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If God Hears Me, I Want an Answer!

If God Hears Me, I Want an Answer!
If God Hears Me, I Want an Answer!
By Barbara Rose, PhD

It is important at this time that you know where I’m coming from, and that you know I am a regular human being just like you. So I am going to share with you how this all happened. How I learned about the process of getting answers from God, and the doubts, fears, and insecurities I went through. Everyone I have taught this process to went through the same thing.

How It Began

In 1994, I had a session with a highly spiritually evolved man named Bill Burns. He told me that I had the ability to bring through information from my Higher Self. I asked, “What’s a Higher Self?” He said, “Your Higher Self is the one you call God.”

I literally laughed in his face and said, “Are you kidding me? Why would God want to talk to me? I’m not Mother Teresa or the Dalai Lama. Why would God want to speak to ME?” He said, “You can’t understand or relate to this now. It’s not like you’re going to be some Madam Zelda with a scarf on your head and a crystal ball, but you will see that you will bring through information from God in your writings and in speech to uplift the spiritual consciousness of humanity.”

I looked at him as if he was from Pluto. Although I had deep respect for him, and do to this day, I didn’t understand what he was talking about, and I certainly did not believe that I could receive direct answers from God.

But I was curious. So I went home and did a writing: I asked God questions in writing and wrote down the answers I received as the words flowed into my mind. Even though I received answers that all turned out to be true, I dismissed the whole thing. I thought I was probably making it all up.

Then, life happened. Hardships happened. Injustice happened. A relationship happened, and I fell in love.

Now, if anything is going to get a person to really start asking God for answers, it is when he or she is in deep turmoil. I was writing letters to God every single day; many times, two, three, four, and even five times a day. I didn’t understand why the events in my life were happening. I didn’t know what to do or how to figure everything out, and I wanted answers!

I received tens of thousands of pages of answers. The only problem was my ego. I did not believe the answers were really coming from God. I kept thinking I was making it all up. Then I began to receive predictions. They were all on the personal level. Exact dates and times by which things would happen, all in advance. This happened for two solid years. During that time I seriously thought I had gone mad. I used to walk around the house and say to myself, “I must be insane. I’m probably just a harmless psychopath.” I really thought I was going crazy. I didn’t believe that the one God, creator of Heaven and Earth, would actually communicate directly with me.

So then in my writings I would ask for another prediction. It came true. Then another, and another. At one point, the words that flowed into my mind from God were, “Barbara, when will you finally believe? How many predictions do you need to come to pass?” And I would write, “Dear God, please just give me one more, and then I will believe.” So I received yet another one. But I still didn’t believe. This went on for two solid years. I was a tough nut to crack. Then I would write, “Dear God, what is going to happen this week?” I received another prediction. Once again, God brought the words into my mind that I wrote down verbatim. The words were, “When will you believe?” So I once again wrote, “Okay God, just one more prediction and then I will believe.” This was after receiving hundreds of them. So I received another prediction with the exact date and the latest time by which the event would occur on that date. For example, I was in a long, deep, and emotionally difficult relationship with a man I dearly loved and still do. He broke up with me, for about the twentieth time, and said that it was “over forever.” I really believed him because he sounded dead serious. I had even reached the point that I thought I had wanted it to be over forever. Then I wrote to God and asked, “Dear God, is the relationship really over? Please tell me it’s over, I can’t take it anymore. If it is, I can handle it. Please tell me the truth.” The answer I received was, “No, it is not over. He will call you to see you on Wednesday by 6:00 p.m.” After two solid years of predictions, when that one came to pass (I received a call from him on Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. saying that he wanted to see me), my ego gave way as if a dam had burst open. I finally believed I was not making it all up.

Logically, I had to conclude that there was no way on this earth that I could come up with advance information documented for two solid years and be correct each and every time.

So I believed. But I had tremendous fear about what other people would think of me. I feared being viewed as some kind of New Age fruitcake. I feared how I would be viewed by society.

It was through my writings, and all of the information I received from God in my writings, that I was able to completely transform my entire life.

I had lost everything. There was a time I didn’t have a home, a car, or money for food, and my life was at the bottom of the barrel. My self-esteem and self-confidence were also at the bottom of the barrel.

