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Video: Become Someone’s Miracle! Starting the Global Miracle Movement

What a profound way to transform a global pandemic into a MIRACLE MOVEMENT. Watch this video!

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The Virgin Experiment I NEVER Thought I Would Make Public

The following information is deeply personal. It was a “virgin experiment” that took place between January 14, 2001 and January 17, 2001. Click to Read More…

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When Something Happens that You Don’t Like

Always say yes to what the universe is showing you, rather than fighting it. If a circumstance comes into your life that you do not want, then ask for the higher perspective as to how you can transform both it and yourself, so that you are authentically empowered rather than emotionally crushed… Read More…

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Are You Receiving Answers from Others, Connecting to Entities or to God, Your Higher Self?

What happens if you depend on someone else to bring through answers for you after that person is no longer here?

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How Miracles are Created

Your answer as to exactly how miracles are created so you can learn how to bring them about in your life.