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Message from God for 2021 Through Barbara Rose PhD

Everything that blazes in majestic glory once had a season of darkness. The child in their mother’s womb. The seed that became a giant oak tree. The dawn that followed after a long night. Such is the case with YOU!

The times you are going through are serving a higher purpose – they are calling your attention to the exquisite beauty and genius, the creativity and brilliance that exists within you as your God-Self.

During this time you can begin anew. Almighty God/Source/Higher Self/Divine Intelligence will cause you to rise from the darkness. All you need to do is ask yourself what you truly want to experience in your life? What is your biggest dream?

Then one inspired moment at a time you will receive inner guidance to look up a certain person, or check something out online. You will have clear direction in the now moment as to exactly what you need to do to get you to exactly where you want to be. God takes care of all the details and connects you with all the resources you will need, yes, it WILL “just happen” as you walk into a store, or ring a certain person on the phone from the sudden inner nudges you experience that will lead you into glory.

God WANTS you to be prosperous! To shine as your grandest self. Let go of how it is all going to happen and come into agreement to allow you Higher Power to lead you in the direction you ultimately want to travel on.

Why are there dark times? So you can glean and experience the light as a result of those dark times. Without the darkness you couldn’t have experienced the light. This is not at all to be negative, however, some of your greatest strengths, and your greatest triumphs have come about as a result of overcoming a dark period in your life. Can you agree with this? If you can’t now you will soon enough.

Allow the Divine to work in your life. Keep being your best and please stop complaining because what you speak the universe repeats in your life’s experiences.

You have incredible gifts and talents that are dearly needed in this world. Perhaps you may even be starting to wonder if this is the time to bring them out? Yes, this is definitely the time, that is the reason for so much isolation! There is a light at the end of this pandemic, there is always a light after every darkness. If you can see yourself through my eyes you will come to know and realize that the dark times were vital to creating the brightest times.

Keep faith and follow the passion in your heart. If your can’t yet do it full time, just start where you are and do it part time until you CAN do it full time soon enough.

Trust there truly is a higher orchestration in the universe. You are part of this grand and wonderous orchestration. Your tears are not for naught. You will receive far more than your tears have shed. Perhaps your tears are the impetus of your incredible transformation and the transformation of millions of others. Yes, they definitely can be, and so can your passion and joy be the impetus of profound transformation for people all the world over.

Take this new year and fly with it from the bottom of your heart and soul. You will get to where you want to be, and I may add you will go even farther once you bring God into your life true miracles are created. It is God’s JOY to bring you miracles. So stop begging and start thanking in advance – it is then that you will see true miracles unfold in your life that even exceed your greatest dreams.

Trust, indeed, that everything really is getting better!

© Copyright 2020 Barbara Rose PhD All Rights Reserved. You may share this message by sharing the link to this page or using any of the social media buttons below.

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September 2020 Message from God

When you look up to the sky searching for me, look instead into your heart because that is where I reside.

Let not the cares of this world trouble you. Find peace in knowing that you are an irreplaceable forever unfolding part of God so pure and unique that there could be only one you!

There may be tears, that’s okay, they soften the heart and even open the mind – your mind, to the fact that anything wonderful IS possible. It is because of YOU that our world is a much better and brighter place. How you ask? Have you smiled at someone recently? Have you given a “like” or a “love” on social media? Have you reached out just because it felt good to do so in any capacity, in any way? Yes you have!

What this world needs most is your LOVE! You never know how your love and one act of gentle expression actually saved someone’s life. You didn’t know that because you reached out someone else decided to not reach the end.

This may seem like a simple message, yet from its purity you will find its truth. As you know that love is the most powerful force in the universe – remember that you ARE LOVE! And your love is do direly needed.

Every act of injustice is transformed by love. Every soul who cries him or herself to sleep is in need of love. Each new day bring with it the chance to LOVE!

Circumstances are transient. Not one circumstance lasts forever – but love does.

If you are searching outside of yourself for the solution, turn and search within. THAT is where the solution can be found.

