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VIDEO: Are You a Spiritual Seeker? The Search Stops Here!

Watch this video if you have been searching for that special oneness, that incredible connection to God, Source, Higher Self by whatever name you personally use. in this video I share HOW, WHEN AND WHERE the search stops so you can feel that incredible connection and support for the rest of your life!

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Barbara’s Original Manuscripts are for Sale

Barbara Rose, PhD shares the stories that went into each of her original hand written book manuscripts literally brought through from God for humanity. The original manuscript journals are for sale. There is only ONE on earth. Proceeds will pay for surgery & personal help Barbara needs.

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Personal Growth & Transformation

One of the greatest things an author can do is share authentically about their own struggles along with how they turned it all around.

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Dr. Barbara Sherry Rose Audio Series

Collection of audio seminars recorded live most loved by people around the world.

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How to Handle People Who Tell You What You “Should” Be Doing

Now I am going to share with you how to handle the people who perpetually guide you in your life, so you can move forward in the most positive way.

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Top 5 Of the 50 Guidelines For Self Love

The most important aspect of pure self-love is follow-through. I never explain my personal views or spiritual preferences to people who cannot relate. I share what I choose to share only with people who can be supportive rather than arguing with me to negate my truth.