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Wisdom on the Other Side of Knowledge


By Barbara Rose, PhD

There may have been times when you sought to understand an event or situation in your life as you were trying to figure it all out, to no avail.

Perhaps being intellectual, as you are, you tried to view the perplexing situation from any angle you could think of. And yet, there may have been times when you were still left in a quandary- still unsure, still asking questions about the matter at hand.

This area of the intellect can actually receive answers from the Higher Consciousness within your mind, which transcends your logical intellect with the limited perspective that left you still searching for answers.

The purpose of this excerpt is to teach you how to access your own Higher Consciousness so that you can receive answers to any situation your intellect is having trouble figuring out. This is a process that is your birthright; it is your Higher Self Communication.

What This Means

The term Higher Self Communication simply refers to that part of your mind that has the ability to consciously receive answers that are beyond your own current intellectual knowledge. The answers might pertain to your love life, research, or trying to understand how to relate to a loved one, such as your teenager or parent or spouse.

There is an explanation that I believe will hit home with you and make sense out of this process. It is this: “The mind cannot transform its limited perspective at the same level of consciousness that is viewing a situation while questions, uncertainty, and lack of clarity and understanding prevail.”

After all, if we were able to transform our conscious views of a situation at the same level of conscious awareness that we currently have, all internal emotional pain, lack of understanding regarding any situation, as well as a complete positive paradigm shift, would occur instantaneously.

Your Paradigm Shifts

I would like to share an example from my own life so that you can understand in down-to-earth terms what this is all about. Following my example, I will share with you exactly how to access your own higher consciousness so that you, too, can engage in life-transforming paradigm shifts within minutes.

A Personal Example

Many years ago, when my children were very young, I went through unwarranted child custody litigation. That situation did not turn out the way I would have preferred, and I viewed it from my own limited perspective-as if “I lost my children.” I was given visitation rights; however, my ego and intellect could only perceive what I used to call “a deep and tragic loss.”

I was experiencing the deepest emotional despair because of how I was viewing the situation. I did not consciously realize that there was an alternate perspective that would transform suicidal sorrow into complete understanding within a few minutes.

In my deepest heart I wanted to understand why I “lost my children” (as that was how I viewed the situation at the time). And after all, it is natural for us to want to understand why when a situation is something other than what we would prefer it to be.

I wrote down on a piece of paper the words, “Dear God, why did you let me lose my children?” I immediately received words in the form of an answer that flowed into my mind. I wrote those words down verbatim: “You did not “lose” your children. You are merely sharing the physical care of them with their father. They are alive; they will always be in your life, and you will always be close to them. Please shift your view from loss to sharing.

Instantaneous Transformation

When I re-read the words that I had written down, my paradigm-my view of the situation-shifted completely. My perception was instantaneously transformed. As a result, I honestly went from wanting to die to having a new lease on life. The simple answers that I received completely transformed my consciousness, which then was the catalyst for my having the desire to re-build and transform my life from the bottom up.

No Special Ability Required

As a regular human being with a deep love of the intellectual process, I was awestruck at how I could receive such a clear new perspective. I was excited. At the same time, in my eternal search for truth beneath the surface of things in life, I wanted to know how this was possible.

The Desire for Answers

Having received the answer that brought me a complete paradigm shift, I found I wanted more answers. I wanted to understand the dynamics of a deep and emotionally difficult relationship. I wanted to understand how a regular human being could receive answers about any situation that the personality and ego-intellect could not come up with on its own.

I began to write down questions I had that mattered deeply to me in my heart. I had a lot of questions, and I truly needed answers. Answers would bring me clarity, insight, and the kind of new perspective that would transform emotional grief and intellectual confusion into emotional peace and intellectual understanding.

© Copyright 2010 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved.

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Awaken Your Higher Consciousness to Transform Your Life


Whether you are trying to figure out the best way to solve a problem or how to bring through a new book, there is no process in this universe that will work better, faster, more purely and completely than utilizing your own sixth sense to fully awaken your own Higher Consciousness.

This process is already built in to every single human being alive. It cost nothing and yields much more than you or I can ever fathom.

  • You receive information that you could have never known from the limited intellectual level, including advance information that you may not have ever realized you need.
  • Any relationship issues you have are transformed within minutes when you receive the Higher perspective that is your birthright.
  • You are fully guided from within in the now moment at all times to catapult yourself and your life in the most positive direction.
  • Crucial information about another person in your life flows into your mind – and it is always one hundred percent accurate.
  • The limitations we all have when trying to live our lives from the extremely limited five sensory level are transformed to unlimited guidance, answers, warnings to keep you out of danger, sudden brilliant ideas flow into your mind and the transformation process is astonishing.

There is so much more that having a fully awakened Higher Consciousness does for you that the list is as endless as our universe.

If you are spiritually inclined you can refer the Source of the guidance to God/Source/Higher Self/ Infinite Intelligence/All That Is/Creator/The Great Creative Process. Any name you feel most comfortable with can suffice.

The above is covered in great detail in the book If God Hears Me, I Want an Answer!

If you are not spiritually inclined you can simply ask from within your heart for your sixth sense to awaken and for the guidance, answers and information you need to flow into your mind via your Higher Consciousness. This process is covered in great detail in the book Wisdom on the Other Side of Knowledge.

There is a plethora of information, questions and answers that exists in a virtual archive library from the

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  • Any time you feel a lack of inner peace for more than ten minutes this pure process is a saving grace.
  • When you utilize all six senses (instead of being severely hampered utilizing only five senses) whenever you feel stuck, upset, or worry, you can immediately receive a whole new perspective about any matter weighing on your heart.
  • The higher perspective that is so vastly different from how you were previously viewing the situation, that you will be astounded at its truth and simplicity while it fully transforms the unpleasant feelings you were previously experiencing.
  • The difference is so profound, it has saved countless lives globally.
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