Just one small gesture can and often does change the world! You know of the rippling effect love has – yes you do. It is born of purity just like you were. It’s innocence lasts for eternity as you do. Your soul carries the profound energy and lifeforce of God, Creator, Source, Higher Self if you will. This profound boundless energy moves mountains, transforms societies, creates new life, and blossoms if you will let your heart lead the way you can never, ever go wrong!

Turn off the TV and the fear based news that only creates more fear. Turn into your own heart and there you will find the pure essence of your soul that IS eternal.

Remember that God is within you with every breath you take, before, during and after. God is here for you to help see you through difficult times. Turn to God when you have a problem and simply take out a paper and pen while you write down a question asking for the solution and I will give it to you EVERY TIME!

Please stop all negative self talk, and all negative talk for that matter. Instead plant a seed of love – care – a solution from your heart. If you do this and when you do this you WILL feel an immeasurable surge of radiant love deep within your spirit. You will find the inner strength to go one more day despite adverse circumstances which definitely WILL pass!

Remember that as a child of God you are always blessed. Yes, I understand that you may not see blessings amid difficult circumstances yet they are there to strengthen you. To strengthen your resolve and merge your heart into the oneness of pure love that truly does overcome every obstacle.

You can do it! You ARE a child of God, Creator and as such creation is your natural state! That is when you feel most ALIVE. Do you agree? When you help someone you are blessed and you even FEEL the blessing because it feels so good. Do you agree? Can you agree?

Make this a new time for you to keep turning within where all love, peace, prosperity, abundance, joy, and beauty exists. It is all within you and then one day, maybe even today, you will start to see it on the outside as your circumstances match your inner beauty and bliss.

Keep your hope alive. Keep your innocence alive. You are, after all, precious love and innocence incarnate and your soul is ever expanding matching your vibrant light that you hold within. Keep shining your light! I love you more than you could ever know!

*** Transcribed through Barbara Rose PhD

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The Profound Rippling Effect of Public Speaking

rippling-effect By Barbara Rose PhD

Give me an audience and I share from the bottom of my heart and soul to make the most positive difference in people’s lives.

Public speaking is one of my greatest passions. As I share the challenges I’ve been through and the enormous amount of personal transformation, it not only touches the lives of others, it transforms them as well.

What I love most about public speaking is connecting with my audience on the soul level. They hear, feel laugh, cry, have major A-HA! moments exactly as I used to.

Public speaking is a heart and soul driven mission that has an enormous positive rippling effect. One answer, one positive tip, one suggestion, and one story at a time serves to awaken people at the deepest level. Once they are awakened they share their newfound wisdom with their children, spouse, friends, and this creates a most positive rippling effect that winds up spanning the globe.

When we hear what others have been through and how they transformed it all it not only let’s us know that we are not alone, it also shows us that there really are solutions to the difficulties we face, even if we face them when we are alone and crying.

I’ve cried oceans of tears, but that’s okay, because I learned so much during the difficult times in my life and it brings me the greatest joy to share how I transformed, what I learned, why the lessons are so important and where they can apply in your life.

It’s never about me, it’s about my audience. My mission is always to make it a life changing experience for the people who listen to me in person, on camera, in videos, on the radio, TV, it’s all about making a positive rippling effect that can truly benefit other’s lives.

If YOU have been through much, consider sharing all you’ve been through and the transformations you made with an audience of people who are where you have been and give them all of the information from your heart to make their lives much more meaningful. This is not only about inspiration, it is about real transformation.

Consider one day you, too, will share your hard learned lessons, advice, genuine care, compassion and transformation with others. It all comes from the heart and people really do feel it!

© Copyright 2019 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved


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Finding Hope When Life Feels Hopeless


By Barbara Rose, PhD

When a new day comes that you wish didn’t
When what and who you cherished is out of your life
The feelings of despair can reach a critical point
Which may cause you to simply want to give up on life.

My Dear One, I have been there many times
When hopelessness was my only reality
and death was my only desire.

