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Video: Become Someone’s Miracle! Starting the Global Miracle Movement

What a profound way to transform a global pandemic into a MIRACLE MOVEMENT. Watch this video and share what YOU are doing to become someone’s miracle today.

Join me for Spectacular Sunday’s each week at 3:00 PM Eastern, 12:00 Noon Pacific, 8:00 PM UK Time where I bring through answers from God, Source, Higher Self Communication for YOU live on a FREE Global Teleseminar to uplift YOUR LIFE!

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#MiracleMovement #SpectacularSundays

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How to Become Awakened and Enlightened

Awakening Consciousness
Questions with Answers

1. How can I become awakened and enlightened?

2. What can I do when circumstances get the best of me?

3. What is the best practice I can do in order to achieve an enlightened state?

4. When I feel down and upset, how can I transform this into personal awakening?

5. What is the key to Christ Consciousness and pure enlightenment?

The Answers

1. How can I become awakened and enlightened?

They way to awakening is to merge your thoughts with the Divine higher perspective. It is the way of anchoring the light of God, creator, within your mind. As you direct your mind to the light, and as your heart felt intention to serve as a being of light merges with your desire to become a living expression of Christ consciousness, God consciousness, this heart felt desire will help you to focus your mind on the light. When your mind is focused on the blessing even amid circumstances that are unpleasant, and when your mind seeks to serve and become one with your Higher Self, you are both serving God, as well as being an expression of God in your life.

This requires steady focus on what is going through your mind, and consciously re-directing your thoughts to the light. It calls for you to ask God to help you by seeing the higher perspective so that you can radiate out the higher rather than the lower perspective.

You came in to this life to attain your highest, purest and most loving state of being and expression. Release all attachment to outcomes. Commit yourself fully to being the light of the Creator in every moment of your life. Keep the thoughts in your mind pure, and your emotional body, mental state, and personality will then merge with and become an expression of the purest consciousness in this universe. This consciousness can never escape you, because it is you. Once you begin to live in this way every time your mind is focused on anything other than light, you will awaken. You will allow the enlightenment that is your essence to flow from within you, and you will serve yourself, others, as well as share with those who ask how to shift their minds focus to the light, where all answers, awakening and enlightenment is. You are this expression, and it is time now for you to live in this awakened state for eternity.

Barbara's White Rose
2. What can I do when circumstances get the best of me?

Many times, in fact, all times, circumstances that you are unhappy about have come into your life precisely so that you can find the light within that circumstance. I call this “strengtheners” as opposed to “testers.” It is your conscious choice to weaken or strengthen. The gift of free will and choice humanity has endows each spiritual human being with the ability to focus on the light behind the darkness, and to transform any dark circumstance into one of light.

This can only be done first with a decision within your mind. It is your heart felt commitment to discovering the higher reason, and moving in that direction that will enable you to become the best that you are as a result of the circumstances that have acted as catalysts for your coming into your highest and purest state of being and expression. This is your purpose. It is to be the light, under all circumstances, and to bring light to those circumstances. Then, you will be living and sharing the higher purpose. Personal and global transformation is the result of this, where light transforms darkness. And it is your mind, focus, dedication, and expression of this light that will serve to help uplift the lives of those who are undergoing circumstances similar to yours.

3. What is the best practice I can do in order to achieve an enlightened state?

First, breathe. Then ask God, your Higher Self, Holy Spirit, Source or whatever name you give to the source of the pure love, light and truth in the universe to help you see the light. When you ask for the higher perspective, and when you focus on light, and practice Higher Self communication on a daily basis, you will come to know that the practice is never a ritual. It is a pure state that comes from your heart to bring you into your highest awareness, awakening, and then inner peace will replace any internal discord you may feel.

Dedicate yourself to serve as a beacon of light from your heart. Share with others the higher perspective you have realized. Remember that no one person can ever be the source of your enlightenment. You are source, and it is in connecting to this unlimited, boundless and eternal expression of light with every thought, motive and deed that you will achieve an enlightened state. What your mind focuses on is the key combined with the purest intentions within your heart. BE the light.

