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Higher Consciousness Awakening Audio Intensive Recorded Live


Your personal growth and evolution will take a dramatic leap by utilizing the process explained in this deep 4 session Higher Consciousness Awakening Audio Intensive recorded live.

If you are searching for answers to the difficulties in your life both Barbara and thousands of other people spanning 191 countries turn to this process for immediate awakening, answers and solutions that are nothing short of astounding.

This intensive is now being offered for $99 USD for the entire 4 session audio intensive that is payable via fully secure Pay Pal.

You can listen to this intensive as many times as you wish, and pick up from where you left off in the recordings.

Higher Consciousness Awakening is the most important evolutionary leap for humanity. You will find this process priceless as it is something you can turn to at any time.

Upon receipt of your tuition you will receive the password to the audio page via reply email from your payment sent via Pay Pal. Tuition is non-refundable.

Session Run Times are as follows:

  • Session 1 of 4 Run Time 1:05:38
  • Session 2 of 4 Run Time 1:14:21
  • Session 3 of 4 Run Time 1:29:02
  • Session 4 of 4 Run Time 40:34

This is a fantastic journey for personal, spiritual and profound growth and awakening. Enjoy this intensive that has been recorded live for you. Click on the fully secure intensive tuition payment button below to begin your journey.

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Dr. Rose has provided sessions to people from all walks of life, countries and cultures. Her service has helped Government Leaders, Ministers, Doctors, Celebrities, Lawyers, NASA Scientists, Sports Athletes, Rock Star Musicians, Feature Film and Television Talent, Teachers, Stay at home Parents, Priests, University Heads, World Leaders, Royalty, and more.

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The Complete Guide to Your Soul Mate Relationship Exclusive Excerpt


The Differences Between a Match and a Soul Mate

Because of the difficulty in most soul mate relationships in many cases you may discover a much easier relationship with another person. Yet, the eternal bond of the soul mate union will never disappear.

Can you love another person who is not your soul mate? Of course you can. However, that indescribable bond will still be kindling within the core of each of you.

Why Soul Mates Have Great Difficulty

There are two reasons this is a most difficult union.

1. The bond will never extinguish.

2. The growth is so vast some people cannot do it all within one lifetime.

This is the reason for the saying “Soul Mate Reunion.”

You have been united before and most likely may reunite again. It is best to leave it to fate—to your destiny for this to unfold.

Stop Waiting and Start Growing

If you are apart from your soul mate it feels like torture within to wait for you to reunite. You may or may not. Can you imagine spending every hour of every day waiting for the rose seeds you planted to become a bountiful rose garden? That is the type of torture I am speaking about. If you are together or apart your job is to grow into your highest and best self, not focus solely on the other calling you again or growing at the speed you would prefer.

Each of you came into this life to grow into your own highest and best self.

Your soul mate will trigger this growth far deeper and faster than any other relationship you ever have.

Twin Flames

The reason you “know” how the other is thinking about you is picked up within your internal energy because you do share the energy of one soul.
Just like you can “feel” a gut feeling—it is energy communicated to you to make you aware of the higher guidance you are receiving.

The same is true for soul mates. You can be on the opposite side of the earth and still know and feel your soul mates energy.

Staying Together Forever

Eternal bonds do not always mean eternal togetherness in this lifetime. If this is the case for you when you think of your soul mate, send him or her transparent love and the best wishes for all good from the bottom of your heart without an agenda.

So many soul mates reunite after long and short periods apart because the bond, energy, the bliss can never be denied.

Think of it this way, his issues trigger your growth and your growth triggers him to grow.

A match made in heaven, yes, however living it out in Earth School is one tough job. Yet if you were not capable of such vast growth, and if your soul mate also was not determined to grow into his highest and best self then you would not have reunited at all.

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Excerpt re-printed with permission from the book The Complete Guide to Your Soul Mate Relationship © Copyright 2014 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved Published by The Rose Group (December, 2014) ISBN-13: 978-0990813811.

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Dr. Barbara Rose reaches the core of her audiences bringing them through a deep transformation process that is called “Life Changing” by countless people globally. She custom creates each event for her audiences so her messages hit home, create massive A-HA! Moments, from laughter to tears, joy and pure life transformation.


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What is Running Your Life? The Ego or Higher Integrated Wisdom

Be Inspired

By Barbara Sherry Rose, PhD

I learned many years ago that the ego is equated with self-hate. It is the ego that causes us to compare ourselves to others only to find ourselves at the lower end of the comparison.

The ego grasps for fame, recognition, superiority, control and superficial attachments that it deems us to need in order to be good enough. And yet, the ego is never satisfied.

It is like trying to fill a bottomless pit. The go traps us into thinking that we have to somehow out-do our so-called competition.

