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Answers from God about Being Afraid of Getting it Wrong

Answers from God About Being Afraid of Getting it Wrong
By Barbara Rose, PhD

The inspiration for this article came from a dear soul who was so afraid of “getting it wrong” in the process of doing a writing to God/Holy Spirit/Source for any matter that weighs on her heart, that I just had to find a way to help her, and you. This is a common fear because this process is completely out of our comfort zone. It is unfamiliar. We were not raised being taught our birthright of using all six senses, but to operate from just five. Fears of somehow not being able to receive divine answers are common simply due to the personality not yet having several experiences with this pure and free process. However, just as with any new endeavor, once you do it, the fears evaporate.

If you, too, feel fear in this area, take heart. There are other ways which I’ll share with you now to receive divine guidance at any time, all of which is addressed in the book If God Hears Me, I Want an Answer!

Let’s suppose that for whatever reason you cannot hand write or type. Here is something I urge anyone to do for as long as you live if you want your life to soar purely in all areas.

The ‘still small voice’ that guides you from within, the one that may say something like, “Take this road home today instead of the one you usually take” that”inner voice’ is God/Source/Holy Spirit, or whatever name you personally use when referencing the purest divine guidance.

Did you ever, once, receive inner guidance and *not* follow it? Me, too. And did you regret it? So did I. Alternatively, did you ever once receive inner guidance and actually follow it? Me, too. Were you glad you did? So was I along with every single person I have ever spoken with from all walks of life, countries and cultures.

The foundation of Higher Self Communication and receiving divine guidance is listening within to the ‘still small voice.’ For many people, their heads are so busy with endless mind chatter, worries and thoughts of ‘what if’ that it is akin to being in a car and blasting the radio at the highest volume. Then, imagine that a gentle rain begins to fall, and the little raindrops are gently falling on the windshield. Do you think you can hear the raindrops if the music is talking at high volume?

No, you would not be able to hear the sound of the raindrops. But, if you lowered the radio volume because you wanted to hear that soft, peaceful sound, you would hear it! And it would bring a smile to your face.

From this moment forward for eternity, I am guiding you to carefully listen within to the guidance that flows into your mind. That is God guiding you, me and everyone who has ever lived on earth.

There is an example that is strong and needed to drive this point home so you always follow through – which is what you will be glad you did.

Suppose you have a best friend whose birthday is on Friday, and you promised her you would go over her house to celebrate her birthday. Imagine this: Ten minutes before you’re about to leave your house, you are receiving gentle, simple guidance that you hear within your mind. The guidance is saying, “stay home. Don’t go.”

Now, most people would say something along the lines of, “Where is THIS coming from? I can’t stay home. This is my best friend, and it’s her birthday. It’s not even raining out. I’m going to her house to celebrate her birthday.” And again, the guidance gently flows into your mind saying, “Stay home. Don’t go.”

Now at this point, you have tossed the idea of following the still small voice of divine guidance. You have decided with your free will and choice to disregard that guidance in favor of going to your friend’s birthday gathering at her home, and you leave your home to get into your car.

You’ve been driving for about seven minutes when a truck slams into your car. It’s a terrible accident. You can’t feel your legs. You are rushed to the hospital, and spend the next two years of your life learning how to walk again.

During one of your sessions with the physical therapist, you share, “On the night of the accident, something inside was telling me ‘don’t go, stay home’ and I didn’t listen.”

Many of us learn the hard way when we disregard the inner, pure, perfect and all-knowing guidance from God/Source/Holy Spirit – or whatever name you feel most comfortable calling it. And each time we learn the hard way, we dearly regret it.

Now, I am guiding you simply coming from a place of care for humanity, to ALWAYS follow that still small voice. In most cases it will NOT make sense to the ego, most of the time the guidance does not appear to be logical. This is because we can only see so far with our eye sight. But the divine can see everything, and when we are guided, it is OUR choice whether or not we listen, or ignore the guidance and do as we please with our free will and choice.

At some point, which I pray is right now, you learn to follow that inner guidance because it will ALWAYS guide you in the best direction. It will ALWAYS keep you out of harms way. It is God guiding you.

The great news is that once you are in the habit of following that ‘still small voice’ it becomes THE guiding voice of your life, and then after a short time you take stock of your life and notice how much better life has become since you’ve been following the inner guidance you receive.