Ask that light permeate every corner of your life, and consciousness. As your unwavering dedication to being this expression of Divine light and love continues, you will only feel light and love. You will then be enlightened and feel inner peace at all times, under all circumstances, because you will know that light is the source of all circumstances to help you to see the light that you are, which no outer circumstance can ever extinguish.

4. When I feel down and upset, how can I transform this into personal awakening?

With compassion. Have compassion for yourself and all others. Have compassion for the circumstances that are there to help you honor your highest truth. When you feel down, it is usually because there is an external condition that your personality is not happy about. Go beyond the personality level, and ask for the higher perspective. This will end the cycle of internal discord. This will begin the cycle of seeing every circumstance from the Highest perspective which will free you from drama.

It will open your mind to the transformation that is about to be birthed from within you. Bless every person and circumstance as you view them to be catalysts for your personal and spiritual evolution. Once you have done this, you will no longer feel upset. You will feel free. This feeling of pure inner freedom that is never bound to a circumstance or situation is the result of personal awakening. View each time you feel down as an opportunity to move into the light of the higher perspective. It is from this vantage point that all internal upset will be transformed into internal peace.

5. What is the key to Christ Consciousness and pure enlightenment?

Your heart centered, pure motives as well as your unwavering dedication and commitment to become the physical embodiment of Christ consciousness every moment of your life. When your heart and mind are aligned in this manner, with steady focus on the light behind each circumstance, you will feel they key in your heart. The key is filled with the purest of love. To uplift yourself, and then to help others by example in any manner that is necessary. Show compassion instead of anger.

Give understanding. Remove yourself from all negativity. Be the light you wish to see in this world, and know one thing: You are not only an expression of the light, you are the light giving expression. This is the key. Remember it always, and live it with every breath you take. This path is filled with radiant inner peace. It is the path that yields the most joy as it naturally spreads joy to all others, regardless of space or time.

Consciousness transcends all space and time. When your consciousness is single focused, solely and completely on light and love – there will only be light and love, as well as the inner strength to carry it out every moment of your life. Others will remember your pure heart-centered example, and they too will awaken to and embody pure light, love, truth and the inner strength to carry it out until all of humanity lives in this way. And this, is the Christ Consciousness that is awakened within every human being. This is the time, and now, your decision to reach within your heart will engage your mind into its highest state, each moment, every moment, and thus, you will be the embodiment of pure enlightenment.

© Copyright 2012, 2020 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved

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Demanding Nationwide Police Brutality Overhaul for Murder of George Floyd


Boca Raton, Florida

Barbara Rose PhD awoke this morning with one name on her mind – George Floyd. She watched the video of the entire killing process as Derek Chauvin the 44 year old white police officer who without any conscience took joy in the deliberate murder of George Floyd with his knee pressed against Floyd’s neck for nine minutes while three other police officers stood by witnessing this murder and did nothing to stop it.

Rose said, “the part that killed me the most was when George Floyd was crying out “I can’t breathe” and calling out for his Mama, Rose broke down sobbing at this horrific tragedy.

Rose is demanding a Federal nationwide police brutality overhaul against systemic racism targeting African Americans that has been allowed throughout the history of the United States.

Racism in any form must be stopped. Targeting any group of people due to skin color has to end, and it must end NOW.

Rose added, “My heart is crushed by this tragic event. Watching this innocent man George Floyd being brutally murdered went to the core of my heart and soul. There must be federal mandates and laws to protect innocent people especially African Americans from being targeted with cruel racism and murder. No more police chock holds! 

George Floyd’s life mattered. His tragic death at the knee of Derek Chauvin must be a turning point in what is and is not allowed with police brutality. May George rest in peace, and may all four police officers serve maximum prison sentences due to this tragic murder.

