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Rising Again, 10 Lessons I’ve Learned to Share with You


I won’t complain about the past seven years of my life, however horrible they were. One day everything is great, and the next day everything can fall apart – and that is NOT always a bad thing!

  • From being homeless I’ve learned how important it is to stop non-essential spending.
  • I learned to NOT stay with someone I was NOT attracted to, and to never drink to tolerate a miserable situation.
  • I’ve learned that we can turn our own lives around – and it is all up to US to do it. No one is going to change your life for you. Nothing in this universe can stop you from creating your best life!
  • Create with the end in mind, and visualize it with every detail you want to manifest, then leave it up to the God and the universe to guide you step by step, one moment at a time.
  • You have to get OUT of a miserable situation before you can create BLISS. Why? Because your energy, what and who you surround yourself by, is crucial to re-creating the life of your dreams. You must get AWAY from negative, hurtful energy first, and then you are set free to move up and forward in every area of your life.
  • Be amazed by how everything falls into place by the incredible force of the universe that connects you with what you hold in your heart and mind. You have to feel it first, believe that everything IS possible, then with your follow through, it all does come about much to your delight.
  • When you fall in love, be totally transparent. Reassure your love. The smallest gestures often times mean the most.
  • Surround yourself with every positive energy you can. Then, create your own, share it, spread it, and do it just to make a difference from your heart.
  • Character, integrity, taking the high road, and truly doing unto others as you would want done to you is your assurance that you can not only turn your own life around, you can be an inspiration for so many others. Just do it all from your heart without the need for accolades or glory. People feel pure, loving energy. Share it all just to make our world a much better and brighter place.

Wishing you and your loved ones the greatest New Year 2018 and for every New year to come.

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Watch/Listen to this Most Inspiring Speech. Wishing You the Best 2018!

Here is true inspiration for you that is timeless. So inspiring it inspired me! Watch with subtitles or listen below. Wishing you the best 2018!


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Did You Ever Wonder?


Psalm 15

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Someone’s Miracle

By Barbara Rose, PhD


Did you know that even the smallest act of kindness can actually change or save someone’s life? It’s true. I’ve experienced it both on the giving end and the receiving end.

It’s amazing how there truly are no coincidences. Who we are standing next to at a store. A certain post that we happen to stumble upon that leads to a major positive breakthrough. Both the person who created the post, and even the person about whom the post was created “just happens” to be in our home feed that we never looked for, but opens a world of possibilities.

You can share your laughter and your tears, a sudden inspired idea, or anything that you may do or say can turn someone’s life around. Maybe even yours!

Speak from your heart. Smile from your heart. Share all of the love in your heart. Share whatever you can and it always comes back to you in ways that are sometimes profound.

© Copyright 2017 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved.


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Today is Your Day


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How to Soar in Business

By Barbara Rose, PhD

Be Inspired

I’ve been reading some outstanding content and articles from Influencers on LinkedIn, and surprisingly, they all touched my heart.

As we are all in one way or another connected I felt inspired to share that what matters most in business – the real “bottom line” is how we treat people. Not as a way to advance ourselves, but as a way to advance each other.

Our global culture and technological advancements are changing the way we live and communicate at lightning speed. The only area where it cannot create or move is within our hearts. Nothing can surpass a real smile or genuine compassion.

What matters most in business is each person we serve. That service must be one hundred percent pure – because people sure do feel it! Nothing can surpass our compassionate energy, as well as belief in someone who could use that belief until they believe in themselves.

So when you and I are doing anything that is business related – make it heart related. My heart to your heart. Make it so that compassionate reality surpasses technological reality. If we touch one life, in essence we’ve touched more than we can count.

Each day remember that the core essence of a pure soul is what everyone truly wants. Then, I believe, if you’ve got something people want, they will be more than happy to not only get it from you but refer their friends as well.

Keep it simple, heart-centered, and you will always make an impact and a difference.

© Copyright 2017 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved.

better world

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If You Want to Get Ahead in Life

By Barbara Rose, PhD

Your enthusiasm, passion and positive energy is what people feel. It’s what makes people want to be around you, work with you on any level, and even help you with your goals.

Getting ahead in life is truly an inside job, no pun intended. You have to feel real passion and excitement about whatever it is that you are doing. It is your innate passion that makes time fly by while you exceed even your own expectations, as well as the expectations of those you serve.

Creating something from scratch, in the now moment, can build into a mega-empire. It’s not about the future, it’s about NOW, and you need to be in love with what you are doing now. If you’re not, it’s time to move in the direction that ignites you.

Always be trustworthy. Give more than people expect to receive. Treat your client or customer like royalty. If there is ever a glitch, go above and beyond to satisfy them.

NEVER engage in anything illegal or anything that is not one hundred percent ethical. It’s just not worth it and would only come back at a later time as karma that you would not want. Honesty is essential. It’s okay to say that you are not sure about something, but you can do your best to find out if someone needs certain information.

Be a cheerleader for others! Forget “competition” and move into a much higher energy of positive service for the highest good of all. Competition is fear based. When you are soaring from within you won’t have time to contemplate fear because you’ll be too busy doing what you love!

Sometimes our careers take new paths as technology creates things we never dreamed of before. Utilize the new technology ethically to promote and share what you are doing. Embrace the new because it’s what we are working with now and what was in the past is staying in the past. Have an attitude of acceptance about the new, it will help you far more than being disgruntled resisting it because the good old days are behind you. Make that okay within your mind.

Getting ahead in life is much more of an experience that you love than an external condition that you couldn’t care less about. Make sure you go with your heart. People truly feel your energy online. They get a vibe about you. If you’re negative, they are going to click off of you and move forward to something that resonates within them on an energy level. Guess what happens? They find a site, or a name, click on that, feel vibrant, glowing, loving positive energy and they become part of your life.

Always keep it positive, sincere, honest, reliable, trustworthy and stay away from everything and everyone who is negative. Give each aspect of your work your all from your heart and you will find that one day you will look back and realize that you really did get ahead after all.

© Copyright 2017 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved

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Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin – My Very First Follower on Google +


I love rock music, I love inspiring people and bringing that something extra special to everyone. When I discovered that THE Jimmy Page, legendary guitarist of Led Zeppelin was my very first follower on Google + I felt so honored.

Remember the difference you are making in this life touches many lives across the world. Give everything your best effort from your heart. I always love sharing and promoting so let me know if there is something I can share for you!

Sending you a Whole Lotta Love,




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True Story How Someone Was Pulled Out of a Coma!


I was driving home today with the radio on in my car and the song “Satisfaction” from The Rolling Stones was playing. Then I remembered an important true story someone told me a while back that I feel is important to share with you or anyone who has a loved one in a coma.

The only thing I know is that when someone is in a coma they CAN HEAR EVERYTHING, even if they cannot respond. Close family of a guy who was in a coma in the hospital was playing a lot of music that the guy in the coma loved. When he heard the Rolling Stones song Satisfaction he awoke from his coma with a smile on his face!

Make sure you have a loved ones friends or certain family there that can talk to the one they love who is in a coma. And especially play loud music – the all time favorites that the person loves the most.


Now I certainly have no plans of being in a coma, but just in case, make sure both my children are there, my Uncle Len, my brother, and my friends Ceola,  Nama, and Karen to talk to me. Then 24/7 until I wake up play LED ZEPPELIN Whole Lotta LoveStairway to Heaven, and Achilles Last Stand. That would pull me right out of it!  

I just thought it was so inspiring that a SONG actually pulled someone out of a coma! So spread this around – you never know how many lives we can save.


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This Truly Creates Miracles

I can honestly share that by listening to and reading this each day it is creating profound transformation in my own life. Things I thought would take forever have already happened! I find it to be most powerful when I read the lyrics while I am listening to it. I just felt an inner nudge to share it with you – you have everything to gain.