If you only do this, you will only feel gratitude, and I do assure you, you will never, ever regret following through with the guidance you receive. It simply and gently flows into your mind when you are awake.

It is this guidance that is our saving grace. In one moment we receive clarity, a new perspective, or an answer when we were trying to figure something out.

There is not a single person on earth who cannot benefit from receiving answers from God when they can’t figure out the answers on their own. Many times answers will come during sleep in our dreams when the voice of the ego is subdued and Spirit can get a word in edgewise. During our waking moments, listening to and following through with the gentle guidance will always be something we are so thankful we did.

Do this, even just as an experiment for the next four weeks. See and EXPERIENCE the results. Then, judge for yourself. I know for the next four weeks your life is going to be so much nicer as a result. After four weeks, you will certainly be glad you followed the voice of God who guides you now and forevermore.

Copyright 2010 Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved.

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How To Achieve Solace Amid Catastrophe

How To Achieve Solace Amid Catastrophe
By Barbara Rose, PhD

As you look around you, perhaps you are one of the people who feel you have been slammed by the universe. Some may feel as I used to – God? What God? How could any god let this happen?

Your pleas and feelings are understandable, but they are not, however, the end of your journey. You will come to know how to achieve solace again, some measure of understanding to ease the torturous pain.

I have been there, too. When injustice felt like a perpetual life in purgatory every day. How did I come out of the shackles of the deepest despair? I wanted to know truth. I wanted to know “why” and I wrote a letter directly to God asking “Why?”

Much to my amazement, I received an answer that immediately lifted the pain. The crushing sorrow that I had come to call my daily existence was suddenly lifted. I received the higher perspective that took the place of how I was viewing the tragedy in my life.

I want this for you, too. If you are feeling shell shocked, as if your heart and soul have been blasted apart and ripped out of your chest, this is the best time to write a letter to whoever or whatever name you give to the must pure spiritual source in the universe – the source of that ‘still small voice.’ I call that God, and it is crucial that you get in touch with the highest spiritual truths that are behind desperate tragedy so you can come back to life and live again.

I know what it feels like to feel like a breathing corpse. I can promise you that all that is required for you to receive answers that will bring you solace is your deep desire to receive those answers.

Your request for knowledge and understanding must come from the deepest place in your heart.

Humanity cries for the loss of life, and yet what many have not fully integrated into daily knowledge is that when a person leaves this physical life, and crosses over to the other side, they are vibrantly ALIVE again!

If your loved on is on the other side, call out to him! Speak to her. Our loved ones can hear us, they actually visit us, even though we cannot physically see them because they are no longer in a physical body, but their soul, their essence, their consciousness and ALL of the love they feel for you is just as alive as you are right now.

From lifetime to lifetime we experience despair. We do not remember all we have undergone in our prior lifetimes. We do not remember learning so many lessons. This is the lifetime to bridge the gap between human catastrophe and spiritual truth.

Nothing happens in this universe that is void of energy. It is the loving energy in your heart that desires understanding that will receive exactly what you need, you just have to be willing to do so.

Receiving answers from God is far from any sort of special ability. You have been receiving answers throughout all of your life. The inner nudges that guide you to do this or that, to call or write, only for the other person to say, “I was just thinking about you!”

Our energy is felt by our loved ones no matter how near or far away they are. Whether they are on the opposite end of the earth or on the other side, our loved ones love for us remains eternal.

Take out a pen and paper and write Dear ____ (whatever name you give to God, Source, Holy Spirit) and ask from the depths of your heart what you need to know in order to feel your deepest grief lifted.

I have worked with clients whose children passed on. Understandably, they were barely alive themselves. Filled with pain that was torturous at best, they received answers, and they came back to life from the inside out.

If this process did not work, if it was not the time for you to experience this process, you would not be reading this right now. It is time for you to receive answers to your questions. Now, all you need to do is ask, and then listen within your mind to the words that flow into your mind, and write down every word verbatim. Censor nothing. Write down every word that flows into your mind. Then re-read what you wrote. When you ex. When you experience actually receiving answers that are simple, yet profoundly life enhancing, please share this process with anyone who is suffering that is open to this.

It is pure. You deserve answers. Humanity must transform from the current catastrophic perspective. Those whose children have just crossed over to the other side, their children are ALIVE on the other side. Please let this view or perspective into your consciousness, because it is truth.

We all have so much more in common as a human race than our differences lead us to believe. Our hearts share the same feelings. It is time for your heart to finally know inner peace. Ask the questions with a pure heart. Listen within for the words that flow into your mind. Write down every word, then see how you feel after you have received the higher perspective. I care deeply that you feel understanding, as that is the conscious foundation of inner peace.

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This Means So Much

Post Submitted Mon Nov 22, 2010 5:18 am EST

From: brendaforsey

Subject: Thankyou Barbara Rose


Thankyou for all that you do, all that you share, and your time, effort and most
of all love! Your love for humanity is beyond this earths plane, you are
utilizing your energy to help eveyone…and we just want to say how loved you
are from on high. We are here to say keep on keeping on…you are an amazing
soul, and very strong spirit. It is thru your intention and words, your message
is heard beyond your wildest imagination. WE are here to help support
you..and to be of service to humanity…thru all mediums that open their heart
to their true beingness if you will. Barbara, you have ben so dilligent in
using your inner abilities to make a difference in your sisters and brothers
lives…and we are here to say thankyou, and to keep on doing what you have been
guided to do. WE are here to say wee honor your decisions and the souls that
you are helping…dear are blessed, you are loved, and you are light.
You are making a diffenrece and so to say do not give up dear one…even if you
feel it at times..we are here to say…we are here..with yhou..for you..and with
hyou…in your heart of hearts…do not worry about the finances…they will be
sent your way as you sojourn on this journey…it seems arduos at times
perhaps…but we are here to applaud your determination to move forward inspite
of the way things look,, at times. you have been thru a lot dear one…give us
your heart…and we will help you move mountains…we are saying this to you as
we want to let you know we are here for you. You are a bright light and a
beautiful being, becoming yourself and standing transformed among your sisters
and brothers. Keep shining your light, as a beacon for all to the
lighthouse, you are helping your brothers and sisters to find their way…there
are many of you doing this, and your energies combine..and more light is shed
upon the planet earth, the jewel she is. We are here to thankyou for all that
you are doing…and to follow with your god presence, to be a part of the
energy, to be the love that you are in all ways…we applaud you once again…we
are supporting you..and we wish to say how loved your are, and how awesome your
energy is, and your light is seen for an eternity. You are gracious and gentle,
but strong and powerful all at the same time. Allowing love to guide you, and
the energy will bring you peace…and help others on their inner quest for
peace. WE love you
barabara rose..and we are happy to be of service for you!

Barbara i am sending this in, as you came into my head so much i sat and this
letter wrote itself, i just want to be of service to our dear brother and say to look within and allow their wisdom to flow…and Barbara you
are helping so much in teaching them to do this. Much love flows from my heart
to yours! Namaste dear one!

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Spiritual Majesty


By Barbara Rose, PhD

The Sacred, The Holy, The Oath of the Spiritual Guide

I am called by the depths of my soul, I open my heart, I look with love in my eyes, I see only good

The mirror of life reflects perfection to me and all that was previously imperfect is suddenly divine

What is this spiritual majesty that I have come across? Is it a position of power? Authority? Or simply Being?

It is all. All exists within the ONE. One can never be separate from that which s/he created.

Born of Holy Spirit, No earthly pursuit can ever compare and yet,

it is the earthly pursuit that brings us face to face

With our true heritage, We are the blessed ones, We are the caretakers of the human condition

We are the gatekeepers of spiritual truth and nothing can be more powerful.

We may look with our eyes, but it is our hearts that see wonder

Our ears hear the call that our soul answers

We are, by virtue of spiritual heritage the majestic gatekeepers, The gate is at the residence of Love.

We are never better than another, We are simply facets of each other

There is only love that pours into our hearts and our willingness to experience true love will take us out of mediocrity

And see us through spiritual splendor.

For who is greater than I AM THAT I AM?

The synchronistic perfection of life, The timing of our vast and surreal universe

It brings us all together, Just what we need is provided to us, Just when we need it

We give a vow from our hearts to be a pure expression of the divine

We vow only to look with love in our eyes

And compassion in our hearts

We promise to share and care

For as long as we live in this life and the next

Our soul will always remember the divine calling we answered

When we created our agenda – carefully carving out of un-manifest source energy

Our purpose for being here You may have forgotten as I have

And in that moment when you desire to remember who you are

And why you are, The gift of spiritual gratitude is poured onto you

Nothing is by chance and everything is created by taking chances

Love needs not to boast of greatness and greatness is all, Love truly is How we see the divine when we gaze into forever

How we can only live in the moment when forever is a mystery, I can see now how much I have to learn

And I devote my life to live from my heart, With goodness, With care, With sacred meaning

I vow to live as love.