God guided me in writing after writing about self-love, self-value, how to transform my life, what to do next, what to create, what to share, and what to write in books for humanity. God’s words flow into my mind, and I write them down verbatim. The process feels exactly like taking dictation. The only difference is that rather than hearing the words spoken out loud by someone, the words come into my mind silently, so it is like taking internal dictation. What I mean by “internal” is that I hear the words within my mind, exactly as you might hear God’s still small voice within your mind saying something such as “take this road home today instead of the one you usually take.”

The process of personal transformation was given to me by God through my writings, and I can guarantee that if there is any area or aspect of your life in which you would like to see, feel, and experience positive transformation, God will give you every answer in your own writings exactly as He or She does for me and for the countless other people I have taught this to who also receive direct answers from God every day of their lives.

It is also important for you to know that no matter what is upsetting you or what you may feel unsure about–even if you are not sure about the perfect words to say in reply to an e-mail–if it is important to you in your heart, you can ask God in writing for the perfect words to write, and then simply write down the answers as the words flow into your mind.

This is the beauty of the process. You can receive answers for anything that matters to you in your everyday life. You do not have to wait for an emergency. Here’s a good rule of thumb: if you’re not sure about something, ask God! There is one exception, however, and that is asking for predictions about future outcomes.

Chapter excerpt © Copyright 2006 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved, from If God Hears Me, I Want an Answer! Published by The Rose Group (September 2006) ISBN: 0974145750.

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How to Become Awakened and Enlightened


Awakening Consciousness
Questions with Answers

1. How can I become awakened and enlightened?

2. What can I do when circumstances get the best of me?

3. What is the best practice I can do in order to achieve an enlightened state?

4. When I feel down and upset, how can I transform this into personal awakening?

5. What is the key to Christ Consciousness and pure enlightenment?

The Answers

1. How can I become awakened and enlightened?

They way to awakening is to merge your thoughts with the Divine higher perspective. It is the way of anchoring the light of God, creator, within your mind. As you direct your mind to the light, and as your heart felt intention to serve as a being of light merges with your desire to become a living expression of Christ consciousness, God consciousness, this heart felt desire will help you to focus your mind on the light. When your mind is focused on the blessing even amid circumstances that are unpleasant, and when your mind seeks to serve and become one with your Higher Self, you are both serving God, as well as being an expression of God in your life.

This requires steady focus on what is going through your mind, and consciously re-directing your thoughts to the light. It calls for you to ask God to help you by seeing the higher perspective so that you can radiate out the higher rather than the lower perspective.

You came in to this life to attain your highest, purest and most loving state of being and expression. Release all attachment to outcomes. Commit yourself fully to being the light of the Creator in every moment of your life. Keep the thoughts in your mind pure, and your emotional body, mental state, and personality will then merge with and become an expression of the purest consciousness in this universe. This consciousness can never escape you, because it is you. Once you begin to live in this way every time your mind is focused on anything other than light, you will awaken. You will allow the enlightenment that is your essence to flow from within you, and you will serve yourself, others, as well as share with those who ask how to shift their minds focus to the light, where all answers, awakening and enlightenment is. You are this expression, and it is time now for you to live in this awakened state for eternity.

Barbara's White Rose
2. What can I do when circumstances get the best of me?

Many times, in fact, all times, circumstances that you are unhappy about have come into your life precisely so that you can find the light within that circumstance. I call this “strengtheners” as opposed to “testers.” It is your conscious choice to weaken or strengthen. The gift of free will and choice humanity has endows each spiritual human being with the ability to focus on the light behind the darkness, and to transform any dark circumstance into one of light.

This can only be done first with a decision within your mind. It is your heart felt commitment to discovering the higher reason, and moving in that direction that will enable you to become the best that you are as a result of the circumstances that have acted as catalysts for your coming into your highest and purest state of being and expression. This is your purpose. It is to be the light, under all circumstances, and to bring light to those circumstances. Then, you will be living and sharing the higher purpose. Personal and global transformation is the result of this, where light transforms darkness. And it is your mind, focus, dedication, and expression of this light that will serve to help uplift the lives of those who are undergoing circumstances similar to yours.

3. What is the best practice I can do in order to achieve an enlightened state?

First, breathe. Then ask God, your Higher Self, Holy Spirit, Source or whatever name you give to the source of the pure love, light and truth in the universe to help you see the light. When you ask for the higher perspective, and when you focus on light, and practice Higher Self communication on a daily basis, you will come to know that the practice is never a ritual. It is a pure state that comes from your heart to bring you into your highest awareness, awakening, and then inner peace will replace any internal discord you may feel.

