Earning Money in a Tough Global Economy

a_lot_of_money4YOU People need to know HOW to earn money in a tough global economy.

I call it the “5-P-Factor”. It’s a simple recipe.

1. It has to be Positive
2. It must serve a Purpose
3. It has to be Practical.
4. You MUST be Passionate about what you are doing.
5. You are entitled to make an honest Profit from what you create.

Taking something that you know, a food recipe, hard times, tips you learned about parenting – it can be anything, and it must be something people can benefit from.

You can start a blog.
You can create an e-book AND publish it.
You can start a group (like Weight Watchers) – How about “Jerk Watchers”. A small group of people either in person or global on line, where you share tips, signs to watch out for, common traits, lessons you’ve learned and sharing it with others.

You really have to LOVE what you are doing. Making a difference and not just a dollar. Every single good thing in our world was created with someone being positive – having a positive attitude. The last thing we need is more negativity.

Making a real difference serves a purpose that millions of people can benefit from.
Sharing tips or your story, the hard times you’ve been through and what you have learned to ensure that others don’t go through the same difficulty is practical – because you care, and people WILL feel it!
Because whatever you create comes from your HEART, this means you feel PASSIONATE about it. Passion is a huge magnetic draw in the universe. It brings to you exactly what you focus on, and you are entitled to charge a fee to earn money to buy food in return for what you put out for others.

Take your focus OFF how hard things are, and create a new focus on how much of a difference you can make.

You can start an on-line e-zine, and people can advertise in it.
You can start a blog that becomes really popular – so popular that you create a book that people want and need.

Whatever it is that you do honestly has to come naturally to you. Any talent you have that you were born with is within you so you can express it outside of you.

You can naturally be a fantastic cook. Start a food truck, and create a cook book to go along with your food.

Maybe you have recipes from your your beloved Grandma who is no longer here. You can create the cook book in her name, and share the recipes. This is actually something that I am doing. You’ll know it when I post it, after it is published.

No matter what you do, if it matters to you, and if it makes a profound difference in your life, it can also make a profound difference for so many people.

Take the doubts in your head and put them on a virtual shelf. You can re-visit them at any time. In its place put certainty. You are certain that what you are doing makes a difference. Helpful things do spread by word of mouth.

Stop thinking small. Think HUGE! Create a picture in your mind of making a HUGE difference and this naturally means that you are earning a huge living because it is your birthright, just as it is for everybody else.

Take the word “competition” and toss it. In its place put collaboration. In my field, authors collaborate together to help humanity.

Take the word “should” kick it out of the English language and replace it with the word “prefer”. You “prefer” to live your life on your terms, and only on your terms.

Take the word “can’t” and do yourself a serious favor – tell yourself you CAN.

If there is something you love to do, something you are naturally good at, you most definitely CAN earn a living doing it while you serve others in the most positive manner at the same time.

As for the naysayers in your life – tell them nothing. Speak about domestic chores. Stop feeding negative people who keep telling you what you “should” do (that you have zero interest in doing) and let them know how you dusted your home, AND cleaned out your closet! THIS is what you tell the naysayers. Your actions and your results will speak for themselves. Cease all complaining and all negative self talk. In other words, stop telling yourself insulting remarks and instead take a look in the mirror and tell yourself three good qualities based on your observable actions.

This mirror dialogue makes a massive difference for self esteem. So you have it from the inside out, this way you always have it and no one can ever take it away from you.


You held the door open for an elderly person walking into a store.
Three qualities that action represents are caring, kind and considerate.

You have to bond with yourself and become your own best friend. Do the above twice a day for a year and see how you feel about yourself. I did this for two years and it honestly made a huge difference.

Remember that your job must be your JOY.
It must bring you to life so you feel happy about what you are doing, and you can see how it can spread.

And finally, trust that when your motives are pure, and you set out to make a difference, the universe is going to return it to you a hundred fold.

Give yourself the chance to make a difference and you will experience what making a difference is all about – and that is love.

About Passionately Soaring in Life

By Barbara Rose, PhD

1. How do I discover my passion?

I am going to ask you a few questions so YOU can uncover your own truth!

