Higher Guidance Private Consultation


When you are on the phone with Dr. Rose during a Higher Guidance Private Consultation, all of the information flows through Barbara via the sixth sense, higher consciousness, to bring through the information you need to clear up the areas of your life that are of the most importance to you.

There is nothing you need to do to prepare for your session. However, it is advised that you have a note pad and pen as you will want to take notes because all kinds of information flows through.

The information that flows through brings you REAL answers that countless people across the globe have called “life changing.”

Dr. Rose is here to be of the highest, most ethical, positive service to you. While the information flows through during your session, the matters weighing on your heart and mind are given new clarity, answers, pure guidance, realizations, the higher perspective and real transformation.

Higher Guidance Private Consultation Registration Fee is $425 US. Session duration is 60 minutes.

Dr. Rose does NOT take on every client who registers for a private session. If your registration is not approved you will receive a FULL REFUND within 24 hours or on the next business day. If your registration is approved you will receive a private email to schedule your session. Tuition is non-refundable. If you need to change your session day and or time, you may do so via reply email or via telephone if it is either at or before the time of your session. Dr. Rose will always accommodate your schedule in all time zones globally.

Private sessions are truly life changing. Click on the fully secure registration button below to begin.

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Dr. Rose has provided private sessions to people from all walks of life, countries and cultures. Her service has helped Government Leaders, Ministers, Doctors, Celebrities, Lawyers, NASA Scientists, Sports Athletes, Rock Star Musicians, Feature Film and Television Talent, Teachers, Stay at home Parents, Priests, University Heads, World Leaders, Royalty, and more.

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