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Demanding Nationwide Police Brutality Overhaul for Murder of George Floyd


Boca Raton, Florida

Barbara Rose PhD awoke this morning with one name on her mind – George Floyd. She watched the video of the entire killing process as Derek Chauvin the 44 year old white police officer who without any conscience took joy in the deliberate murder of George Floyd with his knee pressed against Floyd’s neck for nine minutes while three other police officers stood by witnessing this murder and did nothing to stop it.

Rose said, “the part that killed me the most was when George Floyd was crying out “I can’t breathe” and calling out for his Mama, Rose broke down sobbing at this horrific tragedy.

Rose is demanding a Federal nationwide police brutality overhaul against systemic racism targeting African Americans that has been allowed throughout the history of the United States.

Racism in any form must be stopped. Targeting any group of people due to skin color has to end, and it must end NOW.

Rose added, “My heart is crushed by this tragic event. Watching this innocent man George Floyd being brutally murdered went to the core of my heart and soul. There must be federal mandates and laws to protect innocent people especially African Americans from being targeted with cruel racism and murder. No more police chock holds! 

George Floyd’s life mattered. His tragic death at the knee of Derek Chauvin must be a turning point in what is and is not allowed with police brutality. May George rest in peace, and may all four police officers serve maximum prison sentences due to this tragic murder.

The video everyone must watch courtesy of The New York Times on YouTube.


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Global Humanitarian Religious Peace Treaty Must be Implemented


In the wake of the carnage and brutal murder of innocent Muslim men, women and children at a mosque in New Zealand Barbara Rose, PhD sends a message to New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to implement the Global Humanitarian Religious Peace Treaty as outlined in the book Realigning Religion: Consciousness and the Survival of the Human Species


Rose shares the twelve articles in the Religious Peace Treaty calling for the adoption of this imperative treaty for humanity to become humane and stop all killing in the name of any religion.

Article 1
Whereas I, as a citizen of the world being an equal
member of the human race am now an official member
of the Global Humanitarian Religious Peace Treaty.

Article 2
Whereas I sign and agree to honor all people with all
religious preferences.

Article 3
Whereas I promise to be tolerant of and compassionate
towards any member of the human race who worships
differently than I do.

Article 4
Whereas I join forces with the rest of the human
race to promote religious peace globally, simply by speaking
only peacefully about others and their religious preferences.

Article 5
Whereas I understand that, in order for the human
race to survive, religious peace is mandatory.

Article 6
Whereas on this day I promise to speak of religious
peace when the subject arises, to help others also come to
view the right of all of humanity to personal religious

Article 7
Whereas as an ambassador of peace, I humbly allow
tolerance to replace intolerance with respect to everyone’s
religious preferences.

Article 8
Whereas I am a part of a far greater whole, whose
mission, in part, is to see to it that all people from all
cultures and religions worldwide are entitled to live with
religious peace and freedom.

Article 9
I sign the treaty with a pure heart on behalf of myself,
and the organization or area I represent.

Article 10
This Global Humanitarian Religious Peace Treaty
lays the foundation for world peace so there will never
again be killing in the name of any religion or deity.

Article 11
I believe and support all people’s rights to worship
in their own ways, just as I ask all others to allow me to
worship from my heart in my own way.

Article 12
On this day, a new member of the human race is
added to the peaceful works and efforts to ensure that religious
peace, freedom and tolerance exists for as long as life on earth exists.

The meaning of each article is clearly described in the book   to ensure understanding for all who read it to implement this treaty.

This treaty honors all people promoting religious tolerance and peace. Its implementation is long overdue. It is time all human beings become humane.

Rose stated, I can’t just watch innocent people being murdered because of their religious preferences. It breaks my heart and I have to take a stand and do something about it. I hope you will join me by signing and adopting this treaty to promote religious tolerance and  peace for all of humanity globally.






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Big Food and it’s allies in Congress are getting ready to reintroduce the “Deny Americans the Right to Know” (DARK) Act which would prevent states from having the right to label ‪#‎GMO‬ foods. We have to stop it.

This is so serious that anything you buy to eat will NOT require labeling of any kind. The good old days of knowing what’s in our food are close to over and the ONLY thing you can do is TAKE ACTION NOW by Clicking on this link if you live anywhere in the United States to immediately and quickly stop this.

The link goes to “Oppose the DARK Act” to a simple form that will immediately be sent to your Senators to oppose ANY legislation that violates your right to know what is in your food. 


I can share with you personally that my husband has suffered greatly from eating a GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) Sara Lee Cheesecake. People ALL over the world are suffering from horrendous skin conditions because of Monsanto’s GMO farming that is grown with ROUND-UP.

We must put a stop to this. Without proper labeling on all foods you can suffer. With proper labeling you are safe. PLEASE take a minute to vote to save your own life.

