads to unparalleled personal and spiritual growth.

The foundation of this pure process is based on Barbara’s bestselling book If God Hears Me, I Want an Answer! endorsed by Stephen Simon, Producer and Director of the hit feature films Somewhere in Time and What Dreams May Come and Co-Founder of

Click the circle to join the private Facebook Group sharing exactly how to receive answers from God, along with many answers received to help you in your life. Only positive energy allowed in this loving group.

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Make new friends and receive answers about your answers from God/Higher Self Communication in our Higher Self Communication Yahoo Group founded in 2005.

We welcome you with joy, excitement, love and gratitude for being a part of this very pure global family. 

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Podcast: How is it Possible to Receive Answers From God?



I share it all for you in this crucial seminar podcast recorded live. It’s time to fully awaken your sixth sense and receive every answer you need, as well as how to discern the inner guidance we all receive that can literally save your life.

Click below to listen now, you can always come back to this page to pick up from where you left off.


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It is my honor to be of the most pure and positive service to you. I stake my life on the process I share, with many real life examples from others that are astounding in their importance.

Your life is about to change in fantastic ways that may seem like a miracle when you follow this pure, free process that is already built into you. I’m excited for you and thank you for allowing me to make a positive difference in your life!

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