The video everyone must watch courtesy of The New York Times on YouTube.


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Global Humanitarian Religious Peace Treaty Must be Implemented


In the wake of the carnage and brutal murder of innocent Muslim men, women and children at a mosque in New Zealand Barbara Rose, PhD sends a message to New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to implement the Global Humanitarian Religious Peace Treaty as outlined in the book Realigning Religion: Consciousness and the Survival of the Human Species


Rose shares the twelve articles in the Religious Peace Treaty calling for the adoption of this imperative treaty for humanity to become humane and stop all killing in the name of any religion.

Article 1
Whereas I, as a citizen of the world being an equal
member of the human race am now an official member
of the Global Humanitarian Religious Peace Treaty.

Article 2
Whereas I sign and agree to honor all people with all
religious preferences.

Article 3
Whereas I promise to be tolerant of and compassionate
towards any member of the human race who worships
differently than I do.

Article 4
Whereas I join forces with the rest of the human
race to promote religious peace globally, simply by speaking
only peacefully about others and their religious preferences.

Article 5
Whereas I understand that, in order for the human
race to survive, religious peace is mandatory.

Article 6
Whereas on this day I promise to speak of religious
peace when the subject arises, to help others also come to
view the right of all of humanity to personal religious

Article 7
Whereas as an ambassador of peace, I humbly allow
tolerance to replace intolerance with respect to everyone’s
religious preferences.

Article 8
Whereas I am a part of a far greater whole, whose
mission, in part, is to see to it that all people from all
cultures and religions worldwide are entitled to live with
religious peace and freedom.

Article 9
I sign the treaty with a pure heart on behalf of myself,
and the organization or area I represent.

Article 10
This Global Humanitarian Religious Peace Treaty
lays the foundation for world peace so there will never
again be killing in the name of any religion or deity.

Article 11
I believe and support all people’s rights to worship
in their own ways, just as I ask all others to allow me to
worship from my heart in my own way.

Article 12
On this day, a new member of the human race is
added to the peaceful works and efforts to ensure that religious
peace, freedom and tolerance exists for as long as life on earth exists.

The meaning of each article is clearly described in the book   to ensure understanding for all who read it to implement this treaty.

This treaty honors all people promoting religious tolerance and peace. Its implementation is long overdue. It is time all human beings become humane.

Rose stated, I can’t just watch innocent people being murdered because of their religious preferences. It breaks my heart and I have to take a stand and do something about it. I hope you will join me by signing and adopting this treaty to promote religious tolerance and  peace for all of humanity globally.






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THE Keys to Manifest Anything in Your Life


By Barbara Rose, PhD

Click Here to Read this exclusive book excerpt about Attraction and Manifestation Straight from God

Click Below for Immediate FREE Download of THE Original prosperity and manifestation ebook pdf first printed in 1937 Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, now this book is available in the public domain.  Share the link to this page with your friends and loved ones. It’s all about making our lives the very best and most successful with a proven system that has transformed millions of lives. Now it’s your turn. Enjoy!  ThinkandGrowRichebook

Here are the 7 steps to be, do, have, create, manifest ANYTHING in your life. (Just make sure your motives are pure.)