(Content and above green image are credited to Food

Barbara Rose, PhD,

Headline Times Founder


Facebook’s Reach Plummets


Many people who have an account on Facebook have noticed that the people they “Like” and the updates they would like to receive from those people in their news feed located on the “Home” tab have diminished significantly.

Many people wonder why this is happening. The reason is now that Facebook is publicly traded on the Stock Market the investors want money. In a word it is called greed. Facebook now asks people to pay money to have their posts “boost” to reach the very people who have “Liked” them to begin with.

This is perilous not only for Facebook, but for the millions of users who up until now have been utilizing Facebook to inform, entertain, and engage with the people who are interested in their information.

Facebook users feel angry. They do not want to have to pay to reach their friends, fans, and those who “Like” them. Those who are “Public Figures” are also disheartened. They work tirelessly to deliver high quality content to uplift, inform, and help the people they are here to serve in the most positive manner.

The sheer greed of Facebook has set a downward spiral for their own company as users turn to other social media to reach the same people they thought they were able to reach on Facebook’s news feed. In a scurry for dollars it is sad that Facebook will soon be referred to as “EraseBook”.

So what is the biggest social media platform right behind Facebook? It is Google +. With Google + anyone with a Gmail account can create their own news feed rich with video, pictures as well as articles and information. The smartest thing that Google + is doing is keeping it free.

So if you have noticed a dramatic decrease in your reach to the people who have “Liked” you, as well as not receiving info about the people you have “Liked” this is only because Facebook has traded its free service via the news feed for greed with the demand for dollars people just do not want to spend.

Facebook users who simply chat with close family and friends on a continuous basis are not as affected due to the “engagement” of their loved ones.

If you are in business or service to others, never put all of your eggs in one basket. Keep your newsletter service intact and deliver high quality content to the people who subscribe to your newsletter. Keep the content on your website or blog updated on a regular basis and copy it onto Google + where you can add your subscribers to a “Circle” and they, in turn, can add you to their Circle even if you do not know who they are. They might simply be interested in what you are sharing and this will always appear on Google + either privately, or publicly, or both.

As far as Facebook, you may want to reconsider how much time and effort you put into your posts, because the reach has dramatically diminished. Sadly Facebook’s user’s interest has diminished as well. Logically it is all too clear that Facebook’s days are numbered due to their intentional reduction in news feed reach, and their overwhelming greed by offering users the option to pay to reach the people who want to see what they like which was previously free.

00-2-facebook-shatteredIf you own stock in Facebook, the best word of advice would be sell.


For People Who Cannot Afford Medicine RX Outreach is the Answer


If either you or someone you know has a low income and cannot afford to pay for direly needed medicine a non-profit charity called RX Outreach provides critical medicine for people who can’t afford it.

They offer more than 500 medications through their mail order pharmacy delivered to all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Enrollment into their program is simple, and not degrading. To get into their program simply call toll free 1-800-769-3880. Once you are enrolled your Doctor can fax your prescription to them at 1-800-875-6591.

In doing research for a loved one the cost of the medicine through RX Outreach was only $35 dollars for a ninety day supply! This turned out to be a life saver which is why I am sharing this with you with the hope that you share it with anyone you know why may have to choose between buying food or medicine. With RX Outreach this choice can now be history!

Payment for the prescription can be done over the phone and they mail the medicine via USPS to the address you give them.

Their website is

Please share this crucial information. You will wind up saving lives.

Pure Inspiration


I will NOT APOLOGIZE for taking a bold step out into this world.

Sometimes I wear combat boots, sometimes I wear pearls. Sometimes I speak like a highly educated Doctor and other times I cry like a little girl. I really don’t think publishing 32 books within a decade is any sort of big accomplishment. But the accomplishment that means the most is learning that the words I shared changed the lives of the people who were kind enough to let me know. I didn’t let some publisher’s rejection letter get me down. Then I decided, WHO NEEDS THEM? I’ll start a publishing company of my own!I will NOT tolerate abuse in our society. Not in ANY WAY, shape or form. I care too much about humanity to keep quiet and look the other way. When CNN told me I could not voice my opinion as a Broadcast Journalist I respectfully complied. Then I left the field entirely and started HEADLINE TIMES. My life is no longer about ME. It’s about uplifting the downtrodden, loud & clear every hour of every day.

You see, I only learned we matter by the difference we make. It does not matter what our status is – our HEARTS fueled by PASSION is what makes so-called lucky breaks.

If people don’t like me, I honor them for their views. I don’t allow status or money validate who I am, but I DO base my validation on the difference I genuinely make in our world.

LET NO ONE DEFINE YOU as a pure heart centered human being. Validate yourself when you help vanish someone else’s tears.

DARE to define clearly within your mind the contributions and difference you want your life to make. Then simply let PASSION guide you, and learn from the many mistakes we ALL make.