Transcribed via Higher Self Communication © Copyright 2009 Barbara Rose, PhD 12/6/2008 8:21:06 PM

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My Visit From Jesus Christ


By Barbara Rose, PhD

Just a few days before Christmas, December 2005. I was sleeping, and in my dream, Jesus Christ suddenly appeared. This completely left like he appeared to me in my home, in person. He was wearing a white robe, and he looked young, around 30 years old, with the MOST peaceful, loving presence I have ever experienced.

I was deeply amazed, awestruck, and felt so humble. I said, “Jesus, you’re visiting ME?” He said, “Yes, I have a message for you.” I said, very humbly with deep reverence for Him, “Yes, what is it?” and He replied, “The only reason why you had to go through the custody situation was because it would have been humanly impossible for you to simultaneously raise both of your children as a single Mom, living with you full time, and simultaneously do all of the spiritual work that you are doing.”

I said, “Okay.” Jesus continued, “Keep doing everything you are doing and don’t stop. (He then lifted his right arm, up to the elbow level, and moved it forward three times while he said, “Keep going, keep going, keep going.”

I then said very humbly but with all sincerity, “Wait a minute, I know I’m sleeping, and I think this is a dream and not a real visit.”

Jesus replied, “I will give you proof that this is a real visit and not just a dream. When you go to the rental car place tomorrow morning, this is the car they are going to rent to you. (Then appeared right there was a candy apple, fire engine red four door car. I was renting a car every other weekend to see my children, as I did not have a car back then. I never once either saw or was rented a car looking anywhere near what Jesus was showing me. I always got typical rental cars in rental colors, like a grey Ford Escort.)

Jesus then said, “When they rent this car to you tomorrow, that is your proof, your validation that this is a real visit and not just a dream.”

I replied, “Okay” and then he disappeared. I woke up and said to myself,” Boy what a dream that was!”

I went about my morning, went to the rental car place, and by this time, around 11:30 AM, I had really forgotten about my “dream”. After I filled out the regular paperwork, the man took me outside, and said, “This is your car.” It was the IDENTICAL car Jesus showed me the night before. I never stuttered before in my entire life. When I saw the car, I stuttered to the rental guy, “The, the, the, this one? The, the, the red one?” He said politely but concerned, “Yes, why is there a problem?” I replied quite ecstatic, “Oh NO, there is no problem at ALL, this is absolutely PERFECT, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!”

I opened the driver’s side door, got into the driver’s seat, and looked up at the car ceiling, completely ecstatic, and said out loud, “JESUS CHRIST, YOU REALLY VISITED ME!” with the biggest smile on my face.

It was pure validation for me doing all of the spiritual work, just two months after following through with God’s guidance, the newborn Higher Self Communication group was helping people free of charge learn how to awaken their sixth sense to receive answers from God/Higher Self/Holy Spirit/ Source/Creator/All That Is/ (whatever name any person from any culture feels most comfortable with.) It was the most humbling experience that I can’t quite put into words. It gave me the validation to do exactly what Jesus asked of me, to, “Keep doing everything you’re doing, and don’t stop, keep going, keep going, keep going.”

So I keep going and feel a LOT of gratitude for that visit. It remains with me in my heart, and I never doubt myself with respect to my life mission in this area of my work. It was the greatest “outer validation” at a time when the Higher Self Communication group was only two months old. It gave me an inner assurance that is always alive. I couldn’t believe that Jesus actually visited me.

Then, after that visit, I asked God simply out loud, “Why, didn’t Jesus visit me when I was going through so much pain and suffering, when I used to pray for a visit from an Angel, or anyone, when I didn’t want to live anymore?” And God’s immediate answer to me was, “Because Jesus did not want you to become dependent on Him or an external visit for answers, when you needed to learn how to receive them for yourself. Then, you would always wait for visits.”

I immediately understood that. And, for reasons unbeknownst to me, I was guided to openly share about Jesus’ visit, hence this true news story. There was one thing Jesus did say via higher self communication, and that is if anyone has an issue with this visit to take it up with him personally.

