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Join Me this Spectacular Sunday for F*R*E*E Higher Self Answers to Transform your Life

This coming Sunday at 3:00 pm Eastern, 12 Noon Pacific, 8:00 PM UK Time we gather together live globally via phone to protect your anonymity where I bring through answers, solutions, new insights, and TRANSFORMATION for your life that all flow through me from God, Source, Higher Self Communication for you on the call.

It’s an amazing experience and one that you will be so grateful for! Here is the call in info for this Sunday: DIAL IN NUMBER 1-712-832-8330 YOUR ACCESS CODE IS 990 3004

See what time it is in your local area reference 3:00 PM New York time.

I look forward to seeing you and speaking to you on the phone! And most of all I look forward to truly being of the most positive service to you.

From my heart,

Barbara Rose PhD

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Video: Become Someone’s Miracle! Starting the Global Miracle Movement

What a profound way to transform a global pandemic into a MIRACLE MOVEMENT. Watch this video and share what YOU are doing to become someone’s miracle today.

Join me for Spectacular Sunday’s each week at 3:00 PM Eastern, 12:00 Noon Pacific, 8:00 PM UK Time where I bring through answers from God, Source, Higher Self Communication for YOU live on a FREE Global Teleseminar to uplift YOUR LIFE!

Get the access code in the private Facebook group Answers from God, Source, Higher Self Communication where you are cordially invited to join!

#MiracleMovement #SpectacularSundays

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In My Visit from Jesus Christ He Told Me “Keep Doing Everything You’re Doing and Don’t Stop” I Cordially Invite You to Join this Group


Jesus’ visit had a HUGE impact on my life because it directly correlates with YOURS! You can read all about My Visit from Jesus Christ so you have more of a personal understanding.

The rest of my life is completely devoted to sharing this nondenominational process of receiving answers from God/Source/Creator/Holy Spirit/Higher Self/Infinite Intelligence/ by whatever name you personally use.

Originally founded by Barbara Rose, PhD in 2005 as International Institute of Higher Self Communication, God, Source, Higher Self Communication Global Group is a private Facebook group that is a non-denominational spiritual service to help humanity with your birthright of receiving answers directly from God, as you personally understand Him/Her to be-Your Higher Self.

Higher Self Communication is the purest resource humanity has for receiving Divine truth at all times that steers each soul out of the ego’s domain of darkness and fear and into the wellspring of Divine answers, direction, clarification and the most PURE guidance 24/7.

By integrating humanity’s birthright of Higher Self communication into your everyday life, the answers that have previously been hidden from operating strictly from five senses are taken to the next level where you can receive every answer you need that leads to unparalleled personal and spiritual growth.

The foundation of this pure process is based on Barbara’s bestselling book If God Hears Me, I Want an Answer! endorsed by Stephen Simon, Producer and Director of the hit feature films Somewhere in Time and What Dreams May Come and Co-Founder of

This group is here for you now to support you, help you with your process of receiving Higher Answers and celebrate YOU SHINING! It’s completely FREE!

Click Here to Join Now!

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The Greatest Thing I Could Ever Do For You!

By Barbara Rose, PhD

In 1994 I was told I was going to bring through information from my Higher Self – God -yet I couldn’t fathom how that could even be possible.

Maybe you believe in God by whatever name you personally use for your Higher Power. Perhaps you would love to actually receive direct deeply personal answers, solutions, and have a personal relationship with your Higher Power who will guide you every day of your life.

Since 2000 I have been sharing and teaching humanity from 191 countries exactly how to receive deeply personal answers, guidance, direction, solutions about every facet of their life and this pure and profound process continues to transform countless lives every day across the globe.

The most amazing part of this process is that it is already built into you and every human being alive. There is nothing psychic about it, it is NOT a special ability, it is awakening your sixth sense which is actually your strongest sense of all.

The greatest thing I can ever do for you is to teach you this process live, globally via phone, in a 4 session private intensive.

You Will Learn and Experience:

  • Exactly how to awaken your sixth sense.
  • How to open up the comunication flowing back and forth with your Higher Power.
  • How to receive answers to any situation in your life for the rest of your life.
  • How to have a deeply close and personal relationship with your Higher Power.
  • How to know you are actually receiving real answers and that you are not making it all up.
  • How to utilize this process for every facet of your life because it is so astounding, so pure, so filled with LOVE coming from the Highest source in the universe and YOU WILL FEEL THIS LOVING ENERGY as you are guided every moment of your life!
  • How to catapult your life forward from the inside out in each area of your life.
  • How to have the highest self esteem, real pure self love and validation, how to fill that hole from within that may not feel “good enough” like I used to. This process completely transforms your deepest growth areas in the MOST LOVING PURE MANNER.
  • You will go from a “spiritual seeker” to a “Spiritual Experiencer”! You will no longer need to look ourside yourself for answers to anything inside of you that needs to evolve – you will discover that YOU FOUND EVERY ANSWER YOU NEED AND God, Your Higher Self, Your Higher Power LOVES YOU BEYOND THE UNIVERSE!

This intensive is completely customized for your soul print. All of your personal questions are answered live during each call. Nothing is recorded and all of your information is completely confidential.

You will awaken unlike anything you have ever experienced before! I stake my life on this as do millions of other people. This process was even featured in The Times of India showcasing the bestselling book If God Hears Me, I WANT AN ANSWER!

You are here on this page via Divine orchestration. There is no accident that you are here now because it is time for you to have the personal reationship with your Higher Power that you have always yerned for and your Higher Power wants that same relationship with YOU!

Tuition is $350 US per session and is paid via fully secure PayPal. Upon receipt of your registration within 24 hours you will receive a reply email to schedule your first private session. Your follow-up sessions are scheduled while you are still on the phone with Barbara.

You and you will experience a profound and beautiful awakening that you will treasure for the rest of your life.

Give yourself this gift that will serve you in every positive, pure and wise way for as long as you live.

Fully secure registration is below on the yellow button. It is my humble honor to be of the most pure and positive service to you – it is a deep joy for me to experience YOUR awakening with you!

The Rose Group is PayPal Verified


See what time this intensive is in your time zone. Reference New York, USA Eastern Time.

  • If you are seeking a wonderful spiritual mentor I would highly recommend making contact with this very enlightened being called Barbara Rose. She is a true gift to humanity and a very treasure friend who leaves footprints on my Soul.You are certainly born to inspire humanity Barbara! May the angels enfold you in their wings of light and you be blessed each and every day ^i^Your friend, Gail O’Keeffe.

  • Dearest Barbara,The writing intensive is such a gift from Spirit. I have known for a very long time that writing is to be one of the ways I serve others. Previously there have been inspired writing moments, but your teaching has given me a powerful way to go to that true inspiration at any time.
    It brings such joy & confidence to know that what is being brought thru is coming from Divine truth.I am so excited about God’s gift being brought thru me for others!What you are teaching is so powerful & yet so easy.Thank you for sharing.P.S. I am amazed at the healing that the writing is bringing in my own life.
    Transformational would be the only way to describe it.Blessings,Beverly

  • What a wonderful experience!! I cannot put a price on what your gift has brought me. Your unique style and the information that you provided has literally changed my attitude, my life and my world. Being able to get “real” answers has not only helped me to find my true path, but has me anticipating my journey with real passion now. Thank you for sharing you awesome gift with me – I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart…You have my undying gratitude.” – Natalie Glover

  • “I am so grateful that Spirit led me to you and to this wonderful course (Higher Self Communication Intensive). My outlook on life has totally changed. I feel as though I am beginning to live the life that I am meant to live and I am 54 years young! Thank you, Barbara, from the bottom of my heart for helping me to find the passion again.” – Lynn from Indiana

  • “This experience in this intensive with Barbara is something I’ve not found anywhere else, and I will cherish this experience forever. I really will. Rarely have I felt something this amazing.”– Erin Lewy

Since 2000 Dr. Barbara Rose has provided this service to people from all walks of life, countries and cultures. Her service has helped Government Leaders, Ministers, Doctors, Celebrities, Lawyers, NASA Scientists, Sports Athletes, Rock Star Musicians, Feature Film and Television Talent, Teachers, Stay at home Parents, Priests, University Heads, World Leaders, Royalty, Life Coaches, Artists, and more.

rose vibrant

Click here to View what people from across the globe share about this service from the bottom of their hearts. All letters are pure and authentic.

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Listen to Barbara Rose, PhD CBS Radio Interview with Al Cole People of Distinction


I’m excited to share my CBS Radio Interview with Al Cole People of Distinction airs and streams live tonight April 18, 2019 at 8:00 PM Eastern, 5:00 PM Pacific Time with The AL COLE / PEOPLE OF DISTINCTION BROADCASTING NETWORK is featured NATIONALLY With CBS RADIO, FOX NEWS, NPR, C-SPAN & BBC Shows on Apple Inc’s Professional “News/Talk” Division of TheiTUNES RADIO NETWORK.

I share a lot in this interview that can make a true positive difference in your life!

To access: Apple’s Professional iTUNES RADIO NETWORK is easily accessed by our listeners through their iTunes Version (11&12) – then “Edit Menu” – then “Internet” – then “News/Talk” – then “PEOPLE Of DISTINCTION”.


I love making a positive difference and hope you enjoy this major interview!


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Give Your Audience an Extraordinary Show with Barbara Rose, PhD’s Most Popular Topics for TV, Radio and Podcasts

TV, Radio, Podcasts, Magazines, Newspapers, Blogs, Ezines, & Webinars

Barbara Rose PhD LOVES Sharing to Bring You REAL Answers in the most humble, honest way that will totally empower you and give you an entirely new perspective shared from her own transformation in the popular show topics below.

Download this in a Word Doc

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Quick Bio

Barbara Rose, PhD is the bestselling author of thirty two books, including the Amazon bestsellers Stop Being the String Along, Individual Power, If God Hears Me, I Want an Answer! and Know Yourself. She is a world renowned Life Transformation Specialist and spiritual teacher. Her personal growth and transformation shared with millions of people from every part of the world has endeared her to the masses as a pure, loving and caring soul who shares by living example. Her ability to take the most difficult personal topics and bring through the solutions for herself and all has made her one of today’s most loved and respected spiritual teachers. She shares with all of humanity how to achieve the highest level of consciousness awakening: the nondenominational process of receiving answers from God/Higher Self. Her subscribers span 191 countries and her highly sought after work is continuously published and shared uplifting the mass consciousness across the globe. Her official website is

Barbara is now launching International PR Campaigns in TV, Radio, Podcasts, print magazines, newspapers, online ezines, websites and international interviews sharing both the messages in her groundbreaking books and promoting her sponsors.

“If you offered me two hundred million dollars per week to give up all I am doing I would simply tell you to keep your money. Nothing can buy the joy of making the most positive difference for humanity, nothing.”

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