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THRILLED Live, Global Seminar Intensives Have Free Access to Millions

News for You

I must share how thrilled I am that I received truly God’s divine guidance as the words flowed into my mind (while setting up a Live Global Intensive via Phone) “Open the intensive to prisons, mental facilities, drug rehabilitation centers, and the like so they can all hear the intensive LIVE on their PA system for all of the people who cannot register for this personally – they will still be helped.

WOW. I learned from people’s firsthand testimony that they all read my books in prison. I learned from Mental Health Professionals that they give my books to their patients with excellent results. I have been searching the web for a live, interactive VIDEO platform to interact with people globally, streaming live, but this – LISTENING LIVE over a PA system in any facility that has many patients or prisoners can transform completely free of charge, as only ONE administrator needs to register for this intensive. It’s GREAT to know that NOW the masses are ready to be not only touched, but heard, understood, and especially transformed.

It’s no doubt a celebratory moment in my life, because I put my ALL into this work. The rippling effect is as astounding as it IS GLOBAL.

I have helped people in Domestic Violence Shelters personally, especially in Canada, and have donated THOUSANDS of paperback books to Aids to Victims of Domestic Abuse, and so many other charities. But deep in my heart I wanted to reach them all personally.

Being on the phone with them all, potentially millions of people brings my heart the greatest joy – it is priceless AND IT’S FREE for them, too!

So I hope this inspires YOU my friend. Together we CAN make a difference. I’m just so excited to share HOW.

With much love,

The Power of Spiritual Endorsements

0-nice-yellow-flowers-HiResThere is a huge surge of the purest love in the universe when you collaborate with another person from the center of your heart.

It is never about “getting” it is about “sharing and helping each other.”

No matter WHAT you have created, ultimately it is people spreading by word of mouth with their friends, loved ones, colleagues and even strangers the great thing (your project) they have discovered and honestly recommend.


It is about creating honest relationships with those whom you genuinely admire.
It is so important that people know WHY you are contacting THEM to either give you an endorsement or help you spread the word about what you are doing.

In short, you are contacting them hopefully because you are sincerely taken aback, or truly admire their work, and when you let them know this – they will either feel your sincerity or feel your cold ulterior motives.

People who have been around in any industry for a long time get to know their colleagues. Other spiritual and relationship authors are NEVER my “competition” quite to the contrary, I endorse THEIR work – why? Because I honestly love it and it is worthy of an endorsement.

Meeting or connecting with the people who will support you with your efforts expect that you, in turn, will support them as well.

You are sharing support, not just selling your latest creation.

If you come across as only looking out for your own personal interest, the first thing the person reading your email, or hearing your message will be a prompt DELETE.

Many people have come to me, typically people I did not know at all, asking for MY endorsement. WHY? They never told me why, they were only too concerned with what they could GET rather than how they could SHARE.

If is all about HONESTLY sharing from the heart! It is about helping each other – SINCERELY. It is about making a genuine positive difference in this world, and when that is your motive, and the person you are approaching learns WHY you admire THEIR work, why you would even want their name associated with your venture, that must be spelled out FIRST.

This then opens the heart of the person you are contacting. Oh, he’s familiar with MY work. OK, I’ll continue reading this email. But it MUST be GENUINE.

People do have six senses. We all know truth when we come across it, additionally, we all know BS when we come across it as well. People who have devoted their lives to make a difference are more than happy (at least I am) to help someone whose motives are pure. I lend support, some advice, and even an endorsement without the person even asking for it.

If the number one thing people want to know is to get as much as they can out of you, you will feel their insincerity, and they will most likely receive next to nothing as a result.

Cooperating WITH your colleagues to make this world a better place is at the heart of Spiritual Endorsements. You respect each others work. You become happy to help the new kid on the block with a boost. Why? Because you were once the new kid on the block and needed some genuine support to launch what you are creating.

Personally, I love helping newbies rise. It brings my heart great joy. However, when I receive emails that are so ego-centered, only seeking to take and never seeking to share, then those emails quickly get deleted because the energy behind them is not pure or filled with loving intentions.

Here below are some endorsements from people whose work and contributions I honestly love. I approached them from my heart, AND I helped them spread the word about what they were doing as well. The most common way was adding something they were doing to my newsletter and sharing a link to THEIR project, just to reciprocate, and without them even knowing about it.

