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Divine Source through Barbara Rose, PhD

Greetings my Dear Beloved Souls

We have heard your cries, your questions, your endless searching for answers to awaken from the dream of darkness, separation, despair and seeming hopelessness during many “times.”

It is imperative for you all to know that as long as you believe you are somehow “separate” from Divine Source, the pain will continue – as this is what the “illusion” is, and has been since the dawn of humanity.

Divine Source is One, and exists as all of the creations that you see. At the same time, there are aspects of each particle of individual existence that do display what is called free will and choice. As long as “free will and choice” choose to see an apparent separation from Divine Source, pain is felt on some level.

This is mostly known as fear – and thus is the saying: “False Evidence Appearing Real.”

Many of you have heard similar messages in the past as truth is quite persistent – and unfailing. What many of you are not “getting” is that in the “apparent” “illusion” you are still one with Divine Source. You can choose to consciously live your lives as the beings of light that you have come to love, pray to, worship, and ask for guidance from. All aspects of Source are equal. All aspects of Source are part of One Source, and there are droplets – just as you have droplets of ocean water that are still part of the same ocean. Please allow yourselves to move deeper into the heart center where all of your truth exists, and cease to look for answers outside of your heart.

If you ask for guidance, this is fine, however, no person or book or thing can ever cause you to feel the oneness that you are. You can debate or trust. You can seek or find. You can keep searching in vein because there is only one place where you will come to find and feel peace, and this place is within your heart – and your conscious awareness of your heart center – this is the most important place in which to “reside” and this is your heart center.

If you are looking for a complicated answer, then I cannot give that to you – as truth is quite simple. It is the ego – that seeks and disbelieves, and looks, judges, questions and causes frazzled nerves and emotions that are discordant.

Simply look within your heart – and there is your connection to Divine Source. Simply live completely from your heart center – and you will be living as the Angels and Ascended masters live, as well as other beings of light that have come to conscious awareness of their heart – it is this realization that will bring you inner peace, and quite frankly, no other.

There is no “fix” – there is only love. This may sound too simple – however, the truth and love are the simplest concepts given unto you and yet the egoic mind continues to seek “out there somewhere” for an answer. The answer exists within love. Love exists within your heart. When you align your mind with your heart and live solely and completely from this place – you can then come to know, see, feel, experience and live as an example of “enlightened” inner peace.

The answer is simple, and the experience of living purely from the heart center is profound. It is peace filled – there is not “me” and “you” – there is only “us” as we are all One, and we always will be!

Please refrain from seeking outside of your being for the “cure” to humanities woes – when the cure stems from the heart center of each “individual” aspect of the One.

You are never separate or alone – ever. You are always “at One” with Source – because you are Source.

So when you say to yourself: “I am Source, and Source is pure love, so I am pure love and will only live my life as pure love” this is all that matters.

Now, if each “individual” aspect of Source did this – alas – humanity would be filled with inner and outer peace on all levels.

Many, so many of you are truly getting there. So many of you are choosing love over fear. Faith in heart over ego and might. Purity of motive over false idols and perceived “value” in outer symbols of worship.

So many of you are truly awakening at levels that have been attained on Earth before by the Ascended masters that have shown humanity the way before.

Now is no different. It just appears to be.

Please know that every answer to your every question is in your heart. Move your mental focus on to your heart, and you will come to feel “at one” with the oneness that you always have been and always will be. The “illusion” is that you are separate. The “connection” to Oneness is in your heart – filled with pure love.

Please remember this message as it will serve you every time you question “the big picture.” The answer to the big picture is love.

We watch you in joy as so many of you have become beacons for your own selves and are living a “higher” more love-filled existence to show the way for others that still are searching in the seeming dark.

Search your heart, the answer lies within and the answer will always be love.

Live as love – and you will then always be living as “The One” in all ways and for always – as that is what we all are.

I bid you Peace and you are so dearly loved for eternity!

© Copyright 2005, 2012 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved.

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Buddha Never Bowed Before a Statue, and Jesus Never Kneeled Before a Cross


Source through Barbara Rose, PhD

Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence

This information comes “through” me from Divine Source, God, All That Is, Creator to bring a message to humanity that many people have forgotten.

