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God’s View of the Death Penalty – Excerpt from IF GOD WAS LIKE MAN


And if there are individuals who are a danger to society, put them in a place where they can spend the rest of their lives in contemplation. In that way they may be able to correct, or learn, or grow, or heal. Then you will have created a situation where growth is achieved, and thus the cycle is complete. For to end people’s lives does not cause an ending at all. They are very much alive after this life. Continue reading

Barbara’s Mission


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To witness the depths of despair completely transform within minutes both in my own life and in the lives of countless thousands of people from all over the world that this mission is direly needed for the entire human race. Continue reading

THRILLED Live, Global Seminar Intensives Have Free Access to Millions

News for You

I must share how thrilled I am that I received truly God’s divine guidance as the words flowed into my mind (while setting up a Live Global Intensive via Phone) “Open the intensive to prisons, mental facilities, drug rehabilitation centers, and the like so they can all hear the intensive LIVE on their PA system for all of the people who cannot register for this personally – they will still be helped.

WOW. I learned from people’s firsthand testimony that they all read my books in prison. I learned from Mental Health Professionals that they give my books to their patients with excellent results. I have been searching the web for a live, interactive VIDEO platform to interact with people globally, streaming live, but this – LISTENING LIVE over a PA system in any facility that has many patients or prisoners can transform completely free of charge, as only ONE administrator needs to register for this intensive. It’s GREAT to know that NOW the masses are ready to be not only touched, but heard, understood, and especially transformed.

It’s no doubt a celebratory moment in my life, because I put my ALL into this work. The rippling effect is as astounding as it IS GLOBAL.

I have helped people in Domestic Violence Shelters personally, especially in Canada, and have donated THOUSANDS of paperback books to Aids to Victims of Domestic Abuse, and so many other charities. But deep in my heart I wanted to reach them all personally.

Being on the phone with them all, potentially millions of people brings my heart the greatest joy – it is priceless AND IT’S FREE for them, too!

So I hope this inspires YOU my friend. Together we CAN make a difference. I’m just so excited to share HOW.

With much love,

Fashion Secret Exposed



By Barbara Sherry Rose, PhD

  • You just saw the perfect dress for a high profile job – for only $298.00 US
  • You have a court appearance to make and want to dress respectfully. Price only $80 US
  • You’re meeting your boyfriend’s parents for the first time and found the best outfit. Only problem is it’s $169.00 US

Did you know that you can buy the identical outfits, shoes, boots, watches, handbags, and anything that you can wear WHOLESALE?

I used to work for Ralph Lauren back in 1983. His clothes are one of my favorites in style. While browsing on the web I came across a site called It has everything on it! Then I went to my closet and pulled out some blouses to read the label only to discover that the shirts were made in Indonesia along with other items made in the same region.

I was floored. But wait, there’s more! I used to buy a lot of handbags on ebay. One shipment came with a handbag that I paid $69 US for, but it also had the original tag of the wholesale manufacturer –

. The handbag I paid $69 bucks for was for sale for $12.00 US. Yes, TWELVE DOLLARS! (I actually just logged on to the site and found some great handbags for $15.00 US.) But I’m not buying now, I need that money for food.

Here is the Secret of Fashion Trends Exposed

If you want it, Google it using the word WHOLESALE. You’ll find all kinds of sites that retailers from all over the world buy from – and so can you!

Simply create an account with the Wholesale Site, and shop with a purpose. What do I mean by this? Suppose you are out of work, and are finding the job market is scarce. You can buy the items you LOVE and sell them to family, friends, and even to other retail stores!

I discovered a retail store called 9.88 that buys “closeouts” – shoes, boots, handbags, watches, etc. A few months ago I really needed a new pair of sandals. I was looking at Victoria’s Secret website and saw some gorgeous sandals – the only problem were the prices – $49, $69, etc. So I went to 9.88 and bought nearly the IDENTICAL sandals for $5.99 US.

I went into a Brazilian store I came across and bought this gorgeous watch for $3.99 US!! I get so many compliments, and I learned to just say, “Thank you.” If a person asks where I got an item I always share the source.

I knew a woman who owned an entire city block that her store was built upon.It was pretty pricy, high end, but she was so nice. I asked her, “How did you start your business?” She replied, “I started selling stickers out of my garage in Maine.”

Whatever items you love, from baby clothes to boots, linens to bridal items (Catherine Duchess of Cambridge – Kate Middleton’s) parents started “Party Pieces” to beautifully decorate people’s party’s.

Perhaps you can help other women or men dress better if they are going on job interviews and genuinely need to make a conservative, clean cut, distinctive impression on the person who can hire them.

Buy the suit wholesale and have it delivered to your door! When on line, always check the sellers reputation based on the feedback previous customers have left. I once bought a watch on the Tang website that was actually BROKEN when I received it! I was appropriately miffed and left my feedback only to find that most of the previous customers had left the identical feedback.