MANIFEST ANYTHING for the rest of your life! 
1. DECIDE. Decide on exactly what you want to be, do, have, create, manifest. Form a clear picture of it in your mind, see it, feel the joy in your heart about it! That’s what sets the energy from the subconscious mind out into the universe and draws to you the exact way to make it a reality. 
Visualize with great feelings of joy exactly what you want to manifest. Get very specific with your visualization! Feel all of the joy at the reality of this happening and visualize it all as if it has already happened! EVERYTHING in our world was once a thought, an idea, and a visualization FIRST before it became a physical reality. Keep your mindset laser focused and declare that THIS IS YOUR LIFE! Because it really is! IF you did not have the ability to bring it into manifestation it would not even be an idea within your mind! The universe WILL deliver what you are focused on based on the FEELINGS you have about it. Your frequency has to RISE to meet and connect with the unformed and then it all actually becomes formed, manifested into your life.
2. BE WILLING: Be willing to do whatever it takes with dignity and pure motives. 
3. COMMIT: Commit fully to the process. Be and feel so determined that nothing can hold you back! Picture this within your mind as your current reality! Have a solid commitment that never wavers. Thoughts are energy! Your energy, your thoughts and beliefs are paramount in the manifestation process. Be so committed with CERTAINTY!
4. LET GO: Let go of doubts, negative thoughts, fear, negative naysayers, let go of thinking it could never happen because it most definitely Can and WILL! 
Forgiveness is a HUGE part in letting go. Forgive anyone who has done you wrong. It’s not for them, it is for you! Once you forgive fallible human beings who did the best they knew how at the time, and you LET GO of ANY bitterness,hurt, shame, disappointment, blame – then you are empowering yourself! Let go of your old story and embrace your NEW reality – the one you first decided upon. Claim that as your reality while you let go of ANY limiting belief. First you have to believe THEN you will see it all happen!
5. FOLLOW: Follow inner nudges and guidance to look at something, go online, and inner guidance and follow through with it. 
6. WAIT. Some things take time. Have patience and KNOW that what you truly desire to manifest is on it’s way to you. Trust that delays are always a blessing in disguise. Go with the flow and continue to declare to yourself that this IS your new reality even while you are waiting. Keep your visualization strong, and your feelings of GRATITUDE for all that is now coming into your life. 
7. HAVE. Now you have what you first decided to manifest! Congratulations – you did it! And you can do this over and over again with anything for the rest of your life!
© Copyright 2018 Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved.

I believe it is so important to know that you truly have God/Creator/Source/Higher Self on YOUR SIDE to co-create with you, and to bring you much more than you can imagine. I know you can, I believe you will!

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Humanity Saving Humanity – Official


I was inside Concentration Camp Buchenwald in Germany 1980. I saw the ovens the Jewish children were burned alive in with my own eyes. It was a horrifying place, and forever changed my view about humanity.

When I saw the article that Tennessee legislature killed a resolution condemning neo-Nazis as terrorists I couldn’t believe my eyes. I felt enraged, and created the image below, #NEVERAGAIN and I then proceeded to found Humanity Saving Humanity  


When I know about genocide, oppression, and all the the issues I shared above, my blood boils, and I become an unstoppable force of massive inner strength and determination to speak out and STOP this from happening to humanity no matter what color, race, religion or ethnicity.

In 2000 in Israel, I personally interviewed Christian refugees who fled from genocide from an Islamic terrorist organization in Southern Lebanon, and I brought those firsthand accounts to ABC News and then to CNN and demanded that they expose what was happening to innocent parents and children. It got the media attention, and it was stopped. I felt SO GLAD!

I have personally been a victim of oppression, violence, hate groups, hunger, homelessness, illness, and injustice. I also cried my heart out many times from the recent #ParklandSchoolShooting as it’s next to my neighborhood. So I know what it feels like, and I WON’T STAND FOR IT EVER AGAIN, NOT FOR ANYONE IN OUR WORLD!

I can’t turn my back on humanity. I refuse to just live for meWhat about us? What about all of the people who are hurting!?! The “voiceless masses” that I wrote about in my first book Individual Power need a VOICE! So you’ll be hearing and seeing a lot from me. And if I use my last breath to make a difference, then that is fine with me.

I can’t turn by back on children who are homeless and hungry. I’ve been homeless and hungry – it’s the most sub-human degrading feeling in the world.

So if YOU want to help at all, you can share a post and join the Humanity Saving Humanity Group on Facebook, Re-tweet and follow on the Official Twitter page, even meet up with me in person for coffee.

It seems this new phase of my life is taking me out into the world to take a stand and demand positive change for ALL. I hope to see you, whether online or in person. Thank you for reading this, and thank you for being here!


