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She Listens to Led Zeppelin and She Lives Like a Nun

Who ever thought that it was even possible to receive direct answers? I sure didn’t!

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I Asked God Why He Does Not Tell People How Everything is Going to Work Out

I asked God why He does not just tell people how everything is going to work out…

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Barbara Rose’s Gift to You for Your Best New Year 2011 Ever

Pure gift here for you to make your New Year bright expressly from Dr. Barbara Sherry Rose.

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Dr. Barbara Sherry Rose Audio Series

Collection of audio seminars recorded live most loved by people around the world.

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How is it Possible to Receive Actual Answers from God?

If you have a conscious mind and a heartfelt desire to receive answers it is impossible for you NOT to receive them.

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If God Hears Me I Want an Answer!

About the Book If God Hears Me, I Want an Answer! by Barbara Rose, PhD

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Stop Being the String Along: Be THE ONE

EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT Ultimately, you want a partner you can be your true self with, a partner who will treat you with love and respect. The subconscious social conditioning we receive to get or capture another causes us to fail and to string ourselves along, while we simultaneously hide our real selves. This robs both people […]

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Guidance from GOD for Humanity (plain text version)

my dear Children are NOT being “punished” you are learning, growing, evolving, and you will overcome this temporary time, after the financial markets collapse.

This is meant to be good and happy news. Similar to a bad marriage; once it collapses in divorce, then you can carry on with new joy – the joy that you did not feel when you were so unhappy.