What comes as naturally to you as breathing? (As Oprah once said.) What would you do for FREE for the rest of your life if you had twelve million dollars in the bank? – And this is AFTER you have already bought everything you have ever wanted to own, traveled to all parts of the world (unless that IS your passion and life purpose.) What would make you say: “Thank God it’s Monday!” What are your natural talents and abilities? Are you a great speaker? Perhaps you would do well teaching, or motivating or inspiring, or mentoring.

Do you LOVE baking? Mrs. Fields and Wally (Famous) Amos did!

Do you adore people? Plants? Animals? Nature? Math? Inventing? Music?

In other words, YOU have to dig real deep inside of you to discover what you are so naturally great at, and what you always loved. You have to really picture in your mind what you would do all day and night, because you love it THAT much! For example, I’m writing this for YOU on a Saturday night! Because I really love sharing, making a difference, and inspiring THAT MUCH!

Another GREAT INDICATOR as to your passion are your role models. People you really admire, and when you’ve watched them, and saw what they were doing, something inside of you said: I could EASILY do that! I would LOVE to do that too! My role models were Barbara Walters, Oprah Winfrey, Diane Sawyer, Christianne Amanpour, Meg Ryan, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Princess Grace, and Princess Diana.

Now I’m not a princess, however there certain qualities and attributes within each person that I mentioned above that are mirrors of different qualities and attributes, as well as life experiences I have lived with ALL of the above.

When you admire someone, they are mirroring YOUR qualities too! I could never be any of the above people. I can only be me! And all of the above people could never be one or the other of the above people. I can only share my own process with you, so that it can trigger you to search and discover your own truth.

During my life I have been a feature film and TV actress. I was a journalist, and interviewed refugees in Israel as well as worked on the year 2000 elections behind the scenes with CNN. I am really “for the people” and each stage of my life carried fabulous experiences that I would never take back. I loved them all! Now, I prefer to be more of a private person, and occasionally I love to be in public to give speaking events. I love it all. There is no reason why you cannot do everything you love. One process will naturally lead to the next.

For me, acting led to journalism after I had undergone severe injustice and wanted to really make a difference for the voiceless masses. Then, when I saw what broadcast journalism was really all about, I had already written my first book Individual Power and then left journalism to be an author, public speaker, and publisher. (You can’t really give your own opinion when you are reporting the nightly news, you have to tell both sides of the story, period. – Not for me! I had too much of an opinion – so I valued that! An author can write and express away, and STILL make a difference for the masses.

So what YOU have to do to move from a dead-end life into a life filled with PASSION is to really get into your heart, and NOT seek to validate yourself from the outside in! THAT is a very important lesson! I STILL love acting beyond measure, however when I WAS an actress, at the time I was “Oscar driven.” I believed that if I won an Oscar, I would “THEN” be “somebody.”

I had a LOT of self-validation to learn from the inside out. So never, ever, ever go after something because you think it will make you rich, or famous, or anything from the outside. ALWAYS BE who you really are, and validate yourself from the INSIDE OUT – NOT THE OUTSIDE IN!!!

Write down your role models. Write down your NATURAL talents, strengths and abilities. Then go into your heart and ask yourself what that life would look like if you brought it all out from deep within you. It CAN be multi-faceted, and it can also be a single focus – like a pediatrician. However, I know an attorney that just recorded his first fantastic musical CD – my brother!

If money was NO object – what would you REALLY LOVE to do? THAT is your passion. Always honor it!

2. How do I move from where I am now to where I want to be?

One tiny step at a time. Just MOVE in that direction IN YOUR ACTIONS. Also, combine the most powerful visualization and manifesting abilities every spiritual/human being does have, and picture yourself as if you had ALREADY become what you are working toward. Really see yourself as you are – as if you were looking at yourself in hindsight.

If you really wanted to walk from New York to Los Angeles, you COULD. One step at a time. Do SOMETHING EACH DAY in the area that you love. Even if you just set aside one hour, or half and hour. Sometimes I work all night, until dawn! But to me it’s JOY, Bliss, and I love every second of it and would not trade my life for any other. When you are THAT passionate about what you love, you will feel MORE energy than you ever have, and you will also begin to look younger too! There is a certain glow about a person that is radiating their true passion that nothing on the outside can ever bring out. It all comes from within!

