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Psalm 15

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God’s View of the Death Penalty – Excerpt from IF GOD WAS LIKE MAN

And if there are individuals who are a danger to society, put them in a place where they can spend the rest of their lives in contemplation. In that way they may be able to correct, or learn, or grow, or heal. Then you will have created a situation where growth is achieved, and thus the cycle is complete. For to end people’s lives does not cause an ending at all. They are very much alive after this life.

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Video: When Someones Words Hurt Your Feelings – The Higher Perspective

A real down to earth example sharing the higher perspective when someone says something that hurts your feelings.

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VIDEO: The Fastest Way to Transform Your Fears

Watch this video so you can know the fastest way to transform your fears.

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VIDEO: Receiving Answers from God: How it All Happened

Watch this video about how I began receiving answers from God & how it all happened.

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How to Stop Worrying About What Others Think About You

Who are “they” to begin with? Family, friends, neighbors, people who live in your part of the world? Read More…

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Transformation in Difficult Situations

This will help you much in clearing away the fears and uncertainties that have been keeping you stuck on any level.

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Sacred Relationships

As you awaken to this level, naturally the roles between men and women will transform to match your new awakening, and what a Joy that will be for you, and for all of humanity!

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A Message from God, Source – Why There is Upheaval in Your Life

An important message to bring clarity, understanding and resolution in your life.