Guidance from Our Creator, God


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There are many people now, many in terms of the overall tapestry of humanity on earth, who are, in fact, receiving answers from God every single day. When will you be one of them? Continue reading

Dear God, How Can I Finally Love Myself? Exclusive Excerpt


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How can you finally love yourself? I have asked myself this question throughout most of my life because for most of my life I did not love myself. Continue reading

What is Surrender Really All About ?


When you surrender you are not leaping into a void of no return. You are leaping into the highest version of YOU that you have always wanted to become. Continue reading

I Asked God Why He Does Not Tell People How Everything is Going to Work Out


Life TransformationI wondered and asked God why He does not just tell people how everything is going to work out when that seems to be what many people worry about. The answer I received as the words flowed into my mind was, “That would take away the beauty, joy and wonder of life. How everything works out, the surprise of it all… If you go to the movie theater to see a movie, when you walk inside do you ask the people walking out of the movie, “What happens in the end?” THAT’S “Why.”

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How to Graduate from Earth School

How to Graduate from Earth School

  • We’ve been guided for thousands of years to live a way of life that is simultaneously so simple and so deeply challenging for most people.
  • Earth School is one TOUGH learning center. It takes us through a life we design filled with massive core challenges because we believe we CAN become all we are here .
  • There is only ONE way to graduate Earth School. The realm of life after our earthly graduation is pure bliss.There is no negativity. There is no danger or stealing. There are no storms, there is only blissful love surrounded by breathtaking beauty.
  • No one would even THINK to take anything away from you or deceive you. In the realm above this one there is NO deception, for all beings are transparent just as we all are now to those who have fully integrated Higher Consciousness/Oneness with God/Source/Creator/Holy Spirit/All That Is/I AM THAT I AM/ (by whatever name you personally use.)
  • You have right on this page the live seminar Barbara brought through from God, via Higher Self Communication, Higher Consciousness – that gives you the answers to get you from Earth to the next level up – which is paradise.
  • The video is a gift from Barbara to you. Below you can add a “Comment”, start a discussion, ask questions, meet new people, or interact with friends you have known.

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Answers from God

Answers from God

  • Your Life is about to change.
  • Recorded live in 5 Hours EXACTLY HOW to receive EVERY ANSWER YOU NEED FROM GOD IMMEDIATELY for the rest of your life.
  • The highest level of consciousness and life transformation is here.
  • The search is over.
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Barbara Rose’s Gift to You for Your Best New Year 2011 Ever

Hi Dear Friends,

I had to take any crumb of energy I have to send this out to all with the prayer that you receive guidance and answers that may profoundly transform your life.

This is a special time of new life, new hope, a new resolve to learn from the past so our future is as pristine as the whitest snow.

If you would like to share this with a friend, send them the link to this post which is
Please send your continued prayers for health, strength, prosperity and JOY! I send each of you all the love in my heart and I hope this makes life brighter for you.

Happy, Happy, Happy New Year 2011! I pray this new year is FAR better than the previous one.

With all my love,


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Dr. Barbara Sherry Rose Audio Series

How is it Possible to Receive Answers from God?

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Special Seminar Intensives Recorded LIVE for you to listen to any time, anywhere.

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What to Say to a Teen Who Has an Abusive Boyfriend

Dear God I Have Teenagers Please Help!

What to Say When a Teenager (or Adult) Has an Abusive Boyfriend
By Barbara Rose, PhD

When I was eighteen years old I had an abusive boyfriend, and I was miserable. My mom would sit and tell me how poorly I was allowing myself to be treated. Back then, I remember hearing her words and knowing deep in my heart that she was 100 percent correct with respect to everything she was telling me. I felt humiliated, and I felt low self-worth. I felt embarrassed to admit that she was right. I wanted to look good. I didn’t want to look like a failure, and I certainly did not want to admit to her that she was right. Although everything she said hit home, and I knew it, what I really wanted was support, understanding, and someone to guide me in a loving manner so I could break up with that abusive boyfriend.

