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Barbara's Books



By Barbara Rose, PhD

Book Description:

If God Was Like Man brings extraordinary, clear applicable solutions to current day woes facing humankind, albeit in a direct manner, and the resolutions presented are long overdue. If you’re looking for a feel good book that either ignores or sugar coats the tribulations of people who are judged and controlled, wish to bury your head in the sand, or remain judgmental of others, then you might be better off looking elsewhere for a sugar coated read.

Alternatively, if you are interested to learn how dilemmas presently facing life on earth can be reversed, this book brings perspectives to humanity in as clear and direct a manner as possible.

This book is far from New Age. The topics addressed are global, current day issues, and numerous in scope. Included are; same sex marriages, religion, education, fidelity, raising children, the death penalty, our environment, human cloning, technological warnings about control over the masses and numerous others.

The solutions specified from God are immediately needed, and if applied, can alter the harsh reality of life on earth.


Paperback: 148 pages
Publisher: Rose Group (November 1, 2003)
Second Edition February 17, 2006
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0974145718
ISBN-13: 978-0974145716

Exclusive Book Excerpts

Exclusive Excerpt Ultimate Guide to Self Love

Ultimate Guide to Self Love

By Barbara Rose, PhD

Here are a few guidelines you can take from within to build your self worth, esteem, and help you bring out all you desire to be and express in your life. They are phrased in first person to help you integrate them, until you are living your truth on all levels, in all areas of your life and are, in fact, genuinely feeling pure love and acceptance for yourself.

* I remember that whether or not someone is in my life is never a reflection of me; it is merely a reflection of their preference, and I honor their preference without taking it personally and allowing it to hurt me.

* I remember that whether I believe I can or I believe I can’t, I’m right!

* I know that what I create in my life is an expression of what fills my heart with joy. It is never a validation of who I am–it is pure expression.

* I know that outward status does not constitute a person’s worth. All people are equally worthy during pleasant times and unpleasant times.

* I realize that my greatest challenges have been my greatest teachers. I have learned much from the difficulties I have been through, and I help others, even if only by sharing.

* I create every circumstance in my life, and I do so in cooperation with others, all with pure motives.

* I use the **following guideline to manifest the life I came here to live, beginning with how I view myself:

** Decide. I decide how I want to feel, how I prefer to live, and how I prefer to create my life.

** Commit. I commit fully to the process.

** Be Willing. I am willing to do whatever it takes with dignity and pure motives, including the mirror dialogue, to help me shine from the inside out.

** Let Go. I let go of the expectations of others, along with my doubts, and replace them with what feels true for me.

** Follow. I follow my truth every moment, and I follow through in my actions everything that represents my highest and deepest truth.

** Wait. I have patience with an ever unfolding process in my life, and I remember to enjoy the process rather than just live for an outcome.

** Experience. I am experiencing all I first decided to, and now I am living completely in the moment, enjoying this journey called my life.

* My creative expression is too important to stifle out of fear of what others think. I bring my creative expression out from my heart because I care that it makes a difference while I enjoy the process.

* My romantic relationship is with a person who is my dearest and best friend. We are fully supportive of each other and trust each other completely.

* I listen to my body and rest when I feel tired, go for a walk in nature when I need rejuvenation, and consume only what is good for my body.

* I remember that the goals I am working to achieve constitute every moment of my life, and I live them out with passion.

* I ask for support when I need it, and allow myself to be real.

* In my writings to God, I ask to know about anything that is unconsciously holding me back, and how to transform it.

* In my writings, and each day, I ask to be divinely guided toward only what is for my highest good and the highest good of all.

* I speak to and treat all others in the same manner that I would want to be treated and spoken to.

* I stop looking for outward status and start being a pure change that I would love to see in this world.

* I never explain my personal views or spiritual preferences to people who cannot relate. I share what I choose to share only with people who can be supportive rather than arguing with me to negate my truth.

* I select my close personal friends very carefully based on the goodness in their hearts, and for no other reason.

* I remember to ask for pointers and guidance from people who are in a position I would like to move into, and I trust they will be happy to give me a few pointers in a positive direction.

* I admit my true feelings to myself rather than fighting them and trying to make them go away. They are trying to tell me something I need to acknowledge and know.

* I create my life’s work and purpose based solely on heartfelt inspiration. Passion, not outcomes, fuels my purpose.

* I fully trust that when something does not work out the way my personality wanted it to, ultimately, it worked out for my highest good.

* I trust that any delay is a blessing in disguise.

* I set priorities for my daily activities according to what I feel most inspired to do. My schedule is filled only with what I love.

* I stop doing anything that no longer brings me joy, with the exception of caring for my children, and clear out any part of my life that I no longer feel excited about.

* I know that I am the creator today of what my life will look like tomorrow.

* If I ever worry about what others are going to think, I remind myself that anyone can think many things. What is most important is following through with what I believe in my heart is real and true, so long as it brings harm to no one, including myself.

* I stay away from drama, gossip, negative people, and negative situations. I surround myself only with people and situations that reflect the pure truth inside my heart.

* I stop trying to follow what others are doing, and instead create and bring out what I love as my own unique contribution to my life and this world.

* I remember that no matter how successful a person may be, the truest form of success is a loving and pure heart. That is priceless and eternal.

© Copyright 2009, 2012 Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved. Exclusive Excerpt from the book The Ultimate Guide to Self Love (Published by The Rose Group, September 2009) ISBN:0979516153.

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About the Author:

Dr. Barbara Sherry Rose, most widely known as “Born To Inspire” was born in Bayside, New York. She attended Franklin College in Lugano, Switzerland, was an honor student at The American University School of International Service in Washington, D.C., and was inducted into Kappa Tau Alpha National Honor Society for Journalism and Mass Communication. Dr. Rose is the bestselling author of twenty five books, a world renowned Life Transformation Specialist, and one of today’s most loved and respected spiritual teachers. As Founder of International Institute of Higher Self Communication merged with Global Life Transformation Foundation she shares the nondenominational process of receiving answers from God, transforming the lives of millions across the globe. Her highly acclaimed work is widely sought after and published internationally with subscribers spanning 191 countries.

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Buddha Never Bowed Before a Statue, and Jesus Never Kneeled Before a Cross


Source through Barbara Rose, PhD

Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence

This information comes “through” me from Divine Source, God, All That Is, Creator to bring a message to humanity that many people have forgotten.

Far too many people have become “followers” rather than BEING and living the messages they hold dear.

True spiritual enlightenment comes from one Source; it is the same source that Jesus, Allah, Buddha, and You are connected to. It is Divine Source, and ALL beings of Light are connected to the same Divine Source energy.

I ask you to now close your eyes, and imagine the men named Jesus and Buddha for a moment. Jesus was a Jewish man that sought to bring humanity messages from Divine Source. He was murdered for that. He gave compassion because he learned the ultimate truth, and that is that ALL people, from every land are all Divine spiritual beings, and have the same abilities that Jesus had.

Buddha was also a man that sought to attain enlightenment from Divine Source. He told people to only take what he had to say into their hearts if it felt true for them. He never said to follow him, or create a statue to bow to in his image. So why are there so many people bowing, rather than just being and living the messages?

Oh there will certainly be controversy over this article, because it takes down the rigid structures and places all beings as equal, all as one, and all connected to Divine Source.

Each spiritual path carries wonderful teachings. It is when people take those teachings and create an organized religion out of it that the problems ensue.

Look at the Catholics and Protestants in Ireland that literally KILL each other – all in the name of Jesus Christ. Is THIS what Jesus taught? I would wager to say that the answer is absolutely not!

When people start to create rules, regulations and restrictions all in the name of one person that they believe “must” be worshiped, they have taken all of the teachings and made a huge business out of it.

The Catholic Church has millions of dollars. Why are there so many homeless people? Why are priests given the money for legal counsel when they sexually molested young boys? Why is that money not poured into helping the homeless children in this world?

The teachings of the man Buddha are fantastic. Why are there certain doctrines that seek to encourage people to worship a man, and not each person’s Divine essence, and simply live the teachings of Buddha? Why is there not allowed freedom of expression? Why is everyone bowing before man made plastic statues, when each person can simply be grateful for being an equal part of Divine Source?

You see, it is important for people to feel a sense of belonging, such as in a community where they can gather together and engage in prayer. There is nothing wrong with this at all. It is all of the OTHER rules and regulations that ostracize others if they do not “follow” the “rules” that were made by PEOPLE and not by the one whose teachings they are following to begin with.

There is no need for rules and regulations of any kind. There is no need for censorship. This robs a person from their individual right to explore the teachings in their purest form, without all of the “business” and organized rules that many organizations create.

The teachings are so simple; they are that hard to follow for so much of humanity.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Give compassion for others, as you would like them to have compassion for you. Share from your heart, and have pure motives and deeds.

Jesus didn’t belong to a church, and Buddha never prayed before a statue in his image. Additionally, the deity’s of Light are ALL a part of the same Divine source. All of the Angels, the Saints, all people are part of the same Divine Source.

There is a quote from the book If God Was Like Man and that is: (coming from God) “I would venture to say that your organized religions are causing much discord and disorganization among your people.”

That seems to be an understatement. So should the author of this article be on a hit list because Divine Source had another message to bring through to humanity? Should Jesus have been killed? Never! However, do not worship to follow others, pray and get connected to BECOME the highest level of light you can attain in this lifetime. Pray as an equal Divine Co-Creator – because that is what you are! So many millennia have passed, and humanity is STILL fighting over religion.

Who exactly crated the Vows that so many people take? Did Jesus create them? No. Did Buddha create them? No. So it was man that created them, along with the statues.

ANY Divine Being of Light will come to your aid when you call on them. However, as an enlightened being, I am sure you will attest that if a person lived on Earth, such as our dearly missed Saint (Mother) Teresa, SHE did not ask for statues to be made in her image, and she did not require certain prayers to be said to her. She is as much of a Saint as Paul, or any of the others. What Saint (Mother) Teresa probably would have requested is to take that money and feed the hungry children.

So many religious organizations have great plans to build large structures for worshipping before statues, and yet are they really doing anything to help the little ones in dire need? This is where the “organized” part of religion needs to be re-organized. There must be a budget to help the children that are sick, hungry and homeless, BEFORE the money is spent on more statues, decorations, and items to create a structure of worship.

There is only one place from where you can truly worship and get connected to whomever you wish to pray to, and that place is your heart.

That is ALL you need is your heart, and your mind. You NEVER need to FOLLOW anyone. Just be who you are – exactly as Jesus and Buddha were – they were themselves, and they attained spiritual enlightenment without all of the decorations. They helped so many people. Now, it’s your turn.

Take this message and create a NEW way – humanity for humanity. Uplift others lives rather than try to be or create a follower. Live the messages from your heart – there is no need to bow before anything that the ascended masters never bowed before. That was all created by man AFTER they passed over.

Realize that you are a spark of the same Divine essence as those you worship. Live their messages, and become yet another example of spiritual enlightenment. It only requires your heart – that is where your essence dwells. Use your mind to co-crate, and do so with love, pure motives, and positive actions.

You will then be living the messages. No statues are required.

© Copyright 2012 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved

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Dearest God Why Did I Break My Spine?

WHY Dearest God Why Did I Break My Spine?

Am I being punished for something? When things like this happen to me, to everyone else, why?

Please help me to understand because I try so hard to always do the right thing so when things like this happen it’s hard for me to know why. Please help me and all.

Thank you with all of my heart for Divine, Pure and Perfect truth in advance.

Love, Barbara


My Dearest Child,

No, this is not a punishment. It is simply a part of life. During this time while you are healing you can create within your mind, or on a picture collage, (or both) how exactly you want to live the REST of your life and make it happen with focus, passion, excitement and determination.

For most other people it is a wake-up of some form or another. Maybe they need to get a divorce and leave an abusive relationship. Maybe they need to discover their passion, so they, too, can create a focus and directions for them to follow as they, too, heal.

For others it is contemplation – where have they been going wrong and what, exactly do they need to change. They typically know deep inside, so a trauma serves as a wake-up.

For you, it is a re-aligning with your purpose that you have been living out only now seeing how you can serve even more. This world needs you, each and every soul in it to create a huge light of positive energy – love, and radiate that out instead of woes, anger, jealously and hatred. People MUST walk in word and deed in one direction  – not try to walk in two – such as telling the truth at all times, not only when it serves them because EVERY time is the time to be completely honest.

The world is in an upheaval and you are needed to help spread higher self communication, to spread HOW to receive answers from God and why. Also, you can create many webcasts on video so people can meet you so to speak and see the person behind the voice on the phone.

I urge you to get into alignment with living in GRATITUDE for having a place to live even if it is not what you ultimately love. That can come later as you create it.

Everyone is feeling shift and change and everyone is urged to remember and keep remembering that you are all a light in this world. So please stop the focus on dark and scary times. Remove yourself from media hype, from websites that focus on all of the darkness. Not every person is experiencing darkness – not you at all. The darkness I speak of is people living in a region where they are denied their own free will, such as not being allowed to be a female and walk down the block with a male.

Rulership that is truly a dictatorship is living in darkness. But as your light and work opens their mind to connect to God, there is then no-thing that can keep the light away because it is always from within.

