Spirituality & Higher Self Communication



All of us want to be assured that the higher guidance we receive can be accessed at will at any time. This is the beauty of receiving answers and guidance from God via Higher Self Communication. Some of the most important signs are:

  • Guidance flows into your mind clearly.
  • There is always hope and a positive energy, never gloom and doom.
  • You receive information that is crystal clear such as, “Don’t go to work today, stay home.” This was actually given to a client who listened and followed through in her actions on 9/11. It saved her life although she was traumatized that everyone she worked with in the Twin Towers perished on that day.
  • There is nothing to debate about what the guidance is. Following it, however, can be difficult until we realize from all past times how much we wish we would have followed that guidance all along.
  • All you need to have is a conscious mind to receive the purest guidance in the universe. You will NEVER be guided to hurt yourself or initiate harm to others.


Answers from God Transforms Lives Globally


In 1994 when I was told that I would be bringing through information from God to uplift the spiritual consciousness of humanity, I had no idea that this was even possible… Continue reading