Hours, days and weeks all add up – more than most people realize. It is NEVER about the goal – it is the PROCESS of it all that is so rewarding. Please remember that!!

3. What do I do if it all doesn’t work out?

It is your CHOICE to do only what you love, and to be true to only ONE person – you!

What if it all DOES work out? What if you love it all so much that it is not about it all working out, but about the JOY you feel each day just for the LOVE OF DOING IT? That is what matters – that is ALL that matters in life. It’s NOT about an outcome, it IS about how you FEEL inside while you are doing what you really love!

Did you ever make love to someone and have incredible passion? Weren’t you so IN the moment that you loved it so much? Did you worry about “what if it all doesn’t work out” while you were passionately involved with something that was incredibly phenomenal? It’s the same thing with your life purpose. Being IN the moment is so rewarding that your head doesn’t run off into the past or the future. It is all in the NOW moment. That is all you ever really have you know. All we all ever have is NOW. Become too in love with the process, and you will never again worry about the outcome. ENJOY this life by living your passion!

4. How do I handle negative comments from relatives or friends?

Say: “Thank you for your perspective.” Period! Then continue with all that you love. You do NOT OWE anyone an explanation regarding your life purpose. Are THEY asking you about theirs? No? I didn’t think so!

Do you know the story about Henry Ford (Ford Motor Company) and his father? Henry worked for a company and made a great salary. He wanted to quit his job to follow his “dream” and begin his own motor company. His father called him stupid, and a “dreamer” and yelled at him for even considering giving up such a high paying job to “pursue a crazy dream.” Thank God Henry Ford didn’t listen to his father! He invented the first CAR!

People will always have an opinion. And do you know what? They are entitled to their own opinions! That doesn’t mean that you have to mold your life according to their opinion! It is just an opinion, however your truth is what you have to live with. Only YOU can live YOUR life. Don’t EVER allow someone else to steer you away from your truth, ever!

5. How do I really start it all?

The exact same way everyone else really starts it all – from right where you are NOW! Just begin! Begin and never look back. Keep going – follow your TRUTH! You will always be guided one step at a time. That’s all it takes – for everyone – including me.

6. What do I do if I don’t have the funds to do what I really want?

There is always a Higher reason for NOT having funds, just as much as there is FOR having funds. Money can NEVER dictate what you want to do. If you want to go back to school, there is such a thing as student loans. If you want to publish books, set aside even three dollars a day to pay for them to be edited and printed. There are investors, there are people that you can team up with! ASK the Universe to bring you the exact situations and people so that it is ALL ALREADY DONE! View it as complete – and NEVER limit the Universe as to “HOW” it is all going to happen. Just set the intention, ask for Divine guidance and assistance, and then REALLY have an attitude of gratitude and EXPECTATION – because it WILL become your reality – only as firmly as you believe it to be so!

7. You seem so confident and sure of your purpose Barbara. How can I become that way too?

I’ll share with you HOW I became so confident. I NEVER allowed anyone to steer me away from my truth! Each day I do what I love, and I am very happy! Money does NOT buy happiness – it brings more ease in life, and it is fantastic to have grand abundance so that you can do all you really want to do. However, during the beginning stages, most people do NOT have grand abundance, and they STILL keep on with their purpose.

Each day I follow my truth. Each day I move and work from the inside out. So naturally my confidence level has greatly increased compared to when I first began. In the beginning I was PETRIFIED to leave an approved internship with CNN, and actually publicly expose that I received “information from God in my writings.” I was paralyzed with fear that people would have men in white jackets to come and put me in a padded cell! I was SO much more secure (for my ego) to become a broadcast journalist with CNN. That was respected status in both my eyes, and in the eyes of society. However, after 7 ½ months of inner torture, I FINALLY gave in to my truth, and NEVER looked back.

Everyone is scared in the beginning! That is just a great sign that you are moving out of the old comfort zone of your ego – that loves to cling on to the past – and you are moving in the direction of your heart and soul – which will NEVER let you down!

Just follow your truth, each day, each moment, and then you will be living the life you were born to live – with passion!

© Copyright 2012 by Barbara Rose, PhD All rights reserved.