Global Higher Consciousness Awakening Institute


Dr. Barbara Sherry Rose founded Global Higher Consciousness Awakening Institute to uplift the Higher Consciousness of humanity. This is a non-denominational spiritual service of highly trained experts who committed to helping you awaken your own Higher Consciousness for the most pure and profound life transformation in as short amount of time as possible. Once you have a fully awakened Higher Consciousness you receive immediate answers from God/Source/Higher Self that unparalleled in wisdom, truth, and swift awakening that leads to astounding answers, solutions, a whole new life-enhancing perspective that creates profound personal and life transformation.

Global experts personally trained by Dr. Rose care from the bottom of their hearts to make the most positive difference in your life. Each expert has the highest ethics and integrity bringing through the higher guidance for you while you learn to do the same for yourself. This is the most authentic and empowering process as well as the purest one on Earth. Together we all work in a shared sense of cooperation and oneness of purpose for the highest good of all.

Many people are professionally trained and globally Certified as Higher Consciousness Life Transformation Specialists™ bringing through information with the purest of motives, care, compassion and integrity to uplift your life and help you transform in as SHORT amount of time as possible. This is done by receiving the answers you need via Higher Consciousness, the nondenominational process of receiving answers from God/Source/Creator/Higher Self as you personally understand that name to be.

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Globally Certified Higher Consciousness Life Transformation Specialists™.