Guidance from Our Creator, God


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There are many people now, many in terms of the overall tapestry of humanity on earth, who are, in fact, receiving answers from God every single day. When will you be one of them? Continue reading

Dear God, How Can I Finally Love Myself? Exclusive Excerpt


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How can you finally love yourself? I have asked myself this question throughout most of my life because for most of my life I did not love myself. Continue reading

What is Surrender Really All About ?


When you surrender you are not leaping into a void of no return. You are leaping into the highest version of YOU that you have always wanted to become. Continue reading

I Asked God Why He Does Not Tell People How Everything is Going to Work Out


Life TransformationI wondered and asked God why He does not just tell people how everything is going to work out when that seems to be what many people worry about. The answer I received as the words flowed into my mind was, “That would take away the beauty, joy and wonder of life. How everything works out, the surprise of it all… If you go to the movie theater to see a movie, when you walk inside do you ask the people walking out of the movie, “What happens in the end?” THAT’S “Why.”

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How to Graduate from Earth School

How to Graduate from Earth School

  • We’ve been guided for thousands of years to live a way of life that is simultaneously so simple and so deeply challenging for most people.
  • Earth School is one TOUGH learning center. It takes us through a life we design filled with massive core challenges because we believe we CAN become all we are here .
  • There is only ONE way to graduate Earth School. The realm of life after our earthly graduation is pure bliss.There is no negativity. There is no danger or stealing. There are no storms, there is only blissful love surrounded by breathtaking beauty.
  • No one would even THINK to take anything away from you or deceive you. In the realm above this one there is NO deception, for all beings are transparent just as we all are now to those who have fully integrated Higher Consciousness/Oneness with God/Source/Creator/Holy Spirit/All That Is/I AM THAT I AM/ (by whatever name you personally use.)
  • You have right on this page the live seminar Barbara brought through from God, via Higher Self Communication, Higher Consciousness – that gives you the answers to get you from Earth to the next level up – which is paradise.
  • The video is a gift from Barbara to you. Below you can add a “Comment”, start a discussion, ask questions, meet new people, or interact with friends you have known.

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Click here to watch this video now as Barbara’s gift to you.

Answers from God

Answers from God

  • Your Life is about to change.
  • Recorded live in 5 Hours EXACTLY HOW to receive EVERY ANSWER YOU NEED FROM GOD IMMEDIATELY for the rest of your life.
  • The highest level of consciousness and life transformation is here.
  • The search is over.
  • Spiritual seeking transforms into SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCES. Once downloaded you can listen to the sessions anytime and anywhere as often as you need.
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Barbara Rose’s Gift to You for Your Best New Year 2011 Ever

Hi Dear Friends,

I had to take any crumb of energy I have to send this out to all with the prayer that you receive guidance and answers that may profoundly transform your life.

This is a special time of new life, new hope, a new resolve to learn from the past so our future is as pristine as the whitest snow.

If you would like to share this with a friend, send them the link to this post which is
Please send your continued prayers for health, strength, prosperity and JOY! I send each of you all the love in my heart and I hope this makes life brighter for you.

Happy, Happy, Happy New Year 2011! I pray this new year is FAR better than the previous one.

With all my love,


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Dr. Barbara Sherry Rose Audio Series

How is it Possible to Receive Answers from God?

Essential Higher Consciousness


Special Seminar Intensives Recorded LIVE for you to listen to any time, anywhere.

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Discovering Your Life Purpose – God Gives Answers

Discovering Your Life Purpose – God Gives Answers
Through Barbara Rose, PhD

When you ask, “What should I do?” with respect to your choices in your life’s direction, and life purpose, the answer is always going to be what you truly prefer deep in your heart.

I must give you a real-life example from my own life to better help you understand this.

When I was approaching my forty fifth birthday, my ego had a rough time about ageing. I did a writing to God, and was given the higher perspective about ageing, which completely transformed my view about any age I will be in this lifetime.

As a result, I got excited and inspired to write a book about the topic. I asked from my heart for God to give me the book title. The title I received was, “The 7 Dynamic Spiritual Laws of Ageing Youthfully.”

Then, I truly lost interest in bringing through this book, and the whole topic. Instead, I wanted to bring through a book to help humanity specifically in the area of religion and consciousness. The title I received from God in my writings which I registered is, “Realigning Religion: Consciousness and the Survival of the Human Species” along with specific instructions about the book cover, and a detailed book description.

In my writings to God/Source/Higher Self, I asked if it was okay to not write the book about ageing. I received pages of answers and guidance, and the one sentence I feel that is most important to share with you is the following quoted from my personal journal:

Always go with where your passion is and let that be your guide as far as what to write and publish and in what order.”

You see, God, Source, your Higher Self, whatever name you feel most comfortable with when referencing pure divine guidance will always support you in what you truly want to do, so long as it will not bring harm to you, anyone or anything.

We are all in this lifetime to really live it out with passion and excitement, and it’s perfectly okay to change your mind and go in a different direction in every level of your life.

We are not static robots. We are blooming, and as we bloom and grow, our preferences may change, just as some of your own preferences have changed over the last fifteen years.

In other words, there is no “should” there is only “prefer” and you will always be supported with what you prefer, as well as when you change your preferences. I can only share this because there have been so many times when my preferences changed, such as going fully into broadcast journalism, and then dropping the whole field to move fully in the direction I am now living and loving every day of my life.

New ideas may come up, and sometimes people are not sure what the best course of action would be with respect to life purpose. The only answer I can give you is what you feel most drawn to in your heart. Sometimes, you can do several things, and not only one. You can have a day job while you integrate more of what you love into your life, until you no longer need that day job.

When you go with your deepest preferences, from the bottom of your heart, you will always be going in the direction that is for your highest good. Many times we need a multitude of life experiences that prepare us for our true life purpose, that in many cases, including mine, come into full bloom later in life.

So go easy on yourself. Keep moving in the direction you love, and when the passion dies for that area, then it’s time to change direction, and the only direction to ever go in is what fills your being with excitement!

Then you are on the right track.

If you fight your truth with guilt laden shoulds, then that is what causes stagnation, and a feeling of somehow withering inside. It’s okay to change your mind, and it’s okay to even change it again.

You are always loved and supported. The key question is, are you willing to love yourself enough to listen to your heart? When you are, then you will finally know true joy.

© Copyright 2007, 2011 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved.

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