I needed a real friend, not a daily lecture.

Of course my mom was pointing out the obvious, and she was doing so in the best manner she knew how. All parents do the best they know how. Now, this book is in your hands to help bring you another perspective so you can glean some beneficial insight to help you with your teen. The only one who can help you with how you relate to your teen is you, backed by your decision to learn whatever you can to help you get to a better place, so you can lovingly guide your teen to the best possible place on all levels of his or her life.

If you see your teen dating someone you feel and know is not in his or her best interest, here’s an approach you can try that may work wonders. Try letting your teen know that you truly believe in him or her and that his or her current choice may simply be a mistake, which he or she didn’t see at the beginning of the relationship.

Isn’t this true for all of us who have ended relationships? We usually did not see that the relationship would not be in our best interest when it began. Everybody goes through this. It is so important for you to let your teenager know that everyone who was ever in a relationship that turned out to be painful really did not see that in the beginning, and this does not make your teen a failure.

Try this approach as well. Try saying the following: “I believe in you and I know you are very smart. I know this is a difficult time and I know you will come out of this shining. Relationship mistakes are filled with great lessons to be learned. So even if you feel sad, please never feel like a failure because you never failed! It’s okay and even positive to walk away from a relationship that causes you to hurt. I did, and I know many other people who have. The most important thing for you to know and remember is that a relationship is never a reflection of how good you are deep inside. You were born good. You’re just learning through experience, the way everybody else learns, and in my life, the most painful times taught me so much. I know you are going to make the best choices that will cause you to feel happy again, and I am behind you all the way.”

Now, I believe that the above paragraph expresses sincerity, unconditional love, support, honesty, humility, and wisdom. I also believe that by relating positively to your teen and supporting him emotionally rather than preaching to him, you would most likely help him make a swift departure from a negative relationship in which he feels miserable.

Here is the alternative, and please be honest with yourself as to which dialogue you would rather hear from your parent if you were your teen.

Alternative Dialogue

“How can you let yourself be treated like dirt? Where is your backbone? You’re acting like a spineless wimp. He uses you, treats you like garbage, and you take it like a doormat. Why don’t you just break up with him? What’s wrong with you? Don’t you have a brain in your head? I can’t stand to see you let yourself be treated this way. You’re miserable. I’ve never seen anything like this before. Take a stand and show a backbone.”

You Choose

Which of those examples do you think will really reach your teen? Which one feels more supportive? Which one do you think your teen would respond to faster? Which one would you respond to faster and with more sincerity if it was about you?

I believe you would prefer the first paragraph. I believe you would prefer to be related to with loving support rather than being preached at. Let me ask you a question now, being you are a grown adult. Has your parent ever spoken to you in either of the ways expressed above? What do you honestly prefer, to be related to and supported or to be preached at?

If you’re anything like most human beings who have feelings, I believe you would vastly prefer to be spoken to in the most gentle yet loving and sincere manner. Truth must be spoken at all times. But the manner in which it is spoken makes all the difference in the world.

I want nothing more than for you to be able to thrive in your relationship with your teenager. I’m a mom, too, and nothing is more important to me than my own teenagers. What I did was speak and behave toward them in the exact opposite manner from which I was spoken to and treated when I was growing up. I know what it feels like to wish I had a parent who could really understand me, be my friend, and relate to me, while he or she showed me he or she truly believed in me.

I am positive that if you did not have that growing up, you most likely wished for the same thing. I would also venture to say that if your teen does not feel an incredible amount of unconditionally loving support coming from you, your relationship may be decaying, when deep in your heart you would prefer that it thrive. At least I hope this is what you would prefer.

Exclusive excerpt from the bestselling book Dear God, I Have Teenagers. Please Help! (ISBN: 0974145777 Rose Group, April 2007) © Copyright 2007, 2011 by Barbara Sherry Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved.