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Podcast: Top 8 Healthy Relationship Questions and Answers


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Top 8 Healthy Relationship Questions and Answers

Run Time 17:39

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Podcast: Accepting Yourself No Matter What


Accepting Yourself No Matter What Free Audio Podcast. You can listen now or pick up from where you left off at any time. Enjoy!!

© Copyright 2017 by Barbara Rose,PhD All Rights Reserved.

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About Divine Communication – A Special Q & A

rippling-effect  By Barbara Rose, PhD

1. How can anyone receive direct communication from Divine Source, God, Higher Self,  All That Is?

Each spiritual/human being IS a physical manifestation of Divine Source. We are always receiving communication at every moment of our lives, however, most people are attuned to what their five senses are showing them, and think they are closed off to receiving direct Divine communication.

Each time you have a “gut instinct” or that “still small voice” within that is guiding you, even if the guidance may not make sense to your logical mind, such as: “Don’t take this road home today” even if it is the same road you travel every day when you drive home, that is Divine Source communicating directly to you.

Each of us has a spiritual connection via our soul to the information and energy, answers and clarification that we would like to receive from God/ Higher Self/ Creator. There is not one human being that does not have this ability. The only difference between those who receive Divine information clearly, and those that believe that this is a near impossible endeavor is practice!

The more open you are to following first your gut instincts, following that still small voice, and practicing asking questions via writings, or simply from your heart, it is your heart-felt intention to receive clarity, answers and solutions that WILL be heard, and answered, every time.

Direct Divine communication is each person’s inherent birthright. We are all Spiritual beings, and at every moment, we ARE connected. It is just like turning on the radio to hear what a station is broadcasting. We have to open up our end to receive the answers, however, they are always transmitted to us with the level of growth and understanding that we have at each point in our life. When you are truly ready to receive communication, all you have to do is ask for it, and be sure that you will receive it!

2. What is the difference between doing My will and God’s will?

You will know that you are doing “God’s will” or Divine Will when all of your intentions are to be of positive service for both your highest good and the highest good of all sentient beings.

When you are passionately living and being in the moment, unattached to outcomes, and are in absolute love with the process of all you are doing, then you are creating from your Divine essence, and thus are being a Divine expression of Divine Source in your life.

The most important part of doing and being an expression of the Divine in your life, is that your virtuous intentions are to be of service to others, while you regard others as precious as yourself. This is the highest manifestation of Divine Will operating in your life, and this can only come from one place, and that is from your heart.

3. What does it feel like to receive direct communication from Divine Source?

When I receive information in writing, there is a feeling of deep inner peace, and profound love permeating my heart, as well as my surroundings. I am completely aware of my surroundings, however, I am so “in” the moment, that I do not recall the information I brought through until after I read it. There is complete compassion, and wisdom that pours through me, and there is a feeling supreme Divine protection around me. There is zero judgment, and profound love.

When I receive information that comes directly into my mind, and brought through in my speech when communicating the information to others, the inner feeling is the same, and there is a tremendous positive surge of energy that is profoundly uplifting, and all-knowing. It is a fantastic, enlightening experience, and it feels quite natural, however, Divinely guided and communicated. While I bring through information for others through speech, I am completely aware of my surroundings in the moment, however, after 24-48 hours, I have no recollection of the information I have brought through, unless someone tells me exactly what I have brought through, I then remember that part quite clearly, however, that is the only part that is re-awakened within my memory for that person.

4. How can I tell the difference between “false prophets” and pure messages from Divine Source?

Divine Source NEVER communicates information that is fear based, frightening, or carries an energy that is negative with any type of impending doom. The information is filled with tremendous love, compassion, guidance, clarity, patience and direction for our highest good at all times.

“False Prophets” tend to thrive on igniting more fear among people, and often carry judgment. Their messages will tell you that you “must” do something, as opposed to leaving it to what feels true for you in your heart.

Divine Source will always let you know the best course of action or inaction that you can take in order to live your grandest and highest vision of yourself, however there is never any judgment, and there is only pure, loving support, compassion, and extreme patience. There is never “gloom and doom” and there is always inspiration and hope, along with a higher perspective that will leave you feeling authentically empowered and uplifted with unconditional love.

5. Why are so many people claiming to be bringing through Divine information from God now?

This can be best explained by stating: “why are there so many people claiming that the Earth is round and not flat now?” All human beings are Spiritual beings, and we all have six senses, not five. So many more people are fully opening their connection to their Higher Self, the Angelic Realm, Divine Source, and whatever name you give to whomever you pray to.

We ALL have the natural ability to communicate and receive profound realizations from the Highest realms of Light – where all truth, purity, and love emanates. This is our natural birthright, as much as any of our five senses are. We are here to use ALL of our senses, and as more people are, the information is helping to heal so many levels of life on Earth, and bring help, hope and answers to so many more people. This is our gift, and to cultivate this gift with a pure heart, to make life better for others in any and all areas possible, is the highest life purpose a human being can attain during this most precious human life on Earth.

6. How can I learn to discern between the voice of Divine Source and my own voice?

I can only share with you how I discern, as many people receive Divine information in many different ways. The words come into my mind quite distinctly. It is like that “still small voice” only much louder, and with a distinct certainty about it.

Many times my own voice will have doubts, and questions, however, the voice of Divine Source is filled with pure information that is certain. There is nothing ambiguous about it. It is definitive, clear, and authoritative when giving warnings or information that relates to safety, such as a hurricane, or the forthcoming death of someone I know, as well as filled with much love and compassion at all times. I am also given images in my mind, and information about a person, even when I have never met them or spoken to them. The messages are loud and crystal clear, whereas my “own” voice may be more questioning and uncertain, the words of Divine Source that come into my mind have zero uncertainty about them, and they have been 100% accurate at all times.

It can best be described as a sure “knowing” that is transmitted into my mind via words with absolute certainty.

7. If God really exists, why are so many bad things happening in our world now?

We are all endowed with free will and choice. Adolf Hitler could have used his tremendous power to uplift humanity rather than have millions of innocent people tortured and killed.

God, Divine Source will NOT interfere with our free will and choice, and as we become more aware of the absolute laws of this Universe with regard to cause and effect, you can be certain that you WILL reap what you sow. You will create positive karma or negative karma via your intentions and actions. As we are living in highly accelerated times of profound spiritual growth, the karma that we create is almost instantaneous now, whereas many years ago, it would have taken lifetimes to reap the results of our actions. Now, we are reaping them within days, and even hours or minutes. So it is of utmost importance to purify your mind of all anger, which is so destructive, and to align yourself with motives, words and deeds that you would like to receive in return.

This is the compass you can use in your life: If you want what you send out to come back upon you one hundred fold, then by all means, send it out via your motives, words and deeds. If you would NOT like to receive what you are sending out, then re-think, and reassess what you are about to do, and CHOOSE to turn it all around for positive and beneficial outcomes for all. THIS is how God/Divine Source works in our life – it is THROUGH us, because we ARE the Divine manifest in physical form. And it is through our conscious choices and actions that we CAN create heaven on Earth, simply by cherishing all living beings as supremely important, and treating them as such. We will all find then, that we are given tremendous realizations, and opportunities for personal awakening, which will dispel the darkness and confusion of our own minds, bringing us clarity, happiness, and joy, which we can then spread to all others.

© Copyright 2005, 2017 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved


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What is Surrender Really All About ?

so gentle yet so strongBy Barbara Rose, PhD

What is surrender really all about?

So many of us, in the past including me, think too much. We worry, plan, doubt, and fight both ourselves and those we love.

So I asked: “What is surrender really all about?”

I received my answer, and much to my amazement, it isn’t nearly as scary as I thought it would be.

So here it is:

Each of us came into this life to create the highest and best version of ourselves that we can possibly become.

This encompasses all aspects of our lives: all aspects of us. Not just our bank account, career stature, relationships, or acquisitions. It encompasses every part of who we are within: Every part of our BEING that you and I ultimately want to bring forth in our observable life, from within, to the outside.

There is a higher part of our consciousness. You can give this any name you prefer. The higher part of ourselves sees and knows exactly who we want to be. The grandest version we have of ourselves on every level.

We can look at where we are now in our lives, and compare that to how we ideally would love to be.

For example: I used to be quite needy and clingy in relationships. I felt insecure. I thought I needed to have a committed relationship in order to be happy. I used to tolerate a lot, sacrifice my own self-respect, and not rock the boat out of fear. However, deep inside, I genuinely wanted to BE independent, confident, strong, and have the guts to go with the flow while I showed respect to myself, towards anyone who was in my life, and passionately thrive on every level as a whole and complete individual.

Whatever is out of our comfort zone is the precise area that we are consciously resisting, because we are afraid. Thus it is in the explicit unconscious reaction where we find ourselves not bringing out our best, but instead, stagnating.

This is the precise area where surrender is key, to move precisely in that direction, because ultimately, the release of this fear will bring out who we authentically are – our highest and best version of ourselves.

After enough pain and regret, ultimately, we do ‘surrender’ however we are not giving up anything other than old outmoded patterns of expressing ourselves that completely go against the best self we can genuinely express.

So when you feel fear, or resistance, please know that it is a sign, a knock on the door of your consciousness that says: “Hey, this is bothering you, and upsetting you, because this is NOT who YOU REALLY ARE! This is the part of you that you learned throughout the course of your life to keep you from pain. However, being you are in some measure of pain NOW, your feelings of resistance are trying to get you to surrender.” To what? To the real you.

Once you are aware, you can then take the next step, which is action.

At the onset of this process, you will naturally feel great fear, because you are moving into personal territory that is unfamiliar to you.

The key is to do exactly what you fear most, as long as it does not bring harm to your or anyone, and there, in that sublime moment, you have actually conquered your fear, shed the belief that whatever you are resisting will ultimately hurt you, and as a result, you are now BEING the REAL you.

So when you surrender you are not leaping into a void of no return. You are leaping into the highest version of YOU that you have always wanted to become.

That is all “surrender” truly means. Surrendering to the real you, as opposed to the person that you thought you needed to be in order to feel safe.

Inner safety is for cowards. Inner risk is for the courageous.

Why do you think so many people love the underdog; the one who made it in ANY area of their life? There are great examples of people who conquered an addiction, or a fear of moving into a business venture that was passionately created from the inside out, which meant so much more than their seeming outer security, pension or retirement. Even the battered women who are petrified to leave, but somehow, find the guts from within to walk, as well as the men and women who finally become authentic, and risk showing love, rather than keep their beautiful hearts in the isolation of their comfort zone.

The only comfort zone that brings fulfillment, and reward, is risk. Without risk, there is no life. With it, you live passionately.

Once you do surrender to the area in which you personally find your greatest resistance, it is in that area, you will find the most profound rewards you can fathom.

Surrender to your rewards. They are waiting for you. Your rewards are the greatest you that you came into this life to create.

I dare you to do it – for you.

Igniting the Process.

Okay, the mini thesis above explained the mystery of surrender. Now here is how to go about actually doing it.

You can apply this to ANY and EVERY area of your life where you feel uncomfortable or resistant.

First: feel your feelings of resistance.

Second: NOTICE what you are feeling. Take a step back and acknowledge the feelings to yourself. Admit it! Say: “I feel afraid.”

Third: accept this feeling. Tell yourself it is okay to have this feeling. Just as you would accept that you are thirsty, even after you had a glass of water, a feeling is just a feeling, so, accept it without judgment.

Forth: release all negative judgment about having this feeling. Do you judge yourself for feeling cold on a winter night? Do you judge yourself for feeling afraid to sky dive? Many people feel like they are skydiving in varied areas of their lives. Simply accept whatever feeling you have, and tell yourself that it’s okay to have this feeling, period.

Fifth: Ask yourself what you would genuinely prefer deep in your heart. How do you prefer to BE? If you didn’t feel afraid, or label yourself and your feelings, what, precisely, would you be doing?

Sixth: acknowledge that the highest and best person you are within is trying to come out. Acknowledge that this is your personal evolutionary process, and respect yourself for going through this process. Do you judge a flower seed for not blooming two days after it is planted? No. You respect and honor the process of its individual growth. I assure you that you are worthy of the same respect you give to plant life.

Seventh: DO IT! Whatever it is, no matter how many labels you gave to yourself in the past. No matter how many prior fears held you back before. That is your HISTORY; it is not your destiny. Your destiny exists solely in one moment – NOW. Even if you’re trembling, DO what you genuinely WANT to do. The first time is the hardest. After this it’s like a snowball going downhill. Your confidence will increase. Your inner self will be coming to the surface.

Eighth: give yourself a much-deserved pat on the back.

Welcome home – to the REAL you.