Eulogy for Grandma Rose


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You gave us roots and wings. Taught us the meaning of family, and gave us a true heritage. You instilled within us the highest ethics, and values of dignity, integrity, humanity, charity, courage and love. Read full eulogy. Continue reading

The Best Birthday Celebration is LOVE

Barbara Rose - Rose
I’ve had a good number of birthday’s
and the greatest ones were filled with LOVE
to and from the people I love most.
Never underestimate the difference a call or text message makes.
Getting long distance hugs are the next best thing to getting in person ones.
It is LOVE that moves mountains, creates hope, uplifts and inspires us all.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all who gave me love on this day.
I will always love you!

Eulogy for Grandma Rose


Written by Barbara Rose on January 31, 2002, 8:53 PM (April 17, 1918 – January 31, 2002)

Good morning. On behalf of my Grandma Rose, I would like to thank you all for being here today.

There is only one thing I can speak about in memory of my Grandma Rose, and that is the difference she has made.

Because of her, we were blessed to experience the very best of life. She taught us the meaning of love. She endlessly and loyally gave us the very best of her heart.

Grandma, you were my best friend, the closest person to me all of my life.
You never once let me down. You never let any of us down.

You gave us roots and wings.

Taught us the meaning of family, and gave us a true heritage. You instilled within us the highest ethics, and values of dignity, integrity, humanity, charity, courage and love.

You believed in us, and during the times we may not have known which way to go, you showed us.
Without judgment you backed us at every turn, and with every step, your love sustained us.

Your chicken soup sustained us. Those beautiful blue eyes, and sweet smile comforted us, no matter how difficult life became. You were always there.

Each one of us here today is only better because of you Grandma. You made so many of my dreams come true. I am grateful to you for eternity.

Grandma Rose, you are also eternal.

We are each a part of you. You saw the best within us, and it is that best, that we will carry on, and teach our children.

I know you are happy, free, with God, and watching over us.

For every beautiful quality and memory you gave us,

For every dream you made come true

We love you Grandma

We will miss you so much.

You are the finest human being we have ever known

We will keep you alive each day for the rest of our lives.

(This eulogy was written by Barbara Rose within one hour of her Grandmother’s passing on January 31, 2002. It is displayed each year on this website as a tribute of Barbara’s love and gratitude for her Grandma Rose to keep her memory alive.)

Please Help Barbara Get Surgery to Stop Bleeding


This is a post update.Wanted to share for YOU reading this that it turned out that my Doctor gave me the surgery COMPLETELY FREE of charge. He said, “I’m not charging you a penny for this, my number 1 patient.” I LOVE him – he saved my life so I can now go on to help others.

I have an urgent plea for donations to pay for surgery I desperately need to stop the massive female bleeding that has nearly ruined my life over the past two and a half years and to this day.

Bleeding three weeks out of every month with one week off has drained me so completely I have not been able to do my work of inspiring and uplifting humanity, give seminars, or do anything.

I do not have any money to cover the cost of surgery for a procedure called “NOVA SURE”

The cost is fourteen thousand dollars including general anesthesia. I have an excellent OBGYN for 24 years who urges me to have this surgery.

I do not have any money or health insurance.

If you are able to make a donation in any amount you will be saving my own life as well as many others once I will be able to work again.

I did not want to ask for help, but it’s gotten so bad that I have to swallow my pride to receive when I would much rather give.

If you are willing to “Tweet” and/or “Like” this, pass it around to anyone you feel would care to help even just a little bit you will be a saving grace. Here is a short link for Twitter:

I send you every blessing from my heart and so dearly look forward to making the most positive difference for you and all that I’m here to make.

THANK YOU more than words can say for making any donation below to help cover this surgery.

From my heart,


You are on Barbara’s Personal Private Gratitude List

Thank you so much for caring to save Barbara’s life.

You are on Barbara’s personal private gratitude list and will be notified via the email address you provided when Barbara recovers from surgery and holds the live classes (topics displayed below) globally via phone.

You will receive a free pass detailing all access info. Your name and email address will always remain COMPLETELY confidential and will never be used for any other purpose other than to notify you about live global tele-class date, time, phone, and access number.

Thank you again for your care. You are a human angel!

With our deepest gratitude,

Care Support,
Dr. Barbara Sherry Rose
The Rose Group

In Loving Memory of Scott D. Naddell


Shocked and saddened to learn from a dream in my sleep that Scott Daniel Naddell – one of the greatest loves of my life, died on his birthday in 2008.
This photo was taken by my Mom just before me and Scott left my home to go to his High School Prom in June 1980.
I want to keep his memory alive.
I still don’t know HOW he died, and this is a huge loss. Words almost fail me.

God’s Answers to Barbara Rose in a Personal Writing


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I felt that this is important for me to share with you, from my own private journal for the many people who are either not yet aware that they can receive answers from God, or people who are not exactly sure how to go about this process. Continue reading

Mary Wislowski in Japan is ALIVE!

Borntoinspire NewsThe day after the Japan disaster I was so devastated, in the deepest emotional grief as I was holding a global intensive about “How to Bring Through and Publish Your Own Book” via phone and simply could not do it on that day.

I truly thought Mary had passed on.

I never “met” her in person, but my clients are very dear to me. We bond and we know we each have a true friend on the other side of the world.

borntoinspire heart
Her seeming loss put a deep wound in my heart. I cried, I prayed for her and realized just how short life really is. It only takes one moment and we can be gone.

That day after the tsunami was the last time I spoke on the phone. Something inside of me shattered and I, at the time, had every intention

Tempted By Death by Barbara Rose

Pub Date 09-28-2011

to take my own life as detailed in my newest book Tempted By Death

(FYI – I am THRILLED to be alive! and would NEVER ‘take my life’ after all I have been told.)

Mary emailed me today, and if you ever felt your heart leap through the computer that is what happened with me.

Mary, THANK YOU for being here!
Now I can re-do the intensive as I truly wanted to. It’s a deep intensive jam packed with all you need to know to bring through and publish your own book. Something inside was holding me back but now I feel free and excited to hold this.

I send you ALL so much love. It’s been a really tough year and I thank God it’s behind us.
Mary, I thank God you are here with us. You are a treasure!!

All my love, always,