The Complete Guide to Your Soul Mate Relationship Exclusive Excerpt


Exclusive Excerpt: The Complete Guide to Your Soul Mate Relationship. The Differences Between a Match and a Soul Mate, Why Soul Mates Have Great Difficulty, Stop Waiting and Start Growing, Twin Flames, Staying Together Forever, Continue reading

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Barbara’s Public Speaking Topics


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Sacred Relationships


As you awaken to this level, naturally the roles between men and women will transform to match your new awakening, and what a Joy that will be for you, and for all of humanity! Continue reading

Risk Being Real in a Relationship Brings a Certain Reward


To share your truth is perhaps one of the scariest feelings that exists between lovers and romantic friends today.
When you take the risk to bear your soul, expose the real you, and reveal your genuine feelings, you become vulnerable; you may be afraid that your open heart will be pierced by another. But there is another dynamic you may wish to consider and experiment with, a tiny bit at a time. Risk exposing your feelings. Continue reading

Top 22 Soul Mate Questions & Answers


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Relationship Insight “The Only Way”


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It’s Not a Soul Mate You Want to Attract


It’s not a “soul mate” that you want to attract. It’s an incredible partner that adores you on all levels. Take the myth that a soul mate is a perfect person out of your mind. There is no “perfect person.” … Continue reading

Relationship Insight for THE ONE


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Who said you’re not fantastic? Who told you that you aren’t special? Who said you have nothing to offer? They lied! It’s all within you, and when you allow yourself To be All that you Are – you will be … Continue reading

Signs of Men Who Cannot Fully Love: Why & How to Understand It – Excerpt

Signs Men Who Cannot Fully Love

By Barbara Rose, PhD

This information is written with a tremendous amount of compassion, deep understanding and wisdom gained from having “been there” to help you make sense of it all.

First, the signs:

* He has tremendous difficulty verbally expressing his feelings.

* He charms women, and then turns the charm off as soon as his needs are filled.

* He generally speaks about woman as though they are not equal, valuable human beings, perhaps referring to them as “Chicks” along with comments such as “All women are ______” whatever category he places them into.

* He can show tremendous care and compassion towards others with whom he does not feel a romantic connection.

* He has a wall around his heart and will allow you to get only so close, then shuts down when he feels it is too close for his comfort zone.

* He is not yet open to experiencing a fully loving, equal, mutually respectful and fulfilling romantic relationship.

* He is open to exploring and experiencing relationships with many people, enjoys change, variety, and most of all, his personal freedom.

* He is convinced that he is better off without a woman in his life in terms of settling down with one woman.

* He searches outside of himself for validation.

Now, Why, How to understand this and what to do…

First and foremost, please know that there is absolutely nothing you can ever do to change or fix him. What he needs most is a real friend. A person who can accept him fully, exactly the way he is, without any judgment whatsoever. His search for validation may or may not ultimately take him into the core of his own heart to uproot any and all false negative beliefs he has about himself, so that he can finally learn HOW to fully love himself from the inside out.

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