Send THIS out to your subscribers and trust, my child, you ARE guided and protected. You are healing and all is well.

I love you!

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The Competition Fallacy

By Barbara Rose, PhD

So many people falsely think that if they help another, they are helping the competition. This scarcity perspective breeds greed and insecurity; ultimately, people who hold it will realize that had they not been helped at certain times, they would not have had the opportunity to be where they are today.

Now, if where you are today is the last place you would like to be, then this moment is your starting point, the important place from which you will create a way to shine again–to achieve, produce, and share the lessons you have learned as a result of your hardship.

Perhaps you feel happy about where you are today, perhaps you have come that far. Then this too is your time to create a way to help others. Share how you achieved your success.

You will not be “giving your secrets away”; instead you will find that you are helping so many people uplift themselves that the rewards and recognition you receive will be immeasurable.

A special woman named Arielle Ford is a well-known, highly respected publicist. Because I did not yet have a publishing contract while writing this book, she could not take me on as a client. But I knew I needed publicity to ensure that the messages in this book would reach you. Arielle offers a taped seminar series called “Book Publicity University.” It is phenomenal. She created it for authors who cannot afford to hire a publicist.

Ironically, on one of the tapes she describes a recurring dream in which she shares her publicity secrets and know-how with others. At the time those dreams occurred, she thought, “What a nightmare.” When I listened to this, I smiled. Her “nightmare” was the answer to my prayers.

Thank you, Arielle!

If you take a lit candle and walk into a room with one hundred people, each holding an unlit candle, and you touch your flame to the wick of another candle, you create more light. You do not lose anything by giving unto another.

And as all the people in the room realize this, their light touches another until all one hundred candles are lit.

The room is filled with light. Yet you always and forever will retain your own.

That is the process and the power of giving. You do have so much more when you give and so do so many others. If you held onto your single lit candle and were afraid to lose your light by giving to another, your fear would prevent you from seeing the difference you can make. Your fear stems from your belief that you will lose what you have if you give to another.

Please realize you are not meant to give all you have away, but you can certainly contribute: simple advice, a phone call, an answer to a letter. When you cooperate, you give. When you lend an ear, you give friendship or comfort.

Time is a valuable gift. Do not deplete your life, however, if you are not being given to in return.

© Copyright 2001, 2003, 2012 by Barbara Rose, PhD All rights reserved.

Partial excerpt from the book “Individual Power: Reclaiming Your Core, Your Truth, and Your Life” by Barbara Rose Published by The Rose Group (April 2003) ISBN-10: 097414570X.

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How Can I Transform Tragedy?

Higher Self Through Barbara Rose, PhD

There is only one place where tragedy occurs, and that is in the mind. Tragedy may appear to you on the physical level, however, it is the enormous power of your mind that creates the pain and separation you feel, from Love, from God, from Life itself when you listen to what your egoic thoughts are telling you, rather than listen to the voice of pure love, which can ONLY come from God, Holy Spirit, Divine Source.

Let me give you an analogy that Barbara Rose actually went through as a perceived “tragedy” so that you can better relate to the concepts given to you here.:

Barbara had a former husband that filed lies with a court to gain primary custody of their shared children, to avoid child support obligations that he had previously been sentenced to jail for twice before.

Barbara did not have money for an attorney, and experienced (on the ego and personality level) the injustice in the American justice system: i.e.; if you don’t have money for legal representation, then you have pretty much lost before you even have a chance to “win.”

Barbara on the ego and personality level experienced “severe and tragic loss” in “what she interpreted to be “losing her children.” She nearly took her own life over the injustice she perceived.

It was during many writings, and one in particular, that she received the words of God in her writings, which were: “You did NOT “lose” your children, you are merely sharing for the physical care for them with their father. You are still their mother, and always will be in this lifetime. You can see them, and be very active in their lives, so please understand that this was not a “punishment” or a “tragedy” this was a soul agreement, because you have other work to do in this life, while you are still a mother.”

Even if a person “dies” in physical life, they are NOT “dead” at all. They are vibrant and alive on the other side, and often visit loved ones in the physical realm, even if the person in a physical body cannot see their loved one. In MANY cases, the person that “died” is so much HAPPIER and MORE ALIVE on the other side, than they were in their physical life. It is the ego’s attachment that causes suffering. Pure Love would say: “I love you, and I know that your soul, spirit, and Life cannot ever be extinguished, so I will see you after this life again, and I will always love you.”

