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Rose Center for Personal Advancement

On May 23, 2019 at 5:55 AM Dr. Barbara Rose had a vivid dream to found Rose Center for Personal Advancement to uplift the lives of those who feel hopeless, who are down for any reason and to provide this pure life changing service to humanity globally along with other renowned experts who are on our faculty.

People from every culture share the same wishes: To be happy, to feel loved, to have more than enough money for what each person needs to live a decent life, to have hope during times of tragedy, and to have someone to turn to who truly cares.

In Barbara’s dream God literally guided Barbara to wake up and write down the name of this new humanitarian global service – and she did. On June 2, 2019 God guided Barbara to officially Found this organization on her website as the official date of humanitarian hope, solace, answers, guidance, and solutions for each person who needs them globally via phone, online in videos, and global teleseminars.

This new baby of an organization works in collaboration with other humanitarian leaders who care about making the most positive difference for humanity. People who are heart centered from all cultures are welcome to write in to be part of a global faculty with specialized areas of help and focus so people can contact whomever they feel drawn to for their own personal advancement.

This organization is about YOU! We are here to help you when you need help. People can sponsor this cause with their organization to make it affordable for people to receive scholarships for extremely low and/or free service to rise in life. Dr. Rose provides this service to humanity from the bottom of her heart and soul – she wants YOU to rise!

Thank you for your valuable comments and suggestions in advance. Thank you for making a difference by joining the faculty. Thank you for being an example of a person who was once down and has risen to be an inspiration to others who know you and others who will find out about your wonderful contributions in our world.

Together we are all needed. Together we strive to serve with pure hearts and together we succeed.

Sending you Godspeed!

Barbara Rose, PhD, Founder Rose Center for Personal Advancement