Ask for Higher Guidance to see you through, and then one day, one moment, your decision will capture you. It is then that your fate in our world is destiny unfolded – just take one moment at a time – that is how our lives are molded.

I send you love. I wish you JOY and fulfilled dreams. Just remember that temporary setbacks
are all part of the mix.
This is when it is time to look within, rest, restore, and even reinvent what you may have wanted to do for so long. Your time is NOW, dear one. I just wanted this to reach you before the dawn.

Barbara Rose, PhD



Pamela Leano Labor Ready Branch Manager Treats Workers Like Cattle


Fort Myers, FL. At 5:30 AM men stood outside the Labor Ready office waiting for jobs they could go on to work hard and earn money to feed their wives and children. Job offers flow into the office throughout the day. A gentleman who wishes to remain anonymous reported that he had waited until 10:00 AM a few days earlier and went out on a job. However, today, by 9:15 AM, Pamela Leano, the Fort Myers Branch Manager, looked at the men in a degrading manner and said, “What are you doing here? You all need to go. Vamoose (as in “shoo fly”) leave.”


The men felt degraded treated more like cattle than human beings. One man had said, “She always speaks to us like that.” Another man said, “I don’t even pay attention to it anymore.”

The gentleman who reported this said that the men were afraid of speaking up and registering a complaint, fearing that they would not be able to get work anymore.

When I heard this I felt outraged. It is completely unacceptable for honest hard working men to be treated in a sub-human manner. I wanted justice and immediately contacted the main headquarters in the state of Washington which is owned by the company True Blue.

I discovered they have a special toll free number 1-877-874-8416 for a line called Silent Whistle where anyone can report employee misconduct and remain anonymous.

I reported the incident and included that this was not an isolated case. I demanded that Ms. Leano’s employment be terminated today due to her treatment of the men ready and waiting to work hard and make an honest living.

I also informed them that if her employment was not terminated that I would be bringing this to CNN and to WINK News, the local news station in Fort Myers, FL.

It is crucial that if you are ever treated in a degrading manner that you report it immediately to put a stop to it.

If you know of anyone who is experiencing a similar situation in the labor force you can give them the Silent Whistle toll free telephone number above to report abuse or mistreatment. As you do this you will not only make a difference for yourself, you will be opening the door for a more humane, kind and caring person to hold the position of Branch Manager in any location.

Instead of just accepting mistreatment you will feel much more empowered by putting a stop to it.


Vitaderm Scam from Malaysia

Follow-up from yesterday’s post about Vitaderm Scam Dr. Rose phoned her MasterCard and was told in addition to $79.99 unauthorized charge she was also charged a two dollar fee for international transaction. Rose was unaware that Vitaderm is based out of the United States as she paid for shipping only for her “free trial” sample.

Upon further inquiry Rose asked in what country is Vitaderm located. She was told Malaysia.

Now the shipment of an open jar of cream with no covering whatsoever, no box, and a scent that can be anything, such as baby moisturizer, Vitaderm is something you may want to stay away from.  If you are unhappy with this product, it is important that you phone the company to cancel your free trial account so you are not billed $79.99 US plus international fees in addition to contacting your bank. Rose only paid for shipping hence they were easily able to capture her MasterCard.

This is another reason you may want to buy things via fully secure Pay Pal so you are protected from unauthorized charges.


Vitaderm Scam

Vitaderm Scam vitaderm scamDr. Barbara Rose ordered a free trial of Vitaderm skin cream supposedly to reverse the signs of aging. She paid for shipping but was shocked when she received an open plastic jar without any protective covering, without any literature, nor was the unscented product in a box. When she was charged $79.99 for this “free trial” she phoned the customer service number and was told she could not receive a refund. She told the person they are scamming her, which led to the customer service female to say she could receive a 50% refund. Rose then informed the customer service operator that the attorney general will be shutting them down and they will be on CNN news in addition to receiving a mass media press release and PR nightmare and to refund her money immediately

news warningRose’s warning resulted in the customer service person stating that she spoke with her supervisor and she was given permission to give her a full refund.

This product is part of additional related free trial products including Aqualift and REJUVEYE all shipped from the same company under the Vitaderm label.

Add to Cart AnimatedRose wants to protect unsuspecting customers who want a refund but may just accept their scamming tactics without any knowledge of how to receive a legitimate refund for the $79.99 charge.

The product itself is unscented white cream. It could be baby cream or any type of moisturizer literally poured into the bottle just before it is tossed into an envelope without protection and shipped off.

Telephone customer service at 1-888-543-9408 to cancel any and all accounts with this Vitaderm company if you are unhappy with this same product.

# # #
Headline Times was founded by Dr. Barbara Sherry Rose to be the first in transformational journalism to make a positive difference without an agenda. Rose was inducted into Kappa Tau Alpha National Honor Society for Journalism and Mass Communication in 2001.

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