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Free Help Parkland School Shooting Grief Transformation Private Sessions

When you are shattered, as each family of the victims of the Parkland School Shooting is,  there is pure help for you here from Dr. Barbara Rose of Boca Raton, a world renowned Higher Consciousness Life Transformation Specialist, from her heart and completely free for you.


The heart-centered transformation comes from receiving answers from God/Creator/Source/Higher Self by whatever name you personally use based on the bestselling book If God Hears Me, I WANT AN ANSWER!

Barbara’s life was once shattered from deep loss as well clients globally who also needed answers just to be able to breathe again, to find solace, inner strength, coping, and a measure of inner peace.

Free registration and help is open for the immediate families of the 18 victims who lost their lives from the shooting. Barbara feels a deep inner calling to be of the most pure and positive service to you.

Your private sessions are one hour in duration and are strictly confidential. Just to be able to register via fully secure PayPal is $1 US dollar, that will be refunded to you upon registration within 24 hours.

You will find that as you receive answers from God, and continue to as time goes by, one day you will be a beacon of love, hope, help, solace and inspiration for others starting with you and those you love.

Please click on the secure link below when you want to receive FREE private confidential help via phone.  

The Rose Group is Pay Pal Verified

PARKLAND Immediate Families 1 Hour Private Consultation Fully Secure Confidential Registration $1.00 US REFUNDED within 24 hours

Client Letters Who Received This Service

    • A Client’s Letter to a Friend I have been in contact with a woman who wrote a book called “If God hears me, I want an Answer”. Her name is Barbara Rose.Well, between reading her book and spending those first 90 minutes with her on the phone,I have been feeling better than I have in ages and ages.It is nothing short of miraculous what she has done for me…Check it out! If for no other reason than to find out what has helped me so much in such a short amount of time, after all these
      YEARS of counseling!

The Client’s Letter to Barbara Rose

  • I do want to emphasize that I have truly found my sessions with you to be EXTREMELY helpful. Really kind of amazing, given the fact that I’ve been involved in all kinds of inpatient and outpatient long-term counseling programs for nearly 5 years now with little result.Really, Barbara, I have been feeling better than I’ve felt in ages since my daughter’s death, as a result of the 2 sessions that I’ve had with you…S

  • Today I walked to joy. I was living a life full of sorrow, anger, despair, grief. My son passed almost three years ago and my life changed. I wanted to be pasted all the grief, I was denying it. I was pretending that it wasn’t there. I worked at a job that no longer fulfilled me, but helped to bring me down. I (very skeptically) took the 10 week intensive form Barbara Rose. I learned about myself, where I was in my path, what I really wanted to be doing, what would bring me joy and fulfillment. Every day I go for walks, I walked cried, sobbed, and listened to my heart. I quit my job yesterday and today the walk was so different, I realized walked to joy. You can too.

See what time it is in your time zone. Reference New York, USA Eastern Time to make it easier to schedule your private phone session.

rose vibrantClick here to View what people from across the globe share about this service from the bottom of their hearts. All letters are pure and authentic.

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How to Soar in Business

By Barbara Rose, PhD

Be Inspired

I’ve been reading some outstanding content and articles from Influencers on LinkedIn, and surprisingly, they all touched my heart.

As we are all in one way or another connected I felt inspired to share that what matters most in business – the real “bottom line” is how we treat people. Not as a way to advance ourselves, but as a way to advance each other.

Our global culture and technological advancements are changing the way we live and communicate at lightning speed. The only area where it cannot create or move is within our hearts. Nothing can surpass a real smile or genuine compassion.

What matters most in business is each person we serve. That service must be one hundred percent pure – because people sure do feel it! Nothing can surpass our compassionate energy, as well as belief in someone who could use that belief until they believe in themselves.

So when you and I are doing anything that is business related – make it heart related. My heart to your heart. Make it so that compassionate reality surpasses technological reality. If we touch one life, in essence we’ve touched more than we can count.