Did Anyone Ever Tell You
To go directly to the root of the cause of your suffering
And pray for the strength to create something to live for
That means a great deal to you in your heart.

Did Anyone Ever Tell You
That the beacon of light and hope from within
Will surface when love and a passion driven desire
to create – to overcome – to uplift with a cause
Begins to surface from within your heart and mind.

I am here to tell you
You CAN create and transform feeling desolate
One of the greatest keys is reaching out to others.
Another vastly important key is to allow your feelings to surface
Cry all you need to
And then ask for the higher guidance to bring into your mind
the solution for pure transformation.

Please remember that as life goes by
People, circumstances and even tragedy transform over time.
Time heals the wounds that shatter the soul
And if your soul feels shattered
Please know this is a TEMPORARY state of feeling and experiencing hopelessness.

As life goes on you WILL have hope rekindled within your heart.
As time goes by you WILL adjust to the heartbreaking circumstances
And you will begin to come back to life again.

What is most important is that you give life a chance
Allow life to unfold
Allow love to be the motivating factor that drives you out of misery
And into the hope you need one tiny moment at a time.
Those moments add up!
And soon – very soon – you will become the beacon of hope you have been searching for.

© Copyright 2013, 2019 Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved.

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When the River Of Your Life Takes a Sudden Turn


01-Ind-Power By Barbara Rose, PhD

Your life is like a river, with bends, twists, calm, turbulence, and all kinds of experiences
along the way. When your actions match your thoughts and
feelings, your truth, the ride down this river is an enriching experience.
Now imagine riding down the river with one leg in one
canoe labeled your genuine thoughts and feelings, and the
other leg in another canoe labeled your actions.When you
feel something in your heart and think something in your
mind, but your spoken words do not reflect that truth, the
two canoes separate, pulling your legs apart as you ride the
river of your life. This is a most painful way to travel, and
the simple truth is that it is unnecessary.
If you applied this concept to every area of your life, starting
today, your life would certainly make a dramatic turnaround
because you would genuinely be living your truth.
To do this, first acknowledge every aspect of your life in
which your actions or words are not congruent with your
genuine thoughts and feelings. Next, place all of those aspects
in an imaginary basket. Then, one by one, resolve
those aspects or get rid of them once and for all.
Suppose you are not truly happy with your job but you
continue to go to this place of employment day in and day
out. Put the job in the basket, find a better one more in line
with what you love to do, and toss out the old job.

You may be in a long-term relationship; perhaps the one
you love has been sitting on the fence, causing you a lot of
pain. You can never demand that others do something they
are not ready for, but you can make your own decision to either
continue living with the pain of settling for less than you
deserve or to walk to the other side of the fence alone.When
you do that, you clear the way for someone else to enter your
life…You see, it takes courage to live your truth, to be honest
with yourself and show it. It is far easier, and far more painful,
to feel one way and behave in another.
Why is this called spiritual consciousness? Because it provides
the impetus to get in touch with the deepest part of your
innermost being, the true core of you and you alone. When
you bring your essence, your truth, out from within and up to
the surface of your life, then you can see and feel the real you
in all your life experiences.
When you do this, you glow.You awaken your own vitality.
Your unique inner spirit comes forth and shines in every part
of your life.
Your consciousness, which is your mind, intelligence, intuition,
and wisdom, marries that inner essence, which is
your unique, individual expression. It is the flour and water
combined that makes the wonderful bread.
Self-truth causes us to face things we would rather avoid.
Yet, after enduring the pain of traveling down the river of life
with each leg in a different canoe simultaneously moving in
opposite directions, at some point we make the decision to bring the two together.

From this point forward we find
peace. Our inner life matches our outer life.We say how we
really feel.We speakwhat we honestly think.We dowhat we
know to be right, true, genuine, and good for us and others.
We stop avoiding the truth and find the guts to live it and
express it no matter how itmay temporarily bruise our own
ego or someone else’s.
This is taking individual power to the pinnacle of performance;
this will transform every obstacle life offers.
If you believe in your heart that you want something,
your actions will take you in the direction of your goal one
step at a time. Conversely, if you desire to achieve something,
and you do not do what it takes to reach that goal no
matter how difficult it may be, then your legs are back in
two separate canoes moving in two different directions
along the river of your life. This is no way to travel. It is
painful and gets you nowhere.
The current of a river changes moment to moment and
day to day. You cannot go backwards and duplicate yesterday’s
path. You cannot live with regret, wallowing at the
turn you didn’t take prior to this moment. You have to begin
where you are now and ride the river of the rest of your
life moment to moment, with your canoes aligned. Then
and only thenwill you ultimately getwhere you want to be.
So if life brought a storm, and the ride was miserable,
okay; now what are you going to do?
If you believe you can have a better life, you are right!
Match your belief with your actions, and your journey will
surely take you there.
If you believe this is it and there can be no change, no
benefit, growth, opportunity, or learning, then you do not
realize you are traveling on a river. You have managed to
convince yourself you are in your grave.

So you may find that being honest with yourself is difficult.
It is scary and painful. Yet the eternal saying still carries
all of the wisdomin theworld: “The truth shall set you free.”
No matter what you try to have, do, be, bring into your
life,make better, or release from your life, as long as your efforts
genuinely match your truth and your motive is purely
to live your truth, then ultimately youwill indeed have what
you need. As you live your truth, you will refuse to settle for
less than what you know, deep inside, is best for you.
If you do settle for less, then you are not living your
truth. You are, once again, riding your river with each leg in
a different canoe, where pain is the only possible result.
There is a saying I learned along my life journey: “You
cannot serve two masters.”You cannot serve love and fear at
the same time. You cannot serve truth and fallacy at the
same time.
So at each step, for each decision, you must make a
After giving in to fear or fallacy over and over again and
finally realizing the river of your life has taken you nowhere
you truly want to be, you learn, as I have learned, that self
denial, procrastination, and wimping out are not the truth.
Ultimately, you choose to be true to you. Your life then
becomes a physical expression of your ideal you, one day,
one experience, and one decision at a time. It is then and
only then that you are genuinely free.
You refuse to settle, give in, or give up at the expense of
you and your truth. Then you ride your river with joy, inner
peace, and clarity of thought. Then you achieve the results
you seek. Yes, this is the scariest part of life. It requires the
most courage…

I have spoken much about letting go of fears when seeking
to manifest something, and I have talked about embracing a
challenge no matter how tragic or painful it may appear to be.
How does one genuinely do this? With hindsight, I realized
that I always saw the gift as a result of an unpleasant circumstance.
I also looked back and realized how hard I fought
to hold on to what I did not want to change inmy life. Trying
to keep the status quo is not transforming an obstacle into an
opportunity. It is delaying or trying to stop the realization of
an opportunity, no matter how much we think we do not
want it.
Our egos will fight, but ultimately, our highest purpose
and the wisdom of our soul will win. That explains the cliché,
“Everything always works out in the end.” Sometimes it
works out after much fighting on our part.

Move into the area you fear most. Tell yourself: “No matter
how I may be fighting this now, the gifts of this experience
will emerge over time.No matter how much my fearful
personality fights this experience, I can see from past experience
that something happened for reasons I was unable to
see at the time. For the first time, I amgoing to trust, even if
it is for only a second at a time. I am going to allow this river
to take me where I probably wanted to wind up anyway but
did not know exactly how to get there. Life knows.”
We cannot know everything at every turn. That iswhy so
many of us hold on to our current realities so tightly. The
unknown is out of the ego’s domain. It is the domain of the
soul, filled with wisdom and gifts. The only domain of the
ego is the past. A prior point of reference, based on the experiences
we have already lived. We want to evolve, however,
not stagnate in our own history.
You will find that as you move willingly into the experience
staring you in the face, a lot of the pain and anxiety
lessens. You may even begin to see the gifts offered as a result
of the experience a lot faster, which of course will only
help you.
I love analogies. So here is mine. Back to the river:
You are on this wild river of your life. The river is your
life. You have a goal or a number of them. You have dreams,
hopes, wishes, and a life purpose. They all intertwine. You
think something is supposed to happen at a certain time or
in a certain way as you ride along. Then comes the bend in
the river. The current takes you inwhat you think is a different
direction. You grab onto a branch dangling from a tree,
and you hold on for dear life. You fight, cry, bargain with God, resist, avoid, and fight, fight, fight the current with every
ounce of fearful strength your personality has to offer.
What you or your personality or your ego can not see is
that this bend is taking you exactly where you truly wanted to
go. But you are so busy fighting it all and holding on that it is
only after you let go that you realize it. Maybe you let go two
years later. Maybe twenty. I hope you will let go at the onset of
this bend in the river and move with the current rather than
fight it. Then you will realize how necessary this bend is to get
you where you want to be.
I just experienced this in my own life. Letting go was the
hardest thing for me. I always wanted to feel in control. I
fought until I was left with no choice. And then, I was grateful.
Or I understood. Or I realized all of the reasons why.
We will always discover the reasons in hindsight, but with
this process, we can see them from the beginning, and that
truly transforms the obstacles our fears create for us.
Move into the experience you are fighting so hard to avoid.
The gifts are there!
I wish you every joy and beauty life offers, and I wish that
you discover where it truly resides: within you.

© Copyright 2001, 2003, 2011, 2019 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved. Excerpt from Individual Power: Reclaiming Your Core, Your Truth and Your Life re-printed with permission, published by The Rose Group (April 17, 2003) ISBN: 097414570X.

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Your Individual Power to Turn Your Life Around Starting Now

Individual Power
By Barbara Rose, PhD

Your personal power begins with the dawn
of your realization of your personal worth.

Think of yourself as a baby, as you were when you were
nine months old. When you were small, your views of self
were not tainted by the false words and perceptions of others.
You were pure, whole, complete.

Then, you looked at everything, saw everything, and believed
in everything other than yourself.

You can’t believe in yourself when you don’t believe you
are worth spending your days passionately absorbed in joyful

Survival, yes. We must all survive, but we are also entitled
to survive with personal dignity and with joy.

We can work and love our job. We can eat and love the
food. We can sleep and adore the person beside us. We can
dream and see ourselves where we will one day be, if only we
decide it is to be so.

It is the love of the work
that brings you pleasure,
not the moment the workday is over.

How, I ask you, do you suppose you can be an effective,
thriving individual if your esteem bank is empty? You can’t.
Your value feeds on itself, derives its pleasures and inspiration
From within, from your purpose, and from the joy you receive
by living that purpose.

A vast majority of the masses inhabiting Earth at this time
live like robots. They are on automatic pilot, numb to their
true joy.

Yet there are souls who thrive, who shine, who glow – rich
in self-esteem, wealthy in self-belief, prosperous in love, and
compassionately giving.

These are the people who inspire you.
Why aren’t you one of them? You will become one of them
the moment you decide to be the best you can be – because
you will have taken the step to honor your worth.

To sacrifice your core self for someone else’s benefit, to
throw away your life to satisfy another is the biggest crime.
When you do that, you steal from your very self.

And your age is not an excuse. If you believe the lie that it is
too late to start over, you will regret it later. No matter how old
you are, even if you are in your seventies or eighties, you are
not too old to begin taking personal responsibility and creating
positive change in your life.

Today is the day to begin, or tomorrow, to rise with the sun
and decide exactly who you are, who you wish to become, and
declare to yourself that you no longer choose to sacrifice your
being, and value for the benefit of another at the expense of
your very life.

When you do not take the initiative to be who you came
into this life to be, then each day you face misery. And, ultimately,
you will face illness because your system will be
toxic from self-hate and lack of joy. It will begin to shut
down because it will have nothing left to fight for.

Give yourself everything, every joy to fight for, and you
will find vitality and health, and you will glow once again
when you look in the mirror.

By choosing to pursue joy, you will accomplish far more
than you ever could by toiling away for endless hours in a
dead-end job, with personal decay as your weekly payment.

No other person is responsible for your life. When you
blame another, you do not validate your true self.

If you truly want a better life,
take your life into your own hands
and create it for your very own self.

What others have does not matter. What matters is who
you are. Once you decide who you are, you will become that
person eventually. One moment at a time, your life will be

Take the initiative to dismantle every part of your life
that causes you misery. Leave behind each task, obligation,
job, person, or pattern you no longer want. Replace them
with the qualities and purpose you have always dreamed of.
Replace them, perhaps, with enjoying peaceful, quiet time
alone or spending more time with people you care about or
engaging in activities that bring you pleasure. Clean out the
clutter, doubt, and negativity in your mind, and eliminate
the false views so you can truly live again. You can do this
easily by seeking to find the gift in any seemingly negative
circumstance. Replace every complaint with a new creation.
Replace every quality you feel unhappy about with the
belief that you have within you the ability to be all you were
born to be.

Live. See. Do. Discover. Be you! Get to know who you really
are. This is your responsibility to yourself. All else follows.

For how can you be there for others when you disregard your
self? You can’t. You need yourself.

Without your self, how could you ever know the joy you
will experience as soon as you decide exactly where you are

Begin now. You have a clean slate. The future is what you
cause it to be.

Create a brand-new you, and one day you will look back
and thank yourself for giving you the gift of you! You need
permission from only one person: yourself. It’s your time to
thrive. The next chapter will tell you exactly how to do it.

Individual Power Excerpt re-printed with permission from the book Individual Power: Reclaiming Your Core, Your Truth and Your Life © Copyright 2001, 2003, 2013, 2019 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved. Published by The Rose Group (April, 2003) ISBN-10:09741457X.

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How to Make 2019 the Greatest Year of Your Life


By Barbara Rose, PhD

Take your problems and turn them into possibilities with vast potential to reach so many people who can relate.

Share your greatest ideas with passion! Know that your heart, voice, and message matters, even if it just reaches one person and brings them back to life.

It’s time to take all of the lessons we’ve learned in the past years and turn them into prosperous teaching to uplift other’s lives across the street and across the globe.

Believe in yourself! If you don’t believe in yourself others won’t believe in you. Know that your message and mission matters!

Leave all self doubt and insecurities in the past. Yes you can do it! Rise from within with courage and heart-centered care that people will feel as you embark on your new life ahead of you.

2019 can definitely be one of the absolute best years of your life. Let yourself SHINE! Share, care, love, and believe that what you focus on sends that energy out into the universe to attract like energy and manifests in your life. So make sure what you are focusing on is the absolute best, and that is what you will receive as long as you follow through with any inner nudges to do anything positive into your physical reality.

We’ve all been through rough times, now it’s a time of rebirth and life renewal.

I believe in you. Stop all negative self talk and give yourself the love you need. Listen to your heart and follow only what feels right and true to you. One moment leads to the next and in each moment have faith that there is a higher power, God/Source/Higher Self at work in your life. You never have to do it all alone when you have the creator of the universe backing you. Everything that you thought was impossible suddenly becomes possible!

Keep your focus laser focused while keeping yourself away from naysayers. Surround yourself with positive people and energy, even if you can only do that online. Be open to the miracles that are headed your way and know one thing – you deserve each one!


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THE Keys to Manifest Anything in Your Life


By Barbara Rose, PhD

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Here are the 7 steps to be, do, have, create, manifest ANYTHING in your life. (Just make sure your motives are pure.)

MANIFEST ANYTHING for the rest of your life! 
1. DECIDE. Decide on exactly what you want to be, do, have, create, manifest. Form a clear picture of it in your mind, see it, feel the joy in your heart about it! That’s what sets the energy from the subconscious mind out into the universe and draws to you the exact way to make it a reality. 
Visualize with great feelings of joy exactly what you want to manifest. Get very specific with your visualization! Feel all of the joy at the reality of this happening and visualize it all as if it has already happened! EVERYTHING in our world was once a thought, an idea, and a visualization FIRST before it became a physical reality. Keep your mindset laser focused and declare that THIS IS YOUR LIFE! Because it really is! IF you did not have the ability to bring it into manifestation it would not even be an idea within your mind! The universe WILL deliver what you are focused on based on the FEELINGS you have about it. Your frequency has to RISE to meet and connect with the unformed and then it all actually becomes formed, manifested into your life.
2. BE WILLING: Be willing to do whatever it takes with dignity and pure motives. 
3. COMMIT: Commit fully to the process. Be and feel so determined that nothing can hold you back! Picture this within your mind as your current reality! Have a solid commitment that never wavers. Thoughts are energy! Your energy, your thoughts and beliefs are paramount in the manifestation process. Be so committed with CERTAINTY!
4. LET GO: Let go of doubts, negative thoughts, fear, negative naysayers, let go of thinking it could never happen because it most definitely Can and WILL! 
Forgiveness is a HUGE part in letting go. Forgive anyone who has done you wrong. It’s not for them, it is for you! Once you forgive fallible human beings who did the best they knew how at the time, and you LET GO of ANY bitterness,hurt, shame, disappointment, blame – then you are empowering yourself! Let go of your old story and embrace your NEW reality – the one you first decided upon. Claim that as your reality while you let go of ANY limiting belief. First you have to believe THEN you will see it all happen!
5. FOLLOW: Follow inner nudges and guidance to look at something, go online, and inner guidance and follow through with it. 
6. WAIT. Some things take time. Have patience and KNOW that what you truly desire to manifest is on it’s way to you. Trust that delays are always a blessing in disguise. Go with the flow and continue to declare to yourself that this IS your new reality even while you are waiting. Keep your visualization strong, and your feelings of GRATITUDE for all that is now coming into your life. 
7. HAVE. Now you have what you first decided to manifest! Congratulations – you did it! And you can do this over and over again with anything for the rest of your life!
© Copyright 2018 Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved.

I believe it is so important to know that you truly have God/Creator/Source/Higher Self on YOUR SIDE to co-create with you, and to bring you much more than you can imagine. I know you can, I believe you will!

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Eulogy in Loving Memory of Grandma Rose


Written by Barbara Rose on January 31, 2002, 8:53 PM (April 17, 1918 – January 31, 2002)

Good morning. On behalf of my Grandma Rose, I would like to thank you all for being here today.

There is only one thing I can speak about in memory of my Grandma Rose, and that is the difference she has made.

Because of her, we were blessed to experience the very best of life. She taught us the meaning of love. She endlessly and loyally gave us the very best of her heart.

Grandma, you were my best friend, the closest person to me all of my life.
You never once let me down. You never let any of us down.

You gave us roots and wings.

Taught us the meaning of family, and gave us a true heritage. You instilled within us the highest ethics, and values of dignity, integrity, humanity, charity, courage and love.

You believed in us, and during the times we may not have known which way to go, you showed us.
Without judgment you backed us at every turn, and with every step, your love sustained us.

Your chicken soup sustained us. Those beautiful blue eyes, and sweet smile comforted us, no matter how difficult life became. You were always there.

Each one of us here today is only better because of you Grandma. You made so many of my dreams come true. I am grateful to you for eternity.

Grandma Rose, you are also eternal.

We are each a part of you. You saw the best within us, and it is that best, that we will carry on, and teach our children.

I know you are happy, free, with God, and watching over us.

For every beautiful quality and memory you gave us,

For every dream you made come true

We love you Grandma

We will miss you so much.

You are the finest human being we have ever known

We will keep you alive each day for the rest of our lives.

(This eulogy was written by Barbara Rose within one hour of her Grandmother’s passing on January 31, 2002. It is displayed each year on this website as a tribute of Barbara’s love and gratitude for her Grandma Rose to keep her memory alive.)