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God’s View of the Death Penalty – Excerpt from IF GOD WAS LIKE MAN


And if there are individuals who are a danger to society, put them in a place where they can spend the rest of their lives in contemplation. In that way they may be able to correct, or learn, or grow, or heal. Then you will have created a situation where growth is achieved, and thus the cycle is complete. For to end people’s lives does not cause an ending at all. They are very much alive after this life. Continue reading

VIDEO: Advice for Your Soul Mate Relationship


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Risk Being Real in a Relationship Brings a Certain Reward


To share your truth is perhaps one of the scariest feelings that exists between lovers and romantic friends today.
When you take the risk to bear your soul, expose the real you, and reveal your genuine feelings, you become vulnerable; you may be afraid that your open heart will be pierced by another. But there is another dynamic you may wish to consider and experiment with, a tiny bit at a time. Risk exposing your feelings. Continue reading

A Message from God, Source – Why There is Upheaval in Your Life


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Excited to Share My Purium Weight Loss Journey Video


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ULTIMATE Weight Loss & Anti-Aging


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When I come across something that is astounding I feel deeply inspired to share it with you to make a massive difference in your life.

I noticed a few relatives who had profound weight loss results by using 100% organic, 100% pure, vegan products from a company called PURIUM and I decided to try the products for myself. I AM ASTOUNDED by the results of putting the purest super-food, anti-aging ingredients into my body that works on the cellular level.

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I’m personally using the following:
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I learned a LOT by watching the videos on their website. I learned a LOT about NO GMO, the power of nature’s purest super foods and plants, how weight loss is optimized by putting the body into an anabolic state – so the body goes to STORED FAT to remove that instead of lean muscle mass. I learned the vital importance of real, pure, vibrant HEALTH and how to body RESPONDS to what you put INTO IT!

My body IS responding in every amazing way and that is the ONLY WAY I would share this with you! On these products it feels like the cells within my body come to life.

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Here’s to Our PURE Health!


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