Each day remember that the core essence of a pure soul is what everyone truly wants. Then, I believe, if you’ve got something people want, they will be more than happy to not only get it from you but refer their friends as well.

Keep it simple, heart-centered, and you will always make an impact and a difference.

© Copyright 2017 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved.

better world

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Big Food and it’s allies in Congress are getting ready to reintroduce the “Deny Americans the Right to Know” (DARK) Act which would prevent states from having the right to label ‪#‎GMO‬ foods. We have to stop it.

This is so serious that anything you buy to eat will NOT require labeling of any kind. The good old days of knowing what’s in our food are close to over and the ONLY thing you can do is TAKE ACTION NOW by Clicking on this link if you live anywhere in the United States to immediately and quickly stop this.

The link goes to “Oppose the DARK Act” to a simple form that will immediately be sent to your Senators to oppose ANY legislation that violates your right to know what is in your food. 


I can share with you personally that my husband has suffered greatly from eating a GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) Sara Lee Cheesecake. People ALL over the world are suffering from horrendous skin conditions because of Monsanto’s GMO farming that is grown with ROUND-UP.

We must put a stop to this. Without proper labeling on all foods you can suffer. With proper labeling you are safe. PLEASE take a minute to vote to save your own life.

(Content and above green image are credited to Food

Barbara Rose, PhD,

Headline Times Founder

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God’s View of the Death Penalty – Excerpt from IF GOD WAS LIKE MAN

IF GOD WAS LIKE MAN Through Barbara Rose, PhD

So if God was like man, would his justice system include the death penalty?

Should I kill you if you break a law?

Should I strike you with lightning, which is electricity, if you commit a crime? Would the threat of a lightning strike help you grow or evolve or truly learn the effects of your intentional actions? Would it help you make amends?

Do you seek to make amends when you have hurt another? Do you ever wish for the opportunity to do this? For your growth?

So if you seek to change or grow, shouldn’t all of humanity seek to do the same? Shouldn’t or wouldn’t it be beneficial if those who committed unpleasant acts had the opportunity to right their wrongs in some way? Or should they simply be put to death?

I ask you, if I were to judge you, how severe should the crime be? One lie? How about thinking a hurtful thought?
What about having an unkind motive for an act, regardless of the goodness of the act itself? Should I strike you with lightning and end your life abruptly for an unkind or unloving motive?

Isn’t premeditated murder based on an unkind or unloving motive?

Yes, it is.

Don’t you punish based on motive?

Yes, you do.

So if God was like man, he would be wise to give those who committed unloving acts based on unloving motives the opportunity to correct and learn from their ways, change their belief system, evolve, grow, heal, and then set an example for others who have done similar acts. In that way all would benefit.

I do not command you to kill. I have no commands.

So who made you the commander of others?

Why don’t you simply command yourself? And if there are individuals who are a danger to society, put them in a place where they can spend the rest of their lives in contemplation. In that way they may be able to correct, or learn, or grow, or heal. Then you will have created a situation where growth is achieved, and thus the cycle is complete. For to end people’s lives does not cause an ending at all. They are very much alive after this life. So you are in essence cheating yourselves out of the growth and evolvement of souls who choose to come into a life to evolve. As they evolve, humans make mistakes, commit misdeeds, and behave incorrectly.

Just take a look at your own life for a multitude of examples.

Do not judge severe behavior. Screaming at a child, causing a child’s self-esteem to diminish, committing murder, rape, or incest, stealing the belongings of another – these are all actions by people who have not yet evolved.

These actions all cause pain; some of them cause long-lasting pain; but all of the pain can be healed over time and with the help and support of others who have experienced it, and who therefore seek to help others evolve rather than destroy the opportunity for growth.

© Copyright 2001, 2004, 2014 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Right Reserved. Excerpt re-published with permission from The Rose Group from the book If God Was Like Man. ISBN-10: 0974145718