Copyright 2010, 2014 by Barbara Sherry Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved.

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A Higher Self Communication

00-0-arose  A Higher Self Communication
By Barbara Rose, PhD

That which is infinite can never be finite

We can never close an open sky or an open heart.

Strange as it may seem, we are truly facets of each other

And what a world this is and will be

As we see events unfold, carefully guided from within

God, our Higher Self, assures all of us that we are infinitely loved

If only we could see how infinite we are.

From lifetime to lifetime

Century to century

We experience a new facet of our self

As we become a whole new person after each lifetime.

We have been so many people

I wonder who you have been!

As we come here to our beautiful and magical earth home

We see that although times may seem scary

We are always assured that we are forever

One with the only true source of love, wisdom, light and truth

Yes we make many mistakes

And we manage to learn from some of them

For the rest of the time, at least for a little while

It seems that our minds are looking for fault

Thinking you are separate form what Barbara Marx Hubbard called “The Great Creating Process”

Ever flowing and expanding into…more of who we decide to be.

There is never a lifetime that you have failed. One person said that to risk is to know that you have lived.

We each know that the difference between sorrow and victory is contained within our perception

And nothing more

Our greatest experience with perception comes when we are whole heartedly asking for it.

What soothes our heartache, calms our fears and shines the light on our illusions

Is and will always be…God.

You are unique as the sunset, “Often imitated, never duplicated”

Even a commercial tag line finds its place among the greatness

Of who? You? Yes, definitely you!

Although you may not feel comfortable with being “divine”

There comes a time when you cease to judge and trade in that perception or view

With one far more all encompassing

And whatever that is, whatever that means to you, your feelings brighten when you feel it

Hope, inspiration, shining like the rising sun.

You SHINE with greatness, perhaps you cannot yet see it,

Or maybe you believe it

But to doubt your soul

Is to doubt all that which has gone into creating only one magnificent you.

And just in case this little lesson from above does not reach you now,

One day it will

Even if you think that day will never come.

If you knew who you were before you might be completely surprised

Can you imagine having a window to see into the past?

And all you ever were, each name you were called, each love you have adored

Each tear you cried that has molded life’s triumphs and tears into one and the same

We truly don’t know or conceive of triumph when sorrow has been our only view

But alas, the dawn comes, a pre-dawn wave

That whisks us into the past, and five centuries into the future, until we finally decide

To be who and where and what we are right now.

When you have reached this moment

You have embraced eternity.

© Copyright 2010 Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved.

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If God Hears Me, I Want an Answer! Details

GOD-HEARS-ME=BOOKCOVER If God Hears Me, I Want an Answer!  By Barbara Rose, PhD

Editorial Reviews

“Barbara Rose is one of the best spiritual teachers I’ve ever heard in person or read in books.” — Gary Renard, best-selling author of The Disappearance of the Universe

“I was deeply moved when I read Barbara Rose’s beautiful and compassionate book. Her love and wisdom infuse every page.” — Stephen Simon, Film Director/Producer (Conversations with God, Somewhere in Time, What Dreams May Come) Co-founder

“This book is a must read for deepening your spiritual awareness regardless of where you are in your journey.” — Bob Gottfried, PhD, author of Shortcut to Spirituality: Mastering the Art of Inner Peace

Barbara Rose has tapped into profound truth, a direct expression of God with simplicity and eloquence. I recommend her book. — Barbara Marx Hubbard, President, Foundation for Conscious Evolution

Book Description:

This book solves the mystery of how to receive answers when you really want them. You learn not only that you are heard but that you are answered, and you will be able to receive all of the answers you need in order to propel your life forward in the most positive way.

After bringing through tens of thousands of pages and millions of answers to people worldwide, Barbara Rose, PhD, shares in this book exactly how she receives the answers and teaches you how to do the same.

During the period in her own life when she lost everything, she wanted answers. From the depths of despair and facing many critical life-changing decisions, she turned to God and received perfect clarity and the highest guidance that led to both her highest good and the highest good of many others.

If you wonder if God hears you, and if you have ever wondered how to receive direct answers, this book will show you how—in plain English.

Publisher: Rose Group (August 1, 2006)

ISBN-10: 0974145750

ISBN-13: 978-097414575


Rose Group is Pay Pal Verified Fully Secure Download now $9.99 US via PayPal

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