So now I am starting a global team of spiritual heart-centered people who are thrilled to share each others ventures, just for the sake of loving and sharing. In this way everyone benefits, and everyone who is involved is on the same wavelength. Our energy matches – and it is this energy, filled with love, that carries the most power behind long term spiritual success.


Spiritual Endorsements

“Barbara Rose is one of the best spiritual teachers I’ve ever heard in person or read in books.” — Gary Renard, best-selling author of The Disappearance of the Universe

“I was deeply moved when I read Barbara Rose’s beautiful and compassionate book. Her love and wisdom infuse every page.” — Stephen Simon, Film Director/Producer (Conversations with God, Somewhere in Time, What Dreams May Come) Co-founder

“This book is a must read for deepening your spiritual awareness regardless of where you are in your journey.” — Bob Gottfried, PhD, author of Shortcut to Spirituality: Mastering the Art of Inner Peace

Barbara Rose has tapped into profound truth, a direct expression of God with simplicity and eloquence. I recommend her book. — Barbara Marx Hubbard, President, Foundation for Conscious Evolution

If you wonder if God hears you, and if you have ever wondered how to receive direct answers, this book will show you how—in plain English.


0-three-sunflowers_HiResBuild your relationships authentically.
Create something that really makes a difference and not just a dollar. Because when you do make a difference the dollars naturally come your way via a return of your pure energy and motives. This is the universe’s way of giving you a wink, and shining success upon you because you cared enough to make a difference for others.

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My First Visit from Jesus Christ


Just a few days before Christmas, December 2005. I was sleeping, and in my dream, Jesus Christ suddenly appeared. This completely left like he appeared to me in my home, in person. He was wearing a white robe, and he looked young, around 30 years old, with the MOST peaceful, loving presence I have ever experienced.

I was deeply amazed, awestruck, and felt so humble. I said, “Jesus, you’re visiting ME?” He said, “Yes, I have a message for you.” I said, very humbly with deep reverence for Him, “Yes, what is it?” and He replied, “The only reason why you had to go through the custody situation was because it would have been humanly impossible for you to simultaneously raise both of your children as a single Mom, living with you full time, and simultaneously do all of the spiritual work that you are doing.”

I said, “Okay.”

Jesus continued, “Keep doing everything you are doing and don’t stop. (He then lifted his right arm, up to the elbow level, and moved it forward three times while he said, “Keep going, keep going, keep going.”

I then said very humbly but with all sincerity, “Wait a minute, I know I’m sleeping, and I think this is a dream and not a real visit.”

Jesus replied, “I will give you proof that this is a real visit and not just a dream. When you go to the rental car place tomorrow morning, this is the car they are going to rent to you. (Then
appeared right there was a candy apple, fire engine red four door car. I was renting a car every other weekend to see my children, as I did not have a car back then. I never once either saw or was rented a car looking anywhere near what Jesus was showing me. I always got typical rental cars in rental colors, like a grey Ford Escort.)


Jesus then said, “When they rent this car to you tomorrow, that is your proof, your validation that this is a real visit and not just a dream.”

I replied, “Okay” and then he disappeared. I woke up and said to myself,” Boy what a dream that was!”

I went about my morning, went to the rental car place, and by this time, around 11:30 AM, I had really forgotten about my “dream”. After I filled out the regular paperwork, the man took me outside, and said, “This is your car.” It was the IDENTICAL car Jesus showed me the night before. I never stuttered before in my entire life. When I saw the car, I stuttered to the rental guy, “The, the, the, this one? The, the, the red one?” He said politely but concerned, “Yes, why is there a problem?” I replied quite ecstatic, “Oh NO, there is no problem at ALL, this is absolutely PERFECT, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!”

I opened the driver’s side door, got into the driver’s seat, and looked up at the car ceiling, completely ecstatic, and said out loud, “JESUS CHRIST, YOU REALLY VISITED ME!” with the biggest smile on my face.

It was pure validation for me doing all of the spiritual work, just two months after following through with God’s guidance, the newborn Higher Self Communication group was helping people free of charge learn how to awaken their sixth sense to receive answers from God/Higher Self/Holy Spirit/ Source/Creator/All That Is/ (whatever name any person from any culture feels most comfortable with.) It was the most humbling experience that I can’t quite put into words. It gave me the validation to do exactly what Jesus asked of me, to, “Keep doing everything you’re doing, and don’t stop, keep going, keep going, keep going.”