On the other hand, the wisdom of the soul knows we are here to learn and grow. To share and contribute. To make our life matter, no matter how seemingly small our good deeds are, they do matter, and they do make a difference in the lives of others, starting with our own.

It took me a long time to get a grip over my own ego. My perilous mistake was not following the higher guidance I was given to stop all non-essential spending. I had a great weakness where I would simply buy everything I saw that I liked. My ego combined with my weakness under it landed me from living in an exclusive country club penthouse to my car for eight months. It was a brutal lesson that I had to learn, and unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way.

However, that vastly crucial lesson has now saved me for the rest of my life. So now I want to share some tips with you to help you know when it is ego or your higher integrated wisdom that is running your life.


  • What you have is never enough.
  • No matter how hard you work you slave drive yourself without giving yourself time to rest and restore.
  • You are seeking approval and validation from others.
  • You are grasping for fame or recognition in order to feel worthy.
  • You are spending unnecessarily on items you simply do not need.
  • You compare yourself to others and still don’t feel good enough.
  • You want more, more, and more, and may even put yourself into debt acquiring material possessions.
  • You judge yourself harshly.
  • You tolerate abuse and try to change or turn the other person around.
  • You never feel truly fulfilled from within.


  • You feel gratitude for everything you have.
  • You work and create in a balanced manner and always give yourself plenty of time to rest and restore yourself.
  • You feel good enough exactly as you are right now from within.
  • You seek to be of the highest service to our world from the bottom of your heart.
  • Your contributions are created to make a true difference for others and you feel inspired, and excited about each creation you make.
  • You buy only what you truly need and never feel that you have to keep up with, or impress others.
  • When you view others you seek to find a positive way to collaborate together.
  • You only tell yourself what is good about you and NEVER put yourself down.
  • At the first sign of abuse you leave skid marks. Self-love has a zero tolerance policy for abuse.
  • You feel fulfilled from within by following through on what you feel passionate and excited about. You feel equal to the rest of the human race – because you really are.

© Copyright 2014 by Barbara Sherry Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved.

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Video: How to Be Treated Like a Queen

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cool colorful abstract background

By Barbara Sherry Rose, PhD

No matter what you are going through, no matter how crushing, unjust, betrayed, abused, feeling sub human, or just wanting to die – I ASSURE YOU that YOU CAN RISE AGAIN.

I’ve been through all of the above and almost took my life twice. Now looking back I’m so glad I did not die when I wanted to, and I’ll share with you why.

You see, Dear One, life has a way of working out that in the current moment when we feel like we just want to give up, as time goes by, we, both you and I learn so much, and grow so much, that on some level we needed that horrible experience to come into our greatest empowerment. You are no different from me.

We grow so much stronger from adversity, and if you’ve read any of my books they all were written from going through the deepest despair. But here’s the clincher. I did not write those books on my own (as in sitting down and trying to write a book) they were all written through me from God, by whatever name you use, to help me and you by bringing through the words as they flowed into my mind.

There is zero special ability about this process. Every person on earth has this built into them. And all you need to do is sit down, take out a paper and pen, and write for example, Dear God, please help me through this nightmare. Please give me the PERFECT words for this book (or song) so it really helps me transform this hell and can also help so many other people too. Then, say some form of thank you, and sign your name.

Then take seven deep breaths and exhale through your mouth. While you are breathing you are going to notice words flowing into your mind. START WRITING EVERY WORD and allow your handwriting to be messier than usual.

You are going to receive the Higher Perspective. You are going to receive the words that will transform how you are viewing the situation, and you, just like me, are going to have a new lease on life so you CAN RISE AGAIN!

Your tears and heartache will transform into new-found joy when you receive the Higher Perspective.


I promise you that as long as you hang in there, you will notice the difference this pure, free process makes in your life. But you have to pick up the pen and paper to do it. I know you can. and you must re-read the words you received twice so you will always be able to make out what you brought through. If for any reason you cannot hand write, you can record the words as they flow into your mind and speak them out loud into a recording device so you can then play back what you received.

My hardest life lessons became my greatest triumphs. It all DOES work out. I just want to encourage you to believe that no matter how hard this time may be, it will pass. One day you will look back in hindsight and see that there was tremendous growth, realizations, and even success as a result of all of your tears.


I have been there and if I could come through and RISE again SO CAN YOU!

Try to receive the Higher Perspective that I shared with you above. You don’t have to use the name God if you don’t believe in God, you can use whatever name you like. It’s your deep heartfelt desire for a real answer, a solution, a whole new way to view the situation that you never thought of or never considered that you CAN RECEIVE when you write the words that flow into your mind because you are asking for HELP. That is your connection – it is in your heart. I want you to receive the higher perspective so you can ALWAYS receive it at ANY TIME in your life when you are feeling a lack of inner peace, and so you are never dependent upon anyone else to receive the answers and solutions that are completely life renewing.