Many people try with all of their mind’s might to hold on to people, situations, external conditions and a host of other perceived areas as their source of happiness out of attachment. Once whatever the source of attachment is in their life is suddenly “gone” it is viewed as a “tragedy.” Love, Light, and God NEVER bring tragedy into people’s life. PEOPLE’S MINDS create the tragedy by their THOUGHTS. If something is loved Unconditionally, then there is NOT a condition that MUST be set in order for the love to continue.

Some people LOVE their money. Some people commit suicide when they lose their money. The same is true for a loved one. When you can begin to view the impermanence of things in life as the only constant, combined with Love, you will be free from suffering and tragedy permanently.

If you wish to do something about the madness and chaos you see in this world that was the seeming “cause” of the “tragedy” then you are doing so out of LOVE, which is WHY you will begin to feel better! It is the Love that is your natural state that brings you back into a feeling of wholeness, and oneness once again.

Please remember that the ego is very invested in keeping the status quo – whatever that may be. The ego has a comfort zone, and anything that disrupts that comfort zone is viewed as a “tragedy.” For goodness sake, there are people that get a scratch on their car, and have a fit over it, as if their home fell down a mountain. Moreover, there ARE people that have had their homes slide down a mountain, and were NOT so attached to that structure, and simply went about to buy or build another dwelling.

You are in this life for one purpose only, and that is to Love. It is to become One with your true essence of Love. Once you do, you will never again view something as a tragedy, but will understand the Divine orchestration of this Universe, and realize that you are forever at-one with your Source, and that IS Divine Source. That is all that will ever get you to feel better, is to become one with your true nature, and that is God.

View the things of this world with a LOT less meaning. View the people of this world with a LOT more unconditional Love and compassion. Realize that you do Not OWN another person, but you ARE ONE with ALL people – always. Release the sense of separation you feel from others, and you will come to know the inner peace of spirit, that dwells in your deepest heart, and is never separate from another spiritual being. All spiritual beings are One. YOU have to take a LOT of your situations much LESS SERIOUSLY. You are not your rent, or your relationship, or your bank account, or job status, or degree, you are Love, period.

When you learn that everything is of Love, you will come to know true inner peace, and will cease to be fraught with despair in the conditions that your eyes may see before you. You will come to trust that your essence, which is pure Love cannot EVER be extinguished. You NEVER “die”, your spirit is eternal, every spirit is eternal. Death is the illusion, because it is viewed as “death” however, there is no death there is only eternal life – so it is the mind’s illusion of death, and all other outer conditions that it is attached to, and has not awakened enough yet to free itself (the mind, YOUR mind) of the attachment to outer conditions. That is what was meant by the saying “Be in this world but not of it.”

The more you can detach from your external conditions, the more inner peace you will feel. Life is meant to be filled with pure love and joy – bliss – at ALL times. So do not let appearances shake you, or get to you. Make your ego’s investment in how things “must” be mean less to you, and allow yourself to observe with pure Love, and without judgment. You CAN change the feeling of tragedy by changing your perspective within your mind – where ALL feelings are created.

This may not be the “fix” that you were looking for, as it takes a tremendous amount of wisdom without an ego invested in outcomes to live this message. However, this message is one of truth, so as you ponder it, you will come to understand it more. The truth is eternal, so please do try to contemplate and awaken to this message, because it WILL lead you out of suffering, and it is ONLY your peace of MIND that will transform and overcome ANY seeming tragedy, forever.

© Copyright 2012 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved.

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Are You Receiving Answers from Others, Connecting to Entities or to God, Your Higher Self?

when God answers

By Barbara Rose, PhD

We all, every being, both in physical form and in non-physical form are of Divine essence, and we all have Source energy within us. All beings, all entities throughout the universe also have free will and choice.

There are beings of Light in the Higher Realms that are so

beautifully pure, such as the Angels. There are other entities of various names that other people channel, who have beautifully

supportive messages, and who have helped many people.

What happens if you depend on someone else to channel information for you after that person is no longer here? Or perhaps they stopped for whatever reason? Where is the source of your answers going to come from then?

No matter what name you give it, be it God, All That Is, Holy

Spirit, Divine Source, Creator, I AM, Higher Self, Christ

Consciousness, this is the one and only source that YOU can turn to, forever, and for eternity for guidance, clarification, direction, help, understanding, support and answers, for free, for the rest of your life, and this connection cannot ever be extinguished, cannot ever be taken away from you, and will never fail you.

You have free will and choice. So whoever you choose to connect to in the Higher realms is solely and completely up to you. What I do NOT want to see is anyone being disempowered by DEPENDING on anyone else in this universe for answers, because God, your Higher Self will give them to you always. THIS is authentic empowerment for humanity.

The key here is that you are authentically empowered and dependent upon NO ONE other than your Own Divine Connection. If you want some answers, all you need to do is ask for them. You can ask in a writing, or from your mind, or for a realization to come to you during sleep. You can ask anywhere, anytime, and for anything that you are not sure about, and you will receive the answers you need.

There is nothing “wrong” with connecting to anyone in the non-physical realm, such as a departed loved one, an Angel, etc. What I hope to share with you here is that you have the identical ability to bring through any and every answer as anyone else on earth does, and it feels a LOT more empowering to know, with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that you can do this.

It is crucial that you are authentically empowered and bring through the answers that you are seeking.

Never depend upon anyone else or “follow” anyone else but your own heart, your own truth, and know that when you start to “follow” this is not helping you to BE. There is no one in this universe who is above or below you. You are of Divine essence. God, your Higher Self is the all supportive, unfailing, purely loving, unconditionally understanding, Highest Source that works In You, As You and Through You with every breath you take.

Write to God, your Higher Self. Ask from your heart. You will receive answers, and once you know you are, in fact, receiving answers, I do promise you that any question you ever have, for any matter, no matter how large or small it is, WILL be answered with pure love, and according to what id for your Highest Good.

Please trust this so that you are never dependent upon anyone, other than God, Your Higher Self who is within every breath you take.

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How Miracles are Created


By Barbara Rose, PhD

There is a calling from humanity coming from every corner of the globe. This calling is felt in the higher dimensions as pleas and feelings of desperation are felt from all who wish for a miracle in their life.

Here is your answer as to exactly how miracles are created so you can learn how to bring them about in your life.

Miracles Are All Energy

Every plea and request that you have in your life is filled with energy.

When you feel afraid, what you are actually doing is surrounding yourself with a sort of blanket that covers up your ability to create a miracle.

On the other hand, when you have perfect faith that all you need or wish to unfold will, in fact, do so – then you have released the negativity and have allowed the Divine to work in your life in so many ways you cannot see with your 5 senses – and yet – the Divine is active in your life at all times.

What is required of you to manifest a miracle in your life is to ask for Divine assistance and at the same time, remember any past event where a “miracle” came about.

What this will do is show you from your ego’s fearful personality level that if it happened in the past, it can happen again NOW!

How the Divine Works in Your Life

You are surrounded at all times and connected at all times to your Higher Self, your Over Soul, God, All That Is, Divine Source, as well as Angels who have been assigned to you to bring about all of the good you wish to manifest.

The key to this is perfect TRUST.

Trust is crucial – because this alleviates the negative energy, & makes room for the positive to enter.

Prayer must be done on a level of gratitude as trust, as opposed to begging.

You are a Divine expression of God, or whatever name you give to your Highest source of wisdom and guidance. Therefore, there is no need to beg – because you are as Divine as those to whom you pray!

How Miracles Take Shape

There are many people who will connect to your energy, either positive, or negative, as the universe is completely neutral.

So when your focus is on trust and faith – you WILL attract those of a like energy into your life, and so you may call it a “miracle” however, what it actually is, is your intention, and your energy & trust combined that has lifted to a higher & more positive vibration, where you do attract exactly what you need.

How Your Help Creates Miracles for Others

The best thing you can do for anyone with whom you have a deep concern is to picture their miracle coming about and focus on this as if it were already complete.

By sending this positive energy to this person, or group of people, what you are doing is adding to the positive energy that surrounds them, and their positive energy is amplified, and so “miracles” are thus speeded up.

We are all one. There is not one Soul on Earth that does not matter. There is not one Soul that cannot rise from the depths of despair, to the heights of love, prosperity, health, and a life that is a beacon of hope for others.

Your Role Is Crucial

You play much more of a role in manifesting miracles than you may realize.

Pray, if you wish to, and see it as complete if that is your desire, and most of all, align with your Higher Self to co-create the miracles that you wish to bring about both for yourself and all others.

This, my dear children is how all of humanity will one day live. All will co-create with all, and life on Earth will be a daily, moment-by-moment miracle.

The miracle is in the moment – THIS moment – that is where the intention is set, and that is when it is made manifest, and then, you can simply trust that it is in fact, on its way.

Most of all ~ believe!