When people try to screw you over, they wind up screwing themselves over. Always look for the words “trusted seller or the seller’s rating, such as on ebay. If it’s below 98% positive, go to another seller with a 100% positive feedback.

Personally, I price my digital books “Wholesale for Humanity” – why? Because people just like you and me may need the extra money for food. If YOU own a business see if you can lower your prices. You just may find that you make a lot more money!

One Quick Example

There was a nail salon that opened and I went to get a manicure (fills) but the price was $40 dollars. I asked the owner if he could lower his price, as gas prices skyrocketed and food became so expensive. Well, in his arrogant tone, he replied, “No. The price is $40 dollars.” So I took a look at his salon and saw there were no customers. I then took a good look at him and said, “Maybe if you lowered your prices you would have customers in your store.” I then walked out. About two months later, I walked by that same salon, still empty without customers, and saw a big sign in the window, “Fills $20 dollars.” I laughed to myself but that bitter impression he first gave me never left. I never went into his store after that first time and no matter HOW low his prices get I would still never walk in.

If you need a product or service that is too expensive for you, ASK the person if they can work with you and lower the price. I have lowered my prices hundreds of times for people all over the world. Why? Because I care, and I always share, “It’s not just about making a dollar, it’s about making a difference.”

I hope this helped you!

Answers for Your Life


By Barbara Rose, PhD

Creating positive change, uplifting your life, sharing how to receive higher answers when you are having difficulty figuring them out on your own “uplifting humanity one person at a time” is not only my mission – it is my PASSION.

rosebud I don’t know about you, but I would much rather interact with you globally via a live interactive video forum on this site so you can simply go on line to receive the answers you need, and if you are unable to attend live, to have that video stored for playback at your convenience.

dollars In searching the world for such a forum the cost is outrageously expensive. Companies charge a gazillion dollars for just so few “net meetings”, and for larger audiences they do NOT accommodate thousands of people.

My site is hosted on WordPress along with some of the largest sites in the world. I love this platform and recommend it to anyone I know who needs a website (they call it a blog.) And I formally requested a live streaming interactive video forum to uplift all. I requested that text is shown for those who are deaf, and for those who are blind and cannot read posts, this forum would be like a gift from God for them.

It must be affordable. I stopped giving large group intensives via phone because many times people cannot get in on the call, or their cell phone drops the call, or it cost more than they may be able to afford for an international calling card, or their time zone is like it’s on another planet.

I am tired of only those few with money (and a lot of it) having access to the technology that the masses need most.

miracles I am requesting this addition to WordPress because it will help millions of people, live, on line, in interactive VIDEO format.

It doesn’t take a lot to create a miracle – it takes a willingness from the bottom of your heart. It requires faith that if your motives are pure your request WILL be answered. It also takes a lot of determination, and consistent follow through in action, both mine and yours.

Life has become dreadfully difficult for the majority of humanity. (Yes, I am part of this same humanity.) The good and bad news is that it is going to get much more difficult. WHY? Because those with negative, controlling intentions, greed, and all that has been built upon such must crumble in order for a true heaven on earth to exist. *** Not one drop of negative energy or motives will be allowed to exist in this new life on earth that will be after what must crumble does so. This is to purify our life on earth. It is NOT meant to hurt us, it is ultimately meant to be what is quoted, “the meek shall inherit the earth”.

For those who think I am insane because I receive answers from God, and share with the world how to do the same, let me share with you that I used to think I was insane, too. Who ever heard of that? Now, thankfully this work has spread to every corner of the globe. It turns out it is no more insane than having a gut feeling. But it MUST reach you in the manner you feel most comfortable, so you can be aware of the guidance waiting for you, to steer you in the right direction and help you roll with the changes happening in our world instead of being crushed by them.

Cling to God, (in the Old Testament His name is Jehovah, just saying His name will cast out all evil who shudder because they know their time is coming to an end) and to Jesus Christ for your inner guidance – that is the foundation of all that is good, right and just. Hold on to your life because it CAN get better no matter HOW dreadful it becomes. Turn OFF your TV and STOP listening to the news. Instead, focus your mind on any positive difference you can make – first for yourself, your loved ones, and then hopefully what you do can reach others.

I, personally do not have the “answers” – I receive them from God – and this IS humanity’s birthright. There is nothing “psychic” about this, nothing new age, no woo woo, just the purity of your soul that is eternally connected to God (as you personally understand that name to be) via the love in your heart and your consciousness.

I had no intention to share this with you, but I am being guided to share Psalm 121 because it is a beautiful protective Psalm, you will always feel a loving sensation in your heart when you say it.

It is written:
“I life up my eyes up to the hills
where does my help come from
my help comes from the Lord
Creator of Heaven and Earth
He will not let your foot slip
He who watches over you will not slumber
Indeed He who watches over Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep
The Lord watches over you
The Lord is your shade at your right hand
The sun will not harm you by day nor the moon by night
The Lord will keep you from all harm
He will watch over your life
The Lord will watch over your coming and going
both now and forevermore.”

I send you my love and pray you have every blessing you need, now and always. In the meantime I am doing all I can to reach, help and uplift you. A little humor would be nice, I’ll let you know when I get some.

With much love,

Did Anyone Ever Tell You..™ Apply for a JOY Instead of a Job

did anyone ever tell you

Did Anyone Ever Tell You..™
To apply for a JOY instead of a job?
Can you imagine saying..
Oh, YES, It’s Friday –
I get to leave my JOY for the weekend!
Oh, NO, It’s MONDAY – I have to go to my JOY
Can’t wait for the weekend..
So I can leave my JOY!
Did anyone ever tell you..
Start to view your “job” as your “JOY”
Then inspiration & passion will fuel each day .
If you’re not sure WHAT you would do —
May I suggest..
Now is the PERFECT time to inquire within.

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© Copyright 2007, 2012 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved.

Watch the Video “What More Can I GIve?”

Michael Jackson What More Can I Give

LYRICS Courtesy of

“What More Can I Give”
(feat. various artists)

[Celine Dion:] How many people will have to die before we will take a stand?

[Billy Gilman:] How many children will have to cry, before we do all we can?

[Reba McEntire:] If sending your love is all you can give

[Nick Carter:] To help one live

[Usher:] How many times can we turn our heads

[Brian McKnight:] And pretend we cannot see

[Mariah Carey:] Healing the wounds of our broken earth
We are one global family

[Jon Secada:] Just sending your prayers

[Beyonce:] Is something you’ll feel
Helping one heal

[MJ:] What have I got that I can give?

[*NSYNC:] What have I got that I can give?

[Luther Vandross:] (Tell me)

[MJ:] What have I got that I can give?

[Justin Timberlake:] (Yeah, yeah, uh, uh)

[*NSYNC:] To love and to teach you
To hold and to need you
What more can I give?

[Aaron Carter:] Brother to brother

[Mya:] lay down our fears and reach out and make a pact

[Gloria Estefan:] Show him the love that is in our hearts let us bring salvation back

[Luther Vandross:] Just sending your love has the power to heal

[Shawn Stockman:] So let’s all give


[All:] What have I got that I can give?

[Luther Vandross:] (Is not allowed to give just a little bit)

[All:] What have I got that I can give?

[Luther Vandross:] (Everyone should be a part of it)

[All:] To love and to teach you
To hold and to need you
What more can I give?

[MJ:] Say the words
I’ll lay me down for you

[Celine:] Just call my name
I am your friend

[MJ:] See, then why do they keep teaching us
Such hate and cruelty?
We should give over and over again

[All:] What have I got that I can give?

[MJ:] (We should give over and over again!)

[All:] What have I got that I can give?

[MJ:] (Oh my god, oh my god)

[Boyz II Men:] (Oh my Lord)

[All:] See, to love and to teach you
To hold and to need you
What more can I give?

[All:] What have I got that I can give?

[Mariah:] Aahh…

[All:] What have I got that I can give?

[MJ:] (give you, give to you)

[All:] See, to love and to teach you
To hold and to need you
What more can I give?

[All:] What have I got that I can give?

[Celine:] (What More Can I give?)

[All:] What have I got that I can give?

[MJ:] (I wanna give to you, give it to you)

[All:] See, to love and to teach you
To hold and to need you
What more can I give

[MJ:] (they think I’m crazy but I’m not!)

[2nd Chorus:]

[All:] What have I got that I can give?

[MJ:] (To give it to you)

[Mariah:] Aahh..

[MJ:] (we wanna give to you!)

[All:] What have I got that I can give?

To hold and conceal you
(Oh, no, yeah, yeah, yeah)

[All:] To love and to heal you
What more can I give?
(Give me, give me one time more)
What have I got that I can give?

[Gloria Estefan:] (What I got, what have I got)
(Say your prayers)
What have I got that I can give?
(Show the world how much you really care)
To love and to teach you

[Celine:] (To love you, teach you)
To hold and to need you

[Celine:] (To hold you, to need you)
(What more?)
What more can I give?

[All:] What have I got that I can give?

[3LW:] (What can I give? Tell me what can I give you)

[All:] What have I got that I can give?

To hold and conceal you
To love and to heal you
What more can I give?

The Charity single that was NEVER released. The Charity was for September 11, 2001. The people involved in the charity were- 3LW Aaron Carter Alejandro Sanz Anastacia Beyoncé Knowles Billy Gilman Brian McKnight Bryton Carlos Santana Celine Dion Cristian Castro Gloria Estefan Hanson Jon Secada Joy Enriquez Juan Gabriel Julio Iglesias Laura Pausini Luis Miguel Luther Vandross Mariah Carey Michael McCary from Boyz II Men Michael Jackson Mýa ‘N Sync Nick Carter Olga Tañón Reba McEntire Ricky Martin Rubén Blades Shakira Shawn Stockman from Boyz II Men Usher Tom Petty Ziggy Marley

Watch a Different Version with the Lyrics and Artists

Personal Alchemy, Turn Your Suffering into Gold

By Barbara Rose, PhD

I am sure it is safe to say that each of us has had times in our lives when we had hopes, anticipation, expectations and events where we desired a certain outcome.

I am sure it is equally safe to say that when any of them did not turn out the way we had wished, we felt some measure of pain, disappointment, anger, sadness, or turmoil.

Can you relate?

The purpose of this article is to change that. Just as alchemy can turn base metal into gold, you will soon learn how to turn your suffering into golden freedom from inner anguish.

Our human minds, thoughts, and beliefs have been conditioned for eons to believe that some future event will bring us happiness. As a result, we are constantly seeking.

We are projecting our vibrant and passionately alive state on the condition that once we have whatever event, person, material thing, title, award, or circumstance, we will THEN have happiness.

Our ego tricks us to believe that we are not sufficient at the present moment. No, we don’t have such and such yet; but once we do THEN we can be happy.

Does any of this sound familiar? In any area? In any way?

When whatever we receive is not to our liking, we feel resistance. It is the resistance to our deep belief that our current state of being is not good enough which has us hinging our happiness on something we think we need to acquire in order to feel happier. It is seeking in the future.

Please let me know when you arrive at your future, I would like to meet you! Shall I check back with you in ten minutes? Will you be there then? I didn’t think so.

Where will you be? In the moment. Please do tell me when you will ever NOT be IN the moment, I would like to meet you too!

THIS moment is an extraordinarily powerful and positive place to be.

The alchemy occurs when we fully accept this moment, what we have, and the situation at hand exactly as IT IS NOW, rather than resist it. Perhaps this moment may not be your preference. That is awareness! Perhaps you would prefer this moment to look different, but it does not. It is what it is, and there is a reason for it to be so.

Why? I’ll tell you.

Every event in our life is brought to us in order to help us grow from within to BE the highest and best version of ourselves we can ever hope to create.

In order to evolve internally, in love, compassion, confidence, inner strength, gentleness, and belief in ourselves, there must be an external catalyst for our growth. That catalyst is the circumstance we RESIST, or try to GET in order to believe we are, in fact, valued, loved, lovable, whole and complete as we are NOW.

Does this mean we stop doing? No. It means we start BEING, rather than seeking or resisting and avoiding.

If you find that you are catapulted into the throws emotional turmoil, then you are NOT doing one thing: ACCEPTING.

Accepting does not mean allowing yourself to be abused, or the abuser. The acceptance I am speaking of is stepping back for one enormous moment, and WATCHING your emotional reaction to any situation where you feel resistance.

Once you stop, and look at yourself as if you were on a movie screen and say: “Look at how I am reacting. Look at what I’m feeling because of this situation. The moment you can catch yourself and “become the watcher” (as Eckhart Tolle states) you immediately disengage yourself from the emotional drama of the situation. Then, you can ACCEPT it just for what it is. As soon as you accept it, alchemy occurs; you are no longer in pain.

Your suffering has been transformed into freedom from suffering. You can then look at the situation with some measure of objectivity, and if you can’t laugh at it, you can at least come to peace with it.

Going back to an analogy to nature, suppose you have a small rose bush in your garden. You WANT it to bloom, and give you one hundred perfect roses. It blooms, and gives you two instead.

Do you stomp, scream, and rip the rose bush out of the ground by its roots? No. You ACCEPT that this is what you received. Perhaps it wasn’t yet ready this season to bloom, as you WANT it to. Perhaps it will never bloom. It has NOTHING to do with YOU!

It is the same with people. The way they are, is simply the way they are. Circumstances are the way they are. It is in THIS moment that you can make a decision based on awareness, stemming from acceptance, as to a course of action or inaction that will serve your best interest.

You cannot make a beneficial decision based on awareness when you are caught in the drama of resisting what is, now. However, once you ACCEPT what is, now, you are then free to face whatever it is you are seeking, or avoiding.

Then you will find you are evolving, rather than creating a Movie-of-the-week miniseries out of your emotional turmoil.

Your turmoil exists solely in your invested interest in keeping the status quo, (if you are resisting) or in changing the status quo – if you are seeking.

Your personal alchemy is the golden moment of acceptance, which will transform your suffering into freedom from its tyranny forever.

© Copyright 2012 Barbara Rose. All Rights Reserved.