Far too many people have become “followers” rather than BEING and living the messages they hold dear.

True spiritual enlightenment comes from one Source; it is the same source that Jesus, Allah, Buddha, and You are connected to. It is Divine Source, and ALL beings of Light are connected to the same Divine Source energy.

I ask you to now close your eyes, and imagine the men named Jesus and Buddha for a moment. Jesus was a Jewish man that sought to bring humanity messages from Divine Source. He was murdered for that. He gave compassion because he learned the ultimate truth, and that is that ALL people, from every land are all Divine spiritual beings, and have the same abilities that Jesus had.

Buddha was also a man that sought to attain enlightenment from Divine Source. He told people to only take what he had to say into their hearts if it felt true for them. He never said to follow him, or create a statue to bow to in his image. So why are there so many people bowing, rather than just being and living the messages?

Oh there will certainly be controversy over this article, because it takes down the rigid structures and places all beings as equal, all as one, and all connected to Divine Source.

Each spiritual path carries wonderful teachings. It is when people take those teachings and create an organized religion out of it that the problems ensue.

Look at the Catholics and Protestants in Ireland that literally KILL each other – all in the name of Jesus Christ. Is THIS what Jesus taught? I would wager to say that the answer is absolutely not!

When people start to create rules, regulations and restrictions all in the name of one person that they believe “must” be worshiped, they have taken all of the teachings and made a huge business out of it.

The Catholic Church has millions of dollars. Why are there so many homeless people? Why are priests given the money for legal counsel when they sexually molested young boys? Why is that money not poured into helping the homeless children in this world?

The teachings of the man Buddha are fantastic. Why are there certain doctrines that seek to encourage people to worship a man, and not each person’s Divine essence, and simply live the teachings of Buddha? Why is there not allowed freedom of expression? Why is everyone bowing before man made plastic statues, when each person can simply be grateful for being an equal part of Divine Source?

You see, it is important for people to feel a sense of belonging, such as in a community where they can gather together and engage in prayer. There is nothing wrong with this at all. It is all of the OTHER rules and regulations that ostracize others if they do not “follow” the “rules” that were made by PEOPLE and not by the one whose teachings they are following to begin with.

There is no need for rules and regulations of any kind. There is no need for censorship. This robs a person from their individual right to explore the teachings in their purest form, without all of the “business” and organized rules that many organizations create.

The teachings are so simple; they are that hard to follow for so much of humanity.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Give compassion for others, as you would like them to have compassion for you. Share from your heart, and have pure motives and deeds.

Jesus didn’t belong to a church, and Buddha never prayed before a statue in his image. Additionally, the deity’s of Light are ALL a part of the same Divine source. All of the Angels, the Saints, all people are part of the same Divine Source.

There is a quote from the book If God Was Like Man and that is: (coming from God) “I would venture to say that your organized religions are causing much discord and disorganization among your people.”

That seems to be an understatement. So should the author of this article be on a hit list because Divine Source had another message to bring through to humanity? Should Jesus have been killed? Never! However, do not worship to follow others, pray and get connected to BECOME the highest level of light you can attain in this lifetime. Pray as an equal Divine Co-Creator – because that is what you are! So many millennia have passed, and humanity is STILL fighting over religion.

Who exactly crated the Vows that so many people take? Did Jesus create them? No. Did Buddha create them? No. So it was man that created them, along with the statues.

ANY Divine Being of Light will come to your aid when you call on them. However, as an enlightened being, I am sure you will attest that if a person lived on Earth, such as our dearly missed Saint (Mother) Teresa, SHE did not ask for statues to be made in her image, and she did not require certain prayers to be said to her. She is as much of a Saint as Paul, or any of the others. What Saint (Mother) Teresa probably would have requested is to take that money and feed the hungry children.

So many religious organizations have great plans to build large structures for worshipping before statues, and yet are they really doing anything to help the little ones in dire need? This is where the “organized” part of religion needs to be re-organized. There must be a budget to help the children that are sick, hungry and homeless, BEFORE the money is spent on more statues, decorations, and items to create a structure of worship.

There is only one place from where you can truly worship and get connected to whomever you wish to pray to, and that place is your heart.