This world needs you and it may be that what you are going through is the greatest catalyst for incredible transformation that WILL bring you through this experience FAR BETTER than you were before. Life has a way of doing that – it is all for positive transformation.

I send you much love, even if we never met. I believe you are reading this far because you needed SOMETHING, anything, that would give you hope. I do hope with all of my heart that you know you are cared about, loved, and are a rare and precious person – even if you hate yourself, exactly like I used to.


Hang in there! YOU WILL RISE. I believe in you. Please trust that it will all work out for your highest good after all!

Sending you a Whole Lotta Love,


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How to Stop Worrying About What Others Think About You


By Barbara Sherry Rose, PhD

I know what it feels like to worry about what other people will think of me. I used to feel tremendous fear and anxiety during that phase of my life when I was facing a choice of either moving forward into the field of broadcast journalism or into the field I am in now and will be in for as long as I live.

Fear of what others will think has prevented many people I have spoken with from following their own truth. Instead, they held themselves back and remained unfulfilled inside.

Nobody can force you to make the positive changes you would like to make in your life. Nobody can make your choices for you. Did you ever stop to consider whether all of the people whose opinions you are concerned about ever come to you asking for guidance about their lives?

Think about it for a moment. Who are “they” to begin with? Family, friends, neighbors, people who live in your part of the world? And what do “they” think? What if they told you they think the direction you are contemplating is fantastic and wonderful? What then? Would you then have a new worry about success or failure? Would you worry about whether you were good enough in your field of service?

You see, all of the above–what people think, what you think, success, failure, being good enough–it all comes from the passion you feel about what you are doing, being, creating, and expressing from your heart. That is all that matters.

Suppose you love to teach children. Does this mean that you need to receive the award for most popular teacher every year or a PhD in education to make a true and lasting difference for the children? Don’t people and children feel your care? Yes, they do. Don’t you feel it when someone truly cares about you? Yes, you do.

Do they need a certain title or a certain appearance to touch your heart and brighten your day? No, they don’t. What matters most is purity of motive. Moreover, that is what you really feel coming from other people, their motives.

If your motive is pure and from your heart, there is no such thing as failure. Whether a business succeeds or a financial venture profits has nothing to do with the goodness in your heart or with your true worth.

No one gave you this goodness and no one can ever take it away.

The feelings you have about yourself are completely based on how you view yourself. To transform your self-view to match your ideal, you can come to trust and rely on the process of receiving the higher perspective from God through your writings.

Trusting the Process

It does take time and many small experiences to build that trust. As you experience receiving new realizations, support, and the pure views you can have about yourself along with how to integrate these pure views, you will come to find that this process is so pure, and so priceless.

It is important for you to realize that your current level of consciousness, those views that you currently hold about yourself truly cannot be transformed at the same level of awareness that you have now. If that were possible, then you would have already transformed your views of self, and you would feel pure self-love and acceptance.

To receive the higher view or perspective, all you need to do is write from your heart and ask your Higher Self to give it to you. Then, re-read what you receive.

© Copyright 2006, 2011, 2014 by Barbara Sherry Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved.

Dear God, How Can I Finally Love Myself? Excerpt from Dear God, How Can I Finally Love Myself? (Published by The Rose Group, October 2006) ISBN: 0974145769.

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How to Transform Life & Relationship Difficulties

By Barbara Sherry Rose, PhD

A Sure Catalyst for Answers, Growth and Personal Transformation.

Let’s set the record straight and say that relationships are fraught with deep challenges, inner pain, turmoil and downright agony at times. I’ve lived through it myself, and have found a way that is beyond anything I can describe to get out of the pain, see the situation from the higher perspective as opposed to the personality perspective, and transform each and every challenge into profound personal growth and transformation.

For some of you, what I am about to share might seem a bit “out there” and for others, this will be a welcome relief.

How did I transform it all? How did I receive the wisdom to do it when I was immersed in deep pain? I will tell you. I honestly and purely wrote letters to God asking for answers, and I received them.

I asked for the highest perspective. I asked how to transform it all. I asked for the view I could hold within my mind to help me transcend the pain my personality was experiencing so that I could discover my truth, and then have the inner strength to follow through in my actions.

believe to receive
Many people think that God does not answer us personally. I can attest to the countless people I teach about how to receive answers from God that God does answer, and not only with answers, but with life transforming insight.

The process is actually simple. Write your questions from your heart, and ask for Divine guidance. Ask how to overcome your challenges. Ask how to deal with the situation so that your words and actions support what is for your highest good, as opposed to just what your personality might be stuck on.

Sometimes what we think we want is not always for our highest good. Many times, we can look back on situations from our past and admit that the people and situations that did not work out, ultimately worked out for our best. It’s easy to see from hindsight, and I want you to learn how to see and receive the wisdom you can receive so that even during your most painful and emotionally challenging times, you can actually receive the guidance you need that will far outweigh your trying to figure it all out on your own on the personality level.

When I was experiencing deep emotional pain from a “string along” relationship, I had been doing writings to God for many years. While I had tears flowing down my cheeks, the words of God came into my mind, as I wrote my book Stop Being the String Along: A Relationship Guide to Being THE ONE. I definitely did not write that book on my own accord, or from my wisdom. I was in pain. It was all written through me, chapter by chapter, and the words and messages healed my pain, and then went on to help so many other people who are in pain in the area of romantic relationships.

Let’s face it, if anything can get a woman to write letters to God, it would be from experiencing relationship pain, and wanting answers. You can receive answers too!

Use the emotional pain you feel in your heart as a catalyst for receiving the higher perspective. From that vantage point, you will receive objective clarity, guidance, insight, direction and truth. You will be amazed at the higher perspective you receive and even more amazed at how this helps you to transform your difficulties into authentic opportunities for personal growth and transformation.

When you write you questions, ask from your heart, and then as words flow into your mind in the form of an answer, write every word you receive verbatim and then re-read what you received in your writing.

Don’t ask for predictions, ask for solutions. Don’t ask how everything is going to turn out. That is based on fear. Ask what you can do, and how you can view the situation so that you are coming into your highest truth, even if you feel afraid of loss.

The one person on earth that you can never lose is yourself. The one place where you can receive every answer to every question that is weighing on your heart and in your mind is your God-Self within. Your Higher Self. This has nothing to do with religion. Whether you call it God, All That Is, Source, Holy Spirit, no matter what name you give it, the source is the same. It is our life force. It is that “still small voice” within. It is your gut instincts – and you can receive it all in writing, so that you can always have a place to turn to any time you feel uncertain. You will become authentically empowered, and your life will begin to transform as you honor your truth.

Many times, it is a process, as opposed to a one time event. Many times we might not follow or listen to the higher guidance we receive, such as to leave a destructive and emotionally hurtful relationship out of fear of not being loved, or being alone. However, the truth will ultimately win in the end as you keep asking for the higher perspective, and as you keep persevering with the true desire to want to grow and evolve, rather than try to change another person.

If you want true changes in your life and in your relationship, you have to evolve and change, just like I did. We all have to.

Relationships are the most extraordinary catalysts to get us to honor our truth, and our painful feelings cause us to ask ourselves what we really want. The answers we receive will be what we ultimately want on a soul level, and what is for our highest good. You are entitled to live a life of inner peace, rather than in constant emotional drama and inner pain.

Ask the questions. Read your answers, and above everything else, follow what you know in your heart to be your deepest truth rather than lie to yourself. You’re all you’ve got. Start to become your own best friend. Set the intention to lift yourself up by asking how to in your writings. You will receive all of the answers you need. It is your divine birthright after all.

© Copyright 2014 by Barbara Sherry Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved.

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Did Anyone Ever Tell You “Finding Hope When Life Feels Hopeless”


When a new day comes that you wish didn’t
When what and who you cherished is out of your life
The feelings of despair can reach a critical point
Which may cause you to simply want to give up on life.

My Dear One, I have been there many times
When hopelessness was my only reality
and death was my only desire.

Did Anyone Ever Tell You
To go directly to the root of the cause of your suffering
And pray for the strength to create something to live for
That means a great deal to you in your heart.

Did Anyone Ever Tell You
That the beacon of light and hope from within
Will surface when love and a passion driven desire
to create – to overcome – to uplift with a cause
Begins to surface from within your heart and mind.

I am here to tell you
You CAN create and transform feeling desolate
One of the greatest keys is reaching out to others.
Another vastly important key is to allow your feelings to surface
Cry all you need to
And then ask for the higher guidance to bring into your mind
the solution for pure transformation.

Please remember that as life goes by
People, circumstances and even tragedy transform over time.
Time heals the wounds that shatter the soul
And if your soul feels shattered
Please know this is a TEMPORARY state of feeling and experiencing hopelessness.

As life goes on you WILL have hope rekindled within your heart.
As time goes by you WILL adjust to the heartbreaking circumstances
And you will begin to come back to life again.

What is most important is that you give life a chance
Allow life to unfold
Allow love to be the motivating factor that drives you out of misery
And into the hope you need one tiny moment at a time.
Those moments add up!
And soon – very soon – you will become the beacon of hope you have been searching for.

© Copyright 2013 Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved.