Renew & Transform Your Life Private Mentorship


Every answer you need is just a step away. Every problem you have God/Higher Self has the solution custom for YOU! No matter what you are facing – and no matter how much personal growth and transformation you wish you make, how high you want your own spiritual evolution to be – it is all one step ahead for you during this very special private mentorship offering from the bottom of Barbara’s heart to yours.  Continue reading

Rose Center for Personal Advancement


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On May 23, 2019 at 5:55 AM Dr. Barbara Rose had a vivid dream to found Rose Center for Personal Advancement to uplift the lives of those who feel hopeless, who are down for any reason and to provide this pure service to humanity globally as she has always done in the past.  Continue reading

Your Tears are a Goldmine!


WHAT YOU ARE GOING THROUGH MATTERS! I want to personally and privately teach you how BRING THROUGH your own book from God/Source/Higher Self and globally publish it so YOU receive the ANSWERS and SOLUTIONS you need while you totally inspire and empower others who are experiencing exactly what you are! Continue reading