So I keep going and feel a LOT of gratitude for that visit. It remains with me in my heart, and I never doubt myself with respect to my life mission in this area of my work. It was the greatest “outer validation” at a time when the Higher Self Communication group was only two months old. It gave me an inner assurance that is always alive. I couldn’t believe that Jesus actually visited me.

Then, after that visit, I asked God simply out loud, “Why, didn’t Jesus visit me when I was going through so much pain and suffering, when I used to pray for a visit from an Angel, or anyone, when I didn’t want to live anymore?” And God’s immediate answer to me was, “Because Jesus did not want you to become dependent on Him or an external visit for answers, when you needed to learn how to receive them for yourself. Then, you would always wait for visits.”

I immediately understood that. And, for reasons unbeknownst to me, I was guided to openly share about Jesus’ visit, hence this true news story. There was one thing Jesus did say via higher self communication, and that is if anyone has an issue with this visit to take it up with him personally.

It All Started with the Story Behind Individual Power


In 2001 after I worked in the field with CNN Miami Bureau on the 2000 Presidential election recount fiasco I learned I “could NOT voice my opinion as a journalist – I could only report the news, period.”

Voicing my own opinion to expose injustice for the voiceless masses to help uplift humanity was the whole reason I went into the field of Broadcast Journalism to begin with. And so as I was being guided by God every single day, as was told by God that He “would be bringing many books through me” I seriously doubted that, not to mention my sanity.

I thought I was literally insane – just a harmless psychopath – I never heard of anyone receiving answers from God before, but the answers were life saving and life changing.

So I let God know I would be willing to just bring through the Introduction to the book, that my editor corrected to the name “Preface”.


I awoke on the date shown with a pinched nerve in my neck. I was unable to move, or drive or do anything but sit on my couch and hand write (for six weeks.) The words that you see in the photo of this 500 page manuscript journal poured through me, literally, from God.

I must admit to this day this is one of my all time favorite book passages to read. I was blown away. Let me ASSURE you that I cannot write like this or anywhere near it.

So after the preface, I literally went chapter by chapter.


To this day, my all time favorite reads on Soul Mates is in this book. It was after I brought through this chapter that I knew I would bring through the rest of the book – but I vowed to myself I would NEVER tell a soul it came “through” me from God. (So much for my vow.)

This particular manuscript journal is extremely precious to me. So much so that I hesitate to sell it. But my health must come before this coveted possession of mine. Whoever buys this original manuscript will be buying a huge part of my heart and soul.

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Please Help Barbara Get Surgery to Stop Bleeding


This is a post update.Wanted to share for YOU reading this that it turned out that my Doctor gave me the surgery COMPLETELY FREE of charge. He said, “I’m not charging you a penny for this, my number 1 patient.” I LOVE him – he saved my life so I can now go on to help others.

I have an urgent plea for donations to pay for surgery I desperately need to stop the massive female bleeding that has nearly ruined my life over the past two and a half years and to this day.

Bleeding three weeks out of every month with one week off has drained me so completely I have not been able to do my work of inspiring and uplifting humanity, give seminars, or do anything.

I do not have any money to cover the cost of surgery for a procedure called “NOVA SURE”

The cost is fourteen thousand dollars including general anesthesia. I have an excellent OBGYN for 24 years who urges me to have this surgery.

I do not have any money or health insurance.

If you are able to make a donation in any amount you will be saving my own life as well as many others once I will be able to work again.

I did not want to ask for help, but it’s gotten so bad that I have to swallow my pride to receive when I would much rather give.

If you are willing to “Tweet” and/or “Like” this, pass it around to anyone you feel would care to help even just a little bit you will be a saving grace. Here is a short link for Twitter:

I send you every blessing from my heart and so dearly look forward to making the most positive difference for you and all that I’m here to make.

THANK YOU more than words can say for making any donation below to help cover this surgery.

From my heart,


Excerpt Know Yourself: A Woman’s Guide to Wholeness, Radiance & Supreme Confidence

Your LifeKnow YourselfBy Barbara Rose, PhD

The Preteen Years

We must now look at our preteen years–from ages nine through twelve–in order to understand fully who we are.

During those years, we learned to compare ourselves to others, and those comparisons might still be evident to this day.

Our preteen years were filled with innocence and mystery.

We were searching for our own identity when we began to look at our friends, even if only to see what they were doing.

We wondered what it would be like to have a boyfriend. Perhaps you experienced your first pang of liking a boy during this time–or perhaps you noticed that you were beginning to bloom physically while your psyche remained innocent.

You may have gone through betrayal on the physical level, and you may have had experiences that you were not ready for on the psychological level.

During this time, we most often pull the veil of knowing over our eyes. During this time, we typically know deep inside what feels true for us, and yet we might succumb to peer pressure or parental pressure to cover up our spiritual gifts because the grown-ups who surround us might not understand. Many times, we go along, even if it doesn’t feel true for us inside. Sometimes adults force us to go along; we are given no choice and are too young to be able to do anything about it. At times, just to be accepted, we stifle or push down what we feel inside to be our truth. Other times, we might be punished if we disobey.

Sometimes we feel as if we’re living with and among other people to whom we truly cannot relate or share ourselves with. As we begin to look around us, we see and feel everything that we can either identify with or not.

My preteen years were confusing: I had a woman’s body and a child’s mind, with a feeling of being different somehow, different in a way that I could not define in words.

I looked around me and often felt I didn’t belong.

I tried to belong because I wanted to fit in, and perhaps you tried to fit in, too.

Fit into what?

Social acceptance. Peer acceptance. Parental acceptance.

We were trying in myriad ways to gain acceptance from the outside because we did not fully know who we were from the inside.

We may have tried to get good grades in school, or to look a certain way. But no matter what we tried, that sense of belonging was based on something outside of us rather than on who we were within.

You and I had talents and gifts that might have been stifled or honored. But no matter how much we were applauded or scolded, our search for inner knowing was stunted during these years–because we could not identify with soul wisdom on the outside. And I am sure you will agree that we could rarely talk about it to those in our lives at that time.

How were we supposed to know ourselves during our preteen years? By our surroundings and how we felt in our environment. During those years of inner innocence, we only knew if we felt safe and honored, or unsafe and dishonored.

Our achievements may have been wonderful or paltry–but we were never taught to honor our own authentic power. We were taught to give it away. And we were taught to measure our worth by the grades we received, the way we looked, the ribbons we won, or whether we obeyed our parents. Our worth was all conditional.

So we were conditioned to tiptoe around outer conditions to get a greater sense of who we were, and our golden moments were when we received outer approval or validation.

Our most treacherous moments occurred when we forsook our own identity or truth to gain acceptance from the outside. These betrayals remained within our cellular memories for quite a number of years.

We learned adaptation. But we never learned self-honor. We learned to listen to everyone other than ourselves.

We learned to obey what others said as opposed to what was true for us. We watched TV and saw values portrayed that were the opposite of our reality. We longed for what was on TV, where the children were honored. Were you honored? At times I was, and at times I wasn’t. Like me, you learned to adapt to a constant sea of conditioned responses in order to feel safe, secure, accepted, and honored.

You may have been honored for certain behaviors that to this day you call your strengths. You may have been dishonored for other behaviors, and you may still be grappling with how to grow beyond whatever part of yourself you have disowned.

It is vital for you to remember that we incarnated into this life to be all we came here to be. You do have a purpose, and yet during your preteen years you might never have been honored for your true inner gifts. You may have learned to stifle your greatest talents and attributes in order to keep the adults in your life feeling secure with the limited wisdom they may have had about you. Many adults might have felt threatened by your special traits. Perhaps they didn’t know how to relate to you.

Years ago, many people believed that children were at their best when they were quiet. It was said that children should be seen but not heard. As a result, few of us were taught to speak out and rock the boat! Few of us were taught to prepare for a life in which self-sufficiency, creativity, spiritual gifts, independence, and self-expression would be honored.

We were told to believe in the Cinderella theory, and to validate our worth from the outside in–and that alone has taken decades of pain to overcome.

You may not have overcome it yet–but you are about to.

Were you praised for being the real you when you were a preteen? I would venture to say you were praised for listening, or obeying, and perhaps for a talent or two that your family liked to see.

If you belong to the vast majority of women who were raised to believe in everything other than the core of who they are, you most likely find it quite difficult to learn how to know yourself when you were mostly praised for obeying others.

This is the hallmark of forgetfulness among women. You forgot who you were while you were busy looking for ways to gain acceptance from those around you. Your wise soul could not relate to those people and circumstances, and perhaps you had few if any people you could share your truest feelings with–so they, too, became lost.

How can you know yourself when you can’t talk about your innermost feelings with the people around you?

How can you know yourself when you are held to a standard of acceptance based solely on your observed actions or performance? Did anyone ever ask you to honor the wisdom of your soul?