That is ALL you need is your heart, and your mind. You NEVER need to FOLLOW anyone. Just be who you are – exactly as Jesus and Buddha were – they were themselves, and they attained spiritual enlightenment without all of the decorations. They helped so many people. Now, it’s your turn.

Take this message and create a NEW way – humanity for humanity. Uplift others lives rather than try to be or create a follower. Live the messages from your heart – there is no need to bow before anything that the ascended masters never bowed before. That was all created by man AFTER they passed over.

Realize that you are a spark of the same Divine essence as those you worship. Live their messages, and become yet another example of spiritual enlightenment. It only requires your heart – that is where your essence dwells. Use your mind to co-crate, and do so with love, pure motives, and positive actions.

You will then be living the messages. No statues are required.

© Copyright 2012 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved

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Thoughts on Global Religion

By Barbara Rose, PhD

New thoughts on global religion is upon us. It is one that honors every person, race, creed, heritage, faith, and the core teachings that humanity has been fighting over, until now. The name is called Love. It has one “rule” – “Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You.”

This religion places all beings on equal footing. Wars and killing no longer exist in the name of any person that ever walked the Earth, sharing the messages that were given to them from on High.

The only purpose of attending any gathering of prayer is to enhance one’s spiritual connection to each person, to ask for Divine guidance, as well as to work together to help anyone in need.

Consider religion has no favorites, as all beings are considered equal to one another.

It is simple and pure.

It asks one thing of you, and that is to ask yourself if you would like the person to do or say to you what you are about to do or say to them. This creates a higher consciousness, where purity of heart ceases the discord among the human race.


It requires much of you. To only follow what is true in your deepest heart, so long as it brings no harm to another being.

The reward is global humanitarian peace.

The promise is that every person on Earth is good enough, simply by being. It asks that you place yourself in the other person’s shoes before you pass judgment. It also asks that you cease all judgment of yourself.

It requires you to love yourself unconditionally, and to give others understanding in place of condemnation.

Thoughts about this type of global religion are being asked of you to consider. If you are reading this – then it is being asked of you. Who do you pray to? The name by which you address your prayer is personal to you, so it is the same name to The One that you have always prayed to, however, you are a physical manifestation of the Divine to whom you are praying, so it asks you to BE the living example of pure unconditional love, patience, tolerance, truth, and for the courage to follow the deepest truth that is in your heart at all times, so that you feel all of the Divine connection within your being – which will bring you much inner peace.

Where do you go to pray? You go into your heart – for that is where your prayer is formed, and heard as well as immediately answered.

Whom do you follow? Look into your eyes, and follow the truth that is in your heart.

Who is your leader? Unconditional love, patience, acceptance, hope, strength, and purity of motives – this is your connection to God, to Christ – it is all within our heart.

It is time humanity co-creates and uplifts our selves and pray for all others who may be down.

Humanity has felt far too much bloodshed in the name of others. Now, it is time that love, truth and peace prevail for all on Earth.

To whom do you pay homage? To all that live on earth as well as in Heaven.

How are the rules made? They have been given to you above. They are the only rules you will ever need.

Do you abandon your current religion? No, however you may wish to add these thoughts into your daily homage to God, for the sake of all.

Be a living example of Love with every breath you take.

Could you ever go wrong? I am positive the answer is no as it is all based on love and truth – completely heart centered. Love is our eternal connection to each other. Love can never go wrong.

Let me ask you a question: Has Love ever hurt you or anyone else? No. Therefore, there is no way you can ever go wrong. Can you do it? It is why you are in this life – it begins inside, and extends outside. It is then that you will come to know pure inner peace, and pure peace will finally prevail on Earth. It is time.

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The Challenges & Responsibilities of Bringing Through Answers from God for Humanity

By Barbara Rose, PhD

Bringing through information from God, The Holy Spirit, Divine Source to clients brings tremendous joy. With this joy is also a deep and important responsibility to bring through only the pure truth, and not censor the information, even if it might not be what a client wants to hear.

Out of the thousands of clients located all over the globe I have brought through information for, there have been a total of three that were “not happy.”

One was a 42 year old person in a deeply enmeshed relationship with their parents, still living at home, under the rule of Mom and Dad. It came through that the person needed to claim their independence, learn self sufficiency, and live their life purpose.

Another person drank alcohol seven days a week and it came thorough that they were an alcoholic, and if they wanted their life to change, becoming sober would be required.

Another person felt deeply insecure in their marriage. The description of the person’s spouse’s personality came through, and that it would take the client between three to five years to come to terms with their unhappiness in their marriage, so that they can have one with a spouse that was not flirting with others, even in front of the client, as this was causing the client feelings that were unpleasant to say the least.

So while there is great care in a client’s joy and happiness, there came deep sadness in “not pleasing” a client. What is a pure Life Transformation Specialistto do? Censor the information? Candy coat it to ease the client’s ego? Or dare to bring through the pure truth from God, the Holy Spirit, Divine Source, even if it may not be what a client “wants to hear”? I am a big believer in the saying: “The truth shall set you free” as well as: “To thine own self be true.” I would not be doing the client any favor whatsoever to censor what they might not want to hear, for this is a part of their soul growth, and even in planting the seeds of truth, somehow, somewhere in “time” the client will hopefully face their deepest truth so that they can soar on all levels of their life.

I remember sitting feeling great sadness in not “pleasing a client” and I thought to myself: “this must be how Jesus felt when he was lashed out at for bringing truth to others, even when they did not want to hear it.” Then, I learned from a respected colleague that all my responsibility was, was to bring through the truth. How they take it, and what they do with the information has nothing to do with me, nor can I “save or fix” them. Moreover, I do not have any control whatsoever of their reactions.

So in this light, a pure channel cannot take anything personally.

We are to simply bring through the pure truth, and pray that the client will do only that which is for his or her highest good.

We can only have a pure heart, and pure motives, to be of Divine service to help clients by bringing through pure truth from the light of God, The Holy Spirit, Divine Source. However, It is not our “responsibility” to do the work for our clients.

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How to Transform Life or Relationship Difficulties

By Barbara Sherry Rose, PhD

A Sure Catalyst for Answers, Growth and Personal Transformation.

Let’s set the record straight and say that relationships are fraught with deep challenges, inner pain, turmoil and downright agony at times. I’ve lived through it myself, and have found a way that is beyond anything I can describe to get out of the pain, see the situation from the higher perspective as opposed to the personality perspective, and transform each and every challenge into profound personal growth and transformation.

For some of you, what I am about to share might seem a bit “out there” and for others, this will be a welcome relief.

How did I transform it all? How did I receive the wisdom to do it when I was immersed in deep pain? I will tell you. I honestly and purely wrote letters to God asking for answers, and I received them.

I asked for the highest perspective. I asked how to transform it all. I asked for the view I could hold within my mind to help me transcend the pain my personality was experiencing so that I could discover my truth, and then have the inner strength to follow through in my actions.

believe to receive
Many people think that God does not answer us personally. I can attest to the countless people I teach about how to receive answers from God that God does answer, and not only with answers, but with life transforming insight.

The process is actually simple. Write your questions from your heart, and ask for Divine guidance. Ask how to overcome your challenges. Ask how to deal with the situation so that your words and actions support what is for your highest good, as opposed to just what your personality might be stuck on.

Sometimes what we think we want is not always for our highest good. Many times, we can look back on situations from our past and admit that the people and situations that did not work out, ultimately worked out for our best. It’s easy to see from hindsight, and I want you to learn how to see and receive the wisdom you can receive so that even during your most painful and emotionally challenging times, you can actually receive the guidance you need that will far outweigh your trying to figure it all out on your own on the personality level.

When I was experiencing deep emotional pain from a “string along” relationship, I had been doing writings to God for many years. While I had tears flowing down my cheeks, the words of God came into my mind, as I wrote my book Stop Being the String Along: A Relationship Guide to Being THE ONE. I definitely did not write that book on my own accord, or from my wisdom. I was in pain. It was all written through me, chapter by chapter, and the words and messages healed my pain, and then went on to help so many other people who are in pain in the area of romantic relationships.

Let’s face it, if anything can get a woman to write letters to God, it would be from experiencing relationship pain, and wanting answers. You can receive answers too!

Use the emotional pain you feel in your heart as a catalyst for receiving the higher perspective. From that vantage point, you will receive objective clarity, guidance, insight, direction and truth. You will be amazed at the higher perspective you receive and even more amazed at how this helps you to transform your difficulties into authentic opportunities for personal growth and transformation.

When you write you questions, ask from your heart, and then as words flow into your mind in the form of an answer, write every word you receive verbatim and then re-read what you received in your writing.

Don’t ask for predictions, ask for solutions. Don’t ask how everything is going to turn out. That is based on fear. Ask what you can do, and how you can view the situation so that you are coming into your highest truth, even if you feel afraid of loss.

The one person on earth that you can never lose is yourself. The one place where you can receive every answer to every question that is weighing on your heart and in your mind is your God-Self within. Your Higher Self. This has nothing to do with religion. Whether you call it God, All That Is, Source, Holy Spirit, no matter what name you give it, the source is the same. It is our life force. It is that “still small voice” within. It is your gut instincts – and you can receive it all in writing, so that you can always have a place to turn to any time you feel uncertain. You will become authentically empowered, and your life will begin to transform as you honor your truth.

Many times, it is a process, as opposed to a one time event. Many times we might not follow or listen to the higher guidance we receive, such as to leave a destructive and emotionally hurtful relationship out of fear of not being loved, or being alone. However, the truth will ultimately win in the end as you keep asking for the higher perspective, and as you keep persevering with the true desire to want to grow and evolve, rather than try to change another person.

If you want true changes in your life and in your relationship, you have to evolve and change, just like I did. We all have to.

Relationships are the most extraordinary catalysts to get us to honor our truth, and our painful feelings cause us to ask ourselves what we really want. The answers we receive will be what we ultimately want on a soul level, and what is for our highest good. You are entitled to live a life of inner peace, rather than in constant emotional drama and inner pain.

Ask the questions. Read your answers, and above everything else, follow what you know in your heart to be your deepest truth rather than lie to yourself. You’re all you’ve got. Start to become your own best friend. Set the intention to lift yourself up by asking how to in your writings. You will receive all of the answers you need. It is your divine birthright after all.

© Copyright 2012 by Barbara Sherry Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved.

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When Something Happens that You Don’t Like

When Something Happens that You Don’t Like
By Barbara Rose, PhD

rose vibrant

Look within and ask yourself what you can do to come to the other side of any experience your personality does not like or that your mind views as tragic. There is light on the other side of our darkest moments. Look for the light, the higher reason, so that you can move in a positive direction rather than remaining in misery. When something you do not like happens to you, ask how this experience can serve as a positive catalyst for personal or collective growth and positive transformation.

How can you feel inner peace and feel whole, radiant, and confident when your expectations are tied to a future outcome?

The key is in knowing that you are a supreme being just as you are and that “bettering your life” is just a means of self-expression. It is your divine expression to live according to your grandest preferences–not because it will make you better but because you are serving as a result of discovering and expressing the best you have within you.

© Copyright 2012 by Barbara Sherry Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved.


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Are You Receiving Answers from Others, Connecting to Entities or to God, Your Higher Self?

when God answers

By Barbara Rose, PhD

We all, every being, both in physical form and in non-physical form are of Divine essence, and we all have Source energy within us. All beings, all entities throughout the universe also have free will and choice.

There are beings of Light in the Higher Realms that are so

beautifully pure, such as the Angels. There are other entities of various names that other people channel, who have beautifully

supportive messages, and who have helped many people.

What happens if you depend on someone else to channel information for you after that person is no longer here? Or perhaps they stopped for whatever reason? Where is the source of your answers going to come from then?

No matter what name you give it, be it God, All That Is, Holy

Spirit, Divine Source, Creator, I AM, Higher Self, Christ

Consciousness, this is the one and only source that YOU can turn to, forever, and for eternity for guidance, clarification, direction, help, understanding, support and answers, for free, for the rest of your life, and this connection cannot ever be extinguished, cannot ever be taken away from you, and will never fail you.

You have free will and choice. So whoever you choose to connect to in the Higher realms is solely and completely up to you. What I do NOT want to see is anyone being disempowered by DEPENDING on anyone else in this universe for answers, because God, your Higher Self will give them to you always. THIS is authentic empowerment for humanity.

The key here is that you are authentically empowered and dependent upon NO ONE other than your Own Divine Connection. If you want some answers, all you need to do is ask for them. You can ask in a writing, or from your mind, or for a realization to come to you during sleep. You can ask anywhere, anytime, and for anything that you are not sure about, and you will receive the answers you need.

There is nothing “wrong” with connecting to anyone in the non-physical realm, such as a departed loved one, an Angel, etc. What I hope to share with you here is that you have the identical ability to bring through any and every answer as anyone else on earth does, and it feels a LOT more empowering to know, with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that you can do this.

It is crucial that you are authentically empowered and bring through the answers that you are seeking.

Never depend upon anyone else or “follow” anyone else but your own heart, your own truth, and know that when you start to “follow” this is not helping you to BE. There is no one in this universe who is above or below you. You are of Divine essence. God, your Higher Self is the all supportive, unfailing, purely loving, unconditionally understanding, Highest Source that works In You, As You and Through You with every breath you take.

Write to God, your Higher Self. Ask from your heart. You will receive answers, and once you know you are, in fact, receiving answers, I do promise you that any question you ever have, for any matter, no matter how large or small it is, WILL be answered with pure love, and according to what id for your Highest Good.

Please trust this so that you are never dependent upon anyone, other than God, Your Higher Self who is within every breath you take.

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How Miracles are Created


By Barbara Rose, PhD

There is a calling from humanity coming from every corner of the globe. This calling is felt in the higher dimensions as pleas and feelings of desperation are felt from all who wish for a miracle in their life.

Here is your answer as to exactly how miracles are created so you can learn how to bring them about in your life.

Miracles Are All Energy

Every plea and request that you have in your life is filled with energy.

When you feel afraid, what you are actually doing is surrounding yourself with a sort of blanket that covers up your ability to create a miracle.

On the other hand, when you have perfect faith that all you need or wish to unfold will, in fact, do so – then you have released the negativity and have allowed the Divine to work in your life in so many ways you cannot see with your 5 senses – and yet – the Divine is active in your life at all times.

What is required of you to manifest a miracle in your life is to ask for Divine assistance and at the same time, remember any past event where a “miracle” came about.

What this will do is show you from your ego’s fearful personality level that if it happened in the past, it can happen again NOW!

How the Divine Works in Your Life

You are surrounded at all times and connected at all times to your Higher Self, your Over Soul, God, All That Is, Divine Source, as well as Angels who have been assigned to you to bring about all of the good you wish to manifest.

The key to this is perfect TRUST.

Trust is crucial – because this alleviates the negative energy, & makes room for the positive to enter.

Prayer must be done on a level of gratitude as trust, as opposed to begging.

You are a Divine expression of God, or whatever name you give to your Highest source of wisdom and guidance. Therefore, there is no need to beg – because you are as Divine as those to whom you pray!

How Miracles Take Shape

There are many people who will connect to your energy, either positive, or negative, as the universe is completely neutral.

So when your focus is on trust and faith – you WILL attract those of a like energy into your life, and so you may call it a “miracle” however, what it actually is, is your intention, and your energy & trust combined that has lifted to a higher & more positive vibration, where you do attract exactly what you need.

How Your Help Creates Miracles for Others

The best thing you can do for anyone with whom you have a deep concern is to picture their miracle coming about and focus on this as if it were already complete.

By sending this positive energy to this person, or group of people, what you are doing is adding to the positive energy that surrounds them, and their positive energy is amplified, and so “miracles” are thus speeded up.

We are all one. There is not one Soul on Earth that does not matter. There is not one Soul that cannot rise from the depths of despair, to the heights of love, prosperity, health, and a life that is a beacon of hope for others.

Your Role Is Crucial

You play much more of a role in manifesting miracles than you may realize.

Pray, if you wish to, and see it as complete if that is your desire, and most of all, align with your Higher Self to co-create the miracles that you wish to bring about both for yourself and all others.

This, my dear children is how all of humanity will one day live. All will co-create with all, and life on Earth will be a daily, moment-by-moment miracle.

The miracle is in the moment – THIS moment – that is where the intention is set, and that is when it is made manifest, and then, you can simply trust that it is in fact, on its way.

Most of all ~ believe!

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The Importance of Being Extremely Discerning with Spirituality

Barbara Rose, PhD

water mistBy Barbara Rose, PhD

Being extremely discerning is something that many more people need to understand with respect to the information they allow themselves to buy into.

For example, there was a message post awaiting approval that I did NOT allow to be posted in the Higher Self Communication Yahoo Group that I founded because many times people “fall prey” to “Higher

Being” “Spiritual Hierarchy” “Channeling others” from “Higher Dimensions” as if YOU, as a beautiful, pure, whole and complete spiritual/human being are somehow “less than” those “others.”

Here below is what I replied to that identical post that I happened to see in another Yahoo forum (from the same person.)

Regarding this identical post submitted in the Higher Self Communication Yahoo Group, I am being guided to share a few things with All of you for the Highest Good of All.

It is imperative that all people fully activate their sixth sense, and have full, conscious alignment with and communication from their

Higher Self, God, Source, All That Is, Christ Consciousness, Holy

Spirit – that exists within us ALL, from every dimension. The “time” has come for all people to become one with, receive guidance and answers from, as well as follow ONLY ONE “Leader” and that Leader must be Source – their Higher Self. Yes, all (positive, pure and loving) Divine assistance is always needed and requested.

Regarding “readings” – NO, the people must now learn how to receive their own answers from Source/God, or whatever name they give to the
Highest and Purest Source of Love, Light and Truth in the universe. God/Source wants ALL people to know that each and every soul is as Divine as any of the Ascended Masters, and equally worthy.

What IS important is that people who are down, or feel fear – that they are AUTHENTICALLY EMPOWERED from WITHIN, as they receive answers directly from their Higher Self, God, Source.

If people are “sidetracked” then what happens is that they start toseek answers from other people, and they become DEPENDENT upon other people, or beings for their answers.

When people try to make me their “Leader” I immediately STOP that, and let them know that I am not anybody’s leader, the One they will be best served to “follow” is the truth in their heart, where their connection to I AM exists, I am being guided to share with you that although your “list of characteristics” is very well explained, it will not help the people to feel they must have certain characteristics – to be “included” in a certain category.

What God is guiding me to share with you is that there is only ONE characteristic that they need to recognize, honor and fully activate – and this is the Love within their heart, particularly Self love, so that they can then transform their internal emotional pain, receive the Higher perspective from their Higher Self Communication, which then naturally shifts their mind’s focus to one that is aligned with Love, Light, and Divine, Pure and Perfect Truth.

We all have massive potential to achieve full awakening in this lifetime. Many people are awakening and transforming from “seekers” to “experiencers” – discovering Source within, and blooming as their God-Self – which is why we are in this life to begin with.

Through pure Higher Self Communication, that sense of “Oneness” with ALL beings becomes well in place deep within. The search is over, because we have “found” it – it has been inside of us all along.

As far as “channeling” – this is the label that humanity must grow out of.

Every single human being can access and bring through Divine, Pure and Perfect truth, guidance, clarification, direction, answers, books, anything positive from their Higher Self. There is no more “special ability” label attached to this – it is the natural birthright of every human being.

I also used to call it “Divinely Channeled” until God/Source/All That Is, guided me to share with all exactly what I was guided to state just above. If people are led to believe that only a few, select people can access the Highest and Purest wisdom in this universe, then they will feel Disempowered. Now, it is time for all of humanity to know, learn, demonstrate and believe that they CAN receive their OWN answers from All That Is, at any time, for eternity. As so many, many people across the globe are and  their entire lives are completely transforming so purely and positively within weeks and months – and they are dependent upon NO ONE, other than God – their Higher Self.

People need to know that Source, their Higher Self exists WITHIN, and as they receive their own Divine answers directly, their lives completely, purely and positively transform as a result.

I hope this message helps you, and that you will always remember that when someone claims to have “all the answers” the best thing you can do for yourself is to learn how to receive every answer you need to create the best life imaginable.

Copyright 2012 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved.

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Why this Time Period in Your Life is the Catalyst for a Greater Mission

Why this Time Period in Your Life is the Catalyst for a Greater Mission
Through Barbara Rose, PhD

My children whose love I have for you, you shall never be able to contemplate or measure, as it is as eternal as time, it never ends.

I bring through a message for you, an update for you to understand why this time period in your life is the catalyst for a greater mission. It is the mission you are here to live and experience, and the deep love you have in your heart will draw you into it, not out of will, but out of pure love.

The matters at hand are multiple. A look at your news shows you chaos amid love. There is only one energy that will survive, no matter how dark and gloomy circumstances appear to be in front of your eyes, and that is love.

What do you desire in your life? How would you like to see it all unfold? Would you believe me if I told you that there is far greater a mission for you than you can even fathom right now? I shall share this with you, it IS greater than you can fathom.

What is the urgency? You ask. How many people are dying of starvation? How many illnesses are amid your brothers and sisters? How many human beings are suffering, right now, this moment, crying, trying to find their way home? Millions upon millions among the billions who inhabit earth right now.

The carefree days when you live with concern for yourself alone must now transform. It is to be transformed into concern to all. I sent you a message before in the book If God Was Like Man and I shall send it again right now.

Imagine if you needed something, and for whatever reason could not get it, perhaps due to funds, and you asked someone to help you, and the answer would always be YES without question – can you imagine how life on earth would be knowing that you would never be denied anything you needed?

I am asking you to open your hearts, and say YES to anyone who asks you for anything that they truly need. If you are able to give it without it hurting you on any level, I ask that you do. I ask that you imagine for one moment that if YOU needed something, if you truly needed it and someone were to say NO, how would you feel? You would feel that I have forsaken you. But alas, how your views and feelings shift when you ask someone to help you with something you truly need, and the answer is YES, Ah, yes, then you feel love in your heart. It is the love I feel for you that is expressed through another person to you, just as Divine expression of love is expressed through your heart for anyone who is in need.

The matter of urgency is turning your backs. How would you feel if others turned their backs on you? Yes, people have, and it hurts. It feels sad, lonely, and you begin to wonder what you are doing here in this life, and why you are here to begin with.

You are here to express and experience your Divine self. To align your will with Divine will. How will you know what that is? It is the feeling of love that you have in your heart when you know you have done something motivated by pure love and care for yourself, or another.

This does NOT mean to love another at the expense of your self esteem or your survival. This means to live purely from your heart so you can see the results of being a living expression of Divine will in your life, and how it touches and ripples into the hearts of others. Alas, it changes life on earth.

I have asked Barbara Rose to hold one weekly free event. The purpose of this event is to guide you in understanding and knowing HOW you are receiving Divine guidance at ALL times. She will send you a notice for the second event. You have already received notice of the first.

Why is this so important? My children, once you know and are fully aware of your Divine connection, and the guidance that is being given to you, then you will never again feel all alone, for you are never alone, and you have heard this saying for eons. Now, it is time for you to experience it in your everyday life.

The time has come for you to receive the guidance you need at will, whenever you need it, so you hear it within your mind and heart. This is a simple process. It is a pure process. And, it is a free process.

As you experience it in your own life, as many of you already do, all I ask of you is that you share it with others who are open to this. Share it in your own words, in your own way, and know that you can never “mess up” when you desire pure divine communication. We just have to get you to be consciously awakened to the fact that you are actually receiving it every moment. Once you are aware of this, your life will transform at lightning speed.

Yes, this free service is being given to you to utilize whenever you feel you need inner guidance. You will know you are receiving it when your life begins to transform from darkness and chaos into purity, light and love. You will be experiencing your God-Self, as you already are. Now it is time for you to experience this on a daily, hourly, moment by moment basis. It is time. You are ready. The answers you seek are waiting for you. Please join the free calls that are made available to you through Barbara.

There are important rippling effects in this grand connection, and it is no accident that you are reading these words at this moment. For it is in this moment that you have needed to know how loved you really are; how guided you are, and now, you can listen within and hear the divine guidance given to you now and forevermore.

Be well.

© Copyright 2007, 2011 Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved.

Received and Transcribed Wednesday, July 04, 2007

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