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Global Humanitarian Religious Peace Treaty Must be Implemented


In the wake of the carnage and brutal murder of innocent Muslim men, women and children at a mosque in New Zealand Barbara Rose, PhD sends a message to New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to implement the Global Humanitarian Religious Peace Treaty as outlined in the book Realigning Religion: Consciousness and the Survival of the Human Species


Rose shares the twelve articles in the Religious Peace Treaty calling for the adoption of this imperative treaty for humanity to become humane and stop all killing in the name of any religion.

Article 1
Whereas I, as a citizen of the world being an equal
member of the human race am now an official member
of the Global Humanitarian Religious Peace Treaty.

Article 2
Whereas I sign and agree to honor all people with all
religious preferences.

Article 3
Whereas I promise to be tolerant of and compassionate
towards any member of the human race who worships
differently than I do.

Article 4
Whereas I join forces with the rest of the human
race to promote religious peace globally, simply by speaking
only peacefully about others and their religious preferences.

Article 5
Whereas I understand that, in order for the human
race to survive, religious peace is mandatory.

Article 6
Whereas on this day I promise to speak of religious
peace when the subject arises, to help others also come to
view the right of all of humanity to personal religious

Article 7
Whereas as an ambassador of peace, I humbly allow
tolerance to replace intolerance with respect to everyone’s
religious preferences.

Article 8
Whereas I am a part of a far greater whole, whose
mission, in part, is to see to it that all people from all
cultures and religions worldwide are entitled to live with
religious peace and freedom.

Article 9
I sign the treaty with a pure heart on behalf of myself,
and the organization or area I represent.

Article 10
This Global Humanitarian Religious Peace Treaty
lays the foundation for world peace so there will never
again be killing in the name of any religion or deity.

Article 11
I believe and support all people’s rights to worship
in their own ways, just as I ask all others to allow me to
worship from my heart in my own way.

Article 12
On this day, a new member of the human race is
added to the peaceful works and efforts to ensure that religious
peace, freedom and tolerance exists for as long as life on earth exists.

The meaning of each article is clearly described in the book   to ensure understanding for all who read it to implement this treaty.

This treaty honors all people promoting religious tolerance and peace. Its implementation is long overdue. It is time all human beings become humane.

Rose stated, I can’t just watch innocent people being murdered because of their religious preferences. It breaks my heart and I have to take a stand and do something about it. I hope you will join me by signing and adopting this treaty to promote religious tolerance and  peace for all of humanity globally.