I doubt that they did–because they had also forgotten the wisdom of their own souls as they played out the roles taught to them based on the morals and beliefs of the society in which they were raised.

Many of us were not raised in a society that appreciated lightworkers. They are people (and you may be one of them) with spiritual gifts who openly share and express those gifts in order to help others awaken and evolve in our world. Many times their spiritual gifts are not openly received, and they are negatively labeled as “New Age fruitcakes.” You may be a highly evolved soul stifled in a spiritual closet. You may have wisdom within you that is so vast. And at the same time you may have next to nobody with whom you can relate or share, nobody you can even learn from.

This book is in your hands because you want to reclaim your radiance. You want glowing confidence. Everything you want is everything you’ve already got on the inside. I take you on this journey through your life so you can see why you may not feel so radiant or whole or confident.

It is because the confidence you had when you were born was largely squelched during your younger years, and in your preteen years your inner radiance was based on whether you received approval from others.

How radiant do you expect to feel when you seek approval from others? The more approval you need, the more deeply you have buried your true self.

The more invalidated you feel, the more status you seek in society. The more you lack trust, the more you try to control the outcome of events in your life. By “trust,” I mean going with the flow, knowing that your highest good is always taken care of with divine guidance from the angelic realm and God, or whatever you believe is the highest source of pure love and wisdom in the universe, the source that is always present to assist you unconditionally in every moment of your life.

I bet you weren’t taught about that sort of trust when you were a preteen. I would venture to say you are not alone in this.

Today, unprecedented amounts of higher wisdom pour over the consciousness of humanity in every society across the globe.

Women at the dawn of the twenty-first century are far different from those at the dawn of the twentieth. Can you imagine how vast a leap in consciousness the women of the twenty-second century will feel? It will be light years from where we are now, and we can only get to that point by opening our gateway to higher consciousness through understanding and becoming acquainted with the higher consciousness that exists within our very own selves.

Building Your Inner Knowing

During your preteen years, a part of you did know more than you gave yourself credit for. A part of you saw through people, saw truth, and saw the distinction between who you felt you were and who you felt you should be.

The problem is that when adults teach us directly or indirectly to follow their dictates instead of asking us how we feel about what we are being told to do, the result is a split in ourselves. This split is most common but not acceptable.

When you are split, your ego unconsciously takes over your personality and slowly pulls the veil over your truth.

Now it is time to undo this process, which continues well into the teen years, so you can honor who you really are instead of who you have been told you should be to gain approval.

Chapter excerpt © Copyright 2005, 2012 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved. from Know Yourself: A Woman’s Guide to Wholeness, Radiance & Supreme Confidence. Published by The Rose Group (January 2005) ISBN: 0974145742.

Just Want to Inspire You

adversity becomes your asset

Take the worst you have been through, ask God for guidance and help to turn all the pain around – then share it with all. You’ll be amazed at how much of a difference your courage and help make when people share their gratitude with you!

God gave me a quote;

There are no limits in this universe – only limited thinking”

YES you DESERVE “every single little thing your heart desires”. Just make sure you know what you do WILL come back to you multiplied. Keep your heart pure, your motives honest, and remember one thing… If you aren’t sure about what you love – look at pics on line. When your heart leaps – like OH I LOVE THAT – right click on the image and create a pic collage. This you can use for your own personal wallpaper so you see it every day. Then your whole life will mirror every single little photo you loved. Have fun, too!

I PROMISE you – no matter what you are going through, you will adjust. You can transform. You are never alone. Maybe a few million people can relate. I’ll share one thing with you – if it’s one heartbreaking, challenging time, I’ve been there and I’m your friend.

Use all of your pain and bring through a book or a song or a TV series or Feature Film. People – the WORLD can relate. Everyone loves the underdog who takes the last grain of determination you’ve got left to turn it all around because you REFUSE to stay down.

Oh yes it does! There’s an old saying, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t – YOU’RE RIGHT!

Rx 20,000 mg Self LovePLEASE look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself a hug. Stop every single mean thing you say and think to and about yourself. Replace it all with a prayer to find your way through to transform how you view yourself and how you live your life. ASK for the higher perspective. I am positive you will receive it, and you definitely deserve to.

Asking God for Advance Information and Guidance


This is the whole purpose of Higher Self Communication, so you are no longer wondering what you should do, how to handle a certain person, what the best thing to say would be… Continue reading