Dedicate yourself to serve as a beacon of light from your heart. Share with others the higher perspective you have realized. Remember that no one person can ever be the source of your enlightenment. You are source, and it is in connecting to this unlimited, boundless and eternal expression of light with every thought, motive and deed that you will achieve an enlightened state. What your mind focuses on is the key combined with the purest intentions within your heart. BE the light.

Ask that light permeate every corner of your life, and consciousness. As your unwavering dedication to being this expression of Divine light and love continues, you will only feel light and love. You will then be enlightened and feel inner peace at all times, under all circumstances, because you will know that light is the source of all circumstances to help you to see the light that you are, which no outer circumstance can ever extinguish.

4. When I feel down and upset, how can I transform this into personal awakening?

With compassion. Have compassion for yourself and all others. Have compassion for the circumstances that are there to help you honor your highest truth. When you feel down, it is usually because there is an external condition that your personality is not happy about. Go beyond the personality level, and ask for the higher perspective. This will end the cycle of internal discord. This will begin the cycle of seeing every circumstance from the Highest perspective which will free you from drama.

It will open your mind to the transformation that is about to be birthed from within you. Bless every person and circumstance as you view them to be catalysts for your personal and spiritual evolution. Once you have done this, you will no longer feel upset. You will feel free. This feeling of pure inner freedom that is never bound to a circumstance or situation is the result of personal awakening. View each time you feel down as an opportunity to move into the light of the higher perspective. It is from this vantage point that all internal upset will be transformed into internal peace.

5. What is the key to Christ Consciousness and pure enlightenment?

Your heart centered, pure motives as well as your unwavering dedication and commitment to become the physical embodiment of Christ consciousness every moment of your life. When your heart and mind are aligned in this manner, with steady focus on the light behind each circumstance, you will feel they key in your heart. The key is filled with the purest of love. To uplift yourself, and then to help others by example in any manner that is necessary. Show compassion instead of anger.

Give understanding. Remove yourself from all negativity. Be the light you wish to see in this world, and know one thing: You are not only an expression of the light, you are the light giving expression. This is the key. Remember it always, and live it with every breath you take. This path is filled with radiant inner peace. It is the path that yields the most joy as it naturally spreads joy to all others, regardless of space or time.

Consciousness transcends all space and time. When your consciousness is single focused, solely and completely on light and love – there will only be light and love, as well as the inner strength to carry it out every moment of your life. Others will remember your pure heart-centered example, and they too will awaken to and embody pure light, love, truth and the inner strength to carry it out until all of humanity lives in this way. And this, is the Christ Consciousness that is awakened within every human being. This is the time, and now, your decision to reach within your heart will engage your mind into its highest state, each moment, every moment, and thus, you will be the embodiment of pure enlightenment.

© Copyright 2012, 2018 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved

Your Eternal Path Excerpt

Your Eternal Path Book

There is no end to your eternal path.

Every word and deed has a rippling effect.

Simplify your life.

Remain calm when life starts to dismantle your reality. Embrace this! For it precedes a much grander path filled with gifts of every kind.

Just please remember that the greatest gift on your eternal path is YOU. It is the difference you make and the willingness to share how you created that difference.

© Copyright 2013 Barbara Rose, PhD All rights reserved. Excerpt re-printed with permission from the book Your Eternal Path published by The Rose Group.


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Your Eternal Path Details

Your Eternal Path Book

Petals of wisdom contained within pure spiritual truth gently uplifts your heart ,broadens your consciousness, and inspires your soul about the eternal path you travel.

Barbara shares this e-book with all of humanity as a pure gift from her heart. Enjoy!


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THRILLED Live, Global Seminar Intensives Have Free Access to Millions

News for You

I must share how thrilled I am that I received truly God’s divine guidance as the words flowed into my mind (while setting up a Live Global Intensive via Phone) “Open the intensive to prisons, mental facilities, drug rehabilitation centers, and the like so they can all hear the intensive LIVE on their PA system for all of the people who cannot register for this personally – they will still be helped.

WOW. I learned from people’s firsthand testimony that they all read my books in prison. I learned from Mental Health Professionals that they give my books to their patients with excellent results. I have been searching the web for a live, interactive VIDEO platform to interact with people globally, streaming live, but this – LISTENING LIVE over a PA system in any facility that has many patients or prisoners can transform completely free of charge, as only ONE administrator needs to register for this intensive. It’s GREAT to know that NOW the masses are ready to be not only touched, but heard, understood, and especially transformed.

It’s no doubt a celebratory moment in my life, because I put my ALL into this work. The rippling effect is as astounding as it IS GLOBAL.

I have helped people in Domestic Violence Shelters personally, especially in Canada, and have donated THOUSANDS of paperback books to Aids to Victims of Domestic Abuse, and so many other charities. But deep in my heart I wanted to reach them all personally.

Being on the phone with them all, potentially millions of people brings my heart the greatest joy – it is priceless AND IT’S FREE for them, too!

So I hope this inspires YOU my friend. Together we CAN make a difference. I’m just so excited to share HOW.

With much love,

The Power of Spiritual Endorsements

0-nice-yellow-flowers-HiResThere is a huge surge of the purest love in the universe when you collaborate with another person from the center of your heart.

It is never about “getting” it is about “sharing and helping each other.”

No matter WHAT you have created, ultimately it is people spreading by word of mouth with their friends, loved ones, colleagues and even strangers the great thing (your project) they have discovered and honestly recommend.


It is about creating honest relationships with those whom you genuinely admire.
It is so important that people know WHY you are contacting THEM to either give you an endorsement or help you spread the word about what you are doing.

In short, you are contacting them hopefully because you are sincerely taken aback, or truly admire their work, and when you let them know this – they will either feel your sincerity or feel your cold ulterior motives.

People who have been around in any industry for a long time get to know their colleagues. Other spiritual and relationship authors are NEVER my “competition” quite to the contrary, I endorse THEIR work – why? Because I honestly love it and it is worthy of an endorsement.

Meeting or connecting with the people who will support you with your efforts expect that you, in turn, will support them as well.

You are sharing support, not just selling your latest creation.

If you come across as only looking out for your own personal interest, the first thing the person reading your email, or hearing your message will be a prompt DELETE.

Many people have come to me, typically people I did not know at all, asking for MY endorsement. WHY? They never told me why, they were only too concerned with what they could GET rather than how they could SHARE.

If is all about HONESTLY sharing from the heart! It is about helping each other – SINCERELY. It is about making a genuine positive difference in this world, and when that is your motive, and the person you are approaching learns WHY you admire THEIR work, why you would even want their name associated with your venture, that must be spelled out FIRST.

This then opens the heart of the person you are contacting. Oh, he’s familiar with MY work. OK, I’ll continue reading this email. But it MUST be GENUINE.

People do have six senses. We all know truth when we come across it, additionally, we all know BS when we come across it as well. People who have devoted their lives to make a difference are more than happy (at least I am) to help someone whose motives are pure. I lend support, some advice, and even an endorsement without the person even asking for it.

If the number one thing people want to know is to get as much as they can out of you, you will feel their insincerity, and they will most likely receive next to nothing as a result.

Cooperating WITH your colleagues to make this world a better place is at the heart of Spiritual Endorsements. You respect each others work. You become happy to help the new kid on the block with a boost. Why? Because you were once the new kid on the block and needed some genuine support to launch what you are creating.

Personally, I love helping newbies rise. It brings my heart great joy. However, when I receive emails that are so ego-centered, only seeking to take and never seeking to share, then those emails quickly get deleted because the energy behind them is not pure or filled with loving intentions.

Here below are some endorsements from people whose work and contributions I honestly love. I approached them from my heart, AND I helped them spread the word about what they were doing as well. The most common way was adding something they were doing to my newsletter and sharing a link to THEIR project, just to reciprocate, and without them even knowing about it.

So now I am starting a global team of spiritual heart-centered people who are thrilled to share each others ventures, just for the sake of loving and sharing. In this way everyone benefits, and everyone who is involved is on the same wavelength. Our energy matches – and it is this energy, filled with love, that carries the most power behind long term spiritual success.


Spiritual Endorsements

“Barbara Rose is one of the best spiritual teachers I’ve ever heard in person or read in books.” — Gary Renard, best-selling author of The Disappearance of the Universe

“I was deeply moved when I read Barbara Rose’s beautiful and compassionate book. Her love and wisdom infuse every page.” — Stephen Simon, Film Director/Producer (Conversations with God, Somewhere in Time, What Dreams May Come) Co-founder Spiritualcinemacircle.com

“This book is a must read for deepening your spiritual awareness regardless of where you are in your journey.” — Bob Gottfried, PhD, author of Shortcut to Spirituality: Mastering the Art of Inner Peace

Barbara Rose has tapped into profound truth, a direct expression of God with simplicity and eloquence. I recommend her book. — Barbara Marx Hubbard, President, Foundation for Conscious Evolution

If you wonder if God hears you, and if you have ever wondered how to receive direct answers, this book will show you how—in plain English.


0-three-sunflowers_HiResBuild your relationships authentically.
Create something that really makes a difference and not just a dollar. Because when you do make a difference the dollars naturally come your way via a return of your pure energy and motives. This is the universe’s way of giving you a wink, and shining success upon you because you cared enough to make a difference for others.

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Consciousness Awakening

Divine Source through Barbara Rose, PhD

Greetings my Dear Beloved Souls

We have heard your cries, your questions, your endless searching for answers to awaken from the dream of darkness, separation, despair and seeming hopelessness during many “times.”

It is imperative for you all to know that as long as you believe you are somehow “separate” from Divine Source, the pain will continue – as this is what the “illusion” is, and has been since the dawn of humanity.

Divine Source is One, and exists as all of the creations that you see. At the same time, there are aspects of each particle of individual existence that do display what is called free will and choice. As long as “free will and choice” choose to see an apparent separation from Divine Source, pain is felt on some level.

This is mostly known as fear – and thus is the saying: “False Evidence Appearing Real.”

Many of you have heard similar messages in the past as truth is quite persistent – and unfailing. What many of you are not “getting” is that in the “apparent” “illusion” you are still one with Divine Source. You can choose to consciously live your lives as the beings of light that you have come to love, pray to, worship, and ask for guidance from. All aspects of Source are equal. All aspects of Source are part of One Source, and there are droplets – just as you have droplets of ocean water that are still part of the same ocean. Please allow yourselves to move deeper into the heart center where all of your truth exists, and cease to look for answers outside of your heart.

If you ask for guidance, this is fine, however, no person or book or thing can ever cause you to feel the oneness that you are. You can debate or trust. You can seek or find. You can keep searching in vein because there is only one place where you will come to find and feel peace, and this place is within your heart – and your conscious awareness of your heart center – this is the most important place in which to “reside” and this is your heart center.

If you are looking for a complicated answer, then I cannot give that to you – as truth is quite simple. It is the ego – that seeks and disbelieves, and looks, judges, questions and causes frazzled nerves and emotions that are discordant.

Simply look within your heart – and there is your connection to Divine Source. Simply live completely from your heart center – and you will be living as the Angels and Ascended masters live, as well as other beings of light that have come to conscious awareness of their heart – it is this realization that will bring you inner peace, and quite frankly, no other.

There is no “fix” – there is only love. This may sound too simple – however, the truth and love are the simplest concepts given unto you and yet the egoic mind continues to seek “out there somewhere” for an answer. The answer exists within love. Love exists within your heart. When you align your mind with your heart and live solely and completely from this place – you can then come to know, see, feel, experience and live as an example of “enlightened” inner peace.

The answer is simple, and the experience of living purely from the heart center is profound. It is peace filled – there is not “me” and “you” – there is only “us” as we are all One, and we always will be!

Please refrain from seeking outside of your being for the “cure” to humanities woes – when the cure stems from the heart center of each “individual” aspect of the One.

You are never separate or alone – ever. You are always “at One” with Source – because you are Source.

So when you say to yourself: “I am Source, and Source is pure love, so I am pure love and will only live my life as pure love” this is all that matters.

Now, if each “individual” aspect of Source did this – alas – humanity would be filled with inner and outer peace on all levels.

Many, so many of you are truly getting there. So many of you are choosing love over fear. Faith in heart over ego and might. Purity of motive over false idols and perceived “value” in outer symbols of worship.

So many of you are truly awakening at levels that have been attained on Earth before by the Ascended masters that have shown humanity the way before.

Now is no different. It just appears to be.

Please know that every answer to your every question is in your heart. Move your mental focus on to your heart, and you will come to feel “at one” with the oneness that you always have been and always will be. The “illusion” is that you are separate. The “connection” to Oneness is in your heart – filled with pure love.

Please remember this message as it will serve you every time you question “the big picture.” The answer to the big picture is love.

We watch you in joy as so many of you have become beacons for your own selves and are living a “higher” more love-filled existence to show the way for others that still are searching in the seeming dark.

Search your heart, the answer lies within and the answer will always be love.

Live as love – and you will then always be living as “The One” in all ways and for always – as that is what we all are.

I bid you Peace and you are so dearly loved for eternity!